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  1. Thanks, Marc, that’s all very helpful. I worded “forward visibility” poorly. I know the back-seater still won’t see directly in front, but they won’t be staring at that bulkhead/headrest, and I think that’s an improvement. You’re confirming what I suspected regarding the engine. I do have a working knowledge of engines, in general, and on my less-run vehicles, I still run them every week or two, and all the way to fully warm. IF there was a case where the sit could be acceptable, this does seem like a likely candidate (which only means it’s probably worth the cost of checking). it does come with another set of wheel pants. The ones installed looked sound, though. So the rub is, how do I get fresh eyes on it in situ?
  2. Sorry for formatting- tough on mobile, at times
  3. Went and looked at this one, today. I’d love some opinions if anyone’s offering free advice!😁 the 2-part canopy: forward visibility is much improved, but the rollover protection from the triangle-shaped piece is lost. Any thoughts on what the structure remaining would provide (some, none, lots?) I’m not certain what it’s made of (just composite?) Plexi condition: rear canopy has a little haziness and strake windows are quite scratched up. How hard is it to replace molded-in custom plexi pieces? Didn’t look simple to me, but I don’t know composite construction. compressions: some in upper 60s. Broker says due to sitting and not flying much since overhaul (150 hrs in 9yrs, if memory serves). Says they should come up just fine after running an hour or two at high power, and agreed to retest after that’s done. Seem reasonable? fuel drain vs composite/paint: one drain has bubbling paint around it to the diameter of a quarter, or so. The other has had the paint sanded off a similar footprint. Assuming there’s a slight weep at the drain, is that a big concern in terms of the composite material, over time? I’m still a newb to these planes, so thanks for any perspectives.
  4. Oh, the "Ferrari!" It was interesting that he originally posted a $25k price, then removed the price entirely. I'm guessing you got a good deal. Removing the Ferrari logos would have been near the top of my to-do list, too! Congrats!
  5. Thanks, Bruce. The lack of hangars at my two local airports is, in fact, the main thing that’s kept me from pulling the trigger on a Long-EZ. I’m trying to determine how advisable outside storage, with a good cover and protection for the wood prop, would be through at least 1 Oregon winter.
  6. Welp- never mind. That plane should be available if anyone else is interested.
  7. Going down to Chino to spend 1/2 day opening up N79YT with Bill Oertel. He's agreed to open things up and give me a (no) crash course on the plane. I saw a reference to a Dorothy who makes covers for Long-EZ and some others, but didn't see any actual contact info. Does anyone have her details? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Barry. I still don't know too much about them, but Bill Oertel took me for a flight and showed me around a bit. I like the fact that it's coming from a guru.
  9. I'm buying this, pending the details. I'll do all the reading I can (have done quite a bit, already), and use the search function, but forgive the newbie questions I may inflict on the group! excited to joint the canard community!
  10. Empty weight is almost 1100#. Anyone have an experienced guess on how much could be lost going to a simple glass panel?

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