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  1. Here's a PDF of the Landing Light plans...Don't remember where I got them. Rutan Landing Light Page 1.pdf Rutan Landing Light Page 2.pdf
  2. Welcome aboard. Note the Berkut isn't sold anymore. Remaining kits are hard to come by and go for quite a bit of money. Jeff
  3. Interesting video (although he talks way too much and could get the point across much quicker). Be interested to hear how your rework goes.
  4. jridge

    CAD Update #2

    I know you EZ's not complete yet, but how about posting a .stp or similar CAD file format for other CAD users to use as a starting point in their build? Jeff
  5. jridge

    Update on CAD work

    This is looking good!
  6. Nice looking bird! What are the two antennas mounted on either side of the fuselage at the back of the strakes? Jeff
  7. Canard Pusher newsletters were put out by Rutan Aircraft Factory to keep builders updated of changes to the plans and safety updates. You need to download the PDFs, which can be also be found at http://www.aryjglantz.com/p/documents.html?m=0 Jeff
  8. Jon- bringing up this old topic. Where can I find the link in your first post of this thread? I get an error when I access the link. Thanks, Jeff
  9. jridge

    H-250 Foam

    Can you give me the name/phone number of the regional sales guy your talking to?
  10. jridge

    H-250 Foam

    Did you hear anything back from this supplier?
  11. jridge

    H-250 Foam

    The offer bulk discounts? I'm gearing up to start a Long EZ soon too and I'll need the same stuff. Jeff
  12. I'm hoping the digital version of the CSA newletters will contain photos that are clearer to view than the printed copies. Not that many are building Long EZ's anymore, but I wish someone would rescan the old Canard Pusher newsletters at a better resolution. I'm working from the low resolution digital versions posted on the web and many of the photos in the newsletters are nearly worthless. Jeff
  13. Jason- Post some photos of what you've got going.
  14. A Bruce- Interested in the work you did on both the front and rear seats for comfort/usability as described. Have any photos you can post and more details?
  15. jridge

    Some CAD renderings

    Nice! Wish other engine manufacturers were so accommodating! Jeff

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