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  1. Same on BarnStormers. https://www.barnstormers.com/cat_search.php?headline=&body=&part_num=&mfg=&model=&user__profile__company=&user__last_name=&user__first_name=&user__profile__country=&specialcase__state=&user__profile__city=&user__profile__uzip=&specialcase__phone=&user__email=&my_cats__name=&price__gte=&price__lte=&keyword=Q-2&search_type=keyword
  2. Anthony P

    Engine question

    Logic based around words/phrases such as, "rare and expensive", "don't believe", and "lower", seems problematic. (would not pass a design review at my engineering company) Don't "assume" for aviation or explosives. However, tens of thousands of trouble free flight hour from engine configuration X should be a strong argument.
  3. Anthony P

    Engine question

    Thrust bearing(s) location due to opposite primary thrust direction?
  4. That seems to qualify for "substantial damage".
  5. 😆 I can hear the blood boiling now! 🥵 Sorry.
  6. https://q-list.groups.io/g/main http://www.quickheads.com https://imageevent.com/qdf_files/quickiefiles Also, search Q-Tour on youtube. The experts are there. The one in IN on barnstormers looks good. I would be all over it if I wasn't set on the original canard and gear. 635# empty is fine.
  7. Anthony P


    D-Motor LF39 was $27-28k last I checked. Seemed like a big step up in price for two more cylinders.
  8. Great videos. Thanks for sharing. You should join and post this to the Dragonfly list. That list needs some inspiration. https://dragonflylist.groups.io/g/main
  9. What are your thoughts about carefully grinding and smoothing a 0.5" dia. or larger "stop crack" before the flox and reinforcement layups? Not suggesting this, just wondering if this pre-layup geometry would make the repair worse, only a little better, or no change. Thanks,
  10. Congratulations! That is amazing and the bird looks great!
  11. I search for "Q2", "Q200", and "quickie" and can't find this ad. Search for "Q-2" and there it is. Super annoying.
  12. Jon, I sent a PM to you regarding your Q2 kit.
  13. Sounds like you have a lot of good stuff. To be clear, I was saying that the Barnstormers listing could be free, not the Q200 project. (I read my earlier post again and it seemed ambiguous at best)
  14. I'm sure someone will need it and you will get some money for it. As Kent said, put it on Barnstormers for free. Nothing wrong with the original wing, and many never permanently attach the tail (rear portion of the fuselage). This makes it compact for storage and easily transported on trailer when turned sideways. Do you have engine, canopy, or any hardware?

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