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  1. I met a guy with a beautiful RV-6 some years ago. He had gone to Osh with a pocket full of money and kept offering the owner more and more (the airplane was not for sale) until the owner gave up. Musta paid $30K above the market in those days but he wanted the nicest RV-6 and didn't care about building one. I think it's fine to talk about prices and whether some plane is over- or under-priced. It is just opinion. When the money changes hands, THAT's what it's worth to that buyer. Unfortunately we usually don't know what these airplanes sell for. Perhaps some enterprising reader will do a registry search for some of the old-ad N-numbers and see if the airplanes have changed hands. I sold my EZ last year for $40K but I had lots of offers at $25K to $30K. I would say $95K Long-ezs and $50K Variezes are in the tail of the bell curve but maybe they will find a buyer with a pocket full of cash.
  2. Hey, will you girls stay out of my thread, plz. I post this thread to give folks a handy way to see what has been advertised. Informed comment and opinions about these airplanes is welcome but If you want post snark at each other, use Private Messages.
  3. This Varieze today. N725EZ https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=725EZ Quite a schnozzola on that one. RUTAN VARIEZE ONE OF A KIND • $50,000 • FOR SALE BY PROUD OWNER • 1981 Rutan Varieze, Complete Restore 2018. 1020TT 1020SMOH 406 STOH Millennium Cylinders VERY STRONG C85 with Silver bullet 0-235 prop 2nd Owner ONE OF A KIND. Only one with long nose and strake extensions mods, New paint, new panel, Garmin G5, MGL e1 w/ 4CHT, Garmin 327, and GTR200, and IFLY 740. 700 empty 550 useful 150-160 ktas depending on weight Lands 65-70kts. Electric starter. Great cooling, Clean Wing fittings. Climbs solo 1500+ fpm. Out performs most Variezes. Can fit ANY height pilot comfortably. Flies weekly. times will change. Very reliable. Need bigger plane. Located KHAO • Contact Jamie Hicks, Owner - located Cincinnati, OH United States • Telephone: 432-349-7577 • Posted July 31, 2019
  4. I saw it but have not asked the owner.
  5. Today's B-stormers N327MB https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/NNum_results.aspx?NNumbertxt=327MB 1990 LONG EZ N327MB • $79,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • This is one of the finest Long EZ's out there and a real pleasure to fly. Airframe meticulously built by perfectionist A&P Mechanic. TTAF 388. Lycoming 0-320-E2D 0hrs SMOH incl NEW cylinders. 1 mag and 1 Electronic Ign. Factory refinished Performance Propellers 3 blade wooden prop. GRT Horizon HX EFIS w/AHRS, Mini-X EFIS w/2hr batt, 2 Axis Autopilot, EIS4000 electronic eng ind sys. Trig TT-22 Remote Xpndr. ADSB in & out. Garmin GNS 480 Navigation, GMA 240 audio panel, SL-30 Nav Com. Aircraft completely rewired. New tires, brakes, and master cyl's. Heated seats. Paint is a 9. Located at M04. • Contact Jeffrey Davis, Owner - located Roswell, GA United States • Telephone: 8502988229 • Posted July 30, 2019
  6. They are heat pumps so you don’t the quick, hot heat you’d get from gas/propane but very efficient. It doesn’t take much power to run them 24 hours. You need a 220v switch box on the shop. The rest you can install yourself.
  7. Something new to me: "Magnehelic" gauges for measuring cylinder Delta-P (cooling differential) http://www.dwyer-inst.com/Product/Pressure/DifferentialPressure/Gages/Series2000 At about $63 they are not too expensive. I have used the old water-manometer method for measuring cylinder Delta-P and an airspeed indicator for measuring flow into a NACA scoop. The manometer is a bit bulky and the ASI quit after snapping from 0 to 150 knots for a few minutes. I saw that 8.5" of differential was suggested in a Van'sAirForce discussion for 200 hp. That sounds about right.
  8. Jon, I don't know what you have for heat and AC but I have installed a couple of mini-splits. Very happy with their capability. There is minimal work to install them and they come precharged with R410 although a vacuum-down is recommended prior to releasing the charge. Mitsubishi is a good brand. I installed a chinese brand once and it split a coil
  9. I simplified my pitch trim control a bit, using a cheap ($6-$8) reversing PWM from Ebay similar to pic 2. I hot-glued it to a piece of non-conductive fiberglass and mounted it in the armrest with a couple of screws. I had to go from a 2A fuse to a 5A but otherwise, it works the same and simplified the wiring a little. Throw the cheap switch away and use the nice Carling switch.
  10. This EZ today. N4JM https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=4JM Those one-digit-Two-letter numbers are hard to get these days. Even better if your name is John Miller or Jesus Martinez. :-) LONGEZ • $10,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Flew 106 hrs then stripped to upgrade, but didn’t. O235-L2C needs overhaul; no accident history. • Contact Jack Martin, Owner - located Howard, OH United States • Telephone: 7405074742 • Posted July 28, 2019
  11. For you Quickie fans, N85BJ Nice but appears to be deregistered. Hmmm. https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/NNum_results.aspx?NNumbertxt=85BJ Q-2 QUICKIE AIRCRAFT, 2 PLACE • $17,999 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • Built: 1986 Hours Airframe: 1055 Engine: Revmaster 2200 Hours Engine: 495 Hours Since Rebuilt: 60 Canard: Has new design airfoil Sliding canopy, velvet upholstery, new tires and plugs, rebuilt magnetos, new plug wires by Revmaster. Radio: King KX155/165 VHF NAV,Communication with encoding altimeter. New David Clark headsets. All basic instruments including cylinder head temperature, exhaust temperature, and cabin heat. Whelen anti-collision and navigation lights, tail lights with strobe. Movable interior lights Never damaged, Dupont Sunfire paint Always hangered • Contact Robert Gillespie, Owner - located Kuna, ID United States • Telephone: (208)539-6203 • Posted July 25, 2019
  12. I have probably listed this here before but it popped up again. N40TD https://flightaware.com/resources/registration/N40TD It sounds like it needs a redo on the paint and a little updating but perhaps could be flown as-is. I would like it better at $25K though. http://web.archive.org/web/20061206100233/http://home.mn.rr.com/brusehaver/cozy_page.html COZY MK IV PROJECT • $29,000 • FOR SALE AGAIN • This is a project, you will need to work on it before it will fly home. Hasn't flown in 6 years, but does run. O-360 about 700SMOH, 50HRS AF, Basic plans built, electric trim and landing brake, otherwise no major mods. Terra TXN-960 NAV/COM, Genave Beta Xpndr. Everything is there, just needs some work. • Contact Thomas Brusehaver, Owner - located Eden Prairie, MN United States • Telephone: 9522124392 • Fax: 9522124392 • Posted July 26, 2019
  13. Kent Ashton

