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Sacramento newbie

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides Today, 04:35 PM
I am in the early stages of learning about canard aircraft, and all experimentals for that matter. Having owned a Socata Trinidad for 5 years and accumulating nearly 5000 hours in planes from a C150 on floats to B727, I am eager to discover this part of aviation. I want a plane that is a good x c...
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"Todays Posts" / "New Posts"

Questions, Feedback & Suggestions Yesterday, 12:34 AM
Many forums have a "Today's Posts" or "New Posts" button at the top that makes it quick and easy to see what activity there has been lately. I can't seem to find a similar button on this forum.   EDIT: Ignore my post. Just found the button on the top right. Not used to looking there. 
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Time limit for editing your posts has been changed from 6...

Forum Tips & Announcements 10 Nov 2014
Allowing 60 minutes to edit one's post was an overly long amount of time, and so this setting was recently reduced to 15 minutes.
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A Dark Fae's questions thread

Berkut 05 Nov 2014
I got my tech drawing package today, wai! *bounces happily* Next up is to get the LongEZ plans printed out, and then find the space to build this (don't expect anything to happen soon on that front though :(Are the Berkut Construction Videos available anywhere?
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Reducing landing speed using both rudders

Operations 04 Nov 2014
From the full narrative in the NTSB report on the John Denver crash, I noticed this: Concerning the yaw flight controls, the representative from Scaled Composite, Inc. reported that the rudders move and serve as vertical spoilers.In addition to the speed brake and slipping the aircraft, appa...
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Personal Information, Privacy, Civility and Community

Forum Tips & Announcements 31 Oct 2014
This topic has been discussed a few times in the past without much conclusion. So now, with the "new" Canard Zone it's time to share current policy and some thoughts relating to how these subjects will be handled going forward.Personal Information, Privacy & Anonymity As an example (and the m...
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Canards and long runways, why do we need them?

Operations 30 Oct 2014
I keep reading that people need what some people consider insanely long runways for their canard planes.   Ignoring the question of what constitutes 'insanely' here, why do they need such long runways?  Lack of acceleration?  Lack of deceleration?  What can we do to make this...
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Garaggio Ez

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 30 Oct 2014
Hey Everyone, Long time listener, first time caller.   I have been working on my modified Long Ez for the last 7+ years. I call it the Garaggio Ez, you can read about why on my blog. It has blended winglets, an O-360, AFP injection, P-Mags, Dual Garmin G3X touch, custom cowl, armpit cooling...
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How to "quote" other's post content

Forum Tips & Announcements 29 Oct 2014
For those wanting to use the quoting feature when replying to other's posts, there are a few options. First, be sure to browse to the Help link (located at the bottom of every page), click on the Posting section, and read through what the editor modes are and what the toolbar buttons do.  He...
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Under Wing Pitot Tube ?

Other Modifications 29 Oct 2014
Would it be permissible to use an under wing L shaped pitot tube instead of having one on the nose ? Seems it would be less likely to get damaged and also easier to heat it without fear of melting the aircraft.
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