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Eclipse 2017 - Video

Coffee House Today, 11:22 AM
Here’s the Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=NseGMpwqAzU   It is raw footage so I would suggest skipping the first 4 minutes. You can see that @ 4:30 I reach into the back seat to grab my flight bag. I was trying to get a flashlight just in case I needed it.   I had to dip a wing in order to get the eclipse into the frame.   This footage was shot just south of Beatrice, NE where I was fortunate enough to find a hole in the partial overcast.   Enjoy.    
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Toe brakes

General & Prebuild Today, 01:00 AM
Most probably mentioned somewhere.   Do the rudder pedals in Cozy / EZ have toe brakes ? Looks like the master cylinders are fixed to the pedals and not independent to the rudder, in other words at all times they simply activate together with the rudder movements, is this correct ?   
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Load test

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 16 Aug 2017
I am going to make a load test on my Cozy mk3 and have Been trying to find a "manuel" how to with sand bags. Eny One Who have a god Way or a guide Line Best regard Kim
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Long-EZ 14 Aug 2017
Friend of mine that has a Long is looking for an outlet that would supply pipes to construct an exhaust for a 0-235 L2C. Any info would be welcome.
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Long EZ bulkhead diagram (front seat)

Open-EZ 12 Aug 2017
Just going back through the plans for the xth time, noting something that confused me the first time...   In the plans, the front seat bulkhead references the "Front Side" and shows the bevel at top and bottom. To me, the front side would be the side the pilot sits on. But that appears reversed to me. When I look at the drawing showing the side view (sect B) with the notches cut for longerons, the front seems clearly the pilot side.   It would not matter except the plies front / back are different.   Is my brain just backwards?     Edit, forgot to add, the backseat...
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Long Ez Engine Mount

For Sale (or for FREE) 12 Aug 2017
320/360 Long Ez engine mount for lycoming. Unsure of brand. Was on a plane which only flew a few hours before being parted. $250usd I am located in Australia but can have someone deliver to LA and then post ups to US.
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Hope to build a Long-EZ in Ohio

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 09 Aug 2017
Hello all.  I've been in the background reading for several months now.  I saw a Long-EZ flying over my house when I was just a kid and have been intrigued ever since.  Over the last year I have started to get more serious doing research and it culminating in going to Oshkosh this year.  I managed to attend the composites workshop with my dad (it was all old news to him since he repaired his Corvette bodies himself back in the 70's) and spoke to a few people.  I'm glad I went as it really alleviated some of the anxiety I had over my ambitions to build a Long-EZ whil...
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Updates to sims?

Models, Simulators & Concepts 05 Aug 2017
The posts in this section are pretty old...   Anyone use a sim to fly canards these days? Looking for advice.
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The world of Facebook

Coffee House 03 Aug 2017
Found this canard Facebook site while noodling around https://en-gb.facebo...ps/25741482604/   It has some interesting pics and discussion but I hate Facebook.  No index; if you click away and return, you have to reload everything.  Terrible way to host anything but a RIGHT NOW discussion.  It is interesting to me that the folks posting there are distinctly different from the names posting here or on Slade's site, or Central States, or Cozybuilders.     Anyway, it's an interesting site to check once in a while.  I wonder if there are others I've missed?...
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Greetings from the Virgin Islands

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 02 Aug 2017
Hey all, Vicente Cotto here introducing myself. (on and of again lurker) Thanks for all the great info shared here I look forward to learning much from you guys.   I'm debating between building a Cozy MK IV and a Defiant. I'm still a ways away from actually getting started so I'm still deciding which one is best for me. Plans are going to be Christmas gift from me to me.   Option One: The Cozy MK IV because its the Cozy MK IV ;-) (Love it all) Reason enough for me   Option Two: The Defiant because two engines. I live in St. Croix U.S.V.I. any 11 minute flight will be over ope...
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