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  1. Used to be the home of BJ Schramm of Helicycle and Rotorway Fame.
  2. Countach74


    Wow!!! What a cool mechanism for engine deployment and retraction!
  3. Cnc and Solidworks are a good idea but forget about the diesel. Check out the Raptor on YouTube with an Audi Diesel.
  4. Why not draw them yourself. I have many times took a PDF snapshot copied and pasted into Autocad then traced over the lines and finally scaled it.
  5. Great article Jon!!! Want to try this technique!
  6. Check Cozy girls website. Think they call it low vac.
  7. Also have the Aerocanard plans that use to be on their website. They are Shareware and some of the images are blurred out intentionally so one cannot build from them. If interested let me know and I can upload them.
  8. Look under members gallery. I started downloading them there, but was halted 1/3 the way through do to the size. There is enough reading to get you started. Hope Jon will delete them when the correct file is working.
  9. Think I have the plans on my home computer.
  10. Believe the rights to the Dragonfly were purchased by Dart Industries in South Africa many years ago.
  11. No problem when using epoxy. Polyester will resolve it. I use a multi tool with the 3/4 circular saw blade for rough shaping.
  12. What I meant by cnc was the main support structure being tab and slot. I did not take any photos of thd parts off the cnc and then glassed on both sides so I included the pics in the above post. The narrow pieces are for the adjustable rudder pedals with provisions for t nuts. The other pic is a rudder pedal for adjustable ratio with fwd. mounted master cylinders. Now working on the latch for the nose lid using a keychain quick release. Also tig welded and machined a new NG6 with tapered roller bearings. Installing a Wright Nose Lift. Will post some more interesting photos in the near future.
  13. Countach74

    H-250 Foam

    Last a foam or Birch plywood.
  14. Countach74


    Thanks Andrew!!!

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