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Narrow wheels

Landing Gear 09 Jul 2017
Are Evolution's    http://www.evolutionaircraft.com  narrow wheels and landing gear made by them in house ?         looking to source that tier and wheel.  any input appreciated.        
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New Varieze Canopy

VariEze 09 Jul 2017
Could someone please advise best place to get a canopy - tinted preferably - for a Varieze? I've been Googling but there doesn't seem to be anything recent - aside from Spruce Europe for a boggling amount of money! The canopy on our early 80's build needs replacing. Thank ya  
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Long Ez Electric nose gear

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 04 Jul 2017
Looking for an electric nose gear system for an Long Ez project. Contact Doug@customstudio.com
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Your basic Cozy

General Construction 22 Jun 2017
FWIW, A while back, a friend sent me some pics of a for-sale Cozy he went to look at.  This one is overseas.  I have done several Tech Counselor inspections and never seen this level of workmanship.  It seems to me that this comes from builders who never made much effort to go see a Rutan design under construction, or see them at fly-ins.  If you look at a lot of them, you think "Hmm, I should do better."   All the vortilons appeared to be installed by cutting the wing.  It seems the owner landed NG up at one point.  The plans fuel gauges; don't see those...
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Nexrad delay can kill you

Flight Planning, Safety & Technique 22 Jun 2017
Saw this accident below where a Columbia trying to penetrate a line of storms apparently lost control killing the pilot and his daughter.  The interesting thing which the report does not emphasize very strongly, is how the pilot could have been tricked by Nexrad delay.  The report says;   "Datalink is not accurate enough or current enough to be safely used for tactical decision making (negotiating a path through a weather hazard area, such as a broken line of thunderstorms). Be aware that onboard weather equipment can inappropriately influence your decision to continue a flig...
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Cleco-saving Tip

Builder Tips 22 Jun 2017
I am repairing a door for a friend's Glasair III kit aircraft.  The door comes in molded inner and outer shells that need to be mated together on the fuselage for best fit.  To do this I setup to use Clecos to hold the shells together, but just before I bonded my friend gave me a tip:  Replace the Clecos with sheet metal screws so you won't trash your $2.00 Clecos and have a much easier time removing them.   Last night I removed all the sheet metal screws and none of my Clecos were damaged or needed to be cleaned.    
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Found a Velocity V-Twin in my backyard!

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 21 Jun 2017
When running a weekend errand a while ago, I decided to take a quick detour to visit the local airport.  I don't know anyone at this airport beyond a flight instructor, but it's always nice to sit for a while and watch airplanes.   On my way out I passed a lone hangar that I'd never seen open before.  Out of the corner of my eye I thought I recognized the telltale signs of the back-end of a canard aircraft (two vertical stabilizers, pusher prop in the back, etc.)  I circled back and sure enough it was a canard, but this canard was different.  It had two engines in t...
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Bulkhead cutout finishing

Long-EZ 19 Jun 2017
What do builders normally do with the bulkhead cutouts, do they leave the exposed foam or put something like food in the channel for durability?
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Canard Zone discovery...

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 14 Jun 2017
Stumbled on this site a couple days ago looking for info on the Long_EZE.   I'm 64 and unlikely to build anything but I subscribed to the CP back in the late 70's early 80's until it was finished. Always planed to build...   I flew sailplanes and then power (Cessna 152/172) back then. Never finished getting the power license as I was also racing formula cars. There was one of the early VariEZE's at the airport I flew out of.   Even though it is unlikely I will ever build or fly a Rutan designed canard, I'm still interested. Started racing again a couple years ago, then got to...
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Coffee House 13 Jun 2017
Hi guys, just wondering if there is anybody in Philadelphia area with a LongEz......??
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