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  1. Suggest posting .jpg files or .png vs .jfif. The pics above opened with an app that can view .jpg files (2 below). Notice the Cozy and RV-6(?) projects in the background. Seller has too many projects! 🙂 -------------------- Then, these Aerocad/Cozy parts relisted today by an EAA Chapter. They would probably save a lot of work for a regular Cozy builder. Pictures here. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/43072-cozy-mark-iv-project-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=76319
  2. I think you would a hard-pressed to see a difference from 60 pounds but the difference in HP, acceleration and climb would be quite noticeable between 116 hp and 150-160 hp. Even the effect of putting a 200 lb person in the back seat is a little hard to discern. The takeoff might be noticeably longer with the 200 pounder. You might be landing a touch faster with the 2nd person but not more than 5 kts. But going from 150-160 hp to 116 hp would be fairly apparent. If endurance and range was your goal, maybe the O-233 would be OK. It's not such a difference in cruise but the extra HP really makes a difference in acceleration and climb on a hot day or a full fuel load (or a 200 pounder in the back seat). 🙂
  3. N81HM was a Herb Sanders airplane. Not sure about anything else. https://nnumber.org/N81HM/ There is a youtube video but it doesn't show much. You would probably want a knowledgeable guy to look at it. Marc Zeitlin will do it for a fee. https://www.burnsideaerospace.com/
  4. This EZ today on B-stormers. No pics. Glover has posted a good bit here. He took over the Ellison line but does not seem to support it very well.
  5. I have never encountered a need to drain my sumps. Maybe a fitting with a cap would be a better alternative but really, it's not needed IMO. I almost never find any water in the fuel but it could be drained by the leading edge drain or caught by the gascolator. OT: Do you plan to install the two vent lines per tank? Those are not in the plans but history has shown they are needed.
  6. Saw this idea somewhere for compact exhaust nuts that use a 12-point socket. A good idea because getting a socket on the regular nuts is a pain and sometimes involves grinding a socket. I keep a little bag of them now with a 1/4" drive, 12 pt socket. Mcmaster 90759A200 "Steel High-Torque 12-Point Flange Nuts". It's good to used some anti-seize on the studs. Nickel-based anit-seize seems to be the highest rated temp at 2400 def F. https://www.mcmaster.com/catalog/127/3458 My Ellison is back on the airplane and seems to run OK. I have not had a chance to fly it yet. Funny thing with these TBIs in that WOT is not always peak RPM. Mine needs to be retarded about 1/4" at the lever to get peak.
  7. Pissch! I can contour an award-winner with a concrete block! Usually start with a regular block, then go to a red stepping stone for a finer finish. Next airplanes we build, we will have to hold a contest 🙂 Those should work but 20 yards is enough for 4 airplanes. You need various grits though. 36 to get started, then finer. 220-240, 320
  8. Well, whatever floats your boat but this block (16") and aluminum bar have finished three airplanes. "The poor carpenter blames his tools." 🙂
  9. This is a thread from 2007. BVarga last visited this site Feb, 2007 and made two posts.
  10. Serveral discussions on this page https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/18661-kents-long-ez-project/page/13/?tab=comments#comment-62441 IMO 36" is unwieldy and you have to glue long sandpaper to it. I use pieces of 2X4 about 18" long, round the ends slightly and staple or tack belt-sander belts to them. However, an aluminum bar is useful as described above.
  11. this one mentioned back in March reappears today with a firmer price. Seems reasonable with $15K in new radios (included?). No info on the engine which is a big questionmark. Robert Ohletz, buiilder . https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/Search/NNumberResult?nNumberTxt=74de Also this one (pic 4) sold in the past few days for $1000. Previously flying, no engine, no canard
  12. Ellison all cleaned up. I am still waiting on the Tilliotson diaphragms.
  13. This Cozy III project today. No pics. With no wings, likely overpriced
  14. This one has been for sale since 2018 and mentioned here several times
  15. Hello George. What engine is that? There are not too many active Quickie posters on this site but a search for Quickheads here brings up some stuff. https://www.canardzone.com/search/?q=quickheads&quick=1

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