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Cargo/Luggage pods for the LE

Long-EZ 25 Sep 2016
I know this is an old issue, but I can't find anyone who makes them any more.  So, I guess my only alternative is to buy a used set. Please, I will very much appreciate is someone have any info about a set for sale. Thanks
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Hoi zäme from Zurich, Switzerland, Europe, Northern Hemis...

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 07 Sep 2016
Hi gals (any out here?) and guys    Living in the heart of Europe... Been flying a Varieze for 4 months now... Might eventually buy that very Eze since I kinda fell in love with that strange looking bird and she might be up for sale... This would make it the 4th aircraft I have owned, first one was a French designed S.I.P.A. callsign HB-SPT, the second an Aeromere Falco Series 3 callsign D-ENIB, the third one another Falco Laverda built series 4 callsign HB-UOD... Forgot to mention having spent many years and $$$$$ building an RV-4 previously...   Always been fascinated by c...
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It's been 12 years since someone started a "Can I...

Finishing & Painting 23 Aug 2016
I'm working on a velocity and trying to decide on paint. I'm not 100% opposed to white or a shade of it and realize it's the best choice safety wise etc. What I haven't seen discussed is how grey you can go without it being an issue. If I go with a slightly grey color will that not move the needle?   Is there a limit or a specific paint that is seen as acceptable?   I've seen a few composite aircraft that were light to even dark grey including velocity.   Here's some examples of what I've seen.        
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F22 slight damage

Chapter 4 21 Aug 2016
Hi all, Finished the front side layups on F22 this week, but unfortunately when removing the peel-ply it grabbed a single bundle of fibres on the top layer of UNI and pulled it up with it (I didn't trim until after cure).    To my newbie thinking, rather than do the 'standard repair' and have a lump here which appears could be a big pain when it comes to canard install, I could just replace the missing fibres into the groove, wet-out, peel-ply and squeegee flat through plastic.  The loss of strength here should be minimal if I'm understanding correctly, but I would like so...
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VariEze questions for those building or have built a VariEze

VariEze 21 Aug 2016
I'm new to the forum and have always been interested in the Vari and Long EZ. Right now I'm more interested in the VariEze since it doesn't require a high HP Lycoming, but still seems like a fast efficient XC plane. I was wondering where I would be able to find plans for the VariEze? Do builders usually go with an O-200 or VW engine? Thanks -Mark
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Long-EZ first (initial training) plane feasibility?

Coffee House 17 Aug 2016
Having not really flown an airplane before (with exception of very limited hands on controls in straight-n-level flight), is purchasing an existing LongEZ and obtaining lessons from an experienced Ez pilot a viable option?   I do have in excess of 4000 hours Rotor-wing, the majority being MD500 and a bit in the R22.   I'm seeking a quick and affordable way of transiting between regional airports without relying on commercial airlines.   Your thoughts / opinions on the LongEz as an initial training aircraft would be appreciated?
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Homemade CHT Bayonet sensor

On a Shoestring 08 Aug 2016
For the hardcore builder:  This uses a brass fitting from the hardware store, a small spring, GG-J type thermocouple wire.   You can view the wires at Omega.com but there is lots of cheap wire on ebay.   Search ebay for glass thermocouple wire.  Any type J will do but the glass-covered wire is stouter and will not care about hot exhausts nearby.   The spring will push the balled-up sensor up against the cylinder.  Twist the two wire ends together and roll them into a ball with needle-nose pliers.  Silver-solder the ball (lots of tutorials on Youtube)....
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1997 aerocanard kit, barely out of the box

For Sale (or for FREE) 02 Aug 2016
Helping the widow of a friend find a new home for this project. Not sure what the value is.  More details upon request.                  
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Continental O-200 Alternator

Continental 01 Aug 2016
On my Quickie Q2 I am in the midst of removing my automotive belt-driven alternator from the front and installing a B&C gear-driven alternator that connects to the engine in the rear.  The B&C gear-driven alternator is just shy of $700, but the real kicker is that I need to send them a gear assembly which I don't have.  These 5 little parts brand new from Continental/Aircraft Spruce are $1,100, which would bring my total to $1,800.   So now I'm scouring the salvage companies trying to get a refurbished set of parts.   I can also appreciate why people put automoti...
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Forum Storage and Post Attachment size limits have been i...

Forum Tips & Announcements 29 Jul 2016
The size limits for uploading pictures have been increased from 10MB to 50MB.Looking forward I am planning an upgrade to open this up even further.Let me know if you have any issues in the meantime.
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