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    Or add VGs or turb tape to the existing one. Much easier!
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    Oh, NOW you are interested in the canards after you had probably the world's most experienced builder/pilot living next door. 🙂 I will PM you, pal. Get in touch. In the mean time check my thread: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/21972-sales-ive-seen/page/16/#comments
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    I see that the "Bally Bomber" is for sale on B-stormers at $225,000. What a work of art! You would empty the FBO wherever you land. https://www.facebook.com/BallyBomber/?ref=page_internal
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    Just thought I would pass on my experience sitting in the Long EZ on Friday. I am 6'4 and 225 pounds, normal torso distribution. Size 44 jacket fits OK, 46 a bit large in the waist area. Sitting in the Long, it was a very good and comfortable fit. I expected that, given the designer and his brother are about the same size. I had plenty of room at the shoulder, elbow, and waist. Kent has a cushion that I guess is about 1.5" thick. I also sat in the back seat and found it comfortable, but knees bent with a shortage of real legroom. I could easily sit there for 2-3 hours however. Maybe longer. Kent's plane has a lengthened nose. I had lots of legroom past the rudder pedals, enough to completely stretch out. Kent's plane does have a bit wider canopy with the standard width sides. Plenty of room. I could fly that plane comfortably for many hours. Getting in/out was EZ enough. A bit like climbing into my formula V single seat race car, only much easier.
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    You're welcome. Hard to believe it's been almost 2 years. I hoped I would find some way to repay Kent for the experience, but so far no luck Call me if you need a hand with anything Kent!
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    I just installed some pedal extensions. My pedals were a bit close--and made me pull my legs back a little when getting ready to land. I made the extensions so they could be extended about 1, 2 and 3" forward or aft but the 3" is probably not usable and the 2" seems like a lot, too. Real useful if you have one leg 3-4 inches shorter than the other. 🙂 The bolts are secured with safety-wire. Seen the same on the hanging pedals, too.
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    The May 2019 canard desktop calendar is ready for download. As always: Thanks a lot for the many beautiful pictures I have received so far. I’m still looking for new pictures, if you have pictures to share, please send them over to me. I need as large resolution as possible. My bandwidth is no problem, so don’t be afraid to send over large images!Safe flying (and building!)!Here is the link: http://ljosnes.no/co...anard-calendar/
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    Photos of the spar construction to date. Click for larger images. Foam parts prepped and being installed. Glass and peel ply cut and labelled ready to easily find and apply. A few extra pieces of peel- ply that I didn't need in the end, but easier to have prepped and ready in advance in the event that I do. Glass in the process of being wet-out. Bulkheads in, hardpoints next. Weight on the wing attach hardpoints. As you can see, I didn't install the end caps bulkheads yet. As I will be installing Infinity retracts (I don't own a set yet - budget limited!), I will need access into this area when installing the fixed parts of the gear, so the end bulkheads will go on once that is done. This also made it very easy to weigh down the outboard hardpoints, as I could just clamp down on them. The inboard hardpoints had approx 5lb on each per plans. 1l peanut butter jars filled with water =1kg each plus the weight of the stand= approx 5lb. After cure, but before trimming. It came out nicely. Thanks, Jon - yes I have a lot of big projects going on! Hopefully, the Cozy won't take quite as long to grow up and leave home as some of the others. 😅

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