    Aileron Rigging

    Var-i-eze, you say? Never heard of that one. Must be a new model.
  14. Kent Ashton

    Aileron Rigging

    It is a common thing to add washers at the wing bolts (in the strake-wing joint) to change the wing incidence. I suggest that before you add trim tabs. It is a trial-and-error process, adding and/or subtracting washers at the outboard wing bolts to change the wing incidence and test flying. This presumes your ailerons are rigged correctly and the winglets are mounted correctly. If the wing already had washers, it should be noted in the logs. Perhaps you had some washers a long time ago and they were removed.
  15. I was just talking to a buddy about where and how to mount a fuel pressure sender on a Lycoming. I like to measure the pressure on the outlet side of the engine-driven fuel pump because that's what the carb/Ellison sees. On my Cozy, I drilled and tapped the steel Lycoming fuel pump fitting for a steel AN816-3 (AN3 flare to 1/8" NPT pipe) fitting (pic 1). However, I see now that Spruce sells a tapped fitting that would make it easier. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/lycomingfitting00783.php Below is an RV builder that used the fitting. (pic 2) From the FP fitting I use a fuel hose about one foot long running to a similar AN816-3 fitting, an AN910 1/8" NPT to 1/8" NPT coupling with the sender screwed on the coupling. The sender is mounted on an engine mount tube with a large and a small Adel clamp. It is self-aligning with the hose. The sender could also be mounted other places. If you are new to fittings these are called "Lycoming/AC fuel pump fittings". They are listed with fuel pumps and not in the AN fitting section of the Spruce catalog.

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