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  1. This EZ today on B-stormers N4884Y https://registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/NNum_results.aspx?NNumbertxt=4884Y Resonably priced for the nice panel, I would say (unless the engine is run-out) LONGEZ • $33,500 • FOR SALE • Nice IFR equipped LongEZ. See inventory. 145 knots on less than 6 gph. Only selling because of another aircraft purchase. Will deliver with new annual condition inspection. Prefer initial contact via text to #703. • Contact Fred Wimberly, Owner - located Callao, VA United States • Telephone: 703-409-5330 • 804-529-5753 • Posted July 19, 2019
  2. Ya know, we are both guilty of saying "I recall XXX" or "I remember saying someone said XXX". This is lazy. We should strive to document what we're saying. Here is a comment about the ride from http://www.airbum.com/pireps/PirepBerkut.html and about the construction of the wings from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkut_360 This kit was sold with "molded wings (including flat stock for ribs and spars)" so I you seem to be correct about the wing with ribs. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/17030-berkut-project-for-sale/ I don't know if Berkuts were ever built with Long-ez spec wings but there is plenty of discussion about Berkuts found with a google search.
  3. This Q2 from Barnstormers. Pics of unopened boxes in the ad. Here's something fun to contemplate: $9928 invested at 5%/year in 1982 would be $60,376 today. Nevertheless that's water-under-the-bridge. I imagine a Q2 kit today with engine would run at least $25,000. QUICKIE Q2 KIT • $5,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Am selling a Quickie Q2 kit along with an engine. The kit was purchased in 1982 and it is still in its original boxes. It was purchased by my father who is currently 95. He kept the kit and the engine (modified VW) in storage without doing a lick of work on it. The engine is unopened in its original box. The kit is $5000 and the engine is $2500. • Contact Dan Young, Owner - located Madison, WI United States • Telephone: 715-305-7057 • Posted July 17, 2019
  4. https://www.berkut13.com/berkut6.htm carbon, apparently, but I read that the wings were very stiff and gave a rough ride in turbulence. Other than weight saving, I don't seen any reason why fiberglass wouldn't be better--and cheaper.
  5. There is a lot of talk about the FAA's recent requirement to log an ADSB Service Availability Prediction Tool (SAPT) preflight check or be accused of not exercising "due [preflight] dilligence". The regulation is obtuse but but what I get out of it is that if you have an ADSB employing a WAAS GPS source, you merely have to check the usual NOTAMS. The clearest thing I could find on this is the ICAO instruction See https://www.icao.int/SAM/Documents/2017-ADSB/08%20FAA%20Briefing%20ADS_B%20Rules%20and%20Airspace%20(2).pdf Selective Availablity is the jitter built into the GPS system by the military which has since been turned off but apparently there are older GPS receivers designed to deal with it. Note also that WAAS is an SBAS. ICAO also says
  6. CIRCLING APPROACHES/LOW PATTERNS: Ya know, many pilots have died doing circling approaches or trying to fly a visual traffic pattern below a low cloud deck. The reason is that pilots rely on a "look angle" to the runway to set up their downwind position but the same look angle at 500' AGL is much closer to the runway than for a 1000" AGL pattern (pic). So they establish the same look angle and end up with a very tight base turn to the runway and sometimes even slow down to make the turn radius smaller. Result: stall-spin or overshoot and go-around. Also, when the visibility is bad, as it often is when the ceiling is low, a pilot can be fearful of losing sight of the runway and is hesitant to widen his downwind enough (i.e., shallow-out his look angle) to use a normal base turn bank-angle. And who knows what towers and obstacles lurk out there on a low downwind? Psychologically, we do not like to fly off away from a runway in the haze and murk. Also, a pilot will need to start the base turn as a level turn using more power. That's different. And the base position will also look shallower. If a pilot begins a base turn descent as he would on a normal pattern, the trees can reach up and grab him. If these factors are not in your mind as you fly a circling or low-deck approach, you will often screw it up or scare yourself. As an instructor in Tweets, we could count on a student screwing up his first for-real circling approach; what fun! Go out and practice a couple, the next time you fly. It's good to get in the habit of establishing a downwind position by knowing the runway length (say, 5000') and visually putting yourself a runway-length (or whatever you use) offset from the runway. On a 2500' runway, the perspective from downwind is quite different but by using 2 runway lengths as an offset, you'll be in your normal downwind position.
  7. I took this pic of the waiting list for hangars at my airport in Salisbury, NC. 44 people waiting for hangarage, amazing! And my airport has done a pretty good job of building hangars. Other airports in my area refuse to build small hangars or let an operator do so at reasonable cost. My friend at KEQY-Charlotte Monroe still cannot view the airport's waiting list after asking a dozen times to see his position on the list and KEQY is one of those airports with 60 airplanes sitting on the ramp and two small rows of T-hangars (pic 2), as well as acres of vacant land. If you look at KEQY's master plan that they have to file with the FAA (pic 3), they show dozens of places identified for hangars but if you would ask to build say, a row of them--you would find all kinds of charges, fees, paving, parking and improvement costs, and finally an ownership reversion clause that gifts them to the city in a few years. As a result, 60 airplanes sit out in the rain and sun. In my experience, pilots are passive. There ought to be 60 aircraft owners with pitchforks banging on the doors at the City of Monroe demanding a change but there is nary a peep and I hear that if you have some political influence, you can get a hangar at Monroe pretty quickly. The people get the government they deserve.
  8. This is the mod I came up to keep the ipad holder from flopping around. The notches keep the holder in viewing position (for a right seat pilot) or angled straight ahead for takeoff and landing. I can be raised slightly and swiveled for the pax to look at. Doing it again, I would probably machine a little aluminum block with notches but it was easier to mod what I had before. 3rd pic shows the underside of the armrest. I could have embedded a piece of phenolic in the armrest at the building stage. See pics above for the holder.
  9. Ad and pics for a couple mentioned above: Reasonably priced, I would say. SUPER NICE VARIEZE • $25,000 • FOR SALE OR TRADE • Super Nice airplane like new condition completely restored new custom white paint with chameleon pearl, new interior paint and carbón fiber leather, all plane and egine in exellent condition Continental 0-200 100hp, SMOH: 752. Airframe TT: 569. empty wt 646, max wt 1050, I would like to trade for a light sport pls call or text for more information thank you. • Contact Felipe Gonzalez, Owner - located Crete, IL United States • Telephone: 7735718138 • Posted July 8, 2019 LONG EZ • $35,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Beautiful Long EZ! 154 TTAF 54 SMOH. Custom built O-290G. Hal Hunt Exhaust and Ram air, Electro air Ignition, Custom interior, Garmin 300XL, Basic VFR panel. This plane is a dream to fly!! Mission has changed and need a short field capable 4 seater. For more info CALL Tony, don't check email much! • Contact Tony Warnock, - located Mobile, AL United States • Telephone: 251-370-4747 • Posted July 8, 2019 I have never flown much in airplanes with a turn coordinator (pic 3) vs. a turn needle but I did not like the T.C. A turn needle is a straight-forward instrument that shows yaw or rate of turn. If the T.N. stays straight up, you are not turning, i.e. wings level (you could be yawing but with rudders neutral, probably not), but a T.C. shows roll as well as turn. If you are bumping around in the clouds trying to keep control with a partial panel, the T.C. seems to react a lot more to inadvertent rolling. I found it confusing. With a T.N. you just needed to keep the needle centered and the wings will stay level. Also, when you are used to flying an attitude instrument, the T.C. looks like it is showing attitude, hence the caution note on the face of the T.C. With a T.N. there is no doubt that you are not seeing attitude so you look somewhere else for it, like the altimeter or VVI. If I had the second airplane I would put in a turn & slip indicator; better yet, a small Dynon or Garmin EFIS.
  10. Got a good ADSB Performance Report today with the Uavionix EchoUAT in the "transponder monitor" (sniffer) mode. To summarize, it does not work to hardwire the Echo to a Garmin 327 transponder unless you are using a _serial_encoder feeding baro altitude to the transponder. My older Trans-Cal 120 was a gray code encoder. Finally!
  11. Another on FB today. $5K for everything. In California. The fuselage looks like it was not stored properly but I suspect it will be OK. I did not see any mouse nests. Here is the link to his pics https://www.flickr.com/photos/182379439@N06/
  12. Seen today on FB. I could not expand the pic to read the N-number
  13. The surfaces have been cleaned off but the pits in the last picture are the start of intergranular corrosion. Google 2024 corrosion and you will see pics of that pitting and how it is working its way into the metal. Those pieces might last a while but the corrosion process has a good start. Why install them on a new build?
  14. This AM on Barnstormers. I did not have time to search for more info LONG EZ • ACCEPTING OFFERS • Selling Long EZ aircraft. It needs work! The aircraft took a hard landing gear was folding on impact. A replacement main landing gear will be included. The motor type 290, prop broken after the gear folded. Air frame and Engine Logs provided. The aircraft is not registered. The aircraft needs repairs to be airworthy. All offers considered. • Contact Douglas Wilson, Owner - located Wellsville, NY United States • Telephone: 585-610-9999 • 585-593-4930 • Posted July 3, 2019
  15. Jon, I wonder why you want to widen the rear of a Cozy IV. It is not really a 4-seater unless the pax are kids and kids wouldn’t care. It causes all kinds of problems like requiring custom cowls and resizing bulkheads. Maybe a custom engine mount would be needed You might have to revise the curve of the jigs for the sides. i have only flown a person in the back seat once.
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