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  1. Berkut today: fully priced! The nose gear mechanism is interesting (pic 3). With a little planning I bet you could substitute a Wilhelmson noselift for the hydro unit. It would let you seal the NG box a little easier. 1995 BERKUT 360 SN006 • $150,000 • YOUR SEARCH IS OVER • 1995 Berkut 360 SN006 143TTAE. Excellent clean build in like new condition. Was Built by Ronnenberg the Berkut Designer and was company demonstrator. Injected 0-360a1a IFR panel, 2 place O2 system, split canopies, full retract, Klaus fixed pitch prop, leather interior. Berkuts cruise at 190 kts and can go over 215kts. Last flew in 2004. Partial Logs. Will need gone through but was a proven airplane. Would recommend an electric nose lift. Selling as is, where is. Located in Ft Worth. Selling for a friend. Call or email with questions. Excellent opportunity for someone. • Contact Jamie Hicks , Friend of Owner - located Cincinnati, OH United States • Telephone: 432-349-7577 • Posted November 29, 2020 Also this Long-EZ. No pics in the ad LONGEZ - LONG NOSE - AT KCNO • $34,500 • BEST DEAL EVER! • ADS-B in/ out. Dual com, GPS, Electric gear. Silver Bullet Prop. 0290D2 w/97hrs. 1 mag, 1 elect ign. • Contact Stephen Glover , Owner - located Mission Viejo, CA United States • Telephone: 714-293-9787 • Posted November 29, 2020 And A Cozy project in Canada. seen on FB (pic 4) Pretty good price
  2. I am 225-235 and I found my EZ pretty comfortable but at 270, I think you would need to try one. I scalloped out the inslde fuselage at the forearms which was a good mod and I did not run the armrest sides all the way to the bottom--they came down only about 2"--which gave more hip room. With an O-320, I flew with 200 pound people and about 20 gallons once in a while which would be about 1550 lbs. Re-attaching the gear is a doable but a big job. You would probably remove the wings and canopy, flip the fuselage, open the bottom, repair the fuselage sides where the gear is mounted as required (it is a weak area anyway), sand off old layups with an angle-grinder and make new ones. If you did it right it'd be as good as new but it would take a while. Frankly, at your weight and with the gear repairs needed, you might pass that one by.
  3. Saw this on the Cozy mail list: Jochen Fuglsang photos of load-testing his Cozy III for the German authorities. I suppose he passed 🙂
  4. The regular fiberglass gear struts are sold by Aerocomposites Gregory Andronaco AeroComposites LLC KUKI 1327 South State Street Ukiah, CA 95482 707.462.2939o 707.462.3424f aerocomposites@pacific.net About a year ago a chap reported cracks in his Infinity gear weldments https://groups.google.com/g/cozy_builders/c/BHIV1WV5GrM/m/SxVUS45-AgAJ I don't recall what happened after that but this is more of the discussion https://groups.google.com/g/cozy_builders/c/Nhv-zVchpD4/m/LjY7wM0cAAAJ IMO, the Cozy fiberglass strut and wheel pant are pretty aerodynamic and the speed increase you'd get from retracts (5-6 kts?) is not justified by the expense, weight, and complexity. They might be worth it if you're cruising in the 300+ range but at the sub-200 range we cruise at, no. Six knots gains you 7-8 minutes on a 400 mile trip. Big whoop.
  5. The post is over a year old and the OP only made one career post
  6. The only place I know is on the TERF CD ($295). Said to have all the Rutan plans. http://www.dragonaero.com/RAFCDROM.htm There was a project for sale in October on this page near the bottom https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/page/26/ You might search the FAA Registry for Defiant and call around. Perhaps someone would make you a copy of a few pages. Plans come up for sale maybe once a year or two--pretty rare without being included in a project.
  7. Ha! I presume you are mocking my wiring. 🙂 Ya know, you start off with good intentions to make everything as neat as a pin and then it goes downhill.
