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Draw2CNC rapid prototyping

Vendors, Product Info, Reviews & Feedback 13 Aug 2015
There's a new service available to manufacture CNC parts. You can download a freeware simple CAD tool, draw what you want, order it, and receive it in a few days. Check it out...   http://www.draw2cnc.com/   There's sample pictures there of ruggedized enclosures for electronics, brackets, and other products made with this service.
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UND fiberglass joining question

General & Prebuild 11 Aug 2015
I'm a newbie when it comes to working with fiberglass so forgive me if I'm asking a duplicate question.  I did check around on google and didn't find the answer.  The Mark IV reads on chapter 3 page 3: "When joining UND across the major fibers, it is lapped 1" per ply, but when joining UND along the major fibers, it is butted next to the piece it is joining."  Could someone please elaborate on what they mean by "across" and "along"?   See the attached png for my understanding of the text.
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Rotax engine and VariEze

VariEze 18 Jul 2015
Does anyone know / have seen a Rotax 912S or 914 monted on a VariEze. I intend to do this, in France, and an existing project would be very helpfull, in particular to convince french civilian aero administration to accept this modification from originals drawings of Burt.
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Looking for the NG6

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 13 Jul 2015
I'm looking for the NG6 nose gear have it for a long easy.
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long ez plans for sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 13 Jul 2015
I have all original unused set of long ez plans,they include builders manual, all templates, landing light install plan and owners manual + ill include on cd following in pdf format, internal rudder belhorn , high performance rudders,roncz canard and roncz canard templates, landing brake ,long ez plans updater. If interested feel free to call Jon at 831 392 56 three one ,asking 650$ + shipping
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Fuel Strakes Cozy 4

General Construction 11 Jul 2015
Are there any suppliers for premade fuel strake skins for a Cozy Mk4?
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Aluminium Wings for the Verieze

VariEze 08 Jul 2015
Hi all, I'm new at this so please be pateint with me. I aquired a VEZ not to long ago and to my dismay I found corrosion in 2 of the spar plates. I was wondering would it be easier to fab aluminium wings instead of going through a 1980 built VEZ? Could use some (a lot) of help.    Thanks  Squish
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Cozy MK IV Project for Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 06 Jul 2015
I'm selling my Cozy project on Barnstormers.  PM or email me if you are interested and have any questions or want more details.  Thanks.    
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New guy from Flagler Beach

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 03 Jul 2015
Hello all...... Previous Velocity and Foxtrot builder. Got the itch again! Maybe a Cozy IV? Prefer something pretty far along. Open to suggestions. Get around Flagler, Ormond, or Daytona give me a shout. Love to see your creations. Ed
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Looking for Cozy Mk 4 thats been started

General Construction 03 Jul 2015
Having built 2 Velocity's and a Foxtrot 4, got the itch again. Looking for a Cozy IV ? Perfer a project that is well underway! Thanks to all.
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