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  1. Thanks, Bruce. The lack of hangars at my two local airports is, in fact, the main thing that’s kept me from pulling the trigger on a Long-EZ. I’m trying to determine how advisable outside storage, with a good cover and protection for the wood prop, would be through at least 1 Oregon winter.
  2. Welp- never mind. That plane should be available if anyone else is interested.
  3. Going down to Chino to spend 1/2 day opening up N79YT with Bill Oertel. He's agreed to open things up and give me a (no) crash course on the plane. I saw a reference to a Dorothy who makes covers for Long-EZ and some others, but didn't see any actual contact info. Does anyone have her details? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Barry. I still don't know too much about them, but Bill Oertel took me for a flight and showed me around a bit. I like the fact that it's coming from a guru.
  5. I'm buying this, pending the details. I'll do all the reading I can (have done quite a bit, already), and use the search function, but forgive the newbie questions I may inflict on the group! excited to joint the canard community!
  6. Empty weight is almost 1100#. Anyone have an experienced guess on how much could be lost going to a simple glass panel?

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