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  1. Here's a Velocity SE FG *with* engine: A Cozy Mk IV project, which I think I've seen posted on this thread earlier:
  2. You might want to ask over at Van's Airforce (either their forum, or their FB page). Someone asked recently about running cables for mounts at wingtips, etc. Guil Barrows is a youtuber who's active on the Vans Builders' facebook page, and I'm sure he'd be willing to offer some insight.
  3. I'm in the same boat with Voidhawk9--I just look for new posts, since it's not an overwhelming number. One feature I've seen on other fora that I don't see here is a link to the first unread post of each thread. I see links to the first and last post in each thread, but not to the "first unread" post. I find that I click the link to go to the last post, then scroll upward to find the first unread. I appreciate your efforts in keeping this forum running, Jon!
  4. Good to see you're still kickin' around these parts!
  5. I've noticed that most airplane "for sale" postings on FB have NaN miles, so it doesn't raise any red flags for me. A google image search for the N-number led me to this page, which has some photos of what looks to be the same plane: https://www.aircraft.com/aircraft/18128355/1987-rutan-long-e-z
  6. Barnstormers! Here's a search for long EZs: https://barnstormers.com/cat_search.php?headline=&body=&part_num=&mfg=&model=&user__profile__company=&user__last_name=&user__first_name=&user__profile__country=&specialcase__state=&user__profile__city=&user__profile__uzip=&specialcase__phone=&user__email=&my_cats__name=&price__gte=&price__lte=&search_type=advanced&keyword=long+ez And here's a search for cozies: https://barnstormers.com/cat_search.php?headline=&body=&part_num=&mfg=&model=&user__profile__company=&user__last_name=&user__first_name=&user__profile__country=&specialcase__state=&user__profile__city=&user__profile__uzip=&specialcase__phone=&user__email=&my_cats__name=&price__gte=&price__lte=&search_type=advanced&keyword=cozy

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