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Fire Alarm System for Pusher Aircraft anybody?

Avionics & Instruments Today, 04:08 AM
not sure I'm posting in the right forum (could not find any history on the subject), but that is the best I found so here goes:   Worried by an eventual in flight fire on my VariEze's C-90 and the urgency of such a situation, I'm thinking about installing some kindof fire warning system. This system would ideally be easy to manufacture and install, reliable, cheap and light (MI #xxx  ).   2 simple ideas that popped to my mind, using my rear view mirror (the very one I used to check on the fuel quantity) to keep watching on the engine behind me, or using a kinda OAT gage with...
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New Single Place Canard Design

All Others 02 Dec 2016
New thread for this:   Was there a new canard kit offering?  If so, what was it?   The single place canard design was created by Jeff Kerlo in 1995. A four place version was developed from that design (Orion) as well as a six place version (Phoenix.) The single place was never produced until now. Jeff teamed up with Russ Emanis who presents the Vacuum Infusion demonstration annually at AirVenture. Russ worked on the F-22 Raptor project at McDonnell Douglas and was instrumental in developing the Vacuum Infusion techniques used for the construction of that aircraft. Curren...
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Fuel Tank Screens - Velocity Retrofit

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 28 Nov 2016
There has been a lot of discussion as of late about fuel screens and such on some of the lists. I inherited a rather poor design and have been trying to make the best of it. The aluminum fuel line leaving the strake tank was very short and definitely too short to flare. The original owner shove a rubber fuel line over it and secured it with a hose clamp. See Photo: Pic 1 So …. what are my options? Option 1: Get some Swagelok compression fittings to join to the existing tubing. There may be enough exposed to get the job done. Option 2: Remove the tubing and start over. Of course option 2 w...
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Looking for a Long-EZ project in Europe

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 26 Nov 2016
Hello, I am looking to buy a Long-Ez project in Europe. Thanks Filipe
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Craigs Cozy Project

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 22 Nov 2016
Decided to start participating in Canard living.  Been working for months in seclusion.  Kent's progress reports have motivated me to try to share more (despite my hardcore introversion).   So, tonight I got a couple hours in, and in typical me fashion, I jumped around as stuff caught my eye (look, shiny!).     I started the evening with the intent of tidying up the hangar (I've let things go a bit with some partially completed tasks causing a few tool piles to pop up outside the toolbox) and about 10 minutes into tidying I ended up getting too close to the prop whi...
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H45 Divinycel Foam Tan or Blue?

General Construction 20 Nov 2016
I am just starting an OpenEZ project and received my first sheets of H45 3/4 inch to start the fuselage bulkheads (Aircraft Spruce).  The sheets are tan, I expected them to be blue based on numerous builder's logs.  Any thoughts on the tan?  When I look at the DIAB website (divinycell manufacturer) there picture of H45 is also tan.  Is the blue H45 different? Do I have the right stuff?   Thanks, Bill York Chandler AZ  
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FS: Electroair electronic ignition module

For Sale (or for FREE) 11 Nov 2016
I have an Electroair EIS-1 electronic ignition module for sale.This is the original model that Jeff Rose sold. It was working fine when removed from the Long-EZ it was in.I only have the control board, no sparkplug wires or crank sensor. I do have the installation manual.Would be great if you have one and are looking for a backup unit since they don't sell it any more.$200 with free shipping.contact me @  tikicarver@gmail.com            
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Converting from a hand prop to electric start Varieze

VariEze 26 Oct 2016
Greetings, So my Verieze prodject started with a complete airframe but no engine, due to limited funds I ended up with a C85. Previously it was built with an O235 but was taken off from another home builder that just wanted the engine and mount for his project. It was originally built without a starter and was hand propped but for my own safety I went with the sky tech starter. Originally the battery it has is only a small motercycle 12v battery and is not sufficient to crank the engine. Another problem i foresee is the added weaight of the new cables, celinoids, and larger battery. I'm o...
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We lost Bob Hoover today

Coffee House 25 Oct 2016
I read earlier that Bob Hoover passed away around 2:00 AM PDT this morning. What a guy. What a pilot.
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Builder Information

Long-EZ 25 Oct 2016
I'm curious about building a Long EZ and was wondering where do I start? It seems like plans are hard to find. Would I purchase foam cores from eureka cnc or try the hotwire method?
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