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Canards and long runways, why do we need them?

Coffee House Yesterday, 11:06 PM
I keep reading that people need what some people consider insanely long runways for their canard planes.   Ignoring the question of what constitutes 'insanely' here, why do they need such long runways?  Lack of acceleration?  Lack of deceleration?  What can we do to make this...
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Garaggio Ez

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation Yesterday, 04:17 PM
Hey Everyone, Long time listener, first time caller.   I have been working on my modified Long Ez for the last 7+ years. I call it the Garaggio Ez, you can read about why on my blog. It has blended winglets, an O-360, AFP injection, P-Mags, Dual Garmin G3X touch, custom cowl, armpit cooling...
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How to "quote" other's post content

Forum Tips & Announcements 29 Oct 2014
For those wanting to use the quoting feature when replying to other's posts, there are a few options. First, be sure to browse to the Help link (located at the bottom of every page), click on the Posting section, and read through what the editor modes are and what the toolbar buttons do.  He...
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Under Wing Pitot Tube ?

Other Modifications 29 Oct 2014
Would it be permissible to use an under wing L shaped pitot tube instead of having one on the nose ? Seems it would be less likely to get damaged and also easier to heat it without fear of melting the aircraft.
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"Other" engines

General Engine & Fuel System Topics 29 Oct 2014
Seems to me there should be an "Other" engines topic header. Recently a guy in Tennessee hung a UL Power 6 cylinder engine on a Long EZ. I'm pretty excited to see how this goes for him as this engine weighs about as much as an O-235 and can put out up to 200Hp. Direct drive, electronic ignition a...
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Cozy Jet (and other projects) for sale on Barnstormers

For Sale (or for FREE) 29 Oct 2014
Greg Richter's Cozy Jet is up for sale on Barnstormers -- name your price.   There are a number of other projects available as well.     www.barnstormers.com 
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Russian builders

Coffee House 29 Oct 2014
A few interesting pictures here.  If there is anything you're particularly interested in, plug the URL into Google's translator. http://www.reaa.ru/c...=1131214460/all   Saw this Long-EZ with funky strakes near the bottom of the page
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Updated Suppliers List

General Construction 28 Oct 2014
I know I'm probably missing it but is there a sticky or something with a more modern list of suppliers for the more difficult parts for Long Ez and Cozy ?  When I try to do a search I get Brock Manufacturing and I know that Ken's been gone for quite awhile now so that's not any good. I see t...
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"Safe" modifications ?

General Construction 27 Oct 2014
I am currently in the recon phase collecting as much information as possible concerning building a Long Ez. Combing thru a few builders blogs I see myriad of modifications that have been added to the original design. This of course is to be expected for a design of this age but few if any were ev...
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New canard aircraft designs in the works

All Others 23 Oct 2014
This is an interesting (and stunning) 4+1 canard design with visibility for the back seat passengers that is actually flying.  Imagine that... or just click over to www.cobalt-aircraft.com and see for yourself.     The lines and lofting are absolutely beautiful IMHO.  Its powe...
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