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  1. Try faa advisory circular 20-27G. The way I understand, It says professional means if you pay for someone to do some work for you. Previous builder as long as another amateur and kept records of the build is ok. Your problem is getting a repairman certificate which requires you to be the “major” builder. However I haven’t seen a definition of it meaning you still can claim to be the major builder. for a quick glance, read page 14 on above ac.
  2. Thanks guys for all the insight! Will be back with tons of questions once I start the project.
  3. Thanks guys! I already bought duragold 2-3/4" (width) sandpaper rolls. Should I go for larger width or will this work?
  4. Thanks for the tips Kent. I will see if I can use a 2X4 piece.
  5. Quick question: What is everyone using as sanding blocks for flat surfaces like wings or canards? Can I adopt an aluminum tube similar to the one below? I can make sure it will be flat enough and I am looking for about 36" block. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284030303143?hash=item4221867ba7:g:1UYAAOSwN2RfdQ6Y
  6. If you haven't tried this, here is another good source of info including info on epoxies (among other tons of things). http://cozybuilders.org/
  7. It was Kenneth Larson's project. He advertised it on cozy email list a little while ago.
  8. First of all, I need to thank the seller and his wonderful friends for putting so much effort into prepping and loading the project. I bought a cozy project located in NC (north of Charlotte) and have been working on transporting it for the last 1-2 months from Charlotte, NC area to Charleston WV (about 220 miles). Yesterday I brought the fuselage. Thought I would post info on what I did for someone looking for it. First, I brought back wings and the canard. Used the uhaul trailer https://www.uhaul.com/Trailers/5x8-Utility-Trailer-Rental/AO/ (not recommended) I made the frame so that wings will stay above the rails. Had a tiny scratch in the finish of one winglet due to pushing the edge of the other wing against it. The bad: This is a solid axle basic trailer. It followed every imperfection on the road giving me a heart attack (well! almost!). Also, I had to make a taller structure because of the guard rails. What I would do differently. Use the uhaul car trailer (see below). It would compensate for all the problems I had with wings transport. Also make the frame a little sturdier. Fuselage I debated for a long time trying to decide whether to turn it 45 degrees and avoid going over the dimensions or tow it flat which makes it a wide load (136 inches). Finally decided to go with wide load. Paperwork: Needed to get oversize/wide load permits from 3 states (NC, VA and WV), about $20 each. Entertained the idea of not getting permits but had enough excitement without cops possibly giving me a hard time. However, for the record, I was never stopped. One note is, wide loads are permitted only Monday through Saturday and excludes major holidays in states I traveled. If you haul a wide load, make sure you check local regulations whether you get a permit or not. If you go through any toll booths, traditionally you use the rightmost gate. Also be prepared to pay much more than for a car with a trailer. We paid 24 plus $5 admin fee since we didn't have cash at hand. Our ezpass transponder didn't work the way it was set up. Went through 3 of them! Ouch!!! Rented a uhaul car trailer (Also in the hindsight, I would have used this for wings as well). It has surge brake (what a difference!!) and shock absorbers (also, wow!!!). I hardly felt pulling it behind except for the sluggish acceleration. https://www.uhaul.com/Trailers/Auto-Transport-Rental/AT/ Cozy iv main wheel track width was about 1/4" extra wide but we squeezed it in. It wedged nicely between the small side rail. There is a metal bar under the wood plank to which I tied the plank using a ratchet strap. You can see it in black We wrapped the turtle back using industrial wraps similar to seranwrap sold online at walmart. Start from back to front and overlap each turn. Also tuck the ends under the canopy, specially the front. Doesn't matter what you do, it is hard to keep it intact if there is any opening in the front of the wrapping. Unloading, I removed all the straps and slid the wooden plank on which the front wheel was resting, along the trailer. I made sure that front wheel is secured to the plank before doing it (didn't want the wheel slipping off!!). Worked out pretty nicely. Needed two people. One person holding to a strap attached to the top of the front gear leg and the second person controlling the wooden plank. In a sloped driveway, plank provided enough resistance and mostly I had to push the cozy to move it. Well! that's all the let me know if you plan on moving and have any questions.
  9. Yesterday on barnstormer. YELLOW VARIEZE 650LB • $21,500 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • Yellow Varieze 650LB 1368.0 hrs on Airframe, 0-235 Lyc 394 hrs since major Can send extensive list • Contact Dan Darling , Owner - located Hood River, OR United States • Telephone: 541-399-2202 • Posted November 9, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad
  10. Jon, what I meant by current circumstances is the covid-19 situation. My expectation is to find a project with a reasonable amount of work done and complete it. I have been following Kent's thread as well as check barnstomers.com quite frequently.
  11. Thanks guys. Both of you have given me lot of info to think about.
  12. Kent, Thanks for the quick reply. Currently I am looking at the cozy III listed on barnstormers https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1478046-Cozy-III-project.html but I live in Charleston WV and shear logistics of picking it and getting it to my location seems quite a challenge. I see these types of projects come up for sale from time to time and thought I check if there are any particular problems I should be aware of before diving into one. Just for the record, I have not contacted the seller.

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