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    • Here's an example of the moisture that comes out of an engine after flying.  My oil temp was the Lycoming-recommended 180°F.   After having had experience with spalled cams and tappets (i.e. rust), I blow it out with an air-mattress pump after landing unless I plan to fly again soon; not sure how much it helps.  I'm sure the moisture, left in the engine, condenses on the parts.  Maybe they are protected by the residual oil film, maybe not, but the film slowly drains off.  If you are using a dehydrator it will help that too, otherwise the desiccant has to extract the moisture, which is also oily and coats the desiccant.

      Recently it had been cold here for several days and a warm front blew in.  Everything in the hangar was dripping as moisture in the warm air condensed on the chilled airplane.  Even the fiberglass was dripping.  😞

    • Ah yes.   Did you know Wilgrove is closing?    Sold for development.  

      There are a lot of improvements one can make on an EZ but i don’t know of a comprehensive list.    I guess an O-320 and a longer nose are the main change.   It takes a lot of research to find what has been done before.  Check out the projects for sale in my “sales i’ve seen” thread.    Some good values there.

    • Hey Kent.  Thanks for the follow-up.  Noticed you are from Concord.  Are you by chance based at Mid-Carolina?  If so, I had a look at your planes a couple of years ago.  Friend of mine (Rick Basco) is based there and flew a Onex that he built.  I built a Sonex and used to fly in and out of there to visit.  I was based at Wilgrove.  Recently moved from Charlotte to Eastern NC, sold the Sonex and now ready to have a "real" homebuilt airplane.  Have the build manual so next step is to get the dwgs printed and get going or maybe find a good project or decent completed EZ.  Thanks again.

    • This EZ today:  decent price considering it has wings, canard, strakes, cowls and 500 hr. engine.  Ugly nose but that can be fixed pretty fast.  Needs "tip sails"  🙂

      LONG EZ WITH O-320 • $15,000 • FOR SALE • 75% complete Fuse is on wheels, canopy is glassed and cut out but not finished on the inside. Wings are 80% complete, need tip sails mounted (supplied) and finished on the inner side next to fuse. All the major parts are built. Rans canard built by Dennis Olman. Lots of parts go with it, electric pitch trim, nose gear actuator and speed brake. Cozy Girls controls, engine mount, nav lights and power supply etc. Pre made strakes with baffles, Carbon cowl, upper and lower from a Berkut. 1 complete original set of plans. $15,000 with a 500 hour 0-320 out of a Cardinal • Contact Alfred Jones, Owner -  located Marthasville, MO United States • Telephone: 3144986982 • Posted February 14, 2020



    • I downloaded the Rev 5 drawings about 6 months ago in PDF format and had them printed on a large-format printer at a FedEx store and they were right on.  There was some confusion about the corner marks but it was just a problem with the marks, not the base drawings.  I am sure the Rev 5 drawings are right.  I believe the build manual is still available on Ari Glantz's website.


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    • Saw this oil cooler door idea (pic 1) on a FB page but I don't like it.  The chap has an ingenious linkage to open and close the slots in flight but the problem is that when full open, half the cooler is blocked by the apparatus and even when open, the slots create drag on the air flow.  In hot weather, you will want the whole cooler working.

      I have a pic of a cooler using louvers by Marc Z. that is a better idea but it might be copyrighted so you will have to imagine it.  :-)

      I did not give this enough thought when building the Cozy.  Eventually I arrived at this slider (pics 2,3) which is satisfactory but  not in-flight adjustable.    With experience, I know about where to set it.  This time of year (Nov), it covers about 2/3rds of the cooler.   In the winter it will block the entire cooler.   Doing it again, I would offset the cooler which might have given the space for a cable-operated slider.
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    • Below is a sample of a panel I laid out using XPanel software. Jim Evans was asking about instrument panel software on the Yahoo groups forum and you can no longer post attachments so here it is ....

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    • I am looking for a set of Infinity retract landing gear for sale. New or used.



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    • There's a long history with ongoing discussion about new and coming (and gone) canard aircraft that have been in the works over the years. This thread makes for some interested reading and lessons to be learned.
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    • We'll be adding a list of curated links to the Canard Zone in the coming weeks, but here are a few in the meantime for your browsing pleasure...
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