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  1. VariViggen: I recall someone looking for one of these within the last year. No pics in the ad. I would guess it is without an engine. VARI VIGGEN • $5,000 • FOR SALE • Vari Viggen Winter project airplane, was a flying airplane at onetime. Appears to be good workmanship and was in process of restoration by previous owner. Airplane has SP wings with winglets. Lots of spare parts that go with the airplane, canopy, fuel tank, main gear, cowling, nose cone, ect. Airplane is setup for 0-320 series engine with exhaust. All electrical appears to be complete as well as flight control rigging. Will consider all offers. $5000.00 OBO. 940-683-2553 940-389-0115. • Contact Harold Love, Owner - located Bridgeport, TX United States • Telephone: 940-389-0115 • 940-683-2553 • Posted November 12, 2019
  2. Reported sold: N19LE. This one: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/?do=findComment&comment=63668 The last asking price I heard was $25K; I think it went a bit cheaper. This Varieze today in Barnstormers N9LX (pics 1,2): http://www.aviationdb.com/Aviation/Aircraft/9/N9LX.shtm 1985 VARIEZE • $15,000 • FOR SALE • 1985 Varieze, SN # 1448. 1350 T.T. 0200 Continental. "0" STOH. Electric starter gen. Radios and more! $15,000.00 OBO. 209-333-7345 • Contact Joel Helicopter - ALPINE HELICOPTER SERVICE, INC, Friend of Owner - located Woodbridge, CA United States • Telephone: 2093688530 • 2093688530 • Fax: 2093332162 • Posted October 28, 2019 This Long-ez in pieces N95SD (pics 3,4,5). Could be a good value if there are no surprises. http://www.aviationdb.com/Aviation/Aircraft/9/N95SD.shtm ASSEMBELY REQUIRED • $18,000 • FOR SALE • Some assembly required. I have a long ez that needs only a small amount of work to get it flying. It comes with a low time engine 0-320 D3G 178 hours since major overhaul. The last overhaul was done in 1995. I have bore scoped the cylinders and they look great. The engine comes with exhaust, carburetor, bendix mags and new motor mounts, head gasket sets and motor stand. The push rod tubes are plastic and got cracked during shipping, but I have new push rod tubes ready to install. Open to all reasonable offers. The plane is currently at Stockton Metropolitan Airport. • Contact Adam Coyan, Owner - located Mi Wuk Village, CA United States • Telephone: 2097708759 • Posted October 26, 2019
  3. A Velocity owner asked me the other day "What's a Molex?" Indeed. I have puzzled over them myself. Here's a good tutorial my Cozy buddy pointed me too. http://tech.mattmillman.com/info/crimpconnectors/
  4. Some tips on finding owners here https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/33309-varieze-builderpilot-wanted/?do=findComment&comment=63092 There are certainly some owners or builders around Nashville but this outfit in Covington, TN always has a bunch of canard airplanes in repair or construction. https://www.jetguys.co
  5. Good idea and I suspect rewarping could be prevented by building in hard points near the retract arm so the pull is transferred to the outside edges. I thought about trying to heat it in an oven but every google source I found says fiberglass won't straighten. Must try that on a test piece first. Barry, the distortion is pretty strong. I doubt a magnet would do it but nice try. :-)
  6. Here is an irritating little problem with the Cozy. It is mentioned in the Cozy FAQs but easily missed. The problem is that you can build your landing brake flush with the belly but over time, the pull of the retract springs can make the forward edges lift up. The best solution is to make the hinge as wide as possible. Alternatively, it may not happen with an electric landing brake that can be stopped before exerting a pull on the landing brake. Doing it again, I would lengthen the hinge AND use the electric brake actuator. The plans brake lever is tre fiddly.
  7. Yikes! $454 for a single CHT bayonet probe! (pic) And _without_ bluetooth or Wifi. I posted a pic and description previously how to make a homemade probe for less than $10 here. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/18661-kents-long-ez-project/?do=findComment&comment=63649 Even my puny mind can figure them out: twist the two wires together, make them contact the hot metal.
