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  1. I've had my practice kit for a while and just now getting to the wing. I was mixing single squirts and then dumping the majority out to work it. Took a while to cure completely, but was setting up to a gel consistency within 5-10 minutes. Jon, thanks for the info on the Permagrit. Definitely going to have to pick them up!
  2. I laid up the underside of the wing last night to cure overnight. First off, the West 105 resin with the 206 hardener that ships with the practice kit cures really quickly. My slurry was tacky before I even finished covering the foam. The epoxy thickened quickly which made wetting out the glass a little more difficult than I had hoped. I was in a 75 degree room and used a hair dryer at various points to help it flow. The layups aren't as nice as I would like and I ended up with a few trapped bubbles of epoxy under the final layer. Oh well, that's why it's practice! Today I pulled out the Fein saw with the rotary blade and trimmed the edges. Worked really well!! I was able to lay the flat part of the blade on the edge of foam and get a very close cut. The leading edge trim was a bit tougher and I ended up having to sand it a fair amount. All in all, very pleased with how it went! I noticed in Ary Glantz's videos that he would sometimes use a router with a flush trim bit on the edges. Any advantages or disadvantages with that method? Thanks for all of the advice!!
  3. I happened to have gotten my hands on a Fein tool just a few weeks ago. It seems that would have more ability to damage the foam underneath than a razor blade would. I'll try it out and see how it does!
  4. Ok, that makes sense. I was worried that nicking the foam core at the leading edge would be a big no no. Thanks Kent!
  5. I'm going to ask what is probably a simple question to any of the builders out there but I'm stumped. I have my wing section hot wired and prepped for glassing, but there's one area that concerns me. I know you're supposed to scissor trim the glass that overhangs after you've wet it out and then knife trim flush to the foam part way through the cure. I also know that you're supposed to put duct tape halfway down the leading edge so you don't get slurry or epoxy on the top portion to be covered later. What I don't understand is how you trim up that leading edge. I'm assuming you knife trim part way through the cure so the weight of the hanging fiberglass holds the layup in place. But when you knife trim, how do you keep from cutting into the foam core?
  6. https://nashville.craigslist.org/avo/d/spring-hill-rutan-varieze-project/6977366875.html
  7. Hello Justin! A good friend of mine lives in Melbourne as well. Best of luck on your build!
  8. tfulwider


    I think I may have mistaken a Republic Seabee for the Skigull. Sorry about the false hope!
  9. tfulwider


    I was watching the Ultralight camera. Looked like it was landing in the background on 27. Saw a very similar color scheme/design, but it's possible it wasn't actually the SkiGull
  10. tfulwider


    I think I just saw the SkiGull land at Oshkosh on one of the webcams. Nice!
  11. tfulwider


    Anybody know what's happening with Rutan's Skigull? Since it started flight testing three years ago I can only imagine they found some massive problems that are either taking a long time to fix or aren't worth fixing. I'd be interested to know which
  12. Saw this one pop up on the Pilots of America forum. A gentleman that has terminal cancer donated his project to an EAA chapter in Georgia. Here's his description. Not much to go on but if someone's interested I'm sure I can get the contact info
  13. Very unique! Looks like a good starting place for a sim cockpit. I sure wouldn't want to be in the air in it!
  14. I remember seeing this one at Rough River. Gorgeous airplane!

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