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  2. Get a load at this contraption..... More details on Av Week's site at: https://aviationweek.com/business-aviation/full-scale-lilium-evtol-demonstrator-enters-flight-test?NL=AW-05&Issue=AW-05_20190516_AW-05_527&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_2&utm_rid=CPEN1000001175701&utm_campaign=19629&utm_medium=email&elq2=6883262a8d4143f7af27a25b59f53b55 Jeff
  3. This B-stormers project in Pennsylvania. I think I paid $2K for a tub with no nose, a cracked canopy, and some foam years ago so it sounds like a good deal to me. A Cozygirrls Long-ez engine mount is going for $1050, let that sink in. Brakes, gear hoop, canopy, cowls, preformed strakes. Those are all nearly $1K items. Imagine! A Long-ez quickbuild kit for $3K or so. What a deal! GU canard. Bonus: LORAN antennas! LONG EZ • $3,500 • PROJECT FOR SALE • Long ez for sale. Have to many projects and someone should really fly this one. What you see plus a few boxes of misc parts. Excellent build quality. Call or text for more details. • Contact Willie Hege, Owner - located Shippensburg, PA USA • Telephone: 7179777436 • Posted May 16, 2019
  4. Anthony, if you want to know more about these trim systems and some of their limitations, call me at (909)331-8106. I have flown the Atkinson system as well as the original plans manual trim Cozy III. Al Smith
  5. Appreciate the tip, but I already have a 4 place. Like most, at least two of those seats fly empty. There was a Long over at Borland field, but they had fitted some sort of retractable mains system. I am very keen on a plans built Long, not a heavier overly complicated hybrid. (and I'm not referring to the cozy, which I think is a great bird) I'm even in the camp that thinks the original nose looks fine.
  6. Might I suggest that you pick up that give-away Cozy IV project in Waller, Texas for $1500. See my "Sales I've seen" thread.
  7. Sorry, I did not mean to say "conventional" gear (what an outdated name for a taildragger!). I meant to mount the main wheels nearer the centerline. 🙂 I see that the Washington estate-sale EZ sold. This one: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63091 Man, the Facebookers were swarming around that airplane like bees. No idea what it went for. The $1500 Cozy-Texas-Ebay sale got no bids and it was a NO RESERVE auction! https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63456
  8. If anyone is still asking, I have gathered enough materials to get through chapter 9. As far as I can tell, with the TERF CD, Open EZ drawings, and Ferde Grofe video, I have everything I need to build an airplane. On top of that, I think I might be able to talk Bill James into looking over my work once in a while. I haven't officially started yet. trying to get other projects moved out so I can by this fall.
  9. A recent update to the forum software has given us another way to quote posts when replying: Click and drag your mouse over the text you want to quote to get a "Quote selection" button to appear right near your selection. Click the "Quote selection" button and the selected text will be included in your reply at the place where your cursor was last at. Repeat as necessary. Simple, and works great!
  10. That's a shame, and now a fairly involved repair (replace the entire canard, rerun lines, cables, etc.), but at least you can keep the wheels. The first thing I think when watching folks stress-test their wings is, "ok, now get that stuff off of there now!" You'd still want to rebuild that Quickie as a taildragger, which (being a taildragger) is the source of most of the Q's reputation. In other words, you could say that all taildraggers would behave better on more conventional gear. With the Quickie taildraggers, the effect of braking is much more pronounced than if the wheels were closer to the centerline. In the air the setup is more efficient than a conventional tricycle gear. I think the 3rd airplane I build/own will be a Q1. Looks like great fun with a tiny engine! 😉
  11. This Quickie with an interesting story. A 570 lb load does not seem that extreme but with the sun beating down . . .. I mean, who's going to load three 190 lb persons in that cockpit for 8 hours in the summer heat. He was asking for it, I'd say. Oh well, I imagine it can be rebuilt pretty easily. Cut out the canard, build new. I understand they behave better on more conventional landing gear. Perhaps it is a blessing. 🙂 Q1 QUICKIE W/RT CANARD FAIL • $2,100 • FOR SALE AS IS • Q1 Quickie broken right front canard. Canard broke while test loading aircraft with 70lbs engine and 500 lbs load ON THE GROUND. Had emergency, left 8 hours fully loaded 100 degree heat/sun. Came back, Right Canard had failed. Diid not build the aircraft.Aiircraft flew years before with an Onan. Metal parts restored. New canopy included (paid $600) No engine, instruments/radios. Do not enter a deal unless you intend to complete it. Aircraft based Fallbrook, CA. Buyer pays shipping. Carbon fiber spar retrofit available Quickheads site, (NI) Questions (760) 419-1301 • Contact George H. Dawe, Owner - located Fallbrook, CA USA • Telephone: 760.419.1301 . 760 419-1301 • Posted May 15, 2019
  12. Kent, Thanks - this is a nice Vari-Eze. I try and not be a used car salesman. I turn away buyers whose needs don't match the aircraft, I tell potential buyers everything the plane needs, and even what I don't like about the design. I really enjoy aviation and I want others to enjoy, too. I don't see the problem with advertising in MPH, though - the Vari-Eze flight manual by Burt Rutan came in MPH. Joe
  13. No intent to knock your airplane, Joe--it looks pretty nice. It just gives me a chuckle when folks advertise in MPH. Got any late-model Camrys on your lot? 🙂
  14. Hi Kent, Take a closer look - that's my Varieze which does 165 MPH WOT TAS (4-way GPS run), it is indicating 124 KIAS (with a 170 knot GS - not the point of the photo) while climbing out at 600 or 800 FPM on the IPad PFD. Cheers. Joe
  15. I suspect it is the Lawrenceville, GA chapter. The OP lives NE a few miles. http://joomla.eaa690.net/index.php An older EZ by the look of the [low] performance rudder mod but it ought to be worth $15K. Certainly $10K. The discussion at PilotsOfAmerica says they just want to get rid of it--too many projects. https://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/threads/suggestions-please.118660/
