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  1. This Berkut first seen in July reduced again--was $145,000. Pics in the ad. Barnstormers BERKUT 360 • $120,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 2006 Berkut 360. S/N 46 TT 275; IFR; ADSB; Dynon D-10A; 215hp Performance Aero engine; Lightspeed Ignition; all logs, manuals, plans; current annual and flying; includes a Bruce’s Custom Cover. Recently appraised for 145k. $120,000 Call for details. Possible trade/part trade for two place SxS high wing tailwheel (Bearhawk; Rans S-21, Kitfox, etc) • Contact Frank Chenevert , Owner - located Flowood, MS United States • Telephone: 773-251-5132 • Posted July 23, 2021 and this Long-ez project. No pics LONG-EZ PROJECT • $7,000 • PROJECT FOR SALE • Long-EZ tub complete on gear, main spar installed. Section 1 plans. Most parts to complete airframe. • Contact James Wells , Owner - located Beavercreek, OH United States • Telephone: 9374143654
  2. You might also post this in the canard-aviators group https://canardzone.groups.io/g/canard-aviators and https://canardowners.com/ (membership required) There are many Long-ez owners in Florida that might advise you. These are not hard to build by one person with an occasional helper to spread cloth or flip a fuselage. Are you looking for some initial hand-holding or more intense help? No one will be as concerned about building a good airplane as you are. Scheduling and coordinating a helper will likely just slow things down. However, there have been many changes and good ideas over the years so it's good to see lots of EZs and talk to owners. Good luck.
  3. This Long-ez today, Barnstormers. No pics. Also Wick's Cozy relisted at the same price $20K.
  4. The price is . . . . free. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/forum/394-open-ez/
  5. My airplane, which may or may not be typical, can hold level flight at about 55KIAS (uncalibrated ASI) at the ballast I usually fly with. I bet I could get down to 50 if I removed the ballast. It gives me a calculated GG of 103.55" (Nat shows 102" as an aft limit) but that's dicey. I have flown it without ballast but I am careful not to get down to those speeds. I don't put much stock in AOA indicators. Better to just do some tests and decide on a ballast/CG that appears comfortable. All bets are off if you stall these in a vertical or very nose-high attitude. As I understand it, that can bypass all the normal canard stall indications and fall-off into wing-stall.
  6. It does not make any sense to me either but it could just be a difference in how he flew the airplane, how he measured the deck angle, whether there was a difference in fuel weight between the tests, etc. .33" of CG change does not sound like enough to really tell much difference and seems susceptible to measurement errors. OTOH, loading a 180# person in the passenger seat is a big change. My own spreadsheet shows that moving 25# of ballast from just ahead of the rudder pedals to the pax seat would move the CG aft .84". Removing that 25# of ballast and putting a 180# pax in the seat would bring the CG forward 3.22". (Standard Cozy IV - no guarantee on the nums) When I did my tests, I started with the CG ballasted in the "first flight" box and removed about 5# at a time--shifting the CG aft--until I did not like the canard stall indications. I do not recall how I adjusted for the fuel weight though.
  7. Kent Ashton

    Nose wheel

    Middle of the page here: http://www.cozygirrrl.com/aircraftparts.htm CG-NG-53
  8. This Cozy project today (one pic). Poster was very active through the years but yeah, if it takes 15+ years, a person will lose enthusiasm. Stick to the plans, build fast. Price is pretty good. Then the E-racer seen back in November at $15K reduced. Two pics. More pics in the ad (Barnstormers). Who'd you rather? 🙂
  9. A good way to find info on questions like this to Google search with the word "forum" in the search, as in "forum varieze engine options". It will bring up various forum discussions you will not find with just "varieze engine options". The electronic Canard Pushers are online an can be searched with a word search.
  10. Right-o A. Bruce, and the project should be "staged" in the middle of a large air-conditioned hangar with a white epoxy floor and beautifully-organized shop tools along the walls. There are no epoxy drips on the floor or or foam-dust laying about. The plans are laminated and presented on an easel for easy reference. Parts-bins are on rolling stands and each drawer is labeled. Smooth jazz or a blues channel plays in the background while an attractive lady grills steaks just outside. 🙂 Pic: My shop the time the septic tank backed up and filled the basement with sewage.
  11. Seen on the Cozybuilder's list today with one large picture below.
  12. I always have projects in mind that need bent tubes or pipes. I made one of these pipe benders from plans http://www.gottrikes.com/AH_tubebender.htm It's a great bender but never used it because the dies are danged expensive but it you were making hot-rods or roll-cages they'd be worth it. Today I saw a video of this $149 bender on ebay that will do the sort of bending I usually need to do (pic) . https://www.ebay.com/itm/263130222574? Here is the video. Looks easy to use

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