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Parting out LongEZ

For Sale (or for FREE) 05 Mar 2018
1. King KX 155 14 VOLT NAV/COMM with KI 206. Purchased brand new, installed in a home-built, never used. $2350   2. Mitchell 2 1/4" Recording Tachometer, 2800 RPM redline avionics, as new. Removed from a homebuilt project before completion. $150   3. Exhaust system Lycoming 0320 suitable for LongEZ aircraft or any pusher. Good condition, less than 10 hours. $250   4. Aero Antenna Technology Aircraft GPS Antenna PN-AT-575-4 Good condition. $20   5. Spark Plugs REM38E x 12 & REM40E x 5, mostly new or <1 hour. $25 each   6. Eyeball air vents x 2. $30 each...
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A different 3" spar tape - usable?

Materials 04 Mar 2018
I have bought some 3" uni tape from France, believed to have been intended for someone's canard project, but never used. It is a bit different to the 'usual' heavy stuff.  See photo for side-by-side comparison.   I have enough of the usual tape for a canard, and enough of the lighter tape for an entire cozy (estimated by weight). There are more cross-threads, and they do not seem to be readily removeable. Obviously being a lighter / thinner tape, I'd need more layers to fill the troughs.   Can anyone advise on whether this tape is a good substitute? Perhaps this stuff has b...
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Nose Gear Collapse

Long-EZ 02 Mar 2018
I'm the proud owner of N16AV, long EZ built by Kent Ashton. Kent is truly a master builder, and finished the plane in 2014. I recently purchased it from him and he was kind enough to fly it out to southern California from North Carolina. He also spent a few days out here transitioning me into the aircraft. During my transition I found the aircraft to be a little hotter than the Cessna 172 that I trained and certified in. Several of my initial landing attempts, well let's just say I stressed the gear. I also know that I bounced the nose gear up and down off the runway numerous times in my fi...
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LongEz Project Orlando FL

For Sale (or for FREE) 26 Feb 2018
LongEz project with a large assortment of parts to include HD Brakes, Graphite / Kevlar engine covers.  Includes build table, cloth storage/cutting table, fuselage stands, canard jigs, miscellaneous tooling.    Original Set of Plans including working copy.  Enhanced canard plans, all the respective newsletters.    $3500.00 OBO   Call for details 407-256-2457 (Orlando Florida)  for additional information. See photos for reference.    
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Canards West Fly-In - 6/1 - 6/3, 2018

Fly-ins & Events 17 Feb 2018
For those of you not on the COZY or Canard Aviators mailing lists:   Tim Fisher has posted the dates for the Canards West Fly-In at Columbia Airport (O22) - it will be June 1st through June 3rd. See:   http://www.canardswest.org/   for more information. To contact Tim about the event or to volunteer your services in some way (driving folks to and from the campground or into town; presenting on Saturday, etc.) he's available at:   209-996-9919 t.fisher13@comcast.net   for questions/comments. Hope to see you all there!
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A heapin' helpin' of builder links

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 15 Feb 2018
Credit to Chris Groenewald for resurrecting links from the late Tom Tugan's website.  Unfortunately some of them are dead links but a lot are still good and there were quite a few I was not familiar with.  This'll give you a few pleasant hours of reading.  I started to weed out the dead links but it was driving me crazy.  :-)   -Kent   http://www.ez.org/ca...mars/index.html :  Craig Kossowski  http://www.marcnadine.com/ : Marc/Nadine Parmeleehttp://www.mykitlog.com/crazycanuck/ : Aaron Fennellhttp://www.cozybuild...glia/index.html ...
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Newbie with questions

Long-EZ 14 Feb 2018
Hi all,   I'm an airline pilot and always wanted to own a plane. So recently I have been looking into experimental aircraft, more specifically aircraft like the RV8 and Long EZ's. The idea is day VFR with the occasional night flight (if that is even allowed under EASA).   I do have quite some questions about the Long EZ. It would be great to have some input from owners/pilots. So here are some of my questions.   - Is there any company that manufactures something like a Long EZ kit?  - Is it a viable option to buy a used Long EZ and strip down the interior in order to reb...
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Mazda Rotary Engine built by Bruce Turrentine of Rotary R...

For Sale (or for FREE) 12 Feb 2018
I sold my Long EZ aircraft project without the engine. If anyone is interested in buying the Rotary engine built by Bruce Turrentine of Rotary Resources, please contact me at 337-853-3111 or lezav8r@gmail.com. I also have a Real World Solutions, Inc. PSRU RD-1C,2.85:1 Gear Drive as well. The engine is an '86-'88 13B 6 port Mazda Rotary Engine with new turbo II rotor housings, rotor seals, engine bearings, oil pump and drive train, gaskets. It also has 9,4:1 compression rotors. Viton O-rings used for: Rotor oil seal, front cover, rear stationary gear and dowel pin O-rings. Teflon Encapsulate...
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For Sale (or for FREE) 09 Feb 2018
$1,900 NEW IVO MAGNUM In-flight Adjustable Prop - Retail $3120 at http://www.ivoprop.c...magnumodel.htm    IVO Magnum In-flight Adjustable, 3 Blade Propeller 1ML 368+E26NT /Long EZ/Mazda/2.85G/180/6800 (U) (K) W/BB Real World Solutions Inc TR   Long Ez Mazda 180 6000 2 gear 2.85 G   Contact Ed Moreno 337-853-3111 
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A wing skinning video

General Construction 03 Feb 2018
Joe Polenek posted this on another site.  Skinning a wing.  Short and fun to watch but watch the clock spin at the bottom!
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