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Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides Yesterday, 06:49 PM
Hi my name is Brian I'm new here. I'm in the process of purchasing a Drangonfly partially completed kit. I'm a big fan of Rutan Designs and would like to build a Long. Don't have the $ or infrastructure for that right now but maybe soon. I'll probably build from the Open Source Long plans. I saw someone post that "they" probably don't want a bunch of Long airplanes flying that havnt been built with Liscensed plans. Burt has said that he is happy to see his designs being built and that his view is that copyrights and lawsuits are stifling to development of aircraft. Thus Open Long aircraft s...
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If it can't be a Trainer, might as well make it a Fun...

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 13 Nov 2017
Well, now that we knkw an Experimental cannot be a Trainer and after having giving all of this more thought....as well as consulting with my "Rag Tag" Crew, we have decided to go all out with a Hybrid, based on the Cozy Mark III as a proof of concept A/C. I have always been a fan of Burt Rutan, and feel that he and those that own "like" Canard A/C....just might appreciate this project. Will cerainly save a lot on fuel cost, be innovative/funtional....and look beautiful, imho. Looming very forward to a short hop to N.C. to experience first hand, a flight in one of these sleek, and beautiful...
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Landing a Cozy/Procedures?

General & Prebuild 13 Nov 2017
When entering the pattern, what would the procedures be, that differ from a more "conventional" G.A. A/C with flaps? How do you acheive slower speeds while on the downwind leg, base and final? Also, when you know you have the runway made, would you "chop" the power to idle? What is average ias when crossing the numbers? Here's the closest video I could find, but there is zero explanation. Based on what I see with the pitch, it appears one must reduce power and perform slow speed flight, less the flaps: Thank you!
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WANTED: Long Ez / VariEze

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 12 Nov 2017
Hello!    We're a group of folks who start companies for a living, usually (as in this case) in partnership with major academic institutions. At the high level, we take university research and create venture-backed companies to commercialize it. We're looking for someone in the VariEze / Long Ez (could consider other canards as well!) that has an incredible aircraft that they've put tons of love into, but due to life circumstances (or a new aircraft!) doesn't get to use it too often.    We'd love to work with an owner who would be willing to lend us their aircraft f...
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Possible Solution, for a Lack of Flaps:

General & Prebuild 12 Nov 2017
As previously mentioned, I am 99% sure, that we can vector the thrust from the dual ducted electric/hybrid fan jets, to take the place of flaps, when flaps are most needed (traffic pattern/in conjunction with speed brake on final, soft field landings, short field take offs and landings, etc. Again, in a simple, manually operated manner. If you want 10-degrees of flaps, pull the "flap bar" to 10-degrees, by linkage, rotating the dual ducted fans accordingly. Want 20-degrees, same actions. Any and all suggeations are welcome....please.
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Cozy/Speed Brakes

General & Prebuild 12 Nov 2017
Since the Cozy does not have flaps to help with slower landing speeds, short or soft field landings, are speed brakes out of the question? Would it be that hard to add flaps, without destroying the intgrity of the design? Thank you!
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General & Prebuild 12 Nov 2017
My guess, is that the Cozy IV does not have flaps? Thanks!
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Minimum HP for the C-III?

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 11 Nov 2017
What is the minimum HP requirement for the Cozy-III, keeping in mind that there will be no gas combustion engine integrated into the air-frame? Most of the weight will come from the two front seated passengers and battery bank systems. Thank you!
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Inner wing rib/spar structure/s

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 11 Nov 2017
Are the inner wing and wing spars accessible? Asking because I am extremely new to this A/C, and not sure if the builder actually plays a role in the inner wing structure assembly. Thank you!
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Used Q2 - should I buy it?

Quickie / Q2 / Q200 / Tri-Q 06 Nov 2017
Hi all, I've just come across a Q2 on Craigslist for a heck of a price. Apparently the plane was almost (if not fully) finished, but the builder died before the first flight. It was stored in a shed, but judging by the corrosion on the included RevMaster 2100, I'm wondering how dry it was. Two things I've found out: the canards are the original airfoil (sensitive to surface contamination) and there is a puncture in the leading edge of the left canard. Basically, I'm wondering if it's worth getting into. I've read that adding vortex generators can take care of the lift issue (what does that...
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