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  2. OK, no worries on the Long-EZ. I am waiting for David to get back to me after he reviews the information he requested. Here is the link to the one I saw and spoke with the owner about. I figured you would have knowledge of the plane. https://www.aircraftdealer.com/dealers/d/donaldponciroli/69428/big_s.jpg I appreciate the links to the examination and the PDF. This information I will review and study to give me a better understanding of things. I understand that the sound pre-purchase inspection by someone who knows what they are doing and what to look for. Thank you again for your time, Trevor
  3. No. It's not for sale yet - I'm just projecting that it may be sometime this year. Don't know for sure. Dave will have a more comprehensive list of LE's for sale, but you'd still need a good Pre-Buy examination. I keep a list of all COZY's for sale (that I know or hear of). Which plane is this? It's doubtful that I'm not familiar with it... See: https://www.burnsideaerospace.com/pre-buy-examination-information and page 32 of: http://cozybuilders.org/Oshkosh_Presentations/2015_Zeitlin-Soup_To_Nuts.pdf for information on what to look for. But the most important thing is to have someone that knows their ass from a hot rock look at the plane, and just because someone has built and flown one or two of these planes doesn't necessarily mean that they are in that category. I've seen a lot of crap that supposedly knowledgable builders had let slide or just missed. See: http://cozybuilders.org/mail_list/ for COZY mailing list information.
  4. Congratulations!!! Building an airplane is a long term hobby, so its ok if there are breaks. Glad you’re back at it! Andrew
  5. Thanks Marc, I am sorry for getting back to you so late. I just saw the notification that you replied. I have since turned on my notification settings in hopes to avoid this in the future. I reached out to Tim and then David yesterday, I answered David's questionnaire early this morning from work and emailed it back. I have know Tim for years as well as John Crocker, another Long-EZ guy at Placerville. I would be very interested in getting information on a solid Long-EZ. Will David have the information on the one you mentioned? I do have a COZY question for you. In my search for a good canard, I ran across a Cozy IV that has been for sale for about 5 years per the owner. I know my wife would prefer the Cozy for the extra room. What I am asking is, what are some key questions would someone need to ask to get an accurate idea on its condition. Due to my work schedule, I will need to plan a trip to see it in person. I honestly don't think I could have located one any further away in the US. Its located on the east coast. I am still very green regarding getting into the different groups and mailing lists. Is the mailing lists you mentioned on this forum or located at a different site? I will start looked for the ones you mentioned. Thank you again for your help, Trevor Anders
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  7. This Varieze today: VARIEZE, BUILT IN 1994 • $18,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Bought an RV4 and now need to sell my Varieze after 25 years. Built by myself with friends help, vanilla EZ with a lot of potential. O-200 with 650 hours since new both engine and airframe. High compression pistons, 8 inch Sabre propeller extenstion, newly installed Hal Hunt exhaust system, lives in Boulder Colorado. LongEz landing gear. Good basic plane. • Contact Michael Malocsay, Owner - located Golden, CO United States • Telephone: 7203204189 • Posted January 22, 2020 It's nice to be able to buy from the original builder. Also this Velocity project (pics 2,3). Judging from the dirt it has spent a lot of years in storage but the price seems reasonable: VELOCITY-KIT / 30% COMPLETE • $18,000 • REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE • VELOCITY ''KIT"" 30 % complete with lots of extra's . IVO three bladed Prop. Panel full of instruments , radio's GPS KX135 and special C Breaker panel. Also a damaged Velocity for special interior parts. ( FRANKLIN ENGINE WAS SOLD- GONE ) KIT COST 35K $$ Radios cost 2.8.K $ Prop cost 2,200 $ Instruments cost about 4K $ Total 44 K $$ . Located at Bracket Field , So California. FAST FOUR PLACE AIRPLANE , easy on fuel , prop in back , clear out front. HAS THE GULL WING DOORS, Looks COOL KIT # 397 LOWERED THE PRICE AGAIN & AGAIN Grumpy • Contact lynn swann - WILLOW RANCH, Owner - located Lucerne Valley, CA United States • Telephone: 909 831 8272 • Posted January 22, 2020
  8. It's been way too long. I know many builders and flyers understand where I'm coming from. I haven't done any real work on the project in 6 months until today. The delay was caused in no small part by moving to a new property, picking up additional work, and other things in life taking up my time. Finally, today I spent an hour or so working on the project and completed a step that had been waiting that long. It is so very satisfying! Happily the step went well and only a little blood was drawn by the glass. Pretty good I'd say! There will be plenty more where that came from. Work on the project that is - hopefully not too much more blood, I've spilled plenty of that already. Did I ever post about the time my recip saw blade got stuck and the body started reciprocating instead, crushing my fingertip repeatedly and rapidly against the work? Ow. And another big step was getting my flight instructor ticket renewed last week, 10 years and 2 days since the last time I flew as an instructor! The flight went pretty well, and I look forward to teaching at the local flying club a few times a week going forward. I enjoy instructing, and of course flying which I have done very little of over the last decade!
