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  1. TDubs74

    H-250 Foam

    Many thanks to you too!
  2. TDubs74

    H-250 Foam

    I can only blame my case of "1st time builder overthinkitous". Lol Last-A-foam it shall be. And many thanks too.
  3. TDubs74

    H-250 Foam

    Sorry Marc. I'm bored. Lol. I mentioned Last-A-Foam 10 replies ago. Where the heck were you then?! Lol
  4. TDubs74

    H-250 Foam

    At first i was against the idea of the plywood due to added weight, but I am seriously reconsidering that thought. I think the white foam they were referring to was Clark foam?? If it was, I don't think that's around anymore either. Don't quote me on that though.
  5. ACS gives you the 105/206 with the practice kit.
  6. How long did it take you to get your practice kit? I ordered mine a week ago and it's still out of stock. I saw a Cozy Girrrl video saying to just dump the mixture out on the part as soon as it's mixed to slow down the reaction. I know the 206 is labeled a slow Gardner but still has a short pot life. Maybe you could try that next time. Anyway thanks for the heads up!
  7. TDubs74

    H-250 Foam

    Ok. Got the breakdown. You can only get it in sheets that are 14.1 sq feet. You only need 6.7 sq ft per the plans. The cost per sheet is $280.17 plus a $55 broken carton fee, due to the fact that there are 50 sheets per carton. SO in short 335.17 for the one sheet. In response to the bulk buy question, that would be the full carton, that even with a discount would be over 12 grand for the purchase. Do not see any sort of ROI there if the only people needing .2 h-250 are the ones building Long Ez's. And at 1 sheet per build, that's a lot of new builds needed. In short it is one expensive piece of foam without shipping so don't forget to factor that in.
  8. TDubs74

    H-250 Foam

    I heard back from the national guy, but not the regional sales guy. Sent him another email. I will definitely keep you guys posted.
  9. Thanks Kent. I'm just going to have to get down to Rough River to see.
  10. So what would be the consensus be on if you are on the larger size of the physical build be? I know in the rv world, the 8 is actually more roomy all around for the front seat occupant. Less cramped on the sidewalk side. Is that true of the long wz vs the cozy, or is the cozy just a better option for comfort even in the solo configuration?
  11. Are any of the round blades better than the others? I saw a few choices for round there. I'm guessing the HSS flush trim will be good?
  12. TDubs74

    West 105/209

    What is your stance on the the West 105/209 Marc? Strong enough or not recommended?
  13. Is anyone on here going to Rough River this year? I want to go to look at a lot, and talk to as many as I can. With this year being what it is, I'm not sure what to expect there.

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