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Interesting way to rediscover Canards

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 27 Sep 2017
So last week I decided to take an employee on a $100 hamburger run, so we hopped into the Archer 2. Departed out of KLOU and landed in 2I3 for a burger, low and behold we landed in Canard mecca. I had heard about the event and even followed Burt as a kid in the development but life got in the way. As a club renter currently I have been batting around the idea of buying or building an Experimental. I love to build things, but I also love to fly things. Anyway, had a little time around the burger to look at some planes and talked to a couple of people but back to work and didn't return. Over...
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Trips I've taken

Trip Reports 26 Sep 2017
I am getting old. Getting out and going places seems like a bit a hassle these days; it is certainly easy to stay home.  But when I look at maps, study airports and check train schedules, it gets the juices flowing to go somewhere, which, after all, is why we build these airplanes.  I will post some trips I've taken and maybe add to them.   Maybe it'll get your juices flowing to go somewhere, too.   Savannah -  What a wonderful town!  I was first introduced to Savannah when we got weathered-in there trying to return VFR from Florida.  We landed at the Sava...
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Metal Constant Speed Props

Defiant 23 Sep 2017
Metal Constant Speed Props: 30 or 40 years ago Rutan may have warned people that a metal CSP will fail on the back of a canard. Confused air, strake interference blah, blah, yaddah, doom. Since then the community warns against metal CSP's specifically and CSP's in general. I think it's all hearsay and thought experiments without any evidence.1. Is there any data developed by anyone in the community?2. Has anyone ever had a metal CSP fail on a canard?3. Is there anything at all other than hearsay and anecdotal evidence?The Defiant I posted a few days ago has 2 blade metal CSP props on both e...
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Engine Cozy mk3

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 14 Sep 2017
Hello again Eny One Who Can give a feedback regarding engines. I have possibiliti to get a O-320 or a IO-360 for my cozy3 Positive / negative Comments?
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New member & new to canards!

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 13 Sep 2017
Hello!   I'm here to learn all about canard aviation with a special interest in construction of a homebuilt. I have never flow a canard aircraft let alone sit in one but I have a special interest very similar to the reasoning Rutan designed some of his earlier models. As a prior F/A-18 mechanic I spent a lot of time sitting in the cockpit running up systems and I always wanted to fly one but knew I never would. The canard design gives me the forward visibility I want to experience at an "affordable" price. I feel confident I can construct a composite aircraft and am still very young so...
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Electric nose gear retract assembly and canopy

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 11 Sep 2017
I am looking for an electric nose gear retract assembly. I am building a MKiv so it needs to be able to handle the 400Lb front passenger. I also need the canopy. I have the glass installed in the turtleback but I do not have the main canopy. Any help with either of these would be greatly appreciated.   Les
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CG and main undercarriage

General & Prebuild 11 Sep 2017
1.   In referring to below is the CG showing correct in a zero fuel weight status ? 2.   what is the distance of the main wheel axis to front or back ends of the aircraft ? 3.   Is prop axis tilted upwards in relation to the wings cord ?    
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Hello all!

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 31 Aug 2017
Hi everyone! I'm Spencer Boesch and I've had the plans to Cozy MKIV # 1770 for a few months now. I'm looking forward to talking to and meeting as many fellow (or soon to be) builders as possible. I talked with several people at Oshkosh this year and enjoyed everyones advice. Even got to sit in a few Cozys and Velocitys. I'll also be going down to Rough River in September and would like to actually fly in a Cozy 4. My broad shoulders ( and belly) are a concern to me for long flights, but let's see how I do in just a short one to start. :-) On a side note, I'm still a student. Changing flight...
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Parting out a Long Ez.....

For Sale (or for FREE) 28 Aug 2017
 Hello, I'm an A&P in Alabama. I'm parting out a formerly airworthy Long EZ and thought I would list the parts here first before I offered them up to the general public. I'd really like to see these go to someone that is building or repairing a Long EZ to get back into the air.  I'm about half way thru the part removing and inspecting process. I have the following parts for sale:   -A complete canard assy-$500 -A new canpoy-$250 -A speed brake/flap assy-$200 -A complete nose wheel gear assy (needs a new retract gear cog/stripped) $650 -A complete main gear assy with Clevl...
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How to identify 2 Phrase stepper motor coil pairs with a...

Electrical System 25 Aug 2017
Occasionally we may come across an old stepper motor salvaged from a printer or an ancient floppy drive. If we are lucky, there will be a part number on the motor and after some digging around, we will come up with a datasheet. Often though, we will have a motor with no markings whatsoever and four, or six colorful wires sticking out. First, we need to figure out how the wires are paired to form coils within the motor. Trial and error may work, but there is a better way! All it takes is a multimeter.   How to identify 2 Phrase stepper motor coil pairs with a multimeter   Consideri...
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