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    • The reason I ask is that the cabin doors are big and any pressure  increase inside will lead to a huge burst load. Even 1/4psi over a 36” x 20” door = 180 lb pressing out.  I fly a P210 with a 3.35psi pressure diff and the door locks are super heavy to cope. Given that quite a few canards have had doors fly open in flight I’m going to positively manage cabin pressure to ensure it doesn’t increase at all. Even a slight increase will cause to hiss and this is the door flexing outwards until pressure can escape. Noisy and far from ideal. 

    • 3 hours ago, lelievre12 said:

      I am wondering what folks do regarding letting cabin air back out.  I have arranged my inlets just fine but cant see any info in the build about how that air is getting out again!

      Nick Ugolini is the only person that claims to have sealed their cabin up so tight that they actually need to provide a dedicated air outlet. Given the leakiness of most of these planes, it's rare that a dedicated outlet would be required. I can tell you that on my plane, I've spend a lot of time sealing my nose gear area, canard perimeter, elevator offsets through the fuselage sides, fuselage top perimeter, and canopy seal. It's pretty tight, with no noticeable air leaks in any of those places. My engine muff heater will keep my feet warm and the cabin at 30F - 40F above ambient. My two large diameter air vents:


      will just about blow me into the back seat when fully open, taking in air from the NACAs on the fuselage sides.

      But I have no dedicated outlet(s), and I can safely say that I have NFC how the air gets out, but it obviously does. Maybe through the two holes in the top of the landing gear bulkhead area, even though they have loosely fitted covers? Maybe through the electrical conduit channels into the lower cowl? Maybe through the rear curvature of the canopy, above and behind my head, so I wouldn't know if air was flowing in that area? No idea. Almost none of the planes I work on have dedicated outlets, and no-one complains that they can't get air to flow in through their cooling vent.

      Now, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't install a dedicated vent, and I've seen a few in the turtleback, next to or aft of the passenger's head area. If you have one and don't need it, it doesn't hurt, but if you don't have one and need it (unlikely, but possible) you'll want one.

      My $0.02.

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    • See if you can find someone with Debbie's booklet.   I am away from home so cannot give you the way to order one.    It may not be available now as it was written years ago.   I think her name was Iwatate.   The booklet has several neat things to do.

    • I am wondering what folks do regarding letting cabin air back out.  I have arranged my inlets just fine but cant see any info in the build about how that air is getting out again!

      Pics/hints appreciated!

    • Saw this on the Cozy mail list:  Jochen Fuglsang photos of load-testing his Cozy III for the German authorities.  I suppose he passed  🙂




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    • Saw this oil cooler door idea (pic 1) on a FB page but I don't like it.  The chap has an ingenious linkage to open and close the slots in flight but the problem is that when full open, half the cooler is blocked by the apparatus and even when open, the slots create drag on the air flow.  In hot weather, you will want the whole cooler working.

      I have a pic of a cooler using louvers by Marc Z. that is a better idea but it might be copyrighted so you will have to imagine it.  :-)

      I did not give this enough thought when building the Cozy.  Eventually I arrived at this slider (pics 2,3) which is satisfactory but  not in-flight adjustable.    With experience, I know about where to set it.  This time of year (Nov), it covers about 2/3rds of the cooler.   In the winter it will block the entire cooler.   Doing it again, I would offset the cooler which might have given the space for a cable-operated slider.
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    • Below is a sample of a panel I laid out using XPanel software. Jim Evans was asking about instrument panel software on the Yahoo groups forum and you can no longer post attachments so here it is ....

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    • I am looking for a set of Infinity retract landing gear for sale. New or used.



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    • There's a long history with ongoing discussion about new and coming (and gone) canard aircraft that have been in the works over the years. This thread makes for some interested reading and lessons to be learned.
      • 68 replies
    • We'll be adding a list of curated links to the Canard Zone in the coming weeks, but here are a few in the meantime for your browsing pleasure...
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