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  1. Yep, also tried contacting him through the other canard forum where this was also posted.
  2. No response from the OP. So, I'm guessing he is off the forum.
  3. The strut dimensions, in profile, are identical.
  4. DXF is perfect. A second-hand LEZ strut just arrived. I look at it tonight.
  5. Well, kinda. They won't make any more struts until there are enough main gear bows ordered.
  6. It is my understanding the struts are identical except for the end attached to NG6(A). I'll do some math and then test the strut and see how that turns out before I delve into making one.
  7. The news from Aerosport isn't good. I can't wait for many months for the possibility they might run some more struts if they get enough orders. So, my Cozy will have a LEZ nose gear. I'm going to reinforce the strut with an one additional layer of bi-directional. I'm guessing the caster assembly, other than the forks, is the same size. Any info on that would be appreciated.
  8. Kinda need one, can't find one. Have one for sale?
  9. The CZ IV nose struts aren't currently available and won't be for, "some time". Can I use an L-EZ strut? I'm told I'll need to modify how the nose caster fits. Any information would be appreciated!

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