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Keep seeing pics of this pretty little EZ, LV-X383

Coffee House 27 May 2017
I can't keep myself from looking for pics of pretty birds, particularly Long-EZs. I've run across a lot of pics of a particular bird with red trim and the number LV-X383. http://www.airplane-...n.php?p=LV-X383 There's some nice pictures of this plane around the internet. She found her way onto my wallpaper before I spotted her LV number and realized it was the same plane as in a whole bunch of the other pics I found.   Can't find a lot of info on this bird but I noticed that she's sporting a Nasa logo on her nose. http://www.airplane-...-rutan-long-ez/ This confused me a little since...
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SOLD: Cozy MkIV Harnesses for Sale - $150

For Sale (or for FREE) 25 May 2017
For sale, 2" safety harnesses from Hooker Custom Harnesses, for the Cozy MkIV.  $150 or best offer.   Includes:   (2x) Four point Hooker Harnesses (Lap & shoulder belts)     (2x) Two-point Hooker Harnesses (Lap belts - they can be upgraded to 4-point harnesses)        
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SOLD: Epoxy Pump for sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 24 May 2017
For sale, brand new, unused "Sticky Stuff" epoxy pump: $125   (retails for $300 at Wicks aircraft - http://aircraftprodu...stuff-despenser )   ** note ** the lid for epoxy reservoir seems have vanished, but can be purchased for $10.15 at Wicks.
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Cleveland Brake Cylinders for Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 24 May 2017
For Sale:  (2x) Cleveland master brake cylinder, model 10-54:  $325 obo   (retails $363 each, http://www.aircrafts...lickkey=121447)
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Matco Wheels and brakes for sale for Sale (50% discount)

For Sale (or for FREE) 24 May 2017
For Sale, all new parts, never installed:   (2x) Matco Wheel and brake assemblies (matco part # WHLW51LXT:  $350 for both (these retail for $354.88 each, at http://www.matcomfg....dv-2375-33.html)   (2x) Matco Axle assembly A-1H model (This is modified axle required for the Infinity retractable landing gear): $50 for both (retails for $62 each, at http://www.matcomfg....idv-3762-1.html   (2x) Michelin 5.00-5 6-ply tires (AC Spruce part #06-01214: $100 for both (these retail for $138 each)   (2x) Michelin 5.00-5 inner tubes,(AC Spruce part #092-308-0): $75 for both...
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Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass for Sale - 50% discount

For Sale (or for FREE) 23 May 2017
For sale:   - RA5177 unidirectional fiberglass (RA5177 xx oz 38" wide) (40 yards): $200   - Carbon Fiber 282 bi-directional (3K 282, 5.6 oz, 60" wide)  (10 yards): $200   - Carbon Fiber 716 un-directional (3K 716 5.0 oz, 38" wide) (20 yards): $400     ** note ** I'm offering this at about a 50% discount.  In particular, the Carbon Uni 716 is almost impossible to find now.  I'll be posting this on ebay too, so this probably won't last!          
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Whatever happened to the Junqua Aircraft website?

IBIS 23 May 2017
Just out of curiosity I was researching the Ibis canard. I'm not planning on building one, but I was curious to see what other tandem canards have been designed besides the Vari-eze and Long EZ. The wikipedia article had a link too the designer website: http://www.junqua-aircraft.com/ . I clicked on it. Instead of finding the designer's site, I found myself at a site featuring an article on breast-enhancing creams, of all things. Huh.   The domain name www.junqua-aircraft.com seems to be owned by a web portal devoted to aromatherepy and women's health issues now. Hard to imagine a less...
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MGS Epoxy & hardener for sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 22 May 2017
For sale, MGS epoxy at about 50% discount:   MGS L285 resin (2 gallons) - $150   MGS H285F fast hardener (5 quarts) - $100   MGS H287S slow hardener (7 quarts) - $150   These have dates 2008 and 2012 on them, so they are somewhat old. But as I understand it, they don't actually expire as long as they are stored in a dark place, which they were.   Local pickup (Arlington VA 22205 only), as I don't want to deal with hazmat shipping.
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N-number inquiry turns up an Open-EZ in FAA registry, hav...

Open-EZ 22 May 2017
I'm thinking about building an Open EZ. I've been wondering, though, if any actual airplanes have been completed using these drawings (especially considering the scaling confusion).   When I get interested in a design, I often run a make/model inquiry at the FAA Registry to see if any turn up. This isn't absolutely reliable since a plane could be registered under a different name, but it does turn up interesting info often. So I ran a inquiry for "open ez", and a result popped up!   N-number N871CG (http://registry.faa....Numbertxt=871CG) is assigned to a fixed-wing, single engine...
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New guy in Arizona, gotten bitten badly by the EZ bug

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 21 May 2017
Hello everyone, I'm a total newbie from Arizona. I have never built a plane, nor learned how to fly yet (in fact, I didn't find out about experimentals in general until a few months ago). I've dreamed of flying a Long EZ since I was a kid paging through a back issue of Air & Space, and ran across an article about the EZ-rocket that mentioned the LEZ. At that time I thought it was a kit airplane, and heard something about it be discontinued. So I was pretty sure I could never build one. Years later, I finally found that the Long EZ was always built from plans, and I could build one (or a...
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