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Field of Dreams Fly-in Report

Fly-ins & Events 29 Sep 2014
This past weekend I drove ~5 hours to attend the 24th annual Field of Dreams Tandem Wing Fly-In for Quickie and Dragonfly types.  I figured since I just acquired a Tri-Q200 with a broken nose gear I should go and learn something.  I was quite happy I went, and felt the instant camarader...
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Auto Engine Conversion sub-forums have been merged

Forum Tips & Announcements 29 Sep 2014
There were a few sub-forums dealing with automotive engine conversions for aircraft use (Rotary, Subaru, and others), which had varying levels of discussion.     This is not to take away from anything related to automotive conversions, but all auto conversion sub-for...
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Anybody have /had a main gear wobble at low speed?

Landing Gear 28 Sep 2014
After landing and slowing to about human running speed my LongEZ has a nasty little wobble during braking only seems like it is one of the mains. If i release the brakes then it stops. It also seems worse if i have a passenger. I watched the nose for shimmy thru the window and it is rock solid....
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Rough River 2014 Event Report

Fly-ins & Events 25 Sep 2014
Many of us are unable to attend the Rough River fly-in this year and would appreciate very much to see pictures and commentary about the event.   Any and all are welcome to post anything and add whatever thoughts that come to mind.   Hopefully we'll all be able to virtually attend......
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Homebuilt Thrust-vectoring Canard Aircraft

Models, Simulators & Concepts 25 Sep 2014
This is what I am going to build after I lose my medical.  I can imagine the technology available then!   https://www.facebook...872062029478593 (be sure to click the 'HD' option to view in High Definition!)
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