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  2. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    It's HERE!!! That was WAY too long to wait for a delivery. I kept my cool (even though three times I almost went down and got it myself!). The guy was a nice guy and all - but a communications conscious, he was not. I finally got a call from him - but it was that his truck broke and he is jack knifed on the freeway (of a 3 day weekend - eveyone must have loved that too!). No injuries - a little trailer rash - but it is now here! I have started the punch list. First thing is to address the landing gear mains. Met a guy at Rough River - but lost his name in my phone (I put it with some clever reminder - like varieze or SOMETHING) - he said he has an extra main for the varieze... Now to figure out who it was and how to get it! As the shipper was late and I was due out of town - as soon as he was unloaded - I was on the road. I never even got 2 sec. to look at it then. I spent the next 2 days out of town - dieing to get back to the bird. Sunday night I returned - and spent til 3 am cleaning and looking things over. I was especially interested in the wing attach points. They were in excelent condition and no cracks or separation between the alum. and the skin. It looks epoxy coated (prior to install?) - the plane was completed in 95, so I HOPE that the builder (Ricky Wilson) stayed up with the CSA and RAF newsletter... I might have less of an engine than promised (complete being overhauled) - I am still inventorying all that and will ask if there is a missing box (I know I am missing one set of rockers, one piston and rings, two piston rods, several plates and accessories. The boxes were not "grouped" in a way. I found pistons with engine bolts and 3 engine mounts... stuff like that. Stay tuned, that part could get expensive ( 0200)/ The plane seems to be well built. the areas of cloth that I can see seem to be nice straight bid. Fit and finish is probably 7-8 (I am critical - I would say it was as nice as 90% that I saw at rough river (the rest were even better done). I need to figure out how best to document the work - and then link it back here in this forum. It is raining here - so good weather to be fiddling around!
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    BM Servos

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  5. COZY Builders Mailing List

    BM autopilot servos - free

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    Canard insurance

    I know this was recently discussed, but I just had a conversation with Travis atAirPower, and he said he couldn't find any carrier writing for any canard at the moment. I previously owned a Varieze (am currently building a Cozy MkIV) and am looking to buy a Cozy MkIV, have >9300hrs tot., heavy View the full article
  7. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Breaking news! He lowered his price to $117,000 in today's ad. Here is one closer to the ballpark. Appears to be N504WB which Cox bought earlier in this thread https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=49101 1984 LONG-EZ • $24,900 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • 0-235-L2C Clean light airplane. Fresh annual, xponder check. New G5, aera 660, GDL39 3D 1200TTAF&E • Contact Chris Cox - 21 VICTOR AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE, INC., Owner - located Hampton, GA USA • Telephone: 404-697-3069 • Posted November 12, 2018 https://flightaware.com/resources/registration/N504WB
  8. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Micro in the Freezer

    I had 100g or so of micro slurry left over from the outboard winglet skins & tried putting it in the freezer for a few hours to fill the trailing edge as described in the plans after knife trim. By bed time it hadn't cured enuf, and then I had stuff on and I didn't get back to it until this View the full article
  9. Don

    Sales I've seen

    Maybe his wife said you have to sell the airplane, so he says “I’ve got it up for sale”!
  10. Last week
  11. mquinn6

    Sales I've seen

    It kinda looks like a tuxedo... Saw it at Rough River. Is a sharp looking bird. Way too rich for my blood! On another semi related note: My bird is here (finally!!!). On the home stretch the guy calls me that he has jack knifed on I 85 near Gaffney and broke his kingpin... I had a previous engagement this weekend so I could not even LOOK at it until tonight!!! Hanging up now, going to look her over. Stay tuned in my folder for updates.
  12. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    This EZ on Barnstormers today. Nice enough but $117K for an O-235 with 712 hours!? He must use a bag of Krugerrands for ballast. 1985 build. RUTAN LONG EZ • $117,800 • FLY RIGHT NOW • N787EZ, Lycoming 0-235 with dual electronic ignition PMags, 1035TT airframe, 712SMOH engine. 150kts cruise, 6gph. All Garmin IFR. ADS-B 2020 compliant. Featured in CSA Newsletter, Oshkosh, and Sun ‘N Fun. All maintenance up-to-date. All logs, and original build plans. Ready-to-fly x/c, no building experience required. A&P/IA annual condition inspection valid through Feb 2019. Pre-buy inspections welcome. Hangared at KMBT. Transition training available. FLY IT HOME TODAY! Rutan Long EZ #1217 aircraft. Call or e-mail any questions. • Contact David Schultz, Owner - located Murfreesboro, TN USA • Telephone: -615-642-6258- • Posted November 11, 2018
  13. Folks: I just finished a wheel/brake/torque plate swap on a Long-EZ, and have a set of Cleveland 199-102 wheels and brakes and torque plate available. These are the low capacity brakes, generally used on VE's and lightweight Long-EZ's. Don't even think about using these on a heavy LE or a COZY. View the full article
  14. Hello all, Awhile back I purchased a set of triple puck high energy Matco brakes for my Cozy but I did not get the matching master cylinders. I realize now that I probably should have. My Cozy IV has the plans Cleveland brakes and the rotors are not in great condition as I see doing View the full article
  15. Got over a pretty good hump today with first start of my UL520is engine on my MKIV. She'll be tail number N78CZ, and this is a key transition test to move everything to the hangar (Wings are waiting for me there). Here's the video (2 min because I was using a check list and calling things out View the full article
  16. CBarber

