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    Here we go with main wing ailerons slot with 1 bid and peelply on the top. To reduce the twist there was placed some weight to press it on the flat table.
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    I'd say there are better choices. One of the Bearhawks. Maybe a Van's RV-8. I have flown my EZ and C-IV at 237# and my wife is about 180-185. The airplanes will haul you but I am reluctant to fly with people 250+ (in my C-IV) mainly because they can barely fit in the seats. Nat Puffer, the Cozy developer, and his wife were little people--maybe 180 and 125. The Cozy was a good airplane for them. In the summer, fully loaded and gassed with me and my wife, the takeoff roll can get long. The EZ was better because the pax sits at about the CG. An EZ with O-320 would work if you sit in one and find it comfortable. (With Keto dieting, I am down to 227 today which is a better fit 🙂 )
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    So far the Canard is going truth the cnc diy foam cutting machine, please find a picture below. After that the wing will be the next step to cut. The cnc diy foam cutting machine based on that source: RcKeith and that software: https://www.devcad.com/eng/devcncfoam.asp The machine runs very well and bring out a good quality of cuttet parts. How to build part#1 Best regrads Eugen

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