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  1. The space between R-57 and OD seems to be a popular location. I'll be putting mine there.
  2. Can someone advise the correct hinge for the FMC?
  3. Today, I discovered that when a controls u-joint binds in the drill press the boot will rip open and send grease flying in all directions...
  4. I find the cozy seating position quite comfortable and superior to a 172. That said, in 5-10 and 150#.
  5. Mike B

    West 105/209

    West cannot be used except for finishing. It simply cures too fast. I can feel the mixing cup warming as I'm stirring. Something else to consider is the viscosity. A low viscosity epoxy is much, much preferable to a higher one. This is one of the reasons people use mgs.
  6. The offsets provided by the girls are 1/8" longer than the plans. It isn't a big deal to shorten the spool peice by 1/4" to get to correct t overall dimensions. But, why the change?
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of the Warner K2xpl.
  8. Jack told me it would get loose on the first cross wind landing. The plans call for MKNG-6A. So, I'll stick with that. Interestingly, there was a wrap. But, it was only under the NG-3/4 pieces. The strut is now $148. And yes, a little heat and a hammer removed the castings.
  9. That casting on the top is the obsolete one. He assured me it was not. I've spoken with Jack about that casting. You do not want it on your plane. It is bonded to a strut that is NOT wrapped. Because it is not wrapped it is already splintering where the through bolts are drilled. To use the strut I'd have to figure out to remove the obsolete casting, grind off all the JB Weld and start over. I have no knowledge as to the properties of JB Weld. So, it won't be on my plane. I have spent time messing with it. It does not appear to have the tensile strength of flox and is not as hard. Of course, I'm using EZ Poxy. That stuff is like granite when it is dry; lots of fun to sand.
  10. I, unfortunately, missed the warning. Now, I have a $700 paper weight. Although I'm incredibly angry at being sold X and getting Y. I'm stupefied that it appears the pivot was bonded to the nose strut with huge globs of JB Weld?!?!?
  11. #5 - Use acetone to clean non-cured sticky from the squeegee, gloves, scissors, etc.
  12. For sanding I use 40 grit. Buy a sticky back roll. You can make whatever pattern you need to get that shape sanded. When applying the micro I use a consistency that is easily spread but thick enough it won't run off the edge of the part. There is an old video on Youtube with Burt and Mike. That is the only instruction I've had prior to building.

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