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    Kent, Hope your vacationing somewhere and that everything is OK. Haven't seen any posts from you for awhile. Maybe I just missed one. Barry Update - I heard from Kent and he is fine. Just vacationing from the site. Not sure why the whole thing got re-commented, but it works
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    Really? Why would you need or want that?
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    Cozy Girrrls (CG Products) sell adjustable rudder pedals for the Cozy and EZ.
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    I'm so glad this page exists! Thank you to the OP and all contributors for doing the hard work of keeping this info fresh and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I'm saving every penny I can to buy a well-built Longez, I've seen a few here that would have been great if I was ready to buy, my goal is June 2020. All the best, Tom
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    Just a quick note to say that despite all the noise in here I do appreciate the effort that KA goes to in order to locate these various for sale canards and then post the details on here for the rest of us - just a pity that he hasn't found anything yet that ticks the boxes for me😁
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    I met a guy with a beautiful RV-6 some years ago. He had gone to Osh with a pocket full of money and kept offering the owner more and more (the airplane was not for sale) until the owner gave up. Musta paid $30K above the market in those days but he wanted the nicest RV-6 and didn't care about building one. I think it's fine to talk about prices and whether some plane is over- or under-priced. It is just opinion. When the money changes hands, THAT's what it's worth to that buyer. Unfortunately we usually don't know what these airplanes sell for. Perhaps some enterprising reader will do a registry search for some of the old-ad N-numbers and see if the airplanes have changed hands. I sold my EZ last year for $40K but I had lots of offers at $25K to $30K. I would say $95K Long-ezs and $50K Variezes are in the tail of the bell curve but maybe they will find a buyer with a pocket full of cash.
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    This Varieze today. N725EZ https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=725EZ Quite a schnozzola on that one. RUTAN VARIEZE ONE OF A KIND • $50,000 • FOR SALE BY PROUD OWNER • 1981 Rutan Varieze, Complete Restore 2018. 1020TT 1020SMOH 406 STOH Millennium Cylinders VERY STRONG C85 with Silver bullet 0-235 prop 2nd Owner ONE OF A KIND. Only one with long nose and strake extensions mods, New paint, new panel, Garmin G5, MGL e1 w/ 4CHT, Garmin 327, and GTR200, and IFLY 740. 700 empty 550 useful 150-160 ktas depending on weight Lands 65-70kts. Electric starter. Great cooling, Clean Wing fittings. Climbs solo 1500+ fpm. Out performs most Variezes. Can fit ANY height pilot comfortably. Flies weekly. times will change. Very reliable. Need bigger plane. Located KHAO • Contact Jamie Hicks, Owner - located Cincinnati, OH United States • Telephone: 432-349-7577 • Posted July 31, 2019

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