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New Canard Design - Oshkosh 2016

Coffee House 28 Apr 2016
I was offered a spot on the team that is doing the Vacuum Infusion demo this year at Oshkosh. Talk about a learning opportunity!!! It will be a new canard design that should prove to be a screamer.   All of the components will be fabricated onsite over the course of four days (Mon.-Thurs.) This will be located in the big tent next to the Warbird Replica building.   It’s not often that we get to see the birth of a new Canard design. ​
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New EZ dreamer from Europe, Slovakia

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 24 Apr 2016
Hello all!   I was born and studied automation and aircraft control systems in Ukraine, Kiev. After I first time boarded Antonov An-26 being 7-year old kid, thanks to my dad, I got infected by aviation. In my childhood I was lucky to see and touch monsters like Tupolev Tu-95 and Tu-22, before they were smashed into metal scrap. I was also very lucky to watch Mig-29 military training from the edge of taxiway in now-Russian Crimea.   I'm 26. Working with composites for ~6 year. Last 3 years have been working for small helicopter company, Skyline. Was responsible for all composites m...
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Long-EZ 24 Apr 2016
Hello canard builders and pilots!   I'm new here. Want to build Long EZ. Now in the planning stage.   I want to make it light, ideally same weight as in plans. I know, some might say it's impossible.   ----   I'm particularly interested in weights of airframe components.   If someone has any info, statistics, please post your weight of airplane parts (wings, canard etc). Also would be great to know before and after finishing etc.   Particularly I want to know the mass of canard (Roncz) without elevators to check if I calculate it correct.    May calcu...
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Cozy IV sn 1147 For Sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 17 Apr 2016
Great opportunity for a 3-5 year head start, $40k+ of materials, and thousands of hours of free labor. Photos and original build log linked. I'm second owner (all construction by original owner Chad Robinson with extensive contribution from John Slade). Since I acquired the project in 2012 I've put a few hundred hours of filling/sanding into the wings, canopy, and top of fuselage/strakes. Sadly, back problems mean I can't finish the project.Project Includes: Dennis Oleman Wings, Spar, Canard Electric nose lift Electric speed brake Carbon fiber wheel pants Audio panel and some instruments Fu...
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Fly-ins & Events 19 Mar 2016
Ok Canardians, Kanab is coming up before you know it. Sept 2-5. This is a request for ALL interested in attending to please email your name, e-mail address, phone#, aircraft type and registration #.  Laura and I are compiling a database of interested attendees to help us communicate with you.  Please email info to: allenandlaura@icloud.com   We will send detailed info on the event in the coming weeks. Thank you for you interest and assistance and we look forward to seeing ALL of our canard family then.   Allen & Laura
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air inlet tube leak

Long-EZ 18 Mar 2016
Engine idling rough and can't get 50 rpm rise at idle cut off. Found several possible causes. After doing an induction system pressure test, one big cause was an air leak at the inlet to the #4 cylinder. Dis-assembled, inspected, cleaned, reassembled with new, dry gasket. Still leaks. Will take apart again and insure that lip of intake flange is properly sitted in the retainer flange recess. However, I was very careful on the first attempt and am surprised it didn't remedy the situation. Maybe the retainer flange is warped. Anybody else have trouble re-sealing these intake tubes?  
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Looking at Cozy 3 and need a familerization pilot

Cozy III & Cosy Classic 17 Mar 2016
Hey guys,  I just joined the forum as a recommendation from a friend. I am looking at getting into a Cozy 3, but I don't have any canard time and the guy that is selling the aircraft isn't willing to give any fam time. I have been researching, and looking at Cozys for a few years now and am at a place that I would like to get into one, but as most of you probably know insurance usually requires at least 5 hours familiarization time. I am an ATP with about 4000 total, and have flown a few other high performance experimentals, so I don't think it would take much, but I'm not willing to "...
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Canards West Fly-In: 6/3 - 6/5, 2016

Fly-ins & Events 11 Mar 2016
As Don Denhard has announced previously, we will hold the Canards West Fly-In on June 3rd through June 5th, 2016, at the Columbia, CA airport (O22). Monitor:http://canardswest.caf.org/for more information as it becomes available with respect to events/presentations/etc.There are a couple of changes this year. First, the good news - we've got a new caterer, who will be providing the following menu:Garlic BreadGrilled Veggie Platter - (red peppers, zucchini etc)Caesar SaladPork & Figs - (slow roasted pork roast simmered in a marsala fig sauce)Chicken Picatta - (pan roasted chicken breast...
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Nose Gear Assembly

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 22 Feb 2016
My long ez nose gear departed aircraft during landing today.  Only damage was to nose wheel and fork.   I am in the market for a wheel assembly, hopefully, including hub, bearings, tire and tube, and fork assembly. Required though is the fork casting, nose wheel, tire and tube. I can reuse the part that bolts to the strut. Attached is a picture of the damaged strut required.   Luckily, no other damage to aircraft or nose gear strut, or myself and GIB. Out flight testing a new prop, thankfully the wheel hit nothing when it separated!   Contact me at this email (flem363636...
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Merging the Canard Zone, Canard Aviation, and EZ.org forums

Questions, Feedback & Suggestions 18 Feb 2016
Unngh, yawwnnn.   This website is so roomy and comfortable--got it all to myself.    ;-) Yeah. It certainly would be nice if the admins of canardzone, canardaviation, and ez.org would act like adults and consolidate all three into one forum, since all three are essentially defunct, with only a couple of posts/week by one or two folks at the very most. Very annoying for the few users that are left...
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