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  2. The McMaster versions have no strength rating. Cozy appear to be AN, which I am guessing are to aircraft standards.
  3. Looks like the McMaster version has anti rotation flats...
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  5. Those are good tips, but CG Products buys in bulk and re-sells. They're not the manufacturer, so I don't blame them for doing that with each and every stud they sell. Lotta work for little return. Nice, I didn't know they had comparable items (although I should have -- they have everything)! https://www.mcmaster.com/studs
  6. I have used many from the Cozzzy girls. I told them how to improve them but they declined. When I use one, I first grind the bonding surface with a Dremel to rough it up, then notch it so the bonding surface has a shape between round and square or other odd shape. If that is not done, it will later rotate is you tighten the nut too much or have to loosen it. McMaster has good ones.
  7. I sent some info earlier to you. Also contact David Russell at 270-684-5887. He is the state rep for Kentucky.
  8. Bumping this "A-solution" project which is back on Barnstormers today. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63573 His broker is doing a terrible job of marketing it. Same asking price, no pics and a bare minimum description that tells nothing. However there is plenty of history and pics of this project at http://forum.canardaviation.com/showthread.php?t=4928 or search for the builder Bob Setzer. I pulled off a few pics (sorry, not in order): Fuselage plug used to make molds, mold for the belly, plug for a centerspar mold, canopy plug, retractable gear. Lots more pics in the CA thread. An incredible amount of work went into this project.
  9. Bill Walsh's semi-annual attempt to sell his projects on this FB post https://www.facebook.com/groups/homebuilt.aircraft.exchange/permalink/1714396972013026/?sale_post_id=1714396972013026 First seen here: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=61273 On the plus side, projects at this stage are pretty easy to finish to your own satisfaction and the FAA won't question who built it. On the negative side, I imagine that if a buyer has never built a composite airplane, it could be a bit intimidating to jump into a half-finished project like this but the learning will be pretty easy there is no reason why it couldn't become a flying airplane (or two). It's not an airplane for big people, though.
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  11. Barnstormers VariViggen pics are up now.
  12. VariViggen: I recall someone looking for one of these within the last year. No pics in the ad. I would guess it is without an engine. VARI VIGGEN • $5,000 • FOR SALE • Vari Viggen Winter project airplane, was a flying airplane at onetime. Appears to be good workmanship and was in process of restoration by previous owner. Airplane has SP wings with winglets. Lots of spare parts that go with the airplane, canopy, fuel tank, main gear, cowling, nose cone, ect. Airplane is setup for 0-320 series engine with exhaust. All electrical appears to be complete as well as flight control rigging. Will consider all offers. $5000.00 OBO. 940-683-2553 940-389-0115. • Contact Harold Love, Owner - located Bridgeport, TX United States • Telephone: 940-389-0115 • 940-683-2553 • Posted November 12, 2019
  13. Reported sold: N19LE. This one: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63668 The last asking price I heard was $25K; I think it went a bit cheaper. This Varieze today in Barnstormers N9LX (pics 1,2): http://www.aviationdb.com/Aviation/Aircraft/9/N9LX.shtm 1985 VARIEZE • $15,000 • FOR SALE • 1985 Varieze, SN # 1448. 1350 T.T. 0200 Continental. "0" STOH. Electric starter gen. Radios and more! $15,000.00 OBO. 209-333-7345 • Contact Joel Helicopter - ALPINE HELICOPTER SERVICE, INC, Friend of Owner - located Woodbridge, CA United States • Telephone: 2093688530 • 2093688530 • Fax: 2093332162 • Posted October 28, 2019 This Long-ez in pieces N95SD (pics 3,4,5). Could be a good value if there are no surprises. http://www.aviationdb.com/Aviation/Aircraft/9/N95SD.shtm ASSEMBELY REQUIRED • $18,000 • FOR SALE • Some assembly required. I have a long ez that needs only a small amount of work to get it flying. It comes with a low time engine 0-320 D3G 178 hours since major overhaul. The last overhaul was done in 1995. I have bore scoped the cylinders and they look great. The engine comes with exhaust, carburetor, bendix mags and new motor mounts, head gasket sets and motor stand. The push rod tubes are plastic and got cracked during shipping, but I have new push rod tubes ready to install. Open to all reasonable offers. The plane is currently at Stockton Metropolitan Airport. • Contact Adam Coyan, Owner - located Mi Wuk Village, CA United States • Telephone: 2097708759 • Posted October 26, 2019
  14. Yes, Rev 5 is it. The update is my "cold season project" in a month or two.
  15. Thanks, Jon. I'm still on the bubble about building. Please confirm that Rev 5 (Mar 2006) is the most current OpenEZ drawings. Thanks, Gecko
  16. Sorry for the late response everyone -- I must have been on vacation or something when this exchange scrolled past my feed. My new "system" won't let that happen again. The sheets were only meant to have X-Y references from a single common point. The next revision eliminates this confusion, which is still a work in progress. Rev 5 does not have dimensional errors, but does have labeling errors which are detailed in this post. The next revision will correct this as well. Thank you for taking the time to illustrate your concern, nice job! But... the the red marks you noted in A3 are accurate and would otherwise be identical to A1 if you rotated A3 180 degrees. Again, this is being addressed in the next revision. When printing the sheets, you need to verify each. While I would be more confident if I witnessed the printing job, to verify same paper, same printer, same settings, same operator, etc. than if I hadn't, I would still verify each individual sheet. However, I wouldn't get upset over something that was 0.1" off. I would just cut inside or outside the lines when the time came (just make a note for yourself on the paper). Dimensions/captions... I figured woodworkers would recognize the root cause at some point. You've got it, and I do acknowledge the need for having 4 corners of verifiable 90 degree marks. Good to hear, and definitely an important point to read through all the CPs and make whatever updates are specified. Completed, the Open-EZ will have rewritten plans that incorporates all changes form the Canard Pusher newsletters. The Open-EZ templates are available in the Downloads section here.
  17. A Velocity owner asked me the other day "What's a Molex?" Indeed. I have puzzled over them myself. Here's a good tutorial my Cozy buddy pointed me too. http://tech.mattmillman.com/info/crimpconnectors/
  18. Some tips on finding owners here https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/33309-varieze-builderpilot-wanted/?do=findComment&comment=63092 There are certainly some owners or builders around Nashville but this outfit in Covington, TN always has a bunch of canard airplanes in repair or construction. https://www.jetguys.co
  19. Is there any owners of a Long-EZ in Tennessee, N. Alabama or S. Kentucky? Do't worry I'm not going to steal it. I just would like to see one up close. I am trying to decide between a Cozy or a Long-EZ and concerned about the 'fit'.
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  21. Thanks Marc. I haven't seen or haven't noticed the firesleeve before. Gives it a different look.
  22. That's AN-8 Aeroquip 466 (or the equivalent) hose with integral silicone firesleeve.
  23. Sorry, the oil cooler hose/tubing. It doesn't look like the typical stuff I'm used to seeing.
  24. What "tubing" are you talking about? The hoses from the oil cooler? The aileron pushrods? I don't know to what you're referring.
  25. It's totally fine to reply to old threads. Feel free!
  26. JD's site is here: http://infinityaerospace.com/product-category/other/ Though rumour is he may be in poor health and unreachable at the moment. Hopefully that resolves soon. You can get them from the Cozy Girrrls too: http://www.cozygirrrl.com/aircraftparts.htm
  27. Did not notice this was a very old thread...sorry folks.
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