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  2. Voidhawk9

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force him to drink.
  3. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    A funny, sad story: I had a friend nearby who finished a Long-ez. He had not flown for years and took perhaps 15-20 hours to pass his biennial with a CFI in a spam can. After that we flew in the Cozy for 4-5 hours. He was not very proficient. He had learned the old Cessna habit pattern: "pitch controls speed, power controls altitude". That works very well in a Cessna but less well in a canard. On base and final, power WILL control glidepath or altitude over the long run but a slick airplane like a canard will often just get fast if you don't make a pitch change with the power. We talked about how his Cessna habit was not helping. He needed to control base glidepath with the stick, ie., maintain a constant glidepath and use power to control speed. He understood it intellectually but couldn't apply it in the airplane. When he started flying his EZ, observers saw him landing like an X-15: screaming. He could barely get stopped. After a few flights some pine trees grabbed his airplane as he was rolling out final; he was lucky he didn't get killed. When asked what happened, he said "The airplane got low on base. I kept adding power but it would not regain the glidepath."
  4. COZY Builders Mailing List

    urethane foam

    Hello all I am looking for some urethane foam for construction of nose and base of canopy frame. Aircraft Spruce only has this in CA. Not in stock on East side of states. I am in FL, so if anyone out there has extra they want to sell let me know. -- Till Later Bill W View the full article
  5. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    From the Cozybuilders list yesterday. A tub on the main gear
  6. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Two Measurements needed

    Hey guys, I am building a hydraulic lift trailer in Boise Id. To transport my cozy, currently in Republic WA. Which, FYI, I plan on making the trailer available to anyone who needs it. I need two measurements ASAP, The first measurement is lateral. Center of left main wheel to center of right View the full article
  7. YMMV .... but ....See the 7th paragraph down: https://www.boatus.com/magazine/2018/august/biobutanol-the-ethanol-alternative.asp?utm_source=bmag&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sailing_0718 " ... fiberglass gas tanks can and have been destroyed by even small amounts of ethanol in gasoline." My View the full article
  8. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Project for sale

    I have realized that I am never going to finish it and am hoping someone can get a head start on theirs. The build proceeded in order and I have completed the Canards primary construction, but it has not been installed yet. You can find everything you may need in my online build log at View the full article
  9. Yesterday
  10. Is this the product that is being used to protect the plexiglass during canopy construction? I see spraylot was sold off. So is this stuff good? -- Till Later Bill W View the full article
  11. COZY Builders Mailing List

    canopy protectant

    What are we using now a days for canopy protectant while building the area around the canopy? -- Till Later Bill W < http://www.avg.com/email-signature?utm_medium=email&utm_source=link&utm_campaign=sig-email&utm_content=webmail> Virus-free. www.avg.com < http://www.avg.com/email-signature View the full article
  12. Last week
  13. Hi,I have a Matco parking brake with 3 foot push-pull cable that I recently removed from my Cozy for sale. Asking $75 which includes shipping.Respond off group and I will send pictures. Thane Ostroth DDS drt...@yahoo.com View the full article
  14. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy projects have been sold

    Thanks for the support and information provided, this has been sold View the full article
  15. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    They don't get any cheaper than this. $12900 in materials, asking $1500 https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/avo/d/marietta-cozy-mark-iv-fiberglass/6791532178.html (H/T Marc Z.) Also this one on B-stormers. New one? COZY 4 PROJECT. MANY EXTRAS • PROJECT FOR SALE • Cozy 4 complete thru chap 13. precut wing cores. Too many extras to list. Call for pics $6000 OBO • Contact Les D. Behrens, Owner - located Pflugerville, TX USA • Telephone: 512-294-8966 • Posted January 18, 2019
  16. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Lycoming O-360 for sale

    There is an overhauled Lycoming O-360 just posted for sale over at Vans Airforce forum for $15k.... if anyone is looking for an engine. Andrew Anunson Sent from a generic phonograph View the full article
  17. COZY Builders Mailing List

    COZY Project for sale, cheap

    Folks: Someone pointed me to this Craigslist ad: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/avo/d/marietta-cozy-mark-iv-fiberglass/6791532178.html Cheap for what's there, if you want a headstart on a project. -- Marc J. Zeitlin marc_z...@alum.mit.edu View the full article
  18. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Throttle cable

    Hello group looking for any kind of information I can get regarding the throttle cable. I noticed that the plans are now calling for cablecraft #580 - 700 - 109. Will this cable work for most throttle bodies? I'm using Robert's EFII system 32 and a standard home builders throttle quadrant. 109 View the full article
  19. mquinn6

