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Been awhile

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 15 Apr 2018
I have not been on this forum for several years. But I wanted to report that I finished my plane and am now flying it. I guess you never finish it exactly you just fly and work on it. I am presently building wheel pant got a couple more weeks to go. Wanted everyone to know what great airplane the cozy is and it is fun to Go places Steve build on
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Long EZ plans wanted.

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 14 Apr 2018
I am interested in building a Long EZ and would like to purchase a set of plans.  Any help would be appreciated.  
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Roll Trim - Needed?

Control System 14 Apr 2018
Hello folks,   I dont have too many hours under the belt, but with all of my flying till date, I dont recollect a good use case for the roll trim (unless the rigging is messed up). I hve never really used roll trim, and most of the tin cans I fly, they DONT even have roll trim.   So my question is - on a Cozy 4, is there good value to have roll trim? I was thinking of getting rid of the stock roll trim on the panel, free up some space and make use of the real estate.    Thoughts? could the big guns provide some input?   Thanks in advance. MN
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Center stick on LEz

Control System 11 Apr 2018
Hi! Im new in the forum, and planning to build an LEz, but there are some things that I would like to change, if the possibility exist,   I would like to have a cockpit with a central stick, like a conventional cockpit, and to have the possibility of fly with either a hand or the another.   ...the answer...did somebody try to do this mod?    I would appreciete your comments and experience about this.    Thanks for your time!   Andrew.
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infinity gear pump

Coffee House 27 Mar 2018
Infinity uses the Parker Oil Dyne 108 series pump. Apparently Parker is now refusing to supply any service or replacement parts for this pump. The pump moves .0 3 2 1 cubic inches per Revolution and is set for a 1400 PSI up and 600 PSI down pressure. My question is if anyone knows of a good alternative replacement pump or where I can get service and parts for this pump. Apparently mine has a crack in it somewhere that is letting the down pressure bleed off. Kind of wondering what pump types are being used in the velocities and some of the other retract systems out there? Thanks for any info...
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Fixing a Cozy

General Construction 26 Mar 2018
Here're some pics from my friend who had an unfortunate accident with a new-bought Cozy.  The canard didn't look too bad initially but he had some cracks and it got wacked pretty good so we thought he should rebuild it.  I wish I had saved more of them but you can see that these airplanes can be repaired pretty well.  He ended up cutting out the bottom back to just ahead of the instrument panel, building a new F-22 and nose.  He is not flying yet but I expect he'll get it finished.  He had no builder experience and is working pretty much by himself, learning-by-doin...
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Back seat

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 22 Mar 2018
Enyone Who have pictures og the installlation on the Armrest to the back Seat Best regard Kim
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Varieze Canard

For Sale (or for FREE) 20 Mar 2018
Looking to buy Canard- wing for Varieze.
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In-search of Berkut or Long EZ.

For Sale (or for FREE) 18 Mar 2018
Hello All,                    I have a couple questions, thanks!   1. Do you have a flying Berkut/Long for sale?   2. What is the best economy cruise range you have ever seen?   3. Have you installed luggage pods on the Berkut?    
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Parting out LongEZ

For Sale (or for FREE) 05 Mar 2018
1. King KX 155 14 VOLT NAV/COMM with KI 206. Purchased brand new, installed in a home-built, never used. $2350   2. Mitchell 2 1/4" Recording Tachometer, 2800 RPM redline avionics, as new. Removed from a homebuilt project before completion. $150   3. Exhaust system Lycoming 0320 suitable for LongEZ aircraft or any pusher. Good condition, less than 10 hours. $250   4. Aero Antenna Technology Aircraft GPS Antenna PN-AT-575-4 Good condition. $20   5. Spark Plugs REM38E x 12 & REM40E x 5, mostly new or <1 hour. $25 each   6. Eyeball air vents x 2. $30 each...
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