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  1. #5 - Use acetone to clean non-cured sticky from the squeegee, gloves, scissors, etc.
  2. For sanding I use 40 grit. Buy a sticky back roll. You can make whatever pattern you need to get that shape sanded. When applying the micro I use a consistency that is easily spread but thick enough it won't run off the edge of the part. There is an old video on Youtube with Burt and Mike. That is the only instruction I've had prior to building.
  3. Don't plan on moving the seats. I'm 5'-10" and the rudder pedals are in the perfect location. I've seen couples who are clearly over 200# each in a cozy 4. So, it is certainly possible. I'd suggest a trip to Airventure and take a look at all the options. I did. It confirmed I made the right choice. For me, the Cozy is very comfortable. So comfortable I feel like napping every time I hop in. Of course, I'm thinner than most. If I had $250K to spend, I'd buy the RV-10.
  4. I thought about that after I clicked on the "submit reply" button. Of course, the Cozy wheel is 1/2" wider...
  5. Yep, money. You can make that thing from scrap glass. You'll have lots of it. FYI, there was a stagger EZ out there at one point.
  6. In a center line position your feed would occupy the same location as the retracted nose wheel.
  7. A 6'-4" person isn't fitting inside the plans version of either aircraft. That said, you can certainly deviate. Folks have added both height and width. If I was in your position, and really wanted a cozy, that is what I'd do. I suppose a center line config may be possible. You'd have to go with a fixed nose gear. For some perspective, the front seat bottoms are 16" wide, the back, 12" wide... I'm 5-11, 150#, and left handed. This plane fits me perfectly.
  8. Yep, also tried contacting him through the other canard forum where this was also posted.
  9. No response from the OP. So, I'm guessing he is off the forum.
  10. The strut dimensions, in profile, are identical.
  11. DXF is perfect. A second-hand LEZ strut just arrived. I look at it tonight.
  12. Well, kinda. They won't make any more struts until there are enough main gear bows ordered.
  13. It is my understanding the struts are identical except for the end attached to NG6(A). I'll do some math and then test the strut and see how that turns out before I delve into making one.
  14. The news from Aerosport isn't good. I can't wait for many months for the possibility they might run some more struts if they get enough orders. So, my Cozy will have a LEZ nose gear. I'm going to reinforce the strut with an one additional layer of bi-directional. I'm guessing the caster assembly, other than the forks, is the same size. Any info on that would be appreciated.

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