    Engine Selection

    I flew my Velocity for about 15 hours with the Mazda. It was smooth and fast. I used the inflight adjustable IVO prop. I even had cooling licked. However, I was having to tinker a lot. The first time I took it out of the pattern to a nearby airport, I lost the engine when about to enter the pattern....came down fast, with the wind, threw down the speed brake and even remembered to use the rudders as "brakes". No injury and no damage....even started back up and taxied to the tie down. While that turned out to be a clogged fuel line and not specifically rotary related, it did give me pause. So, at around that time I had some money fall out of the sky, so before I did something stupid with it like invest or pay off bills, I bought an aircraft engine (that's another story where since I mentioned I had turboed the rotary, the guy convinced me to go with the Continental TSIO-360..... then the cost increased by about $10K...to almost the point of a new Superior .... or flavor of the day....took over a year for delivery and THEN the A&P went to federal prison for selling an unairworthy prop as airworthy......but that's another story) I still like the rotary, a lot. However, I put a LOT of time in figuring things out. With my knowledge today, I think I could get it to work as a good alternative engine. But, that's after years and years of trial and error. One of my key factors in finally abandoning the rotary, other than realizing my original goal was to have what I hope to be a safe and reliable airplane and not just prove the rotary as a viable option, was the retirement of Tracy Crook, the maker of the PSRU and electronics. Tracy was the first to tell you his stuff was not plug and play...and boy, did that turn out to be true. My ignorance combined with that created a large learning curve. Dont get me wrong, even with some serious frustration, I really enjoyed the process. Still do. I crave going out and working at the hangar. It would have been easier, and I would have likely been flying the last several years if I had not convinced myself that spending a bit over a period of time on the rotary made sense. I should have likely just saved during that same period of time and bought a Lyc instead. Hopefully soon, I will fire up the Conti for the first time and hopefully, and with solid learning and experience, I will have that fast, cool, safe and reliable Velocity I crave. All the best, Chris Barber Houston
  17. Kent Ashton

    Canopy Trim

    I've have not use Proseal in that way but used it to build the BD-5 and seal RV fuel tanks. It might work around a canopy edge but it's really sticky stuff and a bit of a mess to apply. I wouldn't call it "easy to tool" because it sticks to everything. It can be sanded but it's like sanding hard rubber. Maybe the Lancair guy has had good results around canopies but I think you can also get a good finish with micro.
  18. CozyKen

    Canopy Trim

    I'm getting to this point and had a Lancair guy come by for a look. He recommended using Pro Seal. It goes on like caulk and is easy to tool. Paint sticks to it. Spruce has a similar 3M product. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/ac251kitg.php Anyone have experience with either?
  19. I hope so too, that's only a few years away! While I do not think the structure would fail if I didn't postcure, it is recommended by the manufacturer. As per Slide 32, manufacturers recommendations should be followed.
  20. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Why don’t they bow

    I noticed today in the May 2018 calendar of the Berkut parked standing up. Maybe it was just for the photo op. But made me think how come the E-Racer can be parked standing up. I understand the original E-Racer had the engine forward of the center spar but later model’s had the engine aft like View the full article
  21. I hope I live that long! 🙂 The only thing I would add is that Gary Hunter says all epoxies are improved by a post cure--even the usual ones that we don't generally postcure--so maybe you don't really need a postcure for the brand you're using. Slide 31+ here http://www.cozybuilders.org/Oshkosh_Presentations/2006_EpoxyDoDonts.pdf I had a warped winglet once and thought maybe I could put it out in the sun in a black plastic bag with some weights and get it straight. It wouldn't budge. It leads me to believe that once things cure at room temperature, they are fairly stout.
  22. Not mad at all, I appreciate the feedback. The post cure is recommended for this epoxy system, so I believe that is a good reason to do it. Once I got it set up (an hour?), I only checked on it from time to time while working in my office, so it was not a big time-sink, perhaps 2-3 hours total. Due to life circumstances (2x career changes, house moves, etc), it did take me until 2016 before I was able to lay-up my first actual parts in Chapter 4. I first seriously started considering building following the CSA BBQ at Osh 2011. In the intervening time, I managed to read through most of the e-mail list archives, forums, many builders logs, etc. so it was not all time lost! It has been slow since then as well, largely due to work and another house move, and of course, the kids have to come before the project; my marriage is also a higher priority, which I have seen is not the case for some, to their detriment. But the pace is picking up and I'm hoping to move much more quickly in the year ahead. There are more disruptions on the horizon, but I'll keep doing what I can when I can rather than wait for everything to be perfect. I'll see you at a fly-in (with my airplane) sometime in the mid-2020s!
  23. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Exhaust Supports

