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Turbo Normalized

General Engine & Fuel System Topics Today, 03:19 AM
I'm looking at a turbo for a 0-360 derivative liquid cooled engine on my Long-EZ build. I'd love to get some input as to how this might be arranged under our cowls, exhaust setup and any issues that will arise.   Has anyone done this successfully in a Long-EZ? I'd love to talk with them if they have.    Dave Flying LE VH-JZE and building LE VH-XEZ www.alongwayroundtheworld.com
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Can she be salvaged?

Coffee House 21 Jun 2018
Hi Everyone, I am a pilot looking to build my own aircraft but have no experience doing so. I came across a listing today for an VariEze that a guy is trying to get rid of. Not sure if it was ever completed but the pictures will show the status now. 90 % complete with all Ailerons , gauge panel, engine cowls, canopy, disc brakes, most all the rigging has been done Wanted to know if there is potential here (whether salvaging parts or restoring) or if I am out of my mind for even considering it. Thanks in advance. Charles
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Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 19 Jun 2018
is this still a book that can be purchased? if so or not anyone have a copy that they would want to part with   James
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Looking for builder/pilots near PGD

Coffee House 17 Jun 2018
Looking for builder/pilots near PGD HI, John Lange here, avid sailor, boat builder and soon to be pilot. Looking to get together with local builders/pilots in the area to talk about building, construction technics and general canard aviation stuff. Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Naples, Venice, Sarasota, Tampa, SW Florida
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More epoxy & glass questions?

General Construction 17 Jun 2018
Sorry if I start a fight here, but......   The Canard airplanes currently popular (non-kit) Long/Open EZ and Cozy Mk IV are great planes and very well supported.  I hope to use my boat building experience and technics and apply them to building aircraft.   Here's my question up for discussion.  They use 30+ year old construction technology and the approved vendors and materials are 30+ years old.   Fiberglass these days have a multitude of new weaves and cross sections (biax & triax with or without mat, woven) and are measured in ounces per yard instead of thick...
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Aircraft Epoxy, Marine Epoxy what's the difference?

Materials 17 Jun 2018
Aircraft Epoxy, Marine Epoxy what's the difference? I am starting the research for building a LongEZ or Cozy Mk IV. The groups and instructions all talk about "Aircraft Rated Epoxy". What's the difference between aircraft and marine epoxies? I understand the stresses are somewhat different, flex, shear and stress vs pounding a 2 - 3,000+ lb boat into crashing waves at 30- 80 mph. I can buy marine epoxy "wholesale" for $40 per gallon, vs paying retail (from spruce) for aircraft epoxy. Could sure use some help here.
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Red coloring after anodising 2024T3

Questions, Feedback & Suggestions 16 Jun 2018
After anodising my red color do not stay on the aluminum. With ordenery aluminum it is no problem. What I do: First I clean the parts with sodium crystals then rinse in demineralised water, than electrolyzing in 30% H2SO4 back in demineralised water, than in anodisingcolor for 40 minutes. Than it need to be boiling in demineralised water. But from the moment the part enters the water, the color washed away. What am I doing wrong and is it possible to color 2024T3?
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hangar electricity and other rants

Coffee House 15 Jun 2018
A couple of rants:     #1  My airport has separate electric meters.  I calculated that all 30 hangars use about $600 worth of electricity per year but we pay over $5040/year just to have meters.  For example, it costs me $22/month to have a meter but I only use about 1 or 2 KWH per month to run a dehydrator or AM radio when I'm working at 10 cents/KWH, i.e., 20 cents/mo.  Over about 13 years, I've paid about $3600 for maybe $20 worth of electricity.   So I presented this situation to the county and proposed that they rewire each row of hangars to one meter...
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Cozy mk3 Canopy / turtleback / Cowling

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 12 Jun 2018
Hello all   I need a canopy / turtleback / Engine Cowling for my Cozy MK3   I had a canopy on my hand but lost the connection.   Maybe some one have a canopy or the whole canopy/turtleback they will sell or know where to bye.     Thank you   Kim Jensen Denmark
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Who flew a canard over Charloote Motor Speedway today?

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 10 Jun 2018
I was out at CMS for a SCCA race today (Sunday), looked up in the sky about 1:15, thought maybe someone was flying a drone over. As it got a bit closer I realized it was a canard. Anyone wish to confess?   Kent, was that you?
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