  16. Saw this one pop up on the Pilots of America forum. A gentleman that has terminal cancer donated his project to an EAA chapter in Georgia. Here's his description. Not much to go on but if someone's interested I'm sure I can get the contact info
  17. I see that you have a Long-ez. I measured the cups on a standard Dynafocal Type 1 ring and they are 2.75" ID. Does your "2.25" refer to the cup-size or the donut diameter? In the picture below, the gent is showing a Lord J-7402-24 donut in an O-360 mount. http://www.supercub.org/forum/showthread.php?46285-NEED-INFO-on-engine-mounts The donut appears to be about 2.25" wide. The engineering sketch below shows them to be about 2" wide. Maybe this is what you are seeing and what you want (or the -16). The Cozygirrls recommend the Lord J-7402-24 for their Long-ez mounts. http://www.cozygirrrl.com/aircraftparts.htm Here is a conversation about donuts from the Cozybuilders group: The VIP donuts are cheaper. https://vipmounts.com/aircrafts-mounts/ See bottom of the page for Lord/Barry equivalents. I have read of an alarmed owner who saw the interior rubber piece around the space on the -24 donuts deteriorating and "leaking" out of the donut. So since the -24 extra rubber feature is unnecessary and the -16 is the same in flight, I would guess the -16 version or VIP equivalent would do. There is an older Lord product guide here which has more info and drawings. http://www.n2999c.com/N2999C-info/aircraft/Skyranch_Information/enginemount_lord.pdf That empties my clue bag. 🙂 Lord mount S-4258.pdf
  18. Earlier
  19. I can find thickness and engine cross references but have not been able to find diameter dimensions on any mounts. Some newer mounts have been the 3" wide and the 2.75" diameter, all have been 3/4" thick for a o-320 but I have a 2.25" wide and trying to find the model for this size is tough. I started with the Barry mount for the 0-320 but the rubber disc to the engine mount is too large around. Both Lord and Barry are no responsive and ACS is reluctant to start pulling boxes apart  to examine sizes.

  20. Dang! Correcting the picture I posted above .
  21. More bad ideas from the world of FB: This chap (pic 1) is planning to put these intake holes in his NACA inlet. The NACA flow, which is already swirling at the sides due to the design of the scoop, and turbulent, will flow toward that 3-hole arrangement. He is expecting to get, say, 24 sq inches of airflow into three holes of about 9.5 sq inches total. As a result, most of it will spill-over out of the NACA and create turbulence outside and behind the NACA. That spilled air, slowing down as it encounters the 3-hole air-dam and then having to accelerate back to freestream velocity outside the fuselage, uses energy to slow it down and energy to speed it up again. That's drag. In addition, the molecules, which have momentum (air is heavy!) are going to impact the flat surfaces surrounding the intake holes and cause a backpressure to incoming flow which will increase the spill-out tendency. Then as the molecules bounce off the flat surfaces and try to enter those small holes, they will tumble (arrows added). They will not enter his holes in an orderly non-turbulent stream, therefore, fewer of those little buggers will crowd through the holes as they bump and jostle each other. The effect will be to reduce his 9.5 sq inches to maybe 5-7 sq inches. In addition, the choke-like design of his holes is attempting to accelerate air through the holes. That will also cause backpressure and spillout. And normally you would want to decelerate air entering a plenum to raise its pressure. On my Long-EZ project, I had downdraft cooling so I used a smaller-size NACA on the bottom for carb and oil cooler air using two large square holes (pic 2). These holes turned out to be larger than needed. I closed them down with some aluminum as a test (pic 3) and eventually raised the floor of the NACA (i.e., made the NACA shallower) to make the holes smaller. For this fellow, I imagine intake holes like pic 4 would work much better.
  22. I saw this pic (#1) on a FB page and edited it below. It is an old one from newsletters and the arrangement doesn't work but it got several "likes". There is a fair amount of bad info on FB. The attach point for the master cylinder must be lower on the pedal to achieve sufficient leverage. Matco says the leverage must be at least 2.5:1. This pic caused me some grief in the past. Pic 2 shows a laydown pedal arrangement that works pretty well but it could use a little more leverage.
  23. Generally, Lord J7402-24 is recommended for the Cozy. That's what the Cozygirrls show. If you look at the Lord manual you will see -24 and -16 listed for Pipers PA-28s between 150 and 180 hp so I don't think it matters much which one I think there is subtile differences in the rubber composition. Doubt you could tell in use. https://www.lord.com/china/sites/china/files/PB6304_MountsGeneralAviation.pdf
  24. The very next email in my Inbox after this post's notification was from EAA about a discount for a prop balancer!
  25. Lest you think that a hanging prop balancer is some sort of imaginary device conceived by an addled brain, I offer exhibit 1 https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/section/news/propeller-balancing-bushing-kit/ Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
  26. trying to get the mount number of either a berry or lord mount. The current mount has no model number. The mount is 2.25" across and 3/4" high with a 1/2" shoulder. Any one know what model? Manufacturers have been no help. Manufactures only show height not width. Sure the engine mount is an older style.
  27. I have available a new never used still in packing from shipment an MT 3 bladed constant speed pusher prop MTV-12-B , new governor and white spinner. The setup was designed for a Titan X-340 or X-370 180 - 205HP, but could be used with a Lycoming in that HP range.We paid well over $15K for these setups late last year but are selling due to the company going out of business.I'm looking for reasonable offers two of these available to sell.They can be inspected and picked up or shipped on a pallet to your location.Best way to contact me is email at terfer2@gmail.comThanks,Terry
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