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Greetings from Oshkosh

Fly-ins & Events Yesterday, 05:31 PM
This year's attendance appears to be up...
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Any builders around south Central nebraska

Long-EZ Yesterday, 03:07 AM
I would like to see sit in a long ez. Might be taking over a long ez. The builder passed away and left it to a friend that don't have time to finish.
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Cozy weight and balance

General & Prebuild 23 Jul 2016
Hey everyone : )   I've been learning about the Cozy Mark IV for years now, and I'm trying to make a CG/ weight and balance calculation but having a hard time. I've found various spread sheets that compute it for a complete aircraft, but I'm trying to find out the distances (X axis only) between the tip of the nose, the front wheel, the rear wheel, the CG and the fire wall.   I've read up on the details of engine weight vs position to attain the original cg, (Link) but I'm trying to calculate a ratio, specifically, "Shifting the engine X inches back will add Y lbs weight capacity...
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Chicago Class B flyway

Trip Reports 20 Jul 2016
Southbound on the Chicago flyway just off-shore in very nice weather at about 2500' MSL.  There is another N/S flyway to the west that threads its way through the suburbs but this one works best for my route.   After passing Gary we climbed up to 15,500 and had 30-35 kts of tailwind headed back to N.C.  I sometimes see other opposite-direction sightseers on the flyway but not often.  Up high above the Class B, there are always heavy jets not far below going in and out of O'Hare.  O'Hare approach talks continuously.   This is when flying is nice.
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AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

Fly-ins & Events 17 Jul 2016
I am flying into Milwaukee this Saturday 7/23 with two others, and then renting an RV to drive in and camp.  Leaving Wednesday at 7/27.   I am looking forward to getting a good dose of motivation and meeting old and new friends.   http://www.eaa.org/en/airventure 
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Thinking about a Cozy

General & Prebuild 13 Jul 2016
Hello,   I am a long-time pilot, but have never been involved any building any aircraft.  Now, I've caught the bug to build a plane.  I have looked at the RVs, but am leaning more toward a canard plane. I am also new to this forum. So, please forgive me if I sound somewhat ignorant or if I ask questions that have been covered previously. My initial questions are these... 1. I've seen various posts and web sites where Cozy Mark IV mods are discussed that provide a little more interior room, including some reference to adding a few inches to the cabin width.  Has anyone e...
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FS: Brock throttle/cable assemblies (2)

For Sale (or for FREE) 10 Jul 2016
As used on EZs or gyrocopters.   One is new, has 120" of sheathed cable + 6" of bare inner cable.   The other is 105" of sheathed cable + 4" bare.  Has a bit of paint on it but otherwise new condition.   FYI, I think a bike shop can make new cables to any length you want   $33 each included shipping in the U.S.    
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Hull Insurance cost for a Long EZ

Coffee House 22 Jun 2016
I was quoted $1,700 for Hull insurance on my Long EZ. This is for $38,00 in Hull insurance only.  Is this in the ball park of what other EZs are being insured for?
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Question. Considering the Mark IV

Coffee House 19 Jun 2016
Hi, there!   I'm a new pilot; well, almost. Should be finished by end of July. Just prepping for my oral exam.   I'm considering building a Mark IV but am a bit concerned about the cabin space. I'm about 220 and my son is every bit of that. The max weight for the front seat appears to be 400lbs.   Additionally, there doesn't appear to be a great deal of leg room. I'm 6'3 as is my son. Are there any modifications you can make to accommodate bigger, taller folks? Perhaps cut away the bottom few inches of the panel, maybe?   Any input would be appreciated.   Thanks so...
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Long EZ in Atlanta I can sit in?

Coffee House 18 Jun 2016
Hi gang,   Finally got to sit in a couple of Cozy IIIs - one a "normal build" and the other a Cozy Girlz strakes mod.  I always thought of myself as thin build, but those were a lot cozier than I expected in the hips and shoulders!   Since they are only trying to hold a single pilot in width, are the Long EZ's any roomier or are they just as tight for hip and shoulder as the Cozy IIIs?  As I'm getting older, I'm finding I have less tolerance and flexibility for being totally shoehorned into a little box.  Just for fun I tried out sitting in a KR2 today - made the Co...
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