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Long EZ Propeller Wanted!

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 27 Jan 2015
Looking to purchase a propeller for my Long EZ powered by O-235. Just broke my prop and need a replacement ASAP. Will consider any options. New or used. Call 905-5257058. I am in Dallas TX. 
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Rutan Aircraft Factory Ad from 1984

Vendors, Product Info, Reviews & Feedback 24 Jan 2015
Reading through those old magazines is like walking into a museum.  Check out this ad from over 30 years ago (Homebuilt Airplanes September 1984).  It's amazing these airplanes are still at the top in terms of their unique combination of functionality and curiosity.    
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Something New From Aerocad ?

Coffee House 23 Jan 2015
Al Aldrich just emailed me in reference to my recent plans order and mentioned that they have a new design in the works. All he would say is that it's sort of a cross between a LEZ and an Aerocanard. I'm not sure what that means but it definitely has me wondering.
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EZ Exterior Camera Mounting

Coffee House 21 Jan 2015
I'm Looking for ideas, suggestions, pictures of installs for camera locations and how to attach them.. LongEz airframe
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SQ2000 project

SQ2000 20 Jan 2015
OK, as of this morning, I am the new owner of the SQ2000 project that's being advertised on some of the plane sites. I corresponded with the owner last night and this morning and got all the info about it and he sent me more pics etc and its a done deal.      The problem now is its in W.Va, (about 30 mins from where I was born and raised) and I am in Fla. So he will store it in the hanger till I can get up there to get it. Hopefully after the weather breaks.      The house is for sale here and I am going to move back to N.C so that will slow things down also....
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Canard Zone World Access Maps

Forum Tips & Announcements 20 Jan 2015
I thought someone might appreciate seeing a map of from where the Canard Zone is being accessed around the world.     The following map shows a count of unique sessions over the past 3 months (a session is a period of time where a visitor is actively engaged on the site).  One end of the scale (darkest blue and largest circles) represent a single node (computer Internet connection) that has visited the Canard Zone the most times in the last 3 months.   I had to make several passes in order to include the appropriate sub-continent, so please excuse me if I mistakenly left...
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Just Ordered Plans

AeroCanard 17 Jan 2015
Well it's worth it to me just for general information. I am thinking I might quickly outgrow the Long Ez I was planning on making. Although I am imagining the Long Ez would have been faster. Al has told that the plans are in the process of being updated so maybe all the OCR errors that I've read about will finally be addressed. If I do end up making the Four - place I am thinking on using the 200hp UL Power engine.
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Tandem vs. Side-by-side Ergonomics and Aerodynamics

Performance, Aerodynamics & Structure 16 Jan 2015
I have always thought a C-III in tandem would be a pretty good configuration. Lots of room in front for gear and snacks. :-)   I think the Cozy III would be a perfect base for staggered seating 
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Video Review: Building the Rutan Composites

Vendors, Product Info, Reviews & Feedback 13 Jan 2015
This video is included in the Cozy Mark IV plans from Aircraft Spruce and should be considered required viewing for anyone getting into (or already into) building a Rutan-type composite aircraft. Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill walk through all of the major aspects of building a composite aircraft, from cutting foam, fiberglass and materials handling, shaping, layups, and finishing. There's also a nostalgic element to it, as the underlying technology is clearly from the early 80s (with the exception of the DVD menu technology, which may be as recent as 1992  ) and Rutan Aircraft Factory (p...
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Ordered plans today...shipped this afternoon!

General & Prebuild 10 Jan 2015
Greetings all, been busy with work and sick, Christmas, New Years....you know. Couldn't take it any longer and talked with the wife and ordered them!
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