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  1. Would love to do a Dragonfly or Quickie with a Yamaha Rx1 or Apex.
  2. Just got done doing this. Grind into sides of turtledeck, strake fillets for uppers and cut rear part of fuel dumps then sides of fuselage for lowers. Welded u shaped 1/8 dia. Rod to the heads of correct grip length bolts. Floxed these in. Now have studs sticking out with no chance of spinning.
  3. Kent- Really enjoy reading about all your experimenting!!!
  4. Same exact day even 13 years ago!!!­čÖä
  5. Thanks Kent, just restoring a 0290 powered EZ. Have the plans out at my hanger, but plane is at home. Will get them, here could I upload them to so they are available to others?
  6. Where can a person find section 2 engine Manuel for download? Thanks Jason

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