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    You might have answered your own question... As "everyone" respected Burt and Puffer - all these others wish to have that same "revere". But nobody has come out a clear winner (they all have their merits - but the community has not aligned with any one). In our encouraged polarized world we live in - I think the midset is that it improves things... Ok - I have no idea - so I am going back to reading the CP and CSA and waiting for the registration challenges to get worked out on my bird before I go further...
  20. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Wright N.G electric diagram

    Hello folks, On my second COZY, I have Wright electric nose gear. The system is working fine, but the low Airspeed Micro Sw. or throttel idle Micr.Sw. doesn't efect the automatic lowering the gear. Does anyone in the group have a more detailed diagram of the printed circuit so I'll be able to View the full article
  21. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Canard interest is spread-out on the net like bird-watchers wandering in a huge forest. They want to get together and share their bird-finds but they can't find each other. A couple of them are together over here, a couple over there. It's pitiful. If they would coalesce in one place, they'd get more enjoyment out of [owning canard airplanes] and sharing their experiences. For example, there is this site, CanardAviators.com, EZ.org, CanardCommunity.com, Socal EZ Group Squadron III (Facebook), Rutan Longez and Varieze (Facebook), Cozy Aircraft-Canard Avaition [sic] (Facebook), Cozy MarkIV (Facebook), Cozy Mk IV Pilots and Builders (Facebook), the Cozybuilders google group, the Canard-aviators yahoo group, Terry Schubert's Central States Association. Recently there is David Orr's Squadron III newsletter and lonely personal blogs like Longez Neightfourdr (Facebook) and Varieze nfoursixez (Facebook). I also know of a couple dozen personal builder websites. Some are active, some are dead or nearly so. They do not share. Newbie's ask the same old questions and reinvent the wheel. Like some of you, I refuse to join Zuckerberg's corrupt organization Other sites and lists are interesting and serve a good purpose but the effect is to spread the community out thinly. We do not have a Rutan or Puffer sponsor we can coalesce around. Persons interested in canards have to find builders and flyers where they can. For that reason I choose only to post on this web-based site and urge you who may come across my thread to ditch your Facebook memberships and post here. Your pics and comments will not dribble down to the bottom of an ad-filled FB page and be lost in obscurity. With the "search" function, you can actually find information. Over 23,000 people have looked at this thread and over 47,000 have looked at my Sales I've Seen thread so there are folks out there who will read your posts if you make the effort, talk about your experiences, and post a few pics. Thanks to Jon for hosting this site.
  22. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Seen on the cozybuilder's list today: A Cozy Mk IV project in Pennsylvania. $12,500 in parts and materials (see PDF file). Seller want $4500. Bob Newman of this company https://www.tcwtech.com Cozy MKIV Parts.pdf
  23. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy MKIV Project for Sale

    Some of you may know or may have ordered from Bob Newman... he owns and operates TCW Technologies (they build backup batteries and trim control systems for homebuilt aircraft). Bob has a Cozy MKIV project that needs a new home, and he is asking $4,500 for entire lot. This includes the tub View the full article
  24. kingbonanza

    KLS Composites - SQ2000

    I bought a SQ2000 in St Petersburg FL in May of 2018. Flew it across the country to Corona CA in 5 days, stopping to visit friends and family. It is a great flying airplane, nice and smooth. It is sure a conversation piece at the pumps when you stop for fuel. I was in no hurry to get home, so I would some times talk with people for 2 hours about the SQ. I have a climb prop on it, she climbs at 1,800 FPM very easily. Top speed is 160 knots, I'm going to put a cruse prop on some day. I am planning on flying to Copper state (Buckeye, AZ) this Feb 8 thru 10, 2019 for the airshow. If you guys are around look me up. Thanks Kevin
  25. COZY Builders Mailing List

    IFR cozy

    Hello community! Dooes anyone made an ifr cozy? It was difficulty to do all the paperwork with the legal organizations? View the full article
  26. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy Classic

    Hi All, If anyone has the plans/drawings for the Cozy Classic, could you please contact me offline. Thanks, -- Nick Ugolini, Charleston, SC LongEZ-N29TM (2895 hrs), Cozy 3 Project in the oven Canard fuel probes / Website / Blog @ www.nickugolini.com View the full article
  27. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cylinder - Pressure drop

    Hello all, Lycoming recommend 5" H2o pressure drop to cool our cylinder. Does somebody have an estimation of the corresponding massflow? it should depend of the oat? Thanks View the full article
  28. COZY Builders Mailing List

    EZ Noselift Extension Rod

    The installation instructions for the EZ-Noselift have us fit the manual extension rod so that it sticks out the instrument panel about 2".To those of you with the manual extension rods in your panel, can we install the rod so its closer to flush... perhaps protruding 1/2"? I realize that my View the full article
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