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    • Is that the GU canard on the first LongEZ?   I pinged the guy in VA if he has "complete" build logs.  Will let you know what the response is.   It is a good price for how much work goes into that!  Would want to weigh it to see if it is not over resined 


    • This Long-ez in Virginia on Barnstormers.  (pic 1) Good price with all the gear, brakes, wheels, canopy, etc.


      LONG-EZ • PROJECT FOR SALE • All major glass work on fuselage, wings and canard is done except for final sanding, lights and paint. Nose gear, main gear and canopy installed. Includes digital plans and news letters. Asking $4,000. Needs finishing, engine and electronics. Flight control hardware is included. Nose and main gear are installed, with brakes and wheels. Includes: Digital copy of POH, Plans and Update Letters. Engine Mount. Engine Fairings. All major glass work on fuselage, wings and canard is done. Landing Gear installed and wheel pants are included but not installed. • Contact Alexander Van Wormer , Owner - located Fairfax Station, VA United States Telephone: 7032162179 • Posted January 24, 2021

      Also a project in E. Tennesee (pics 2,3,4).  Workmanship looks very good.  Owner said he wants $900.  Very cheap


      Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 9.50.06 AM.png



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    • Never a happy day to have your aircraft damaged.


      I think if I ever found my aircraft would not rotate, I'd abort right back to the ramp and figure that out, not go back and try to force it into the air! Something is wrong, and the airplane is talking to you!

    • Great videos.

      Thanks for sharing.

      You should join and post this to the Dragonfly list.  That list needs some inspiration.


    • Welcome to "Brake Week" at Kent's Long-ez project!:  This sad Varieze owner said


      I had plenty of airspeed but it wouldn't rotate. I taxied back to the end of the runway and tried it again with the trim all the way back. Still wouldn't rotate.. I tried it a third time with the same result but when I pulled off the runway the brake was so hot the whole wheel caught on fire.

      IMO brakes on our airplanes are good for about one high-speed abort.  Matcos use a thicker rotor that can absorb a little more heat so maybe they can do more.  This chap had Clevelands on his Vari and what looks like a thin 1/4"-thick rotor.  Then I will guess he was using the usual red (flammable) brake fluid.  Nylaflow tubing?  No.  There appears to be a stainless steel or aluminum tube going to the caliper.  If I did a high speed abort I would probably get out and check the brakes.   BTW I have changed all my o-rings to EPDM and use DOT 3/4 non-flammable brake fluid.

      What caused the failure to rotate?  Undetermined at this point but from experience, most aircraft WILL rotate given free controls and enough airspeed.  I took off solo one time in the Cozy with my usual 40# of ballast in the nose AND my 25# lead weight hanging in the nose gear.  That got my attention but it flew.  I believe more wrecks have been caused by high speed aborts than failures to rotate.  There is not much time to decide but my default mode is GO unless I felt a loud bang or some other clear indication that a high-speed abort would be the best course of action.

      I get the impression the owner did not build this Vari.  There are a lot of things to know about these airplanes, like the history of their brakes.  Fortunately, I was able to muddle through my first experience with my store-bought Cozy III without hurting myself but there was a lot I did not know.  With these airplanes being sold-on to younger owners, this is a tough way to learn.



      Edited by Kent Ashton
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    • Saw this oil cooler door idea (pic 1) on a FB page but I don't like it.  The chap has an ingenious linkage to open and close the slots in flight but the problem is that when full open, half the cooler is blocked by the apparatus and even when open, the slots create drag on the air flow.  In hot weather, you will want the whole cooler working.

      I have a pic of a cooler using louvers by Marc Z. that is a better idea but it might be copyrighted so you will have to imagine it.  :-)

      I did not give this enough thought when building the Cozy.  Eventually I arrived at this slider (pics 2,3) which is satisfactory but  not in-flight adjustable.    With experience, I know about where to set it.  This time of year (Nov), it covers about 2/3rds of the cooler.   In the winter it will block the entire cooler.   Doing it again, I would offset the cooler which might have given the space for a cable-operated slider.
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    • Below is a sample of a panel I laid out using XPanel software. Jim Evans was asking about instrument panel software on the Yahoo groups forum and you can no longer post attachments so here it is ....

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    • I am looking for a set of Infinity retract landing gear for sale. New or used.



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    • There's a long history with ongoing discussion about new and coming (and gone) canard aircraft that have been in the works over the years. This thread makes for some interested reading and lessons to be learned.
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    • We'll be adding a list of curated links to the Canard Zone in the coming weeks, but here are a few in the meantime for your browsing pleasure...
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