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  1. A recent update to the forum software has given us another way to quote posts when replying: Click and drag your mouse over the text you want to quote to get a "Quote selection" button to appear right near your selection. Click the "Quote selection" button and the selected text will be included in your reply at the place where your cursor was last at. Repeat as necessary. Simple, and works great!
  2. That's a shame, and now a fairly involved repair (replace the entire canard, rerun lines, cables, etc.), but at least you can keep the wheels. The first thing I think when watching folks stress-test their wings is, "ok, now get that stuff off of there now!" You'd still want to rebuild that Quickie as a taildragger, which (being a taildragger) is the source of most of the Q's reputation. In other words, you could say that all taildraggers would behave better on more conventional gear. With the Quickie taildraggers, the effect of braking is much more pronounced than if the wheels were closer to the centerline. In the air the setup is more efficient than a conventional tricycle gear. I think the 3rd airplane I build/own will be a Q1. Looks like great fun with a tiny engine! ­čśë
  3. The very next email in my Inbox after this post's notification was from EAA about a discount for a prop balancer!
  4. What type of wood did you use? I'll just have to re-read this topic. Interesting stuff. I just figured out now how you used the templates as a reference for your cutting machine. My next question are: How did you get the stations/positions for the profile templates? Are you working from published plans of some sort?
  5. Or imagine you're in a Cozy where a left-hand stick is standard (unless you fly from the right seat). The canard may be a GU so just build a new one if need be. Looks like a great buy!
  6. Impressive Kent. Much of this is just short of magic for me and I can imagine how much research and learning you've had to do if you were not an engineer already (or even if you were)! At worst the 3rd time will be a charm and you'll be a certified prop builder at that point.
  7. Yes, and I'm sure the quality of the strip comes into play. Still, FOD is greater on grass than paved. My recent propeller research taught me that even rain can make a mess of a prop. I would definitely like to fly out of grass strips, but don't plan to in a 4-place canard. Not arguing, but why is this a bigger issue in the Cozy? Weight on the nose? Where are the general aviation "hubs" in New Zealand? Which cities/towns/areas are known for this over others?
  8. Wow!!! I figure those that are building Open-EZs register as Long-EZs, which -- based on a recent discussion on the Cozy Builders list -- would make sense for insurance purposes. Regardless, this is quite interesting. The timing is good too as I am halfway into the Open-EZ Revision 6 update. The FAA registration also brings up a few pet peeves of mine: It's 'Long-EZ', not LongEz, LoneEze, Long Eze, etc. Long-EZ. It's VariEze, with the same points to be made. EZ and Eze are pronounced as if you were to pronounce the letters 'E' and 'Z' individually, or "easy" as a shortcut. </rant> Awesome find Kent!
  9. Pretty pictures, but "yikes" -- a pusher on grass! Obviously not impossible on manicured grass, but problematic with grass of any length and issues of debris being thrown into the prop (which happens with rocks on paved runways as well). Grass runways are generally to be avoided with canard pushers.
  10. Now that is funny! Clean plans are available at www.quickheads.com I much more like the idea of running a Rotax on this, but Onan's were the standard for the original Quickies way back.
  11. Kim, well done with your approved milestone! You just have to do what is necessary. I wonder how much crackling is too much crackling? Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your future updates.
  12. See this thread with Nate sharing information just before and after this plane became airworthy:
  13. Wow, impressive! I assume doing this test is required in Denmark. Luckily we do not have to do that here in the U.S.A., although some still choose to. Congratulations on your milestone!
  14. I took another look at the IVO prop design and found that my initial assumptions were incorrect. It works like the neck adjustment for guitars, where adjusting a screw induces a bend in the neck of the guitar (a twist in the propeller blade in the case of the IVO). I could imagine this being used nicely for infrequent ground adjustments, but not for frequent in-flight adjustments. I am speculating, but I still don't care for the mechanism as a constant speed propeller solution. For my situation, I have decided on a basic climb propeller for initial flights and can move up from there once the front landing gear proves itself (along with the pilot, me).
  15. You can find the build log here, at least starting at the point where Nate picked the project up and took it to completion: http://www.mykitlog.com/users/index.php?user=jenatepilot&project=2121 From that, I'd expect it to be a "stock" Long-EZ and as Andrew points out it's well built, has been flying, improved and actively maintained.
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