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  1. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    These exhausts are not from my Cozy but they reminded me of something I've been puzzling over: My exhausts were too black. Apparently I have just not been leaning enough because on a recent trip to Ohio I really leaned the heck out my Ellison TBI and the exhausts were a nice tan color like the lower one here, on landing. I was flying at a reduced power setting on that trip and had the Ellison mixture almost all the way back to cutoff. It was so close to cutoff I took the cowls off to check the linkage and make sure I was getting full-throw on the mixture lever. At about 2400-2450 RPM and 7500 to 9500 MSL I used 25 gallons in 4.4 hours or 5.68 GPH including taxi, climb and letdown. However, I have one cylinder, #4, which is noticeable blacker and I think it is using oil--maybe a shade darker than the upper exhaust here. My oil consumption is about 3.5 gph--not very good. Lycoming says high oil use can result in detonation. The maximum is 2 quarts/hour. Some hours ago, I honed and re-ringed #1 and #3 and their exhausts look OK. It bugs me because all four cylinders were professionally reconditiioned at an earlier date, I was careful with break-in, and three of the four have used oil. When those cylinders came back from the overhauler, I did not remove the pistons to examine the hone and the cleanliness. That's a mistake I won't repeat. Typically, the overhauler inserts the pistons and you only have to pull them out far enough to install the piston pin and connecting rod. Another thing I saw when this engine was new (before the last recondition) that bothered me. I found grit in the engine--I can't recall if it was intakes or exhausts--as if the overhauler did not carefully flush the cylinders after honing. Geez, can you trust anybody!?
  2. Kent Ashton

    Front seatback cutting edge

    I propose sawing about 1/4" off the edge, dig out some of the foam, insert new flox and glass over it. That'd give you about a 5/16-1/4" radius" at the edge. You might want to build up the flox and let it harden, then sand/file to shape before glassing. Glass is heavy, though. Little things like that add up. 🙂
  3. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Here's a good motorcycle wheel balancer I use as a prop balancer. It is very well-made and a thin #10 washer on the prop tip will make the prop rotate so it has low drag. Easy to setup on saw horses or tables; notice that the bearing holders on the ends have flat sides. The 1/2" rod fits my 1/2" prop hole. If you have other sizes you might be able to use the cones or use some 1/2" bushings that fit your prop hole. It also works well for balancing aircraft tires. I was amazed how much weight to took to balance my nose tire--musta been a couple of ounces stuck to the inner rim. http://www.marcparnes.com About $100
  4. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Saw this on a FB page. Interesting (and cobby) home-blown canopy and some funky woodwork but he has some good parts. Here is the poster if you want to contact him. Seems to be in Canada https://www.facebook.com/evangelos.b
  5. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    This Long-EZ on Barnstormers. Might be N933BP owned by Charles M. Mullins; did not find a Deven Mullins owner in the registry. The ad is a little strange. An '83 EZ with fully retractable gear? "prop:0"? What does that mean, zero time or zero prop? It has a rather high-time engine and "needs wiring". I expect his price is a little ambitious. [quote=]1983 LONG EZ • $40,000 • FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • TTAF:1585, Lycoming O-360 TSMOH:1456.4, prop:0 Fully retractable gear, nose extension, needs wiring • Contact Deven Mullins, Owner - located Locust Grove, GA USA • Telephone: 7707154378 • Posted July 15, 2018
  6. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    I just shake my head when a seller posts no pictures, gives limited details and then says "no tire kickers". Can you imagine a car dealer with a sign out front saying "no tire kickers"? I shouldn't even post this. Don't ask any questions, just show up with a trailer and cash. 😞
  7. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Nice clean Q-200 today. I don't know much about them but I have read that the main gear at the end of the canard is a bit problematic and you will see some built with gear mounted closer to the centerline. Cool little airplane though.
  8. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    test 1, 2. Ah, much easier to load pics now! Here are some odds and ends. My prop is this far from my exhausts. One blade gets the most exhaust but it's glassed and I have never seen any degradation of the glass. BTW, It was a waste of time to cut the pipes on an angle. Next, a way to install a fitting for fuel pressure on a fuel pump elbow; it is drilled and tapped with an NPT (tapered) tap. Next, a way to mount a combo oil pressure switch and oil pressure sensor on the engine mounts. Next, an alternator seal made with stove door glass braid; pardon the messy RTV. Lastly, a way to mount an Earls fuel filter with the Ellison
  9. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    I think there is more to it than that. I'm thinking that if the location of the axles isn't correct for the new CG (if the CG changes), the airplane may have more or less weight on the nose and be more easily tipped-back, or slower to rotate on takeoff. Locating and readjusting axle location can be a lot of work. A forward-canard could have more leverage and more easily drive the wing into wing-stall or at the very least the ideal incidence might be different from a standard EZ which is a lot of testing and adjusting. If the canard lift vector is more forward, the aircraft center-of-lift might be more forward even if the CG is balanced to the standard location. I would think that if the distance from the center-of-lift to the CG gets bigger (the aircraft C-of-L is forward of the CG) the airplane might be less responsive in pitch and the canard-size might need be greater or smaller. I might be overestimating the effects but I don't think it's a trivial change.
  10. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Saw this deal on a FB page. The poster has previously posted a lot about his project on CanardAviators; should be easy to find there. I dunno about the 10" stretch. I presume it was to balance his engine but these airplanes are somewhat finely balanced. Anyway, lots of stuff for the price. His website here: https://sites.google.com/site/garagerocket/ Significant to me: "I don't have a pilot's license yet." There is a natural order to things--fall in love, get married, have children. Violate the natural order and bad stuff happens.
  11. Jon, Good for you. Would you be able to merge CanardAviation? There's not much traffic there now but it's a good database. I just looked a your CanardZone Facebook page which I didn't know about. Just thinking it might be a mistake to setup a CZ-to-FB sharing link. Already there are several FB sites for canards and you just saw one of our new members here trying to interest people in his FB Cozy IV site. All these sites just dilute the participation and keep people from finding a good, active website like CZ. It seems to me that if posters here link to FB, some of those discussions will continue on FB and become dead-end threads here. I had a FB account for a few months so I could post on a particular canard site but I deleted my account; it wasn't very satisfying. Frankly I want to stay as far away from FB as possible. I try to link to CZ URLs when possible in my travels around the web, hoping to get people to find this site and join up. -Kent
  12. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Most original builders figure out the antennas as they go along but if you are buying a canard airplane, you might not know about Jim Weir and his antenna book. http://www.rstengineering.com/rst/products/plasticplaneantenna/plasticplaneantenna_files/2802%20Manual-s.pdf The most complained about-problem for years and years is that Jim is slow to fill orders for his kits. You can buy the cable (usually RG-400) cheap on ebay, the toroids from Digikey, and copper foil from a hobby supplier, a stained glass supplier or cut it from rolls of thin copper sheet. Put Comm antennas in each winglet!
  13. Kent Ashton

    Sales I've seen

    Seen on the Cozybuilder's list today.
  14. Kent Ashton

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    I didn’t do any tuft testing. The airplane Is sold now but most of the tinkering and testing I did were to improve cooling. With a bulky engine that terminates in a prop, it’s pretty hard to make a cowl with a ideal taper. I was able to use a 6” prop extension. Most guys use an 8”. That would have allowed a litte finer taper.
  15. Kent Ashton

    New to the family

    Lots of stuff! Who started that project? Post some pics