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Looking for aero canard/Cozy owners/builders in Texas/La...

AeroCanard 05 Jan 2017
I am on the cusp of buying plans for the aero canard SX (or FG) and would like to know if there are any owners/builders somewhat near me. A cozy would work just to try one on, and i'd be happy to pay for a joy ride, if possible.   my mission is 3 adults, x-country, something like 150kts, IFR capable. I am still between the aero and the rv10 - if the rv10 "allowed" more engine choices, I would likely be my first choice, but io540 prices have gone crazy, and i would prefer a carb engine - due to simplicity of fuel system, to be honest with you.   i have looked at the raptor, don't l...
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2016 RAFE Presidents Letter of Thanks and state of the Ru...

Coffee House 31 Dec 2016
This past year has had so many great moments and great people. The most memorable and important was the awesome gift from the family of David Brown. The Brown family’s donation of David Browns beautiful LongEZ was significant and symbolic in so many ways. It completely validated the concept of the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience. There’s no longer any doubt that what we seek to accomplish can be done. It takes that first step, that “leap of faith”, to look forward towards your vision. Without all the support from those that shared this vision it would’ve never happened. Unending thanks to...
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New Defiant Project Owner

Defiant 31 Dec 2016
Good afternoon,   I've recently purchased a Defiant project and plan to start sometime late next year. It's an amalgamation from two Defiant projects with many of the fiberglass components already purchased. It also comes with all the custom metal parts.    I'm in the 'research and reading' stage and wanted to know if there was anything like a newsletter or list of approved deviations for the aircraft. It's my understanding that the plans are not as well laid out.   What are the engine recommendations for this aircraft? O-320's? O-360's? 6 Cylinders?    What ty...
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Free VariEze Rides in New Hampshire

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 31 Dec 2016
I am offering community members a standing offer of free 30-60 minute orientation VariEze rides in Concord, New Hampshire. There are a few requirements: You must be an EAA Young Eagle, A canard builder, a Student Pilot or more. Astronaut are ok too. (it's ok if your not current or don't have medical). You must weigh less than 190 pounds including clothes and breakfast. Weather must be VFR and winds favoring runway 35 or 17 at KCON (under 15 knots crosswind) Temperatures must be above 40 degrees F on the ground. You must be willing to take the controls and practice some actual flight maneuve...
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Vari-eze Wing Template Drawings

VariEze 28 Dec 2016
I'm trying to find some Vari-eze wing template drawings. PDF, JPEG or DWF format will work.   Anyone?
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In search of Long Ez Plans/Project

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 24 Dec 2016
Hello, Everyone, I am looking for a partial complete Long Ez project, and or a Set of Plans to a Long-EZ I do know there online but looking for a set. Project can be any state of the build. -Trystyn 
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The Bumerangue EX-27 from Brazil

All Others 17 Dec 2016
I learned of this from someone writing in today, a 4-place canard from Brazil.   Similar to a Velocity, but built of carbon fiber and 550 lbs (250 kg) lighter than a comparable Velocity.  They have built 3 and are looking for an investor.   http://www.fabenet.com.br/
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Looking for Long Ez, and or Cozy MK-IV Project For Sale

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 16 Dec 2016
Hello, All, I am looking at a project out there for sale in any state. If anyone has/knows of one please let me know. Thank you -T 
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Elevator tube gap seal

Fuselage 14 Dec 2016
Well it’s that time of year when you find every little draft. I am wanting to work on a better system of sealing the gap where the elevator tube passes through the fuselage below the canard in my Cozy III. I have heard of a few guys using two close fitting disks that move against each other, but haven’t actually seen it used. I have the Roncz canard, so it has the forward and aft as well as rotational movement, making foam less than effective. If anyone has suggestions, pictures, or drawings of what has worked best for them that would be fantastic!
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Fire Alarm System for Pusher Aircraft anybody?

Avionics & Instruments 10 Dec 2016
not sure I'm posting in the right forum (could not find any history on the subject), but that is the best I found so here goes:   Worried by an eventual in flight fire on my VariEze's C-90 and the urgency of such a situation, I'm thinking about installing some kindof fire warning system. This system would ideally be easy to manufacture and install, reliable, cheap and light (MI #xxx  ).   2 simple ideas that popped to my mind, using my rear view mirror (the very one I used to check on the fuel quantity) to keep watching on the engine behind me, or using a kinda OAT gage with...
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