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New Varieze owner.. Help!

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides Yesterday, 02:02 PM
Hello all.. I’ve been in the market for an EZ for a while and wanted a Long but I stumbled across a Vari that hasn’t flown in 5 years in central FL that was built by Gene Zabler that has 1600 hours airframe. It’s currently on Barnstormers and I’m considering purchasing it. As it sits, it needs to be repainted and some light wing structure work, and a chunk is missing from the right elevator trailing edge from the initial overlook. It has an O-200 with 50hrs since overhaul by Zephyr engines and a “new” prop, but the seller has no logbooks other than the build plans and overhaul papers....
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Moving to PRO-SET 125/229 from MGS 285/287

Materials 04 Dec 2017
I have enjoyed using MGS 285/287, but have not found a 5-gallon option anywhere (in the United States; the North American MGS distributor is in Canada).  For 1-gallon orders from Aircraft Spruce, the problem is the $45 hazardous shipping fee for EACH container of slow hardener (a 2-gallon order requires 4 hardeners, 4 x $45 = US $180).     My research shows that this PRO-SET system is as good as MGS 285 which I have enjoyed using, and does not have such hefty HazMat charges.  My only gripe is that I understand all PRO-SET to be shipped clear, whereas the MGS hardene...
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Cozy MK IV Suppliers

General & Prebuild 03 Dec 2017
Hi All,   I'm contemplating a Cozy MK IV build. Just received plans from Aircraft Spruce. My question relates to suppliers of pre-fab parts. I've researched supplier lists and based on their websites (or lack thereof) , It's hard to tell which ones are actively producing parts (Featherlite, Aerocad, etc.). I'm mainly concerned with items like main landing gear strut, machined parts, canopy, etc. In short, things that would be difficult for the average plans builder to fabricate. Can anyone provide info on suppliers that are actually producing and delivering parts at this time? Any guid...
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Aircraft Spruce - My Ez Poxy experience...

Vendors, Product Info, Reviews & Feedback 02 Dec 2017
I ordered 5 gallons of Ez Poxy and 1 1/2 gallons of hardener back in April of this year. I'm just now getting around to using it. I have three cans of hardener, two 83 (medium) and one 87 (slow). The 87 is for construction of the strakes. I opened the 87 can first and it had the same color and consistency as apple butter. It was about 60 degrees in the garage so I thought perhaps it just need to be warmed up. Then I get to looking at the label, it has a manufacture date of 2014...hmmm. I take it in the house and get the can nice and warm, still I could turn it upside down and the...
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Facebook Canards

Coffee House 29 Nov 2017
I see a bunch of Facebook pages for canards.   For example, https://www.facebook...1482604/photos/   I see a lot of name there I do not recognize.  I'm wondering if it is worthwhile to invite them to join CanardZone.  Facebook is a terrible site for what we do.  There is no index, there are no threads, there is no search function.     I think people join the Facebook pages because they don't know what is available elsewhere.   When I want to research something, I search the google cozybuilders archive, canardaviation.com, canardcommunity.com, and ez.o...
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EAA composite class

General Construction 27 Nov 2017
I'll be at the composite building workshop in Houston on Dec 9-10. Seems to have good reviews, looking forward to meeting some other hopeful builders there.   https://www.eaa.org/...tion?sc_lang=en   Pete
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Needed; Lycoming engine mount for Varieze (conical)

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 26 Nov 2017
Please contact me if you have one or know of someone that has one for sale. Thanks!   dover1525 att net
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Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 18 Nov 2017
Hi my name is Brian I'm new here. I'm in the process of purchasing a Drangonfly partially completed kit. I'm a big fan of Rutan Designs and would like to build a Long. Don't have the $ or infrastructure for that right now but maybe soon. I'll probably build from the Open Source Long plans. I saw someone post that "they" probably don't want a bunch of Long airplanes flying that havnt been built with Liscensed plans. Burt has said that he is happy to see his designs being built and that his view is that copyrights and lawsuits are stifling to development of aircraft. Thus Open Long aircraft s...
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If it can't be a Trainer, might as well make it a Fun...

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 13 Nov 2017
Well, now that we knkw an Experimental cannot be a Trainer and after having giving all of this more thought....as well as consulting with my "Rag Tag" Crew, we have decided to go all out with a Hybrid, based on the Cozy Mark III as a proof of concept A/C. I have always been a fan of Burt Rutan, and feel that he and those that own "like" Canard A/C....just might appreciate this project. Will cerainly save a lot on fuel cost, be innovative/funtional....and look beautiful, imho. Looming very forward to a short hop to N.C. to experience first hand, a flight in one of these sleek, and beautiful...
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Landing a Cozy/Procedures?

General & Prebuild 13 Nov 2017
When entering the pattern, what would the procedures be, that differ from a more "conventional" G.A. A/C with flaps? How do you acheive slower speeds while on the downwind leg, base and final? Also, when you know you have the runway made, would you "chop" the power to idle? What is average ias when crossing the numbers? Here's the closest video I could find, but there is zero explanation. Based on what I see with the pitch, it appears one must reduce power and perform slow speed flight, less the flaps: Thank you!
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