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    Chaps, As newly annointed Moderator for this thread, 🙂 I moved the Varieze engine mount discussion to its own thread and cleaned up the topic for the last year. Eliminated many posts with bare Craigslist and Barnstormers URLs and old chit-chat. I will retain posts that post pics, details about a sale, information about an airplane and other posts with good information. Equipped with this new-found power, you are free to post whatever you wish and I'll weed the garden periodically, including this weed. 🙂
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    grounding and connector issues seem to be my biggest bane on airplanes (esp when they have alum and copper connectors (like buss bar)). I found a great product that I use quite religiously called "de-oxit" https://www.amazon.com/CAIG-LABORATORIES-D100L-25C-Contact-Cleaner/dp/B0000YH6F8/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=deoxit&qid=1634164261&sr=8-6. they have specialty formulas for various type connectors - but the above seems to be very adequate for not only cleaning assitance - but also corrosion protection (oxidation)... (unfortunately this stuff is VERY pricy) Congrats on a clean bill of health!! Hope you get the squalks worked out! great weather to fly in the Carolinas!!! I want to go up with you again (after you get this all worked out of course 😉 ).
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    My Cozy has not flown in a year while I fiddled with getting a Special Issuance medical. The medical approval finally came through--five months after submitting the paperwork. It expires in 5 months but I think I will get back on Basic Med which will be good for two years. Anyway .. . . The airplane had a worrying miss on one of the LIghtspeed Plasmas. Low takeoff RPM and an alarming miss running on that one Plasma. I thought maybe it was fouled plugs. Nope, they are almost new. Plug wires are pretty new. I thought maybe the screw-on sparkplug caps were loose. Nope. One time I had a Lightspeed box that suffered a broken connection to an internal chip. It seemed to be a manufacturing defect but Lightspeed did not publicize it. Bad on them. I doubt thst is the probem here. Ordinarily, the boxes are pretty stout. One time I had corrosion in a coil tower connection to the plug wires that caused an engine miss. I see that Klaus says a disconnected sparkplug is very bad for the coils and a corroded connection could mimic that. I suspect my problem is going to turn out to be a bad coil. News at 11. The nice thing about the Lightspeed is that they are pretty easy to troubleshoot.
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    Okay, FYI I just got off the phone with Endurance technologies who makes EZ-poxy, they have permanently discontinued EZ-87 hardener and only make EZ-83 now, hope that helps. Thanks Jon for the information.
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    Oops, lost in translation… you understood me. Thanx for those tips! As for the engine, I definitely plan to open it and do some crankshaft and piston/rod balancing before flying it. I see most newly build Long EZ do not feature the lower winglet. Has anyone tried removing them from a flying airplane?
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    I imagine there are aircraft salvage yards in Europe. Here in the states, Wentworth handles a lot of salvage engines. Make sure you know the model numbers and know what you're buying. You will need a new prop, too. As for mods, a carbed O-320 can be converted to fuel injection pretty easily. I just saw a discussion of this on the VansAirForce site. Streamling the struts is a good mod. Also use smaller wheels and pants. A smaller canopy. Seal the cockpit well so air is not leaking in and out except where you want it. See what Gary Hertzler did to reduce the builk of his cowl https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/45834-varieze-plans/?do=findComment&comment=79848 Very good, tight cooling will help Ah, you want a gain in drag! Forget what I said. 🙂
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    The problem, as has been discussed many times previously in this and other fora, is that the worst corrosion is always in places that cannot be seen except by a full disassembly of the wing attach fittings from the spars in both the wing and the main spar. I'm sure I've posted this picture before: but as can easily be seen, one might think that things are reasonably OK when looking at the areas that contain the wing attach hardware (near the hand), but fairly obviously, this is not a safe plane to fly given the extreme corrosion and flaking of the part of the fitting buried in the composite. So "cleaning up" visible portions of the fittings is putting lipstick on a pig. If you do not take the whole fitting apart (probably 10 - 30 hours of work for all four areas - main spar and wings), you'll only be guessing at whether the inside of the fittings looks like this. Hence the disclaimer I put on all VE condition inspection reports that I write: "Both Wing Attach Fittings (ALL VARIEZES) - Due to the inherent design from RAF, it is not possible to check for internal corrosion of wing attach fittings. I recommend removing wings at alternate CI's and checking externally for corrosion, with the understanding that without ~40 - 100 hours of disassembly/reassembly, a full inspection of the fittings and full confidence in the condition of the fittings is not possible. Plan on wing removal for more extensive examination at the XXXX CI. Obey RAF's +2.5G / -1.5G limits"
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    Don't know if anyone is still following in spite of the thread drift or even cares but thought I'd close the loop for future reference. Yesterday I cut off the "wings" and flew. No discernible improvement in CHT.
