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New guy from Flagler Beach

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides Today, 06:24 PM
Hello all...... Previous Velocity and Foxtrot builder. Got the itch again! Maybe a Cozy IV? Prefer something pretty far along. Open to suggestions. Get around Flagler, Ormond, or Daytona give me a shout. Love to see your creations. Ed
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Looking for Cozy Mk 4 thats been started

General Construction Today, 06:31 AM
Having built 2 Velocity's and a Foxtrot 4, got the itch again. Looking for a Cozy IV ? Perfer a project that is well underway! Thanks to all.
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Cozy IV project

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) Yesterday, 07:14 PM
Looking for a Cozy IV kit that's started
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KNAB 2015 fly in

Fly-ins & Events 08 Jun 2015
ATTENTION: KNAB 2015 The KNAB canard fly in is scheduled for September 11 thru September 13. Lodging is available at the Aikens Lodge (www.aikenslodge.com) 877-644-2105. Please make your reservations early. Timed event planned for Saturday the 12th. Get the word out to all who would be interested in attending. We will send out emails with the details so please make sure we have your current email address. Allen Floyd Allentfloyd@msn.com
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Canards West (Columbia)

Fly-ins & Events 04 Jun 2015
Canards West     Just over a day away If you apply now Tim Fisher will squeeze you in  :jump:   www.canardswest.org http://www.haltonbra...2015details.htm
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Lycoming engine mount for sale

For Sale (or for FREE) 01 Jun 2015
OK, it seems that its usable for most Lycomings from what I can tell. I am not familiar with them. So, its brand new and has never been mounted and its $800.00 plus shipping. Cozy girls list theirs for $1200.00 so this would be a good savings for someone in process of their build. It was ordered for an SQ2000 so it should be compatible with any canard project.  PM me here if interested.  Thanks  ~~~tg~~~
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Engine mount

For Sale (or for FREE) 10 May 2015
Hello all,I just picked up my project and it came with a brand new never used Dynafocal Engine Mount but I don't know if its a type 1 30 degree or a type 2 18 degree. Is there a way to determine this as I am not familiar with them. I looked for numbers etc but found nothing and the seller of the project can't remember. There was a tag on it at one time but as it was stored over the years, it has gone missing. Once I know what it is, it will be for sale to a good home as I am picking up my 20B rotary this coming week. Any input would be welcome.Thanks!~~~tg~~~
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Best path to flying a Long-EZ

Coffee House 03 May 2015
Hey Guys,   I want to own a Long-EZ. Like you all I love the look, the performance and the Rutan heritage.    My wife and I are already very involved in aviation. She supports me in my flying adventures and is a great flying partner. I have my sport pilot, starting with Weight Shift trikes about 12 years ago with over 1100 hours. Needing a more capable aircraft with the ability for off airport airplane camping, last year I bought a Kitfox 4, taildragger. I recently completed my cross training and solo endorsement and am building time in my Kitfox, 30+ hr. and counting. It's a...
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Wanted: Cozy III plans

Wanted to Buy (or Borrow) 30 Apr 2015
I'm looking for a complete set of Cozy III plans. Anyone have a set or leads on where to find them?
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Another Vari airborne

Introductions, Visits, Sightings & Rides 27 Apr 2015
The DAR inspection went without a hitch on Friday, 04-24-15.  I took her up for the first time on Sunday, 04-26-15.  I purchased the project four years and one month ago from a gentleman that has started the build in the mid 80's.  The project was transported via trailer from Atlanta Georgia to the Houston Texas area.  From there it made its way to San Diego.  Many late nights have been spent getting it to this point.   The first flight went without incident.  I did see some high CHT's (490), but I attribute this to not giving it an adequate chance to cool...
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