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Newest member of MKIV community

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 12 Mar 2017
I have been lurking this and other sites for a long time on and off. I just purchased a cozy MKIV kit, It has plans number 49 and most everything to build a cozy airframe minus epoxy, engine and avionics. I currently fly a Dragonfly and am looking forward to building and flying the cozy. I have been interested in this design for years and am finally going to build it. I need to build my table and a place in the hanger to work on the plane (plane parts) I know that my plans are out of date and am thinking of buying a more recent copy to build from and register it a s number 49.I live in Mank...
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Speed Canard Question

Speed Canard 07 Mar 2017
Hi Guys    Looking at importing a Speed Canard to Canada and my Transport Guy is asking type certified questions .... Does anyone have documentation they would be willing to share?  As well as any general insight on this bird.      Is there anyone who has contact with the owner of an American Speed Canard ?? Would like to see one nearby before going to Europe to get one   Thanks   Doug
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Fuel sensors

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 05 Mar 2017
I Will install Fuel sensors in the tanks but Can some One help with the Best location If you have pictures i like that 😀
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Cozy IV project for sale.

For Sale (or for FREE) 02 Mar 2017
Great opportunity for a 3-5 year head start, $40k+ of materials, and thousands of hours of free labor. Photos and original build log linked. I'm second owner (all construction by original owner Chad Robinson with extensive contribution from John Slade). Since I acquired the project in 2012 I've put a few hundred hours of filling/sanding into the wings, canopy, and top of fuselage/strakes. Sadly, back problems mean I can't finish the project.Project was inspected by Marc Z in August, and deemed free of any visible defects that would cause concern moving forward.Project Includes:Dennis Oleman...
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Starting to Build MK-IV In Need Of Advice.

General & Prebuild 28 Feb 2017
Hello, All, my name is Trystyn Clark I am 15 years old and based out of Livermore, CA. I have over 200 hours of flight time and a lot of Canard time. I own a 1946 C140, and I am EAA 663's newsletter editor and board member. I have been looking at building a Vans RV-10 but I just can't stand the way Aluminum looks... I think composite is very simple and looks really good once finished. I am looking at starting a Mk-IV build in early April. I know this is no little project, and it takes time. I would like to get some advice on starting like tools that are must have's, and what I should p...
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The worlds newest Varieze owner/builder

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 18 Feb 2017
Hello, my name is Bryan. I've always dreamed of owning/flying a Rutan canard airplane. I purchased a LongEz project back in the 90's, a fuselage on the gear, but made no progress due to a career change, I finally sold it. I often wonder if the fellow I sold it to ever completed it, problem is I can't remember his name. I think the SN was 1989, not sure. Anyhow, I'm married, no children and CSMEL with instrument privileges. I've flow a variety of airplanes but I learned when I flew for a living it became a job. That takes all the fun out of it. I browse the internet every day for a...
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Sun 'n Fun 2017

Fly-ins & Events 16 Feb 2017
G'day   It isn't to early to start talking about April 4 - 9 2017.  Anybody other than myself going?   Cheers   Jeff
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What's a Berkut 360 worth today?

Berkut 15 Feb 2017
I looked into buying one of these and came up with 2 answers - $45,000 for an unfinished project (risky business since don't know how well it was put together) - $150,000 (AUS) for a plane in Australia (seems pricey AND it's in Australia) Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Anyone know of a place to look? Are my assessments wrong? - thoughts? I realise many things contribute to a higher/lower price, really looking for other examples & a realistic number.
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Canard owners Indiana

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 12 Feb 2017
Hello, I'm looking for canard owners in Indiana willing to let me ask questions and sit in their airplane. Specifically Cozy, Long Ez or Aerocanard. I'm 6' 5'' and question my ability to comfortably fit.   Also, has anyone visited AeroCad Inc in Florissant MO? Do they have completed aircraft for potential customers? Thanks.   Ash
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Eureka CNC wing and canard cores for sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 12 Feb 2017
For sale, new-in-box Eureka CNC-cut foam cores for the Cozy MkIV wings and and canard.    $1500 for the CNC wings and upper winglet foam cores   $275 for the canard foam cores   Full details are available here: http://www.eurekacnc.comThey retail new from Eureka CNC for $2320.00 for the wings and $455 for the canard, so selling these at substantial discount.  Will ask for a $500 Paypal deposit, with balance by check.  Please contact me with your address so I can estimate shipping costs, although If you are anywhere near to Arlington VA, you might want to think...
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