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  1. Thanks Kent. The process you describe here seems to break down if the current owner is not the manufacturer. Name search only returns current owners and N-numbers for me. Model search only returns manufacturers with no other useful info.
  2. When I do a Model search on FAA Registry, all it gives me is the manufacturer and nothing else that seems useful. Does anyone know the secret easy way to cross reference this with N-number, and/or current owner, and/or current address? I'm looking for Q2 or Dragonfly in New England. Thank you,
  3. Ok, Got it. Thanks everyone. Regarding my second question in the original post, I asked that because I'm also interested in installing a 4 cyl. D-motor in a Dragonfly. That question has been answered here.
  4. If I labeled my helicopter as a lighter-than-air ship, do you think ATC would be scratching their heads when I made my inbound call?
  5. You have already answered my question, so I think I'm just taking up valuable space on the interweb. But here we go... Why do I care: 1. If my government is going to keep records, I at least want them to be correct. Otherwise, stop bothering and give the taxes back to me/us. 2. I'm investigating this aircraft as a potential purchase and want to know why the record is incorrect and how to fix it. Wouldn't you want the records to be complete and correct before purchasing an aircraft? You say the registration is acceptable to the FAA. I guess it is, but why? The proof of incorrect/incomplete registration is in this ad. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Piston+Helicopters&make=ROTORWAY&model=EXEC+162F&listing_id=2375298&s-type=aircraft The registration should look like that of N99TE. (except, not deregistered) Thanks again, Anthony
  6. No, it's not my plane. And, you are making my point. It's not even a plane, it's a helicopter. 😤 Because it's a kit, we know the engine manufacturer and the engine model. The model of the aircraft is named after the engine for goodness sake. We also know the manufacture year. I'm at a loss as to how this could be "in order". If this is how the FAA rolls, then I guess I can write anything I want on the registration.
  7. N162NL is an example. Not a gyroplane. Don't know how this got soo screwed up. But, my question was generic regarding correcting FAA experimental aircraft registrations. Your info on engine changes makes sense. I was wondering if there was a significant difference between a plans built aircraft and a kit built aircraft in terms of engine changes or other large deviations from the plans/kit. Thanks a lot Kent for gathering and sharing all of the information you do. I have learned a lot in the last 9 months.
  8. Hello all, I've been reading the related threads on here about the above questions and would like some more help if available. Short of contacting the FSDO, DAR, and local EAA, what are your opinions or suggestions on the following questions? 1. Current experimental aircraft registration: Type incorrect, Manufacture date missing, Engine manufacturer incorrect, Engine model missing. How much of a pain is this going to be to correct? Is this something I should get corrected before buying? If I attempt this correction after purchase, what form/evidence will I need? 2. If not referenced in the Operating Limitations for the aircraft, what am I going to have to do to change the engine (manufacturer and model) on a kit built experimental aircraft that I did not build? Thank you and happy 4th, Anthony
  9. Where in the world do you guys see threads??? I see a shaft that was spun in a bench vice! 😀
  10. Ok John W, I thought you may be converting to the straight wings of the Mk2 or even gull wings to increase wing tip ground clearance. Sorry I can't help on the layup schedule for the hoop landing gear. Join and ask here: https://dragonflylist.groups.io/g/main
  11. John W, are you going to have a spare Mk1 front wing lying around? If so, I may be interested.
  12. No engine or tired engine preferred. Otherwise flying condition. USA airworthy cert. and reg.
  13. Who is installing or interested in the D-Motor offerings?
  14. Should the Dragonfly by un-flyable with the canopy gone? What about the Q2 or Q200? Thank you,
  15. I'm soo annoyed! Missed this by one hour because I was haggling with local airport over hanger space! Very nice looking plane and I hope the new owner enjoys it.

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