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rudder pedals wanted

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 22 Apr 2015
im looking for rudder pedals for varieze ,long ez since they are the same thank you
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AirVenture Cup

Fly-ins & Events 21 Apr 2015
I know some of us canardians have participated or continue to participate in the AirVenture Cup. It is a really neat event and a lot of fun. I know, I am biased because I have been volunteering for this group for the last 18 years. But check this video out, it does a good job capturing what the AirVenture Cup is all about and how much fun you can have getting to Oshkosh....fast. Filmed, edited, and produced by Brett Bittner, this video introduces you to some of our racers from 2014. There is some pretty cool EZ footage in here too.   Applications are available on our website. Apply to...
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varieze parts wanted

For Sale (or for FREE) 19 Apr 2015
hi im looking for prefabricated parts for varieze,I have some but not all,thank you
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Prop building

Propellers 05 Apr 2015
O.K, built a prop carver/copier and have been puzzling about how to build a prop with it.  Will post some things here that seem interesting.   At first, I had in mind to just copy a known good prop but I saw this idea (pic) for how to use templates-on-a-jig with the copier.  The copier runs over the templates and carves the station profiles on the blank prop, then a little work with the chisel and spoke-shave and Bob's-your-uncle.  Found the picture in this power point file.     Propeller Design Workshop Part II.pps   Many nice pics of various styles of pr...
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New guy here (San Diego Vari)

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 04 Apr 2015
Looking forward to gaining some information from the community. Finishing up my Vari. First high speed taxis were conducted last weekend. DAR inspection in the near future. Short video of last weeks run. https://www.dropbox....S Taxi.mp4?dl=0
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Declining pilot numbers

Coffee House 31 Mar 2015
I talked to a friend this week, about 45--maybe late '40's--, who thinks he can get a job at a regional airline.  He has an ATP and a lot of cropdusting hours; also owns a Velocity, so he thinks it will be easy to get hired.  Since the FAA required more hours for regional first officers, they are crying for pilots with hours, apparently.   It does not seem to be a great life, flying for the regionals, but I expect he would move up to Captain pretty quickly and on to a major airline.   I am a Vietnam-era pilot although I never flew for the airlines. My contemporaries who...
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Varieze Wing attach plates and nose gear bushings

VariEze 29 Mar 2015
I need someone that has built a varieze that would be willing to chat with me on the phone and take a look at some pictures of my wing attach plates...the portion that is attached to the spar   I would like to understand how these are joined together and discuss a few things that I am seeing on mine ''I also have some play left and right as well as up and down at the nose gear bushing...looking for a resolution to this while I am working on some fiberglass repairs under the nose  thanks James
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Winds aloft

Flight Planning, Safety & Technique 26 Mar 2015
https://www.windyty.comMay the wind be at your back. If duplicate then delete.
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Ford V6 3.7L

Auto Engine Conversions 25 Mar 2015
The Ford V6 you find in many of today cars has a numbers enough to find and use. While not yet used in any aircraft to date I know of yet. It has been used in the Baha 1000 extreme brutal race.   The new 3.7L 4V Ti-VCT V6 engine achieves an industry-exclusive 305 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque while delivering an EPA-estimated 31 hwy MPG*. That’s due in part to twin independent variable cam timing (TiVCT) which allows variable control of intake valve closing. This capability optimizes combustion at full load to provide improved power and low speed torque. It also enables variable...
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Looking for a Long-EZ to try on

Long-EZ 09 Mar 2015
Anyone in SE Texas feel like an hour of flying? I'm buying the gas...   We* are finally in a position where it is realistic for us to build a plane. Our two finalists are the Long-EZ and the Dragonfly so I am trying to find one of each for us to experience by each taking a 30 minute lap around the county.   If you can help us out it would be greatly apprciated.   * 'We' as in my wife and I...  yes, she flies and builds things    
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