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  1. Not a TriQ but a Dragonfly. Similar types, but different aircraft.
  2. (bolding is mine) I made a mistake when I referred to "spar". I meant "rib". Butt joints are like "micro ribs". I was not suggesting a "micro spar", as I was trying to explain here: It's good you're asking around, but ultimately comes down to your decision. Another option is to change your time preference from "need it now" to one that allows for more time and patience. Foam blocks exist in Oregon right now (theoretically), and you'll be surprised what you might find that comes up on barnstormers.com or on the forums somewhere. Post a "wanted" ad in the Marketplace forum here and wait a bit while you work on other areas of your project. Just my thoughts...
  3. Glad to hear that, and welcome to the forum. That package does include the improved LS1 canard profile templates for hot wiring the foam, but to build exactly to plans you'll need to find a replacement for the carbon fiber tube spar. Some have designer their own Rutan-like box spar as a replacement. The plans are more like a time capsule from the time they were originally written as opposed to a modern version. For example, 3D CAD was not really a thing back then, so the plans are all in 2D basically. All items for sale are 100% digital downloads and allow the Canard Zone to keep running. Welcome, and feel free to post your questions. Many others here are more knowledgeable than me on a variety of topics.
  4. Something got lost in the translation there... I know 'canard' is the French word for 'duck'. Anyway, you are welcome to participate here on the forum!
  5. You definitely do not need "at least 55" inch foam. Many kits shipped with 48" foam. It's not a problem to have butt joints. You could actually consider them to be "micro spars ribs". The other problem with getting beyond 48" is that hot wiring can become problematic, where the wire itself no longer maintains a perfectly straight line (or good enough straight line).
  6. If you got all that from your thread on the Q-List mailing list, I don't see that being said. https://q-list.groups.io/g/main/topic/stearns_q200_core_kit/104005253 I'd also be interested in reading the actual FAA accident reports. Done wrong your concern is valid, but it all depends on the bonding agent used. If I understand your dilemma correctly, micro may not be the best bonding agent for extending the chord from wing root to tip. You would just need a bond that is equal to or just slightly stronger than the foam itself, and as close to the mechanical properties of the foam itself. I don't know what that is, but it's out there. Another option would be to buy the foam you're comfortable with, and cut another complete wing set and sell that to cover your costs.
  7. Welcome in from the cold! From what I gather, they'll all want a handful of hours as PIC on the same aircraft model (or very close to it) first. That's what I "gather" -- I don't know as I'm still building and effectively a lurker myself on that topic.
  8. Welcome to the Canard Zone Julien. Besides your neighbor, what brings you here? What do you have in mind?
  9. You're building the Q200 configuration, yes? Do you have the ever-rare carbon fiber tube-spar in your "kit"? Joining foam as Kent suggested would not weaken your structure. The last thing that would fail would be the foam-micro-foam intersections. Your canard will fail if its spar breaks, and then nothing about the foam will matter after that happens. Kent gave you expert advice, which is how Rutan and many others since have done it since. If ACS has 8" foam blocks, they'll work (assuming you understand what Kent suggested). Ask others and I'm sure you'll get similar answers. Forget trying to find a perfectly sized foam block and expect to piece a few together. There's nobody you can count on to legally approve/authorize anything, but ask around and I'm sure you'll get same/similar advice as to what Kent suggested. Yes, you're the builder/manufacturer and responsible for these decisions. I think you're at the "too much unknown, must be risky" stage. Learn more and figure out how to reduce the risk. Many have dealt with the same exact thing, and again, landed with the solution that Kent offered to you.
  10. Good to hear that you got what you needed after a few glitches or two. I'm looking forward to hearing of your progress!
  11. Your late afternoon may be my evening, but I can try. Send me a message here with your phone number and we'll try to connect. Replacing paper is the easy part.
  12. Welcome to the forum Barry, you are now a fully-authorized member. The delay you noticed is because first posts for new members are moderated to head off any spammers that sneak through the system. You can navigate to the Store here (menu at top) and find what you need for the Q2/Q200. Templates and plans are available, which you can download and take to a local print shop for printing. Mice are the bane of my existence as well.
  13. You found it! Welcome, feel free to ask away. Quickie Aircraft Company shutdown without assigning rights. You may be confusing the once-owner of the Dragonfly plans (Viking, although I'm not sure it's an Elkhorn, WI company). Quickie aircraft models are not supported by anyone and require a lot of determination to see a built-from-plans project to completion. Partial kits are out there. It depends on what your goal is... It's a great starting place if you want to learn more about how the original single-seat Quickies were designed and built (purchases help support the Canard Zone as well)! There's the Quickie Builders Association website, which the Canard Zone also runs, with all sorts of information available. https://quickheads.com/
  14. Browsing this thread I found this: For the record, I no longer agree with moving from the plans decimal inches to 16ths of an inch. Just get a decimal tape measure. Stanley makes a good one. Many will appreciate this, and the feedback may be beneficial for yourself. I understand and am not complaining for you to do anything other than be VERY clear that the model is "not a stock EZ" as you point out. Please. Yeah, not many at all will be using that software. It will be an interesting test to see how various CAD systems load the neutral format exported from your CATIA system. I can test on Autodesk Fusion 360 and the Solidworks offering made available by EAA.org in the US.
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