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  1. Sean..... Here's the page from the plans.....not to scale---just a .jpg of the page. I just did a retractable step on my Long. Was ridiculously easy to do...and is convenient to help lift nose since i have manual nose gear....
  2. At Rough River, several Longs had a retracting step mounted just ahead of the instrument panel and just over the lower longeron. I took several pics, but neglected the most important info---dimensions!! Anyone have any drawings or ??
  3. OK---the "sticky" thread here has gotten really jumbled up--- What is the current state of the Open EZ project? As of right now---with RAF gone, etc... what do you do to build an Open-EZ? I've got to finish a BK-1.3 and then plan to start an Open-EZ---want to start getting the materials together and planning my project. Thanks! Marl

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