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  2. $25k Defiant project: https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1330181-Defiant-project-.html?catid=18671
  3. $15k Long-EZ project: https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1654589-Long-EZ.html?catid=18671 Curious for details about the engine and gizmos.
  4. Wow, lots of stuff there. Wheel pants are needed. Any prop strike is a disaster but in the canards it is more a problem of FOD into the prop. Yes, a new lycoming is expensive but a salvage engine may be reasonable and an owner rebuild of a runout engine is quite doable. The major prop builders generally know what prop will work with your HP There are lots of builder sites for the canards. For a start try Ary Glantz. http://www.aryjglantz.com/p/blog-page.html?m=0 Or do a google image search for “long-ez” plus any other term and it will show lots of builder photos.
  5. It looks like Lycoming engines are by far and away the most popular for the LongEZ. It's really hard to find example of anything else except Lycoming. Mogas might have ethanol and I've read that the acholol will eat away at the original plans fuel tanks. I think the engine accessory systems are also harder to custom install on other engines. The original plans, I believe, warned against the Continental O-200 because of great difficulties getting it all hooked up. (I wonder if that ever changed) Still, I haven't heard of a single person with a LongEZ O-200 (probably the low HP output too). I wonder matching prop to engines is a big difficulty to get it right for the LongEZ. I've read that the prop needs to be long because of turbulence hitting the center of the prop, causing it to "swat" at the air. But farther out from the prop (with a long prop) then the airflow is smooth, and the problem is gone. With Rotax engines, they have a gear-box drive system because the RPM is so high, to otherwise slow the prop down. It has a clutch in the gear-box that "protects the prop" from prop strikes. That sounds like a good thing with the LongEZ, but maybe the prop "swatting" at the air in the center burns the gearbox clutch up? (Do the wheel pants help? I've read they slow the plane down. Are there alternatives to protect the prop without all the glory of wheel pants?) I'm not a mechanic, so i might be using poor terminology there. One other thing, of course I've been googling Horsepower and engine prices and fuel economy and figuring out which engine does what, but I've noticed HUGE differences in engine prices, even for the same model. I know some are rebuilt, and others are brand new, but still I see enormous price differences googling aircraft engines between 100 and 200 horsepower, even for the same model. I wonder if some of the prices are "installed by a mechanic" and others are "here you go, put it in yourself" varieties? Those are just a few more thoughts I had on engines on LongEZ. If anyone has any thoughts about this for the LongEZ or the VarieEZ, please comment. Thanks.
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  7. Fuel Valve: I used the Weatherhead fuel valve (pic 1) in the Cozy plans because it is cheap ($16.50 from West Marine). However, after a while the Deldrin spool gets sticky and harder to turn and you are courting trouble to ignore it. I lubed it for the second time in 750 hours today. I use "EZ Turn" lubricant which used to be called "Fuel Lube". https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cspages/ezturnlube.php Just use a thin smear on the spool because excess will migrate to your gascolator screen where it will not dissolve. The valve is nice and smooth now. Folks that ignore the sticking sometimes find they can't switch tanks when they need to! The way I do it is to burn down the fuel until it just disappears from the sight gauges. Then chock the wheels in front of the wheel and put a sawhorse or something under the prop or prop-extension and raise the nose so the valve is above the fuel level. The inside of the spool cavity is about 7/8" so have a cork in case the nose isn't high enough. I did not quite have the tanks empty and spilled a bit of fuel but it was not much. A 3/4" wrench was bunging-up the flats on the cap but a 3/4" crows-foot wrench worked better (pic 2). There are two o-rings in it that would be good to change. If not you may get a faint fuel odor as the o-rings age. I could not find a spec but they measure-out as an AN568-011 which is 5/16" ID X 7/16" OD x 1/16" CS and an AN 568-115 which is 11/16" ID x 7/8" OD x 3/32" CS. I get them from the O-ring Store but a hardware might them.
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  9. Some weekend Long-Ez progress in removing the engine, remaining accessories, and wiring. This Ez has 30 years of tweaks and changes that created additional holes, wiring, and quick fixes. We will be patching up openings and cleaning up as we go. The Electroair ignition system shown is an original model from the early 90's. It still worked extremely well with a very smooth running O-290-D2 before we started the rework. The next step is removing the canopy and flipping it over to work on the main gear.
  10. A Rotax 915 might be a better option, with 150-ish horsepower. With a pusher, you have to be careful of prop strikes if you move the engine further from the firewall, as Kent mentioned. Tractor aircraft don't get off easy, either--you have to account for the impact of a longer nose on the aerodynamic stability of your airplane, too. It's probably better to try and manage the cg with a lighter engine by moving avionics and such aft as much as possible.
  11. This topic is entitled “Kent’s Long-ez Project”. What is the relevance of your question/post to this topic? Kent is happy to help people find EZs for sale but please ask your question in an appropriate topic or start your own topic. Your cooperation is appreciated. You too AnthonyP! 🙂 “You children get off my lawn!” 🥸 Try this one: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/page/30/#comments
  12. Yes. Long EZ N888EZ. Built by Dick and Sam Kreidel. A very very good aeroplane, built and operated by people who know their stuff.
  13. 😆 I can hear the blood boiling now! 🥵 Sorry.
  14. I am looking to purchase a Long EZ. It can be complete and flying, or near completion. Does anyone know of any good ones available ?