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  10. I talked about the airmanship involved in flying a circling approach or low pattern here https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/18661-kents-long-ez-project/?do=findComment&comment=63773 The Lancair accident below is a textbook example. The pilot had electrical problems but in the end, he put himself on a downwind displaced 1500' from the runway at only a few hundred feet above the ground and attempted to make a 180 deg, 750' radius, nearly-level turn to final, stalled the airplane and killed himself and his passenger. Why would he do that? Because at 325' AGL, on a downwind displaced 1500' from the R/W, the "look angle" to the runway is about the same as for a 1000' AGL downwind displaced 5000'. However, not only is the turn significantly tighter, it is almost level. When I flew Tweets, 80% of students attempting their first circling approach would make the same mistake. When you are out flying sometime, try flying a 300' AGL pattern and see what I mean http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2020/01/loss-of-control-in-flight-lancair.html
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  12. Long-Ez plans promo image is a Cozy. Hmmm...
  13. I noticed this ad on ebay today: It is probably the same as the Open-EZ plans that are available on this site but it might be handy to have on a CD if you just want a cheap source to study the construction. These days, even original plans are a little dated. There have been many good ideas and improvements to the EZ since RAF closed shop that have not be incorporated in the plans but the basic design is still quite viable. Follow-on owners would probably do well to have a copy of the plans, too. [FYI, Burt said publicly a few years ago that he did not object to persons building from copied plans but he hoped they would not call it a Long-EZ in order to reduce his potential liability.]
  14. Perhaps you could convince someone on the canard-aviators list to send you some copies. https://canardzone.groups.io/g/canard-aviators I am not aware of any digitized versions, not to say they are aren't any. Maybe the TERF CD. Another idea: Do an FAA registry search for Varieze owners in your area and start calling around https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/
  15. It's "Zinc Chromate" but that's an old-fashioned coating. 🙂 You might read this thread on the Cozybuilders list. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/cozy_builders/PirmQw044uE/NFgNM0E8CQAJ I paint the engine mount with white Rustoleum. It is easy to touch up or remove if you need to weld a crack. I use a two-part epoxy primer on the aluminum pieces which has great adhesion, then paint over that if you like but AFAIK, powder coating is more chip-resistant than paint. Folks say the powder-coat oven will ruin the aluminum heat treat but I just read a study that says no. I have no opinion on powder coating except that processes like that slow down the building.
  16. Hello, I've searched looking for this topic - have to believe it's been in here a million times. I'm looking for Vari-eze plans full size for A3, A5, A7. If someone could help me obtain an electronic copy or actual print, I'd appreciate it
  17. John W

    Powder coating

    Thinking about power coating all the metal control linkage parts made from 4130 steel or aluminum. I think this may give better rust/corrosion control than Zink chromite. Have any of you tried this and what were your results? Only comment I could find on powder coating was in DBFN 82, page 4, but mostly referred to landing gear and motor mounts. I am primarily interested in the feasibility of using power coating on the small rods and linkage between stick and elevator/ailerons, as they are not yet installed.
