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Foot Step Drawing

General Construction 04 Feb 2016
Hi -    I'm about to retrofit my VariEze with an external fixed foot step. <fixed, not retractable>    Could someone possibly please scan the LongEz plans page which has the drawing/details for that external step?   Thanks and regards,   Sean Gillen Arlington, Tx
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Long EZ elevator weight/balance discussion

Control System 20 Jan 2016
I am installing an autopilot trim servo to my Long EZ. I mounted the control servo to the bottom of the canard. I have mounted a 0.50" dia. X 1.00" lg. aluminum tube spacer and an AN3 bolt and nut to the left CS12 bracket. The spacer, bolt and nut connects to the elevator trim servo control rod.   I believe these items need to be included in the weight and balance of the elevator. I have weighed the elevator with the spacer, bolt, and nut. The weight is 3 lb. 10 oz. which is under the 3 lb. 14 oz. max weight but the balance is 9 degrees which is outside the 12-22 degree balan...
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Sorry for the disappearing act! Life had a few diffe...

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 07 Dec 2015
Greetings gentlemen and ladies,   It's been a long time since I've been here, but i'm back.  A shoulder operation and then a computer crash kinda let the air out of my balloon for a while.   Since my last visit, I've had my shoulder operated on, and due to the way I fell on it, it had several repairs needed, the bicep reattached, and the muscle under the shoulder blade repaired as well as the rotator cuff tears. It SUCKED!       We bought a house in Fountain  $$$$$$$(not as close to KFLY as I had hoped), but I have 5.5 acres of space and a nice big ha...
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Looking for Long EZ parts or project

For Sale (or for FREE) 15 Nov 2015
Preferably in New England. Spar wing cores ECT My e-mail is iflyjets03@yahoo.com Todd
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New Guy From Utah

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 10 Nov 2015
I'm in Utah I have been in aviation for over 27 years. I'm wanting to build a Velocity XL RG. I'm on the Velocity builders site as well. If any one knows of a Velocity XL RG kit or project for sell please contact me. Thanks
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Long EZ retract step

Long-EZ 01 Nov 2015
At Rough River, several Longs had a retracting step mounted just ahead of the instrument panel and just over the lower longeron.  I took several pics, but neglected the most important info---dimensions!! Anyone have any drawings or ??  
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Low oil temp and roll trim servo question

VariEze 24 Oct 2015
G'day All,   Hope someone might be able to help me out with a couple of question regarding my Vari-eze.     The first one relates to oil temp.   Does anyone know a good product to wrap the 0-200 oil tank in so as to raise the oil temp.  Presently I am seeing around 155 F and it is just not hot enough to assist in vaporising condensation.  As a result and following a period of the engine being inhibited I discovered a LOT of sludge and varnish in the sump.  Some of this is attributed to the 4 years in storage with Phillips Anti Rust Oil in the sump but much...
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Mark IVs Denver Area?

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 20 Oct 2015
Re-acclimating myself to the Mark IV again. Went in for a normal physical and somehow the doctor and I got started on planes. To make a long story short, we are both planning to build a Mark IV and wondered if there are any flying in the Denver area we can check out or possibly pay for fuel for a short flight. 
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Vari-Ez or Cozy Mark IV Wanted - Canberra/NSW area

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 20 Oct 2015
Hello Canard Zone Members,   I am in the Canberra Australia area and I am looking to purchase either a Long-EZ or a Cozy Mark IV that is currently on the VH register. I am a serious buyer looking for a well-built flying aeroplane that has more than 50 hours and a proven safety/nil-accident record. If you know of an aircraft that is for sale that meets these requirements I would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Further, if there is an opportunity to fly in an aircraft as a passenger/co-pilot  to get a feel, please let me know.   Kind Regards   Tori
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spar cap template curvature

Chapter 14 12 Oct 2015
I'm noticing that the top spar cap templates for B.L.52 and B.L.67.5 are slightly curved in addition to being tapered.  Is the purpose of this curvature to make the top of the completed spar follow the shape of the airfoil more closely in that area?  What's confusing me is that the plans don't mention the curvature, and sections C-C and D-D do not show it either.   Joe Cozy Mk IV #1550  
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