  15. I'm just learning about the LongEZ (and Varieze). I love the design!! Thanks for the reply
  16. 100 hp is not enough. 150-160 is a good hp for the EZ. 125 was barely adequate (but I never flew the O-235 versions) and people fly them heavier than Burt envisioned . There would be times on a hot day, high field elevation or shortish runway when you would be sweating Tabasco sauce wondering if you can get off the ground. 🙂 Also if you move the engine aft, the prop might be close to the runway during rotation and landing. Some people are using the ULPower engines but check the prices. It's hard to beat a used/rebuilt O-320. The cost of avgas is not that great compared to hangars and insurance; there's where the money goes.
  17. If the LongEZ is out of weight balance because the engine is too light, one would just move the engine father rear of the firewall to restore proper balance? I'm guessing at that. It seems that the Rotax 912-iS (fuel injected) would be a great option for someone attempting to achieve the ultimate fuel economy. I believe it is equal to o-200 in HP, which is the recommended engine that delivers the minimum HP for the LongEZ). The Rotax 912-iS can deliver 100HP of takeoff power for 5 minutes, then must be throttled back to 80%. It sips automobile gas at cruise more than any other engine that might be possible for the LongEZ. And, the pilot will not have to worry about carb-heat or fuel-mixture, which have been the source of pilot accidents at least in other airplanes. The engine also has a 2000hour lifespan before it must be replaced. The cons include more inconveniences on preflight like having to "burp" the engine to check oil. And, a LOT of people on the internet talk poorly of Rotax.
  18. Yep, $1250 seems like a lot to get 5-7 degrees of cooling (pic). Two 50 cent vortex generators will do that too. The most important benefit is the last: "Significantly improves the visual 'lines' of canard aircraft." No argument there. 🙂 My old spinner is spoken for. Good riddance! "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm lovin' it" -- Cosmo Kramer
  19. TrisVP last visited this website on Feb 16 which can be established by clicking on his name. You would likely get a more timely response by sending him a Private Message which you can also do by clicking on his name or check the FAA registry for the ownership of N393JT
  20. Spinners: I used a spinner twice on different airplanes. They were not as nice as pic one below, however. It was a PIA to mount and dismount. It made it hard to check the prop and hub and to dynamically balance the prop. If they are not mounted squarely they induce vibration. If there is any evidence they improve cooling, I'd like to hear it. I doubt it does much but maybe. For sure, spinners like the first are a whole lot of money and trouble for very little gain except to look good parked at the FBO. Now I don't use any spinner. My life is simple. I like the simple life (this is why I own an airplane and four bikes). 🙂 In fact, my last spinner was for sale (pic 2). Cut for a three-blade Performance pusher prop. PM me. If you are nice to me I will ship it to you for cost of the postage and a suitable box.
  21. Please indulge me: (1) The Tri-Q above was originally posted with a Craigslist link last year. The poster was not the seller so I doubt anyone knows anything more about this airplane. If you really want to find it, go to this page in the FAA Registry https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/Search/MakeModelInquiry and enter Model "Tri-q". Leave the Manufacturer blank. Try different spellings. The stupid FAA does not identify the N-numbers in that result or accomodate a search by Manufacturer Code but for any aircraft that looks likely, do a Google Verbatim search [ https://www.google.com/webhp?tbs=li:1 ] for a result like James Langley Tri Quickie and it will usually bring up the N-number. Go back to the Registry search and search for that N-number if desired which will show you some ownership history. If you knew the county of location for sure, you could search by state and county in the Registry. (2) oftentimes, the best way to ask a poster about an old post is to send him a direct message which will go to his email address. Do that by clicking on his name and finding the link "Message". (3) If you just want to comment about the state of aviation or your own condition, please start your own topic. The topic of this thread is "Sales I've seen". Let us stick to canards for sale or sold. Or how to track them down! Your cooperation is appreciated. 🙂
  22. Hi is the Tri -Q still available if so could you please send some information and photos Thanks Peter Gilbertson pjg28@live.com.au
  23. https://q-list.groups.io/g/main http://www.quickheads.com https://imageevent.com/qdf_files/quickiefiles Also, search Q-Tour on youtube. The experts are there. The one in IN on barnstormers looks good. I would be all over it if I wasn't set on the original canard and gear. 635# empty is fine.
  24. What it says on the tin. Who can I talk to about the Q2 of I'm thinking about buying one? I'm wondering about the Q2 that's currently on barnstormers.com, and thinking it might be rather heavy for its empty weight and don't know about the location of the main gear and change to the wingtips.
  25. I am not flying because (1) I used ALL of my time working on the Longeze and am not current (2) I come to Maui every year because Washington state is too cold (3) My airplane is at OLM; I have been "trapped on Maui" for 18 months now by the virus (4) When the hours were flown off, I still did not have wheel pants, the cowling was MUCH too heavy, etc. so it sits in the hangar in Olympia in 3 pieces. Have a good day, guys.
  26. I bet there are a LOT of the EZ that have just sat and neglected to reregister - so the number from BMC could be off a bit. Would be nice to be able to get the "fell out of registration" list and ping them! I think people get excited and fly for a bit - then have other things come up in life (children, grandchildren, no-work, etc...) that puts a damper on their flying... then after a year or 5, they keep thinking they will get back into it - but there is no motivator. 😞 I am a fan of Mike Patey. They are working on a "program" to connect newer pilots to these "old farts" - and offer to partner - or rent their planes (with hope that this remotivates the "old farts" as well as brings joy to newer pilots). This would even help the "unable" "old farts" to get back in the air - share some war stories, and be a positive influence on a younger pilot. This idea also helps share the expense... as the EZ insurance is going up 30-50% (and probably going to continue to trend this way for the next unknown amount of time!). We have 3 planes at 28a that should be flying. I am connecting with them to find out the why - and the "hey, would you be interested in flying it again" movement with the above mentioned mindset... Think globally - act locally...
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