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Infinity Retractable Landing Gear For Sale - $5,500

For Sale (or for FREE) Yesterday, 07:41 PM
For Sale - 1 set of Infinity Retractable Landing Gear - $5,500.    Unused, never-installed Infinity retracts for the for the Cozy MkIV or Long-EZ.  These are the 2nd generation design from JD Newman.  This is a really unique opportunity to get these gear. I know I waited years after ordering them before I had a chance to get them. A quick google search shows the last ones were sold in 2014.   Many more details are available on the Infinityaerospace website. http://infinityaeros...d/landing-gear/     - All the parts should be included, with the excepti...
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Pristine Long-EZ for Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) Yesterday, 01:23 PM
If anyone is interested in purchasing a VERY nice Long-EZ, you can review the advertisement on Barnstormers at: http://www.barnstorm...ne Long-EZ.html and can review many more pics and all documentation at: https://www.dropbox....DzSZekvDOa?dl=0 Please contact me directly (off list) with any questions.
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Rudder Pedals for Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 23 Apr 2017
For sale, Dennis Oelman rudder pedals: $200.   These are the improved laydown pedal design - here's a picture of them installed (in another builder's plane): http://www.ez.org/pa...and masters.jpg     These were never installed, but just in full disclosure, there's a few small scuff marks on them. Nothing that won't clean right up.    
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For Sale: Cozy MkIV Engine Mount

For Sale (or for FREE) 20 Apr 2017
For sale - Cozy Mk-IV Dynafocal Type 2 Engine Mount. This is for a IO-320 or IO-360 engine, in the "H-brace" configuration, which better allows the lower brace to clear the engine induction system.       Unused and in excellent condition, asking $850 or best offer.   (It's very similar to this one, from the Cozygirrl site. http://cozygirrrl.co...rts/H-mount.gif  which sells for $1350.)
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Cozy IV Canopies For Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 18 Apr 2017
I am posting on behalf of member Ray Kouns (who was unable to login/post). Please contact Ray directly if interested.Hi Jon,I have attached a picture of the 2 canopies. They are 47 inches. One needs 3 inches cut off the bottom, which does not affect using it on the aircraft, & the second one can be used to make side windows. I am asking $250 for both as I sold my Cozy Mark IV project a while back.Any more questions, please call me on my cell at 928-671-1432.Thanks,Ray Kouns
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Allan's Long-EZ build

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 11 Apr 2017
Hay yall...  I have been stalking this place for a while and hav decided to start a thread on my long-ez build. I have been working on it off and on for the past two years.  During that time I ended up boxing it up for a while due to moving to a different state but have recently busted it out and got back to building again.  Thought I would just post a few pictures from the past few years to kick it off and then provide routine updates from here on out as I go.   Allan
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Schedule of material and carbon cloth

General Construction 27 Mar 2017
I am a new member.  Need advice   Wings and fuselage moulds are made of aluminium. Using mirror finish surfaces. Into which I put   Release agent Gel coat 2 Carbon layers Divinycell 2 Carbon layers Peel ply Breathing membrane Vacuum bagging   Need  help with schedule of material and carbon cloth type and weights, used in below You tube links.     Any input advise appreciated.  
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Newest member of MKIV community

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 12 Mar 2017
I have been lurking this and other sites for a long time on and off. I just purchased a cozy MKIV kit, It has plans number 49 and most everything to build a cozy airframe minus epoxy, engine and avionics. I currently fly a Dragonfly and am looking forward to building and flying the cozy. I have been interested in this design for years and am finally going to build it. I need to build my table and a place in the hanger to work on the plane (plane parts) I know that my plans are out of date and am thinking of buying a more recent copy to build from and register it a s number 49.I live in Mank...
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Speed Canard Question

Speed Canard 07 Mar 2017
Hi Guys    Looking at importing a Speed Canard to Canada and my Transport Guy is asking type certified questions .... Does anyone have documentation they would be willing to share?  As well as any general insight on this bird.      Is there anyone who has contact with the owner of an American Speed Canard ?? Would like to see one nearby before going to Europe to get one   Thanks   Doug
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Fuel sensors

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 05 Mar 2017
I Will install Fuel sensors in the tanks but Can some One help with the Best location If you have pictures i like that 😀
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