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  1. Hi Tim! Kent covered your other questions, but yes, presently you need printed plans. TERF offers these, but are not yet available as part of the Open-EZ download. This is a key point. Burt has specifically asked for any Long-EZs build outside of RAF support to be NOT registered as a "Long-EZ". We should all respect that and is why new planes should be called something else, such as an Open-EZ, Xerox-EZ, Tim-EZ, etc.
  2. Kent, try to think of the Canard Zone as a "sanctuary" from all the noise that's out there. Enjoy your time off and I look forward to your future posts whenever works out best for you. Sincerely, Jon
  3. So why post against the forum's guidelines?! You can find the link at the bottom of every page on this site. Here's the particular guideline I am referring to: I left your thank you there in appreciation of Kent's posts, otherwise it would have been deleted.
  4. This issue has been resolved. Everything is working fine. Please post something. Say hi. Share a status update on your project. Have a nice day. 🙂
  5. Good to "see" you Hat! There's progress brewing in the land of the Open-EZ. Interest seems to be picking up just a bit these days, which I personally find inspirational and has me interested in taking it to the next step. How's life in SoCal?
  6. There has been a problem since Friday, May 15th with outbound email delivery. This affects notifications, registrations, password reset requests, etc. -- anything involving an email. I have been told by the platform that, "We are aware of an ongoing issue at the present time. We are working to get this resolved as soon as possible." I will keep everyone posted as soon as I hear myself. Jon
  7. Dustin, welcome to the forum. Please re-read the Rules and Guidelines for the forum, particularly this part: "1. Civility and Respect. If you cannot be as nice and courteous as one would expect from an in-person conversation with a stranger and their children, then please move along to somewhere else on the Internet; abusive behavior and personal attacks will not be tolerated here. Moderators will delete (not edit) the offending post." This is sarcasm. Your response, which has been redacted, is against this forum's guidelines.
  8. Yes. Here's a better break-down: Plans You can get a copy of anyone's plans. RAF used to refer to these as "Xerox EZs". You can acquire the TERF CD. The Open-EZ does not yet include actual plan text. Drawings These were originally provided in printed form, to scale, from RAF as part of Long-EZ plans. The Open-EZ drawings are these. The TERF CD does not include scale drawings. Canard Pusher Newsletters These contain all the plans changes while RAF was in business. You need to question how someone else came to the CAD model that was sent to you. To so so, they'd have to account for all of the above. For example, the Open-EZ drawings allow you to define the airfoil shape, but do not provide you with information on how many layers of fiberglass are to be used to cover them, and for the winglets, the angles they are to be canted inward. I am always concerned about seeing things in 3D CAD where the typical reaction immediately seems to be "oh that's better than anything", but it's just not if the translation from the original source is flawed or in any way. Make sense?
  9. Interesting. I verified the limit per post is set to be 50MB. Let me know if you have any issues and I'll be happy to review.
  10. Justin, that's nice work! How did you acquire and maintain those skills? Yes, which is why I pointed Ary to that page as soon as I learned of what he was doing. The simple answer would have been this: Download and print the Open-EZ drawings. Make the corrections shown in red on 3 sheets. Follow the instructions. Ary just went overboard for no additional value to these steps (although I see nothing wrong with what he did).
  11. Justin, Ary is mistaken in that there are NO scaling issues with the drawings as you can see from this explanation: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/20540-important-update-regarding-open-ez-rev-5-templates
  12. Nice work! What tools do you use to make all that happen? I'll take a look at that to see how to increase without going breaking the bank here.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. OR, Brian, just proceed with your approach but only using half container (forget the acetone technique). Done right you can pop the half off and then prep and do the other one. Look into simple fiberglass mold making. You'll then know how to make wheel pants, baggage pods, and cowlings.
  14. FWIW, the execution appears to be rather good. The design just needs some help. 🙂

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