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    EAA will let someone be a Technical Counselor if they have built an airplane before so if this airplane is the builder's second airplane, he may know a thing or two. However, it really doesn't mean too much I wouldn't make too much of the 1100 pound gross weight (vs. 1150). It may mean that the builder only tested it to that weight, or he didn't test it at all and just wanted to set a conservative number. 🙂 If it was built right It will probably be fine up to the plans-specified weight but you should test to that weight and G yourself. I don't know about the D-flys but the Rutan family is pretty stout and people do fly them heavier than Rutan anticipated. In this day and age of digital cameras and photo sites like Flickr, there is no excuse for not providing extensive pics and description of an airplane one is trying to sell. My view is that I want the buyer not only to know exactly what he's buying, but also that he knows the quirks of the design and can operate it safely. There are cheap borescopes on ebay that would be good to have. The Vividia VA-400 is very popular but a little more expensive. I suppose I would look into the cylinders, check the compression, the seller should have cut open the oil filter recently. Listen to it run. Any seller should allow that or have already done that. Old brake fluid can bite you. I have a friend who wrecked his airplane doing high-speed taxi tests with old brake fluid. Speaking of borescopes, I saw this idea today on the Vans site https://vansairforce.net/community/showthread.php?t=199545
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    Kent, Thank you for the thoughtful response! I have looked at 3 aircraft so far in person and my experience with pictures has been that the sellers are selective about what they send. I am picky about when I will travel specifically for an aircraft at this point. I have made the mistake of hauling a trailer with the full intention of purchasing something only to haul an empty trailer home. My rule is that an airplane isn't worth buying if it isn't worth making 2 trips. I am getting better at being objective and not emotional in the review process. I also have a mandatory cooling off period before I will make the final purchase decision. The Corvair plane had more issues than I was willing to accept. You are right that it was a basic panel. It also had automotive wiring throughout. The weight and damage were beyond what I expected. I put together a rough estimate of how much the engine work alone would cost and it was no longer an option before I even started to address things like the weave showing through on the body and the three fuel tanks. There was no way it was going to go on a 250 pound diet. It was in Minnesota and I happened to be there so it was worth the 2 hour drive to see it. The next specimen on the docket is interesting. It's low weight (634#) and it was built buy an EAA technical counselor (still researching if that truly means something) but it hasn't flown in years due to the owner's health. It is running the 2180 VW but an internal inspection needs to occur before I will consider the purchase. On the surface it looks good but you never know until you put your eyes on something. The gross weight is also set at 1100 on this one instead of 1150 which is concerning. I am a member of the Dragonfly and Quickie lists on groups.io but I will check out the canard aviators group. I love how you call out the National Fake News site. I cut them out of my life 3 years ago and haven't looked back. If it isn't on another site it isn't worth selling my soul to those ghouls.
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    So i finally figured out whats going on with this varieze project . The mount stub locations are off from the plans . Therefore the dynafocal mount that fits is custom and not according to plans . If i want a conical mount i will have to have it custom made to that configuration . The other one i have ( conical ) will not fit unless i put another angle on it lower down which is not quite the longeze method . See photo below of my mockup . The inner circle drawn in the last photo is where the dynafocal ( custom mount ) hits the firewall . An angle iron would have to be bolted to the existing one to make the yellow mount work . The last photo shows the posiition of the mount i want to work (red circle ) compared to the mount i have that fits( dynafocal )
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    Saw this interesting way of cutting a wing cavity with a hot wire. Good idea. A long hotwire tends to bow and cut across the curves in the center. The builder has a series of Youtubes about his project https://www.youtube.com/user/howardyin/videos
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    Also this Quickie today. N131PS Looks nice. Really tucks into that hangar. 6 cyl engine double plugged. Wow!
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    Given the above, I think you did the right thing. Next time you find something you like, take an expert along. It will be worth it in the short and long run.
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    I could be wrong but I don't agree this is problem. IMO the only thing that matters is that the angles stick straight out (i.e., aligned with the fuselage centerline) , they are parallel to each other, and the spacing is correct plus or minus a washer or two. It that is the case, the engine mount should fit on the angles just fine. The fact that the builder doubled them up shows he was aware of the cracking problem when the original single angles were used with bigger engines. I wouldn't automatically condemn the mounts.
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    It will take you 2-3 times what you guesstimate to finish it. Be prepared. Not hard work but you must be dedicated to working on it all the time.
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    I contacted you regarding this kit nearly a year ago now. I'm still interested. I have a Q2 now that I'm restoring. A little paint/faring work, but mainly interior and panel. Please keep me informed.
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    You might post a msg on the Canard Aviator's group https://canardzone.groups.io/g/canard-aviators Also Freeflight Composites is a short flight away and might come over for a fee. http://www.freeflightcomposites.com/ You might find a Cozy or Ez builder using the FAA registry search.
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    EZ used for certification of an autonomous system in NZ
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    Not quite. The Long-EZ shown in that video (and in the video on the main page): https://www.merlinlabs.com/ is one that I have maintained for about 6 years, first for a private owner and then for Merlin, at which I was contractor/employee #2 starting in 2018 (as of 6 weeks ago, I'm no longer an employee). It's currently located in Mojave, CA (KMHV), as are the other planes shown in the video. While Merlin is working towards CAA certification in NZ, the test flying is being done in the US at this time. Achieving Certification Basis is a big deal.
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    Had a scare recently when the buyer of my EZ removed the old Rocky Mountain engine monitor