  18. Last night I saw some of your photos in the CSA Newsletter. Thanks. Jeff
  19. Hi Jeff I would like to put the pictures on but I have no idea how to do that. I have the pictures in my computer but will not have much help until April when my son or another guy can show me how. The framework is really pretty simple: 2x2s for any vertical board, 1x2s for the other boards. Then sheets of 4'x8' insulation from the Aviation section at Home Depot. That makes a strong, light box. The whole thing is bolted together with 1/4" bolts (3/16 bolts are generally too short). Better to use one size of bolts even though that is overkill to avoid switching drill bits from time to time; that just wastes time. I did have to use smaller screws for the hinges (door and 2 halves of the front surface). Some horizontal 1x2 boards sit on top and directly underneath the strakes. The strakes are curved and the board are not curved; I did not bother trimming for an exact fit. Some fuzzy fiberglass pieces can be pushed into the empty space and/or the rigid 4'x8' foam pieces can be trimmed on curves to fit. BTW I have a Toyota Prius so the foam has to be trimmed to fit inside. This results in 6'x39" pieces of foam when you drive to the hangar. Then you have some scrap you probably never use. The door has to be held in shape (90 degree corners) with an adjustable rod. Watch out for threaded parts made of aluminum as the female threads immediately strip (why does Home Depot carry those?)(made in China, of course). Use steel parts for anything threaded. There are a few diagonal pieces just to make it structurally strong. There are 2 short 1x2 boards that are padded with rubber sheets and sit on top of the strakes. Those sit very close to the 2 fuel caps and sit at an angle so the boards are actually running along the top surfaces of the 2 strakes (but not far as those are short boards). The top of the box is made of two 6'6" x 39" pieces of insulation which makes more than 6'. I just put one 1x2 board on each piece to make it lighter. Very small screws holds the piece above the propeller in place. Gravity holds the other one in place. It overlaps in the front a little. The front above the engine/strakes is in 2 pieces on small hinges so the entire front can swing out to allow access. The front below the strakes just fits very well against the strakes and rear of the airframe. I have a NACA duct which is just filled with a couple of scrap pieces of insulation and fuzzy fiberglass. Good luck. I will send the pictures in April. Don't think you need them. Bruce
  20. Mines got a limbach l2000 eo1. Just a fancy vw that’s certified in Germany. That said get an 80hp something. Most of the vw conversions these days are pretty good. Personally I like the limbach the best and will be at sun n fun finding out if I need to do much work to put Revmaster heads on it. Less valve adjustments...
  21. would be interested in seeing photos of your enclosure. Jeff
  22. This fellow in Alabama has two Varieze projects for sale $3500 and $5500, as well a a hangar full of canard airplanes he is working on. Here is the link or search FB for Tony Warnock https://www.facebook.com/groups/25741482604/
  23. Here is a description of the corrosion problem from Marc's site. If you google a bit you can find pics of it http://www.cozybuilders.org/Canard_Pusher/RAF_inspection.pdf
  24. This Varieze today: I didn't find a Varieze registered in Loveland (Larimer County), CO but the seller was on this list in 2009. I would not count on getting any response with a PM, though https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/18558-varieze-parts-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=27119VARIEZE VARIEZE • FOR SALE AS IS • Currently stored Ty.258 engine 0200 Ty..1600 Too many projects. 15000. Obo. Raymond Parker513-884-9637 • Contact Raymond Parker, Owner - located Loveland, OH United States • Telephone: 513 884 9637 • 513 583 9637 • Posted January 12, 2020 And yet, there are buyers out there: Mr. Ryan, may I introduce you to Mr. Parker 🙂 E-RACER OR COZY-3 • WANTED TO BUY • Prefer flying but will consider Damaged or Project. Text only. • Contact R. Ryan, End User - located San Diego, CA USA • Telephone: 858-229-4875 • Posted January 12, 2020
  25. The winter newsletter on page 19 contains a short discussion of a problem that I encountered in finishing a Longeze. It should have been clear. Maybe an edit made it confusing. I used Aeropoxy on Maui where the temperature is pretty constant and high. So no problem until the project was shipped to my wife's hangar 25 miles from Olympia. I had to build a workshop in one corner of the hanger large enough to fit the project into. I could heat it electrically so no problem. BUT testing time came around and I MOVED IT TO A HANGAR AT Olympia Regional Airport. It was ready to fly and did for 45 hours......................... The problem came when I wanted to make a change on the turtleback using Aeropoxy. The hangar at Olympia is not heated and cannot be heated more than five degrees above the outside temperature. That means that there is NO time, even in July or August when the hangar is warm enough to set the Aeropoxy. So I built a box which is 6'x6'x6', with a door for access, Two pictures show the partially complete box. Currently the box is ready but I am on Maui. In April I will finish the job. When in use, a heater will blow horizontally at the bottom, a fan will roll that air to vertical to make a circular rolling motion to the warm air. The heater is thermostatically controlled and I have an indoor/outdoor temperature sensor to confirm the temp. I think that will work. The top and front of the box can be removed in seconds for access to the front. There is room on each side of the propellor for a folding chair for access in the back. The box sits entirely on the concrete floor, with a few ounces of force on top of each strake at the point where the fuel caps are. I have many pictures of the box in construction and completed, if you are interested. The point is that most of the U.S. is way too cold to use Aeropoxy without a box, a quilt or something.
  26. Get in touch with Tim Sullivan, who bases his Long-EZ at Placerville. Great guy. I know of a very nice Long-EZ that might be for sale - the owner hasn't flown it in over a year. Get in touch with David Orr who maintains a list of all Long-EZ's (and other canards) for sale. I maintain a list of COZY's for sale. Join the canard-aviators mailing list, which has over 1500 members and is pretty active. If you're interested in COZY's, join the COZY mailing list, which has over 800 members, 100 flyers, and 300 builders.
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