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Wright Brothers Anniversary

Coffee House 17 Dec 2014
Exactly 111 years ago today the Wright Brothers made human powered flight official in a short, but incredible, 12-second flight.  That might not sound impressive, but imagine a time when this had never been done, and on flat land, counting out 12 long seconds...   Their airplane?  ...
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Extra Nosegear Protection

Landing Gear 17 Dec 2014
A suggestion for some added protection.  As you can see it's good for a couple screw ups....and when it happens you can just lower the gear and taxi away!  
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problem of cracks in wings rutan varieze

Canopies & Doors 15 Dec 2014
problem of cracks in anchoring wings varieze rutan , Aguiar could tell me if it is normal or dangerous to fly well , or whether to repair . I'm from Argentina and I'm buying this plane , but I have my doubts about the cracks in the wing anchors . recommending me Fernando atte
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Spaceship 2 video: things happening fast

Coffee House 13 Dec 2014
Marc commented recently (cozybuilder's list?) that there was only a 2.5 second window in which accidentally unlocking the feather could lead to destruction of the vehicle.  Below is a video with another crew.  It surprised me how fast this test happens.  You will hear an "unlock" c...
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Boeing Not Sold on Composites

Coffee House 13 Dec 2014
Interesting article that kind of reaffirms some comments made by Burt Rutan. http://www.composite...d-on-composites
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CSA Newsletter / Membership Renewals for 2015

Vendor Information & Feedback 09 Dec 2014
Terry Schubert asked me to post a friendly reminder, for those interested, to send in your dues ($30/year US, $40/year International) for the 2015 newsletters so that: a) You are included in the Member Directory, andb) You get some early motivational reading for 2015's activities Among...
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Winglet Rudders?

Defiant 09 Dec 2014
Does anyone know if winglet rudders on a Defiant were "standard issue" in later issues of the CP's?  I've found reference to them in several places on the net, but wonder 1) if they are effective, 2) if it was a standard RAF modification at a later date and 3) if there are flying examples wi...
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Long-EZ for Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 08 Dec 2014
Long-EZ plans # 1968 was built and is still owned by Bo Kreide in the Los Angeles area. It was first flown in 1993 and has between 250 - 500 hours on the airframe and Mattituck rebuilt O-320-D3G engine. I am assisting Bo’s daughter in the sale of this aircraft. It is located in Compton, CA, also...
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Preview posting?

Questions, Feedback & Suggestions 05 Dec 2014
Is there some way to preview a RESPONSE or QUOTE to a post before posting it? For proof-reading, etc? Other fora allow this... I only see preview on a new post here - am I missing it?
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ICON Aircraft

Coffee House 04 Dec 2014
Marc, Just curious - how much would you estimate Icon has spent trying to get their design to market ? I have a friend in Tehachapi that says they are throwing money around worse then a band of drunken sailors.
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