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Converting from a hand prop to electric start Varieze

VariEze Yesterday, 09:02 PM
Greetings, So my Verieze prodject started with a complete airframe but no engine, due to limited funds I ended up with a C85. Previously it was built with an O235 but was taken off from another home builder that just wanted the engine and mount for his project. It was originally built without a starter and was hand propped but for my own safety I went with the sky tech starter. Originally the battery it has is only a small motercycle 12v battery and is not sufficient to crank the engine. Another problem i foresee is the added weaight of the new cables, celinoids, and larger battery. I'm o...
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We lost Bob Hoover today

Coffee House 25 Oct 2016
I read earlier that Bob Hoover passed away around 2:00 AM PDT this morning. What a guy. What a pilot.
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Builder Information

Long-EZ 25 Oct 2016
I'm curious about building a Long EZ and was wondering where do I start? It seems like plans are hard to find. Would I purchase foam cores from eureka cnc or try the hotwire method?
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De-watering an engine

General Engine & Fuel System Topics 21 Oct 2016
I have had a bad experience with rust so I keep a dehydrator on my engine that runs about three hours per day.  It probably doesn't help cylinder walls much but I hope it helps the cam and lifters.   http://forum.canarda...31&postcount=40 http://www.canardzon...roject/?p=57071   Another thing I do is blow the moisture out of the engine if I'm not going to fly for a few days (pic)  This is a 12V air-mattress pump from Walmart (pic).   When I turn this on, I will see 3-4 seconds of moisture come out the breather.  That moisture, left in the engine, would cond...
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Cozy mk3

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 19 Oct 2016
I am missing some parts for my Cozy projekt, the canopi, the stronger pedals, parts for the airbrake Ecc i you Got some parts laying around please let me know
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Re-post: Cozy III Project and misc LEZ parts for sale.

For Sale (or for FREE) 12 Oct 2016
New Cozy III Main Gear bow for CozyIII or LongEZ. New they are $558. Selling for $450   Cozy III fuselage tub in Ch 8. With misc. hardware, axles and wheel parts, seat belts, fiberfrax, $500   Cozy III/IV completed and painted Roncz canard and elevator. Has previously flown. canard is 156" tip to tip and 147" end of elevator to end of elevator. $500.   Original Cozy III plans with all original marketing materials and all newsletters. $350   All of it for $1500.    Separately I have:   Long EZ Divynicell foam for Ch 4,5 6, 1.75 full sheets of H45 .75" an 1...
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Looking for some info

Coffee House 06 Oct 2016
       Anybody have any contact info for Andreas Montgomery? I sent an e mail to him and it bounced. It was working not too long ago and the phone number I found is also bad.        I am trying to get some prints and parts he has for my SQ2000, so any help would be appreciated and PM me anything private. Thanks everyone. ~~~tg~~~
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Cozy mk3 Europa

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 02 Oct 2016
Eny one Who Own a Cozy mk3 in EU that I Can bye some houers and try fly a Cozy I am building One but like to try to see how it is in the air
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Cargo/Luggage pods for the LE

Long-EZ 25 Sep 2016
I know this is an old issue, but I can't find anyone who makes them any more.  So, I guess my only alternative is to buy a used set. Please, I will very much appreciate is someone have any info about a set for sale. Thanks
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Hoi zäme from Zurich, Switzerland, Europe, Northern Hemis...

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 07 Sep 2016
Hi gals (any out here?) and guys    Living in the heart of Europe... Been flying a Varieze for 4 months now... Might eventually buy that very Eze since I kinda fell in love with that strange looking bird and she might be up for sale... This would make it the 4th aircraft I have owned, first one was a French designed S.I.P.A. callsign HB-SPT, the second an Aeromere Falco Series 3 callsign D-ENIB, the third one another Falco Laverda built series 4 callsign HB-UOD... Forgot to mention having spent many years and $$$$$ building an RV-4 previously...   Always been fascinated by c...
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