    A week or so ago I asked about this subject. Since then I designed and built my supports. Here's how they came out. They are steel attached to the PSRU joined to aluminum by a rubber strip (cut out of tire). Then they are connected to another aluminum piece thru rubber again. They are clamped to View the full article
  24. Well look, Cameron, what you're doing is interesting and do what makes you happy--I do-- but I would like to convince you you're adding hours to the build for no "good" reason. The stresses on those parts are will within non-postcure tolerances. For one thing, there is no way to know how strong the structure was as-designed. Maybe it was already strong enough to take loads that are 150% of design. That seems to be the case with canards that got tested to failure. Let's say you'll add another 2-5% strength to a structure that's already 50% stronger than needed. All you've done is wasted your time Your kids will grow up fast. My Son was an 8th grader when I started building. By the time I was flying he was in college and the flying I anticipated with him never happened. I see that you joined Canard Aviation in June 2012 it was in June 2014 that a wet-behind-the-ears-Voidhawk first asked about materials in your hemisphere http://forum.canardaviation.com/showpost.php?p=74868&postcount=1 so it has been 6.5 years since you became interested in building. Don't get mad at me. I am only interested in seeing people finish their projects and get flying. 🙂 There are too many builders sitting on fantastic unfinished projects or they put 250 hours on them and age-out of flying. Good luck, my friend.
  25. It's cake day! Well, not quite - I'm baking a Cozy tub! The epoxy system I am using reaches its full potential and highest HDT with a mild post-cure (frankly, so do most other systems, and per Gary Hunter, post-curing improves chemical resistance as well). I can still get a good cure at anything above 15c, but since I have built a heat-tent sized to fit the tub to assist with curing during cooler months anyway... I set the tub on the workbench on two lateral 'rails' to leave some air-space underneath. I used thick rags between the wooden rails and the fuselage bottom to provide some thermal insulation to avoid a 'cool spot' where the wood will wick away heat into the workbench. The frame of the heat-tent fits around the workbench, with transparent plastic panels at each end, and a 2kw fan heater mounted in the aft end of the heat tent. The same end has a temperature controller that the fan heater is plugged into, and a temperature sensor that I clipped about 6 inches above the floor in the backseat area. I placed a 2kw convection heater (safety circuit disabled - it had failed previously so I just bypassed it) in the front seat area, and a floor fan in the backseat area blowing forward and to one side to circulate the heated air and keep the temperature in there more even, as well as to help the warm air make its way around the exterior of the fuselage. The photo shows the rough positioning, I moved things around a bit and ensured there was no strain or stress on the cables before beginning. With everything in place I covered the entire apparatus with a tarp clipped to the edges to mostly seal it up (the fan heater draws in air from outside the tent, providing a positive pressure and forcing the coolest air at the bottom out of the small gaps), and some sheets and canvas I had around on top of that for insulation. Power-on, and gradually step-up the temperature, 35c (95f) for an hour, then 55c (130f) for an hour, then to the max target of 70c (158f) for 6 hours. It is still baking as I type. The convection heater is running at partial load, 1.2kw, and the 2kw fan heater cycles on and off to maintain 70c. So I have lots of margin heat-wise, which is nice. If nothing else, I know I will be able to spill hot avgas in the cockpit without harming the structure! 😜
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    Catalina Island

    For those of us that can get to the left coast, good news about the runway at Catalina Island: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/catalina-island-airport-california-intl/index.html I have always wanted to fly there and didn’t due to the runway condition reports. Looks like a couple years View the full article
  27. Kent Ashton

    quickie engine problem solved

    Nice writeup. I only recall seeing one Quickie here on the east coast with some kind of pull-starter engine. Very interesting to see him get running.
  28. COZY Builders Mailing List


    I'm running out of micro (wow! that's a lot of sanding dust!) and don't want to wait on an order from Aircraft Spruce. I have a local fiberglass shop that sells a different brand glass balloon. Can I susbstitute Potters Q-Cell 300 (see https://www.thecarycompany.com/media/pdf/specs/11W300.pdf View the full article
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