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  1. Lauren- I had planned to build a Long EZ, but came across a Long EZ that sat in a hangar unflown for many years. I've got a bit of restoring/updating to get the airplane flying again, but will save alot of time when compared to starting from plans. It makes me sad seeing these airplanes sitting and not flying, or worse yet, seeing one sitting outside, decaying away to the elements. So it will be great to get it back up in the air. You might consider this option, but make sure to have a good pre-buy done by someone who knows canard aircraft. Jeff
  2. I was looking for the long nose mod CAD file. The Open EZ has the "stock" length nose.
  3. Just found this old topic....anyone know where the .zip file now resides that's linked in the first post? Jeff
  4. Possible the easiest way for you might be RAFE. Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience is in Houston and Tennessee. They have a Speed Canard they use for canard training. See https://www.rutanaircraftflyingexperience.org/canard-flight-academ Jeff Holdridge TAMU class of 1983
  5. jridge

    VariEze Plans

    Jon - What's your preference? These are big files and I have slow internet here, so I only want to upload them once. Jeff
  6. I've got pretty clear PDFs of Vari-Eze Section I, IIA, IIC, III and VI. Plus the owners manual. Not sure where I downloaded these from. I can post them here - how do I do that? Jeff
  7. How about pulling in content from the now apparently defunct Canard Aviation and Canard Community Forums.
  8. Saw a recent post by Kent Ashton in another forum about improving the Long EZ side stick by using the Cozy method. Can anyone provide any information on why the Cozy stick is better that the Long EZ's and what the Cozy configuration looks like? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Daniel- Where did you find the open EZ 3D model? Jeff
  10. Geep- How's you're progress going on the CAD model? Be interested to see how far you've progressed. Jeff
  11. Here's a PDF of the Landing Light plans...Don't remember where I got them. Rutan Landing Light Page 1.pdf Rutan Landing Light Page 2.pdf
  12. Welcome aboard. Note the Berkut isn't sold anymore. Remaining kits are hard to come by and go for quite a bit of money. Jeff
  13. Interesting video (although he talks way too much and could get the point across much quicker). Be interested to hear how your rework goes.

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