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  1. Countach74


    Check out the Personal Cruiser fold a plane technique.
  2. Countach74


    How are you going to get the fiberglass skin contour?
  3. Just got done doing an extended nose using my CNC router to cut all the internal structure using tab and slot construction. It is very rewarding having everything square and true.
  4. Vortilons on the wing. You would be able to sell them.
  5. Like the look of your extended nose! Did you use the Davenport plans?
  6. I have a used manual nose retract assembly will also include the standard bushing NG6. All parts are good condition, just dirty. Installed an electric lift. 400 plus shipping.
  7. Has anyone built their own nose lift? I am wanting to do it, just cannot justify the cost buying a production unit. I read awhile back about using a Thomson Saginaw unit.
  8. Excellent advise as always,Kent!!!
  9. Found this info. They ate diiferent https://www.aeromarineproducts.com/product/2-lb-flotation-and-insulation-boat-foam/
  10. Thanks Andrew, that is good to know!
  11. Like to know if Pour Foam is just rebadged Spray Foam Insulation? From what I have read they are both 2 lb. cubic foot and both are mixed 1:1
  12. Thanks Kent!!! I think I will take your idea and run everything back down to the underside of cowl. Have 3 lines right now, maybe do a revision in your drawing and tap for compression fittings.
  13. I am redoing the turtle back and would like to know if there is a more aesthetically pleasing way of venting the fuel tanks then what are in the plans?
  14. Would love to do a Dragonfly or Quickie with a Yamaha Rx1 or Apex.

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