  8. Wow! But sometimes a man can spread himself too thin. 🙂
  9. This Vari today on B-stormers N44EZ. http://www.aviationdb.com/Aviation/Aircraft/4/N44EZ.shtm Maybe a little pricey for a non-flying de-registered airplane. More pics in the ad VARIEZE PROJECT • $11,500 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • Complete Varieze project minus the engine. 226HRS, Includes A/W, eng connections. Good logs, last inspection 2009. Certified C90-12 also available for $8500 (currently on the plane) or experimental O200 for $4500. • Contact Robert Perkins - AJAY ENTERPRISES LLC , Owner - located New Richmond, WI United States • Telephone: 715-222-0869 • Posted November 19, 2020
  10. I mount them inside the firewall, back-to-back using two L-shaped brackets
  11. It would probably be half the work of building from scratch. There is no good way to check if all the proper layups were done correctly. You mainly have to look at the airplane and decide if you trust the student workmanship. Inspect their builder-log and compare it to the plans. For example, winglet attach layups are a biggie. You want them done correctly. Canard attach tabs: inspect them closely. Did they take pictures? That would help a lot. Make sure you can get it licensed in Thailand. Your cushions look very thick. Substituting one or two layers of 1" Temperfoam might help there. A thick seat-back pushes you forward so it will help to go thinner there too. I suspect the canopy will not be tall enough either way, but try the thinner cushions. Pedals can be relocated forward. With thinner cushions and longer brake pedals, you could get away without moving the seat-back, which is a big job. The plans-style brake pedals are not used much these days. Most people are using a so-called "lay-down" master-cylinders. Example here: http://ljosnes.no/cozy/step-7-installing-the-master-brake-cylinders/ It'd be a fairly big job to raise the canopy and turtledeck but it could be done. There are layups that overlap the turtledeck and firewall so the firewall would have to be exposed to replace them. The old canopy might be removed from the frame and reused. Larger canopies are often used these days. Several guys on the Cozylist doing them. I do not think a larger canopy would make much difference in the aero. The plane looks rough. See around the nose. In your last picture, notice the waviness in the leading edge of the strakes. So you have a fair amount of refinishing to do but the joint work looks good and the flight surfaces look pretty even. Yeah, I imagine the engine will need a teardown, possibly rebuilding. Personally I wouldn't partner with the school. Either buy it leave it be.
  12. Last few days on B-stormers and FB: LONG-EZ PROJECT • $3,500 • PROJECT FOR SALE • Fuselage,landing gear,original plans,and most metal parts. Contact me for pictures and more details. • Contact Ronald Ulbrich , Owner - located Iona, ID United States • Telephone: 2083600722 • 2083600722 • Posted November 11, 2020
  13. Seen on the Cozylist today. Motivated seller. Free shipping, no tax, reduced from $8K to $5K. Good Deal!
  14. Today's Barnstormers: LONG EZE UNFINISHED PROJECT • FOR SALE BY BUILDER • Structural sections built by an A&P. No engine/instruments. text to phone only. KFXE • Contact Gary Hall , Owner - located N. Lauderdale, FL United States • Telephone: 954-979-9494 • Posted November 8, 2020 No pics in the ad. Also this Quickie. Looks pretty good. N80771 QUICKIE Q2 • $14,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Revmaster 2100-d, 65hp. 165.5 hrs. TT airframe and engine, about 10hrs. on new mofoco heads and cyl. Annual completed 7/1/2020. New tires, new elt battery. Dual rudder, dual toe brakes. Dittel radio with intercom, Narco transponder with encoder, standard gauges. No ads-b out. Ready to fly home. The only reason it's for sale is that it was intended for me and my son to fly to places like Oshkosh, expensive burgers, family and friends on occasion, and discovered were too heavy for 65hp. Too long on the take-off roll. Found a good deal on a plane that fits, so this one has to go. • Contact David Weaver , Owner - located Elkhart, IN United States • Telephone: 5742381968 • Posted November 8, 2020
  15. Cross-posting this EZ project in Idaho. Decent price

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