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Coffee House 26 Feb 2015
I wanted to spread the word about our new film “Looking Up, Way Up!  The Burt Rutan Story,” and our Kickstarter fundraising effort that launched today!!  It will enable us to capture Rutan’s creative process as he designs, builds and test flies his newest aircraft.  As Scott B says about the top secret project, “It will be a game changer.” https://www.kickstar...urt-rutan-story Please, donate to our campaign and help us capture the community spirit of ‘homebuilt’ aircraft that gave Rutan his first success. antennaFILMS is helmed by Sandy Guthrie and Scott B, two award-winning...
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Berkut Construction Videos

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 25 Feb 2015
Wanted: Berkut construction videos. Anybody have a set of the videos for sale or can point me toward a source? Original or DVD copies.
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Cozy III plans please

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 23 Feb 2015
I am looking for a set of plans for the Cozy III or the Cozy Classic. Appreciate any help finding a set of plans or a Cozy III or a partial  built.   Thanks in advance!   Steve
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Another VariEze On The Move - Taxi Tests Started

VariEze 20 Feb 2015
I happily began my first (slow) taxi tests on my total refurbish project yesterday.  Many years since the engine had ran, so it spend some time on a test stand putting some hours on.  Happy to report that nothing exceeded  any limits !  The oil pressure read a little low at 24 psi, but I'm attributing that to instrumentation error since it has an electronic sender and with the direct hose to the gauge on the stand it was strong at 35-40 psi.  I'll re-verify all connections etc and see if the accuracy improves.   It ran smooth, stopped and turned true, tracked s...
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varieze long ez hybrid question

VariEze 19 Feb 2015
I was chatting with a guy and he tells me he has a vari long ez...basically a varieze stretched a little with long ez strakes    I did a Google search and didn't see anything pop up like that   have any of you heard or seen anything like that?...I have not seen the airplane but when I am in his neck of the woods you better believe I am going to go see    
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Looking for a Varieze flying or needing TLC

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 11 Feb 2015
Looking for a Vari eze flying or needing TLC.    Email me and send me pics please.    pilothicks@gmail.com    
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Kent Ashton

Coffee House 09 Feb 2015
A buddy of mine called me today and asked me about when I lived in Concord NC did I ever hear of a guy named Kent Ashton, that built his own long ez....I told him, in fact I do know Kent and that he is a great guy and about the flight he took me on and the amazing projects in his basement workshop...followed up by a why???   he then tells me our friend Kent is in the Popular Mechanics that he just received...I need to run out and buy a copy....   on top of being a very talented builder, an overall great guy and friend to other builders he is now world famous :-)   I just want...
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Crank Seal

General Engine & Fuel System Topics 09 Feb 2015
All,   I found a leak on the rear of my O-320. It was characterized by a black oil color, whereas a straight oil leak on other portions of the engine would have a golden brown color. Curious that it might be the crank shaft seal, I took it to the local shop and sure enough, that was the reason. Glad to have caught it early.
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What did YOU DO on YOUR plane today?

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 05 Feb 2015
Even if it's one word...I want to know!  I scan these boards and build sites relentlessly searching for updates.  I find a lot that are half built and the last post dates are YEARS old.  i'm rooting for all of you!  I wish I were where you are already!  Keep it going!   I fell at work two weeks ago in the snow, tried to catch myself with my left arm, and it slipped on the ice as well, went behind me and i've torn my rotater cuff, so NOW, i'm reading more than ever.  Still working though... light duty/managerial stuff mostly.  operation to come in a c...
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Wicks 10% discount through Feb 2015

Materials 05 Feb 2015
I see Wicks Aircraft has a discount offer on all composite materials.  You must use the secret words "composite sale" in your order.  
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