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  1. I'm hoping the digital version of the CSA newletters will contain photos that are clearer to view than the printed copies. Not that many are building Long EZ's anymore, but I wish someone would rescan the old Canard Pusher newsletters at a better resolution. I'm working from the low resolution digital versions posted on the web and many of the photos in the newsletters are nearly worthless. Jeff
  2. Jason- Post some photos of what you've got going.
  3. A Bruce- Interested in the work you did on both the front and rear seats for comfort/usability as described. Have any photos you can post and more details?
  4. jridge

    Some CAD renderings

    Nice! Wish other engine manufacturers were so accommodating! Jeff
  5. jridge

    Some CAD renderings

    Justin- Did you model the motor or is one available online somewhere? Jeff
  6. jridge

    Some CAD surfaces

    Justin - looks good. You said you built this from Open EZ data. Does that mean you used the dimensions contained in the Open EZ drawings to create this model? Jeff
  7. I'm not building anything yet but it appears the new supplier is in Australia, with contact info below. Here's some notes that I've collected on this subject.... Machine was broken. As of 9/18/2019, Aircraft Spruce is still behind in delivering….. For supply issues at ACS, ask to speak to Jim Irwin directly and make sure he knows it’s about the spar cap tape machine. I posted information about a year ago on how and where to order material from Australia. Here's the link to the drop in replacement: http://www.colan.com.au/compositereinforcement/fibreglass-woven-tape-unidirectional-850gsm-75mm.html which is for 25 oz/sq yd tape from Marc Zeitlin- I posted information about a year ago on how and where to order material from Australia. Here's the link to the drop in replacement: http://www.colan.com.au/compositereinforcement/fibreglass-woven-tape-unidirectional-850gsm-75mm.html ACS seems to have issues producing it still with the recently repaired machine. Ask to speak to Jim Irwin directly, and make sure he knows it's about the spar cap tape machine. from Alex Liedl- Not a clue what is going on at ACS. I sent them an email about 2 weeks back expressing my frustration with the fact that i placed the order for 50 yards ~6 months ago and every time i ask for an update i get the usual “we will have stock in 2 weeks” response. Looks like my note may have paid off. The email was routed to their customer service manager who said she would go down to the shop and speak with the folks on the floor. 2 days later, the product was shipped to me. Wonder if they are just squirrels storing all of it away for the winter. I do see that they still mention no stock on their website. I don’t know if i trust that given the recent exchange with them. I should have enough to squeak by with what i have gathered to date between the group, Wicks and ACS but if there are still issues with ACS, I may order an extra role prior to the wings from Colan. Jan 2020. Jim Irwin for ACS just replied to my email inquiring about Colan eglass spar tape. Here is his reply: “We have some of the new Colan spar cap tape on order now and it is on our website under P/N 01-01651 at $89.00 for a 54 yard roll. We may also be able to make some more of the original 01-08800 tape for stock before we shut down the old machine. This machine dates back almost 100 years and we inherited it from Alexander Aeroplane in Georgia when we acquired them in 1996...it has produced just about all it can!” The website shows a stock date of March 27. Resulting Ply Thicknesses: Ply Depth Length BL 6 0.15 113 7 0.175 100 8 0.200 94 9 0.225 90 10 0.250 80 11 0.275 74 12 0.300 70 13 0.325 60 14 0.350 54 15 0.375 50 16 0.400 40 17 0.425 34 18 0.450 30 19 0.47 24 Jeff
  8. Whole thread can be seen on the Canard-Aviators Google.io group.... https://canardzone.groups.io/g/canard-aviators/topic/vendor_report/73376232?p=,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,73376232
  9. Kent- Interesting story on the old Phantom II. That airplane was quite a looker. I take it you were in the USAF? Where based and what timeframe?
  10. Do you have to pay by the vowel to advertise in Barnstormers? Kent, your abbreviations escape me.
  11. I'm with you Ken. Google searches find none of this stuff on Facebook. And in a few months, to see any older posts, you'll have to scroll and scroll and scroll downward in the FB posts. Don't know why everyone likes FB so much.
  12. I'd like to search for a term within a particular thread (specifically in Kent's "Sales I've seen" thread). How do I go about doing that?
  13. Last night I saw some of your photos in the CSA Newsletter. Thanks. Jeff
  14. would be interested in seeing photos of your enclosure. Jeff

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