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  2. I have an electric pitch trim (a 3.7V screwdriver motor) operated through a PWM and a Carling toggle switch mounted just behind the throttles. Here is a cheaper idea which could work just as well using two Grayhill DPST pushbuttons ($4,00 each) and a $5.00 ebay PWM (pulse width modulator). The wiring would be simple. Yeah, I would like to have a two $200 hat switches on the stick like the big boys but as little as I use the trim, a couple of pushbuttons would suit me fine and be simpler than what I have now. The only downside I can see is that if you push both buttons at once, you would blow a fuse but make some little guards around them.
  3. Here are a couple of videos on the statin scam: To me, very convincing https://youtu.be/BzTjPuikhQE https://youtu.be/eb5SmhY30kw Statins are a $14 Billion market. Follow the money
  4. Interesting photo of a troublesome VDO oil pressure sender showing a wear spot where the wiper rides. (H/T Richard Connell at VAF). One commenter said VDO oil pressure senders generally fail high. I just experienced that with 750 hours on one of them and have a new one to install. Will cut the old one up when I get the new one in.
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  6. Intel on the Jacksonville $42K Long-ez above: N95CW Pilot was using it to build time. Just replaced two cylinders after low compression. Good-sized nick in the prop observed. Brake rotors warped. https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/Search/NNumberResult?nNumberTxt=N95cw
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  8. Seen today. You will have to contact the seller via (yuck) FB.
  9. Here we go with main wing ailerons slot with 1 bid and peelply on the top. To reduce the twist there was placed some weight to press it on the flat table.
  10. David, Have a look at how Wayne Hicks did his tank repair. Item 5 under vent lines. Here: https://ez.canardaircraft.com/www.ez.org/pages/waynehicks/chapter_21_5.html Best, Jack
  11. This Varieze on Ebay in Sandersville, GA for $5000. Item # 334297873028 Good price but a search of the registry does not show a former Airworthiness Certificate (pic 3). I found a partial message dated 2/19/01 where the registered owner Steichen says he is selling it as parts. Current seller is the new owner, it appears. So there are two things to sort out: Can a buyer establish a chain of title from the registered owner (Steichen) and (2) Does the FAA have a record of the former A.C. which can be reissued It just goes to show the stupidity of selling an airplane as parts in order to avoid liability. This airplane will be flying again, probably, and can be traced back to the builder. So whatever liability he was afraid of, it's is still there. If you are new to EAB, there has never been a successful lawsuit against a builder for a defective EAB airplane, AFAIK. It's just too hard to prove negligence, the old builder has no insurance to collect on, and the puny award would not interest a lawyer to take the case
  12. Hello, I am leaving my hanger soon, and must sell all of my aircraft stuff. I have a LongEz project where I was up to building the fuel tanks. It is on it's gear with original canard and wings built, but no fill and sanding yet. Standard brakes, front gear with gearbox. Makes me sad, but such is life... I am asking a fraction of the materials cost: $1500. Buyer must sign a liability waiver: " parts only, not suitable for flying" I also have a Lycoming O-320 with about 500 hours after overhaul that came off an Acrosport. It is the 145hp version with negative G oil system and Ellison carb. Has prop (I do not remember what kind). As I recall, no starter nor alternator. Somewhere I have the engine logs ;-) FYI, I also have a nearly ready to fly Dragonfly MKII, and RV-9A wings and empenage... Take care and thanks for listening... Glen K4KV Moultrie, GA
  13. Congratulations, and a belated welcome to the forum. Projects and used planes are out there, as you may have already seen on Kent's "Sales I've Seen" thread here. Ask questions, share pictures, and keep an open mind. Some prefer Long-EZs over VariEzes, and since you've got a Dragonfly on your list, put Quickies on your list as well. Check out our sister site at www.quickheads.com for Quickie info.
  14. Couple ads today: This Long-ez looks pretty decent. It would a fun updating the panel or just fly it as is. More pics in the ad and these parts (no pics) BTW, I was just watching a new video by VansRV discussing shipping costs for their kits--costs are going through the roof but they have lots of orders. Find it on Youtube
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  16. Hi Did you still have the cowling? Thank you Edwin 787-525-7768
  17. Just reading this accident today: an apparent heart attack in flight. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2022/01/medical-event-piper-pa-28-181-n75191.html Having had two of them (on the ground) I am more interested in preventing one of these in the air. I was never a big sugar user--always stuck to the diet colas and stevia in my cereal-- but 6-8 dates in my oatmeal was pretty normal and we liked our oatmeal cookies. Sweet tea was a regular. However, I have been educated on high fructose sugar. Americans used to eat 9 pounds of sugar a year. Now they eat 80-100 pounds (estimates vary). In the hospital the other day, the waiting room drink machines were filled with 20 oz full-sugar drinks. A 20 oz Pepsi has 9.2 HEAPING teaspoons of high fructose sugar (69g) (pic), a Mountain Dew 10.25. It's crazy when you look at the fat patients waddling in and yep, I am one. Maybe you never thought much about high fructose sugar but this doctor has some excellent videos on the problem. Here is one https://robertlustig.com/fructose2/ As I understand it, sugar doesn't block arteries but it leads to diabetes which damages the arteries and leads to coronary plaques. Check dates on the Glycemic Index. Yikes!
  18. Saw this nice drawing (H/T to RV-guy Dan Horton) for a simple circuit to check the condition of a backup battery. I used something like this on my EZ and could periodically check the voltage in flight and before start. The "voltage monitor" on the left side is from ebay
  19. mzwijacz

    IFR flying

    Marc, Found an old 430 when I was acquiring equipment for my panel. I was going to upgrade it to WAAS but Garmin raised to price sooooooo much, decided against it. Probably a good thing, I've had my rating for 20 years but never used it. I think I'll keep my personal minimums at around 6-800 ft. Just want to get through coastal layers. My guess is I'll only need to use it in actual 6-8 times a year with an additional 10 or so times a year in VFR for currency. Expect to fly IFR for maybe another 12-15 years, then VFR only. With the price to upgrade around $12k that means every actual approach is about $125/ea. Not worth it to me and flying non-precision is probably safer. Anyway there aren't many precision GPS approaches in the mountains anyway. They are mostly LNAV.
  20. Mark I can't .... just yet! The Plane is down for repairs (just finished fixing the fuel tank). I'd like to scientifically approach the problem by remeasuring all the numbers first, then work from there. That is now that I know what I didn't know (have a manual for my parts). I have to get the plane back to the airport so I can start it. Dee
  21. Is there some reason you're not addressing my questions, which could help to determine what, if any, problem you have?
  22. Google screws up the search and gives UB1280 which is 8AH. I am using two _UB12080_ which are 18 AH each. If I was only using one battery, I might spring for a bigger battery or an Odyssey but they have worked for me. They have low discharge. I use one about three years and transfer it to a motorcycle. I would guess that if you don't fly IFR, are using mags, and one battery starts your airplane reliably, one of them would be OK. Here's one from Granger but they are usually about $40-45 elsewhere https://www.grainger.com/product/GRAINGER-APPROVED-Sealed-Lead-Acid-Battery-18-54XH40
  23. Kent I do like the fact that you used effectively using 2 moped batteries to solve your problem. And thanks for the spec. FYI: I'm also sporting a brand new BC alternator. question: isn't the UB12080 (12V 8Ah) not 18Ah? Dee
  24. I turn on the fuel pump and lower the gear at the IAF - want to be completely configured and at 90 KIAS upon getting established. Generally, with no wind, I can maintain the 3 degree glideslope with the engine at idle, gear down, and 90 KIAS. Headwind, might need a bit of power, tailwind, might need both rudders. I don't extend the landing brake until I'm below decision height and know I'm landing, if I then need it. Which navigator did you get?
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