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  1. Builder Progress! You're making it happen in spite of the forces against. I am going home right now to do the same. I don't have as much to offer as you at the moment, but am making progress. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. You survived that "perfect" timing -- thanks for sharing. I learned that squeegee+plastic technique from John's website as well and can imagine what you were going through. Glad it worked out. I'm looking to put a small wood burning stove in my shop for this coming winter. I'm going to move this post to the Builder Progress Reports section as a next step towards turning on the Blog feature.
  3. Jon Matcho

    Been awhile

    How's it going Steve? Can you tease us with a recent photo? Congratulations on your accomplishment!
  4. Jon Matcho

    Kitplanes Engines Buyers Guide

    Nope, it was either me when I posted, or a gremlin got into the forum conversion that just happened. I'll check other links to be sure, but it should work now.
  5. Jon Matcho

    The Canard Zone is being upgraded...

    Please see the latest forum announcement on this topic here. I had to split the first post in this thread to get the home page announcements area to work properly. For reference, here's the original first post in this thread:
  6. Kitplanes posted their 2017 engines buyers guide article as a teaser for their upcoming 2018 buyers guide. I found it to be an interesting read. http://www.kitplanes.com/issues/34_2/engine_directory/2017-Engine-Buyers-Guide_21730-1.html
  7. Jon Matcho

    The Canard Zone is being upgraded...

    The forum software company is taking a company holiday until Monday, so I won't have any updates until then (at the earliest) regarding timing. So, until then, build on! :-)
  8. Jon Matcho

    New to the family

    With the pending forum upgrade I am looking for an upgrade to the classifieds / For Sale section here. I have some items to sell myself.
  9. Jon Matcho

    The Canard Zone is being upgraded...

    I agree with your concerns but the scope of this integration is small and specific: 1) For those with a Facebook account, allow those accounts to be used to login here. This is to get some canard experts that are FB-only today to participate here. 2) Facebook is an undeniable social outlet that can be ignored but is not going away. It's commonplace today to make content sharable to FB, Twitter, etc., but is something that may only be available in specific places. The last thing anyone wants is to reduce conversation here, and I can assure everyone that is not going to happen -- exactly he opposite and a driver behind this upgrade. If any particular feature makes anything go sour it will be turned off. Regarding John Slade's forum, I have offered on multiple occasions to merge the forums and membership, and bear all costs required to do so in John's honor. I do hope that will happen. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Jon Matcho

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Jim is a funny guy. I had the chance to attend an electronics presentation of his at Osh a couple years ago and was "edutained" throughout. I may take you up on this challenge and order my antennas from him just to see how long it would take. http://www.rstengineering.com/rst/products/plasticplaneantenna/plasticplaneantenna.htm
  11. Jon Matcho

    New to the family

    You are welcome Jean... and I was wondering what time it was in France. Silly me to assume you were in France. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to following your project. You may be able to sell those extra parts to fund some of your needs.
  12. Jon Matcho

    Vibration when on Approach

    Now THAT is a hangar I want to see more pictures of! I love hearing the Piaggio Avanti overhead here in New Jersey, but haven't seen one in quite a while. I've been wondering whether it's been relocated.
  13. I think they look great! Fraying carbon fiber and epoxy on the cylinder fins raises some concerns for me. I suspect they need to be changed much more often.
  14. What's the reasoning behind no NACA scoop? Overhead cooling? You have that priority in order!
  15. Jon Matcho

    Can she be salvaged?

    Putting myself in new builder shoes, I wouldn't bother taking that situation if it were free or even if I would be paid $100 to take it. You would learn a world of skills if you were to spend a couple thousand, incrementally, and build up to what you see in that other project Kent pointed out (which is how projects are supposed to look in pictures -- kept inside). On the other hand, many get into these projects, intending to build from step 1 only to later realize that it doesn't fit their master plan. If you're patient and want to pick-up a project, you can find many in the $3,500 to $5,000 range.