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Rocket City Cozy Mkiv

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 24 May 2018
Started building a Cozy Mkiv in March 2017 and I even have photographic evidence:   Workshop - https://photos.app.g...SadwPXxhp5fqH82 Ch 4 Bulkheads - https://photos.app.g...MTMyVnpFz119oo2 Ch 5 Fuselage Sides - https://photos.app.g...y2Pb2N7ThyU7673 Ch 6 Fuselage Assembly - https://photos.app.g...4iwxvnf8xVoG0N2 Ch 7 Fuselage Exterior - https://photos.app.g...WN4N0agJeaTJ9w2 Ch 8 Headrests & Seatbelts - https://photos.app.g...CvskcaJgoe573H2 Ch 9 Main Landing Gear - https://photos.app.g...ZzM9V4EOTYkNQ42 Ch 10 Canard - https://photos.app.g.....
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Kanab Rutan Fly-In 2018

Fly-ins & Events 16 May 2018
Hello Canard Pilots & Enthusiasts, We had a great time with everyone last year in Kanab, and we are preparing for the Labor Day weekend event again this year. The Rutan Kanab 2018 Fly-in will take place September 1, 2, and 3 ( Saturday, Sunday, and departures on Monday). It’s become popular with a number of people to arrive a day early on Friday, so we have coordinated with the hotel to block the rooms for the nights of Friday Aug. 31st, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 1, and 2nd. If you haven’t been to the Rutan Kanab Fly-in, KKNB is a small town airport. The three main reasons people say...
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Resin and Glass

Open-EZ 15 May 2018
Hi everyone,   My question is what and where  to buy resin and BID & UND?   Regards, Kevin.
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Cozy 3 project for sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 13 May 2018
All airframe structure complete including wings, canard with forward opening canopy, Cleveland wheels and brakes. 18 deg dynafocal mount for IO-320, electric nose lift. $13,000.00.
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New Long-EZ model for X-Plane

Models, Simulators & Concepts 08 May 2018
VSKYLABS recently released a new model for X-Plane that looks quite good.     Here's a video and a link to the Long-EZ page on their website.
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Parting Out LongEZ (cont from below)

For Sale (or for FREE) 08 May 2018
Following on from my ad below, here are photos and prices of additional items. I don't see any way to delete or edit a post so I haven't been able to remove the exhaust system, now sold. The other items in the first ad are still available.   Magnetic vertical compass, Precision PAI 700 USD200     Oil coolers, USD250    Vacuum pump  USD40   Prop extensions x 2 USD275  Throttle quadrant USD45 2 x canopy breaker built to mil spec - USD50 ea   *ONE SOLD Post lights x14  USD50  Fuel caps USD50 for two   Also have an alternator, intercom...
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Torsional wrap on the nose strut

Chapter 13 01 May 2018
I'm replacing the nose strut on my Velocity.  It's a Cozy Mark IV nose strut.  I can't remember how many plies of BID are used to wrap it.  Is it just one ply in each direction so that there are two plies overlapping on the sides?   Doug Holub 2009 Velocity FG w/ electric nose lift
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Varieze Canard Bolt Torque and quick disconnect pins

VariEze 28 Apr 2018
Hello All,   I am a new Varieze owner and can find no mention specifically of proper torque settings specifically for the Canard Bolts. This particular aircraft does not have nut plates but rather nylon lock nuts with large area washers.    I am assuming that the 30-70 in/lbs is standard with the only mention in my literature being 3ft/lbs (36 in/lbs) for 1/4in bolts?   I am also desirous of learning about the best quick disconnect keeper for the elevator pushrod retainment. Is the Standard AN3 Bolt and a lock nut the best option?    Thanks for any advice in ad...
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Been awhile

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 15 Apr 2018
I have not been on this forum for several years. But I wanted to report that I finished my plane and am now flying it. I guess you never finish it exactly you just fly and work on it. I am presently building wheel pant got a couple more weeks to go. Wanted everyone to know what great airplane the cozy is and it is fun to Go places Steve build on
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Long EZ plans wanted.

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 14 Apr 2018
I am interested in building a Long EZ and would like to purchase a set of plans.  Any help would be appreciated.  
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