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  3. The category is “For Sale (or for free)”. The plane is not free... asking price is or was $14,500.
  4. Hello you still have this plane? If so I saw free what are stipulations..I am looking to start a search and rescue aerial assisted firm and would love to have any information or assistance in procurring such s vehicle
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  6. You could add a swingarm mechanism to the existing pedal assembly, or if your ambitious fab some new delux ones.
  7. I place a lot of importance on aircraft weight and balance, so I went a little nuts weighing everything. The empty weight of this EZ was, according to the builder, 890 lbs when equipped with the 235 and 1013 lbs when equipped with the 360. Both weights included lead ballast required in the nose to balance. My findings: Fuselage as it currently sits, no interior: 315 lbf Right wing: 79 lbf Left wing: 83 lbf Canard, with elevators: 29 lbf Left elevator: 3.4 lbf, less than the 3.6 lbf required by CPs 21, 57, 106 Right elevator: 3.7 lbf, less than the 3.9 lbf required by CPs 21, 57, 106 Close though, CPs mention that a well built example should be "well" below these weights but provides no variance data O-235-L2C, with starter, alternator, mags, 6" prop extension, carb, no oil: 257.8 lbf engine mount: 7.4 lbf Top Cowl: 8 lbf Bottom Cowl: 10 lbf Stainless exhaust: 5 lbf Wood fixed pitch prop (B&T 62x66): 8 lbf Aluminum spinner: 3 lbf What's left of the instrument panel, including engine gauges, vacuum Attitude & DG, and Terra transponder: 11 lbf Which brings the current total to 817 lbs. Notable missing items are battery, radio(s), oil cooler, several control rods, much of an interior, wiring I also spent some time trying to figure out if there was something I was missing regarding the brakes/rudders. This is how it's currently set up: This appears to activate the brake as soon as the rudder is applied. Not sure I like this, if you land with a crosswind correction you'd be landing with the wheel already braked. Two questions regarding interior finishing What's this black anti-skid-ish coating called? Is there a good way to remove it other than sandpaper and elbow grease?
  8. As I fix/modify things it will end up with patches, then once I'm reasonably happy with how it flies I'll think about repainting it. Do most people use rattle can primer for small areas? Cosmetics are the least of my concerns at the moment because it needs powerplant, avionics, and general rehab/updating. Don't know any local EZ people but I have a buddy building a Velocity and a coworker who built a Quickie.
  9. Looks Good from here!!! Will it need to be painted... or do you think you'll fly it first? I would get everything safe, then do some flying before making it all look new.... do you have any local EZ experienced people to help?
  10. Hi, I bought a Long-EZ project, hopefully didn't err too grievously with my selection. It was previously flying, first flight in 1988. Originally equipped with an O-235-L2C, it later had an O-360-A4A installed. In 1992, the 360 was removed with the stated intent of reinstalling the 235 and it hasn't flown since; it's accumulated some hangar rash, along with various things being stripped for use in other projects or with the intent of upgrading. This is very much a rebuild project, not a reassembly project; I thought it would a good tool to learn a lot about homebuilding aircraft relatively quickly. So far I've mostly been figuring out what exactly I bought, looking closely at everything, and doing background research on the MAN-GRD CP plans changes. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions and can hopefully get suggestions/feedback on how to do this properly.
  11. For a Cozy 3, not a MkIV. The MkIV is larger.
  12. I'm thinking I have read that the Cozy and Long wings are the same. Somebody here knows...
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  14. I bought this kit a couple years ago but decided to bite the bullet and go full LED. Tso'd Whelen LED nav and conventional strobe. ACS part 11-07596 Their price new is $2138! https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/1105644.php Asking $550 and I'll pay the shipping in the US.
  15. In cowl exhaust system with heat muff for Lycoming powered Canard.. I decided to try a 4 into 1. About 1 year old and unused except for trial fitting. Asking $1150 and I'll pay the shipping within US.
  16. OK, found a pic that's just fine, right on Kent's build thread, page 1. Scroll down and you'll see the access to the pedal assembly through the nose. That thread of Kent's is a treasure trove...
  17. RSD, most canards including the Long EZ and Cozy have access to the pedals through a removable cover on the nose. I think it should be relatively simple to adjust the pedals. However, I have not built or owned either so I could be remembering it wrong. I seem to recall a picture of my feet in Kent Ashton's Long showing the pedal assembly taken through the nose panel, but I cannot find it at the moment.
  18. Cheers Andrew - damned if I know how I missed them!
  19. Inflight adjustment was technically the wrong term but describes what I'm wanting - the cockpit design rules out any adjusting mechanism that requires someone to get down amonsgst the pedals and undo nuts & bolts or pins etc - you would only ever want to work down there if you really needed to (and are very flexible) so I am wanting something that can be adjusted forward and back by a small electric motor attached to a threaded rod or something similar. I've seen plenty of adjustab;e rudder pedals is aircraft that use hydraulics to operate the rudders but hadn't seen a cable system that had that convenience.
  20. It's always neat to see a new canard effort, or any experimental kit or plans effort for that matter. The Raptor tried to ride social media and did get many non-aviators (or soon-to-be aviators) enthused. Icon Aircraft did that with success, but they were smart enough not to think that they were an engine company too, and among other things. "Oh well" is all that comes to mind these days when I look at it. I sincerely hope that no harm comes to any test pilot that may be brave enough to run that thing up and go for it.
  21. I changed the thread subject title to suggest this might be sold or gone.
  22. Yep, also tried contacting him through the other canard forum where this was also posted.
  23. RSD, let us know why you think you need in flight adjustment... I do know that when I sat in Kent's Long, the pedals were not quite adjusted for my size (6'4"), but I also learned it would be darned comfortable to fly since even if they were properly adjusted, when flying along I could easily stretch out past the pedals Vs say a Cessna 172 or the like.
  24. Hi Jon, I think you're right with respect to the Raptor. An aircraft engine should have been used initially. OTOH, I do like the diesel, but not a high RPM diesel requiring reduction. Developing it on a new airframe is crazy. I was just responding to the question, was one that I remembered. The whole deal is pretty neat, but I'm not expecting it to be a success. You guys all know the score better than I do. Barry
  25. ...or just ignoring the email notifications, or has them turned off, or he doesn't like you 🙂 I haven't been asked to take it down, which may be a good sign. His last visit was on May 25th and your PM was on May 30th. Did you try his email ("aviator 'at' mindspring 'dot' com")?
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