  8. Saw this oil cooler door idea (pic 1) on a FB page but I don't like it. The chap has an ingenious linkage to open and close the slots in flight but the problem is that when full open, half the cooler is blocked by the apparatus and even when open, the slots create drag on the air flow. In hot weather, you will want the whole cooler working. I have a pic of a cooler using louvers by Marc Z. that is a better idea but it might be copyrighted so you will have to imagine it. :-) I did not give this enough thought when building the Cozy. Eventually I arrived at this slider (pics 2,3) which is satisfactory but not in-flight adjustable. With experience, I know about where to set it. This time of year (Nov), it covers about 2/3rds of the cooler. In the winter it will block the entire cooler. Doing it again, I would offset the cooler which might have given the space for a cable-operated slider.
  9. A cozy III could be deemed faster because most of them have an O-320. With the same HP an EZ and C-III are pretty similar. Are you a fairly light person? Nat and Shirley Puffer are/were little people. A C-III can be flown with heavier crew but it’s like flying an EZ with two people in the front seat. They are a little cheaper than the -IV but If you’re over 200 lbs you might be happier with the -IV. The C-IV is 2” wider and has some structural improvements over the -III
  10. I met a guy with a beautiful RV-6 some years ago. He had gone to Osh with a pocket full of money and kept offering the owner more and more (the airplane was not for sale) until the owner gave up. Musta paid $30K above the market in those days but he wanted the nicest RV-6 and didn't care about building one. I think it's fine to talk about prices and whether some plane is over- or under-priced. It is just opinion. When the money changes hands, THAT's what it's worth to that buyer. Unfortunately we usually don't know what these airplanes sell for. Perhaps some enterprising reader will do a registry search for some of the old-ad N-numbers and see if the airplanes have changed hands. I sold my EZ last year for $40K but I had lots of offers at $25K to $30K. I would say $95K Long-ezs and $50K Variezes are in the tail of the bell curve but maybe they will find a buyer with a pocket full of cash.
  11. Hey, will you girls stay out of my thread, plz. I post this thread to give folks a handy way to see what has been advertised. Informed comment and opinions about these airplanes is welcome but If you want post snark at each other, use Private Messages.
  12. This Varieze today. N725EZ https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=725EZ Quite a schnozzola on that one. RUTAN VARIEZE ONE OF A KIND • $50,000 • FOR SALE BY PROUD OWNER • 1981 Rutan Varieze, Complete Restore 2018. 1020TT 1020SMOH 406 STOH Millennium Cylinders VERY STRONG C85 with Silver bullet 0-235 prop 2nd Owner ONE OF A KIND. Only one with long nose and strake extensions mods, New paint, new panel, Garmin G5, MGL e1 w/ 4CHT, Garmin 327, and GTR200, and IFLY 740. 700 empty 550 useful 150-160 ktas depending on weight Lands 65-70kts. Electric starter. Great cooling, Clean Wing fittings. Climbs solo 1500+ fpm. Out performs most Variezes. Can fit ANY height pilot comfortably. Flies weekly. times will change. Very reliable. Need bigger plane. Located KHAO • Contact Jamie Hicks, Owner - located Cincinnati, OH United States • Telephone: 432-349-7577 • Posted July 31, 2019
  13. I saw it but have not asked the owner.
  14. Today's B-stormers N327MB https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/NNum_results.aspx?NNumbertxt=327MB 1990 LONG EZ N327MB • $79,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • This is one of the finest Long EZ's out there and a real pleasure to fly. Airframe meticulously built by perfectionist A&P Mechanic. TTAF 388. Lycoming 0-320-E2D 0hrs SMOH incl NEW cylinders. 1 mag and 1 Electronic Ign. Factory refinished Performance Propellers 3 blade wooden prop. GRT Horizon HX EFIS w/AHRS, Mini-X EFIS w/2hr batt, 2 Axis Autopilot, EIS4000 electronic eng ind sys. Trig TT-22 Remote Xpndr. ADSB in & out. Garmin GNS 480 Navigation, GMA 240 audio panel, SL-30 Nav Com. Aircraft completely rewired. New tires, brakes, and master cyl's. Heated seats. Paint is a 9. Located at M04. • Contact Jeffrey Davis, Owner - located Roswell, GA United States • Telephone: 8502988229 • Posted July 30, 2019
  15. They are heat pumps so you don’t the quick, hot heat you’d get from gas/propane but very efficient. It doesn’t take much power to run them 24 hours. You need a 220v switch box on the shop. The rest you can install yourself.

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