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New canard aircraft designs in the works

All Others 23 Oct 2014
This is an interesting (and stunning) 4+1 canard design with visibility for the back seat passengers that is actually flying.  Imagine that... or just click over to www.cobalt-aircraft.com and see for yourself.     The lines and lofting are absolutely beautiful IMHO.  Its powe...
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Hello From South Florida

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 22 Oct 2014
Glad to see this site is back up ! Used to lurk before but now I've decided I might be smart enough to build a Long Ez. Any flying examples in South Florida that I could check out and pepper with questions ? Thanks, Randy
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Tandem Canard Alternatives?

All Others 20 Oct 2014
Years ago I read a suggestion somewhere, that instead of building a modern Long EZ, it might be easier to build a tandem Cozy MkIV and get all the benefits of the upgraded designs. Has this ever been done?   I see discussion all the time of builders and dreamers who want to make this longer,...
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Unexpected Cross-country Long-EZ Visit

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 18 Oct 2014
My uncle told me a pretty EZ had flown into his airport for a visit.  I looked up the N-number and managed to exchange emails with the builder-pilot.  Apparently he flew all the way from San Diego, CA to Allentown, PA!  Unfortunately he was busy today and is shoving off tomorrow mo...
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Rough River 2014 - pictures and video, including the CG s...

Fly-ins & Events 17 Oct 2014
For all of my aviation friends out there (especially the canard pilots), here are pictures and video from Rough River 2014. This album also includes video of Cozy Girrrl Randi explaining the CG strakes. Thanks also go out to Bob Tilley for preparing a bunch of awesome Jambalaya for the crowd on S...
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Long time no update...

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 16 Oct 2014
James, did you once live in Concord, NC? I talked to a gent here that, as i recall, had acquired a LEZ project.
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Scottish homebuilt design

All Others 16 Oct 2014
Iolaire first of my three microlight projects
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My Quickie Q2 Project

Builder Progress Reports & Motivation 15 Oct 2014
The Quickie Q2 is a side-by-side canard-type aircraft.  Major differences from the other Rutan EZs are: Tractor (vs. pusher) propeller The Quickie canard provides the majority of the lift The nose gear does not retract in the tri-gear configuration A tail-dragger configuration is also an opt...
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cozy mk iv chapt 5

Materials 14 Oct 2014
I accidentally used divinycell h45 instead of last a foam 4.5 density for the spacers. After comparing the strengths of the two materials, I have decided to continue with the build, and not scrape off the h45. Anyone care to convince me that it is a bad idea?
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Anyone Recognize this?

General Engine Topics 11 Oct 2014
I need to find another one. The element between the SS screes is missing in sections. There aren't any markings on filter anywhere.. Any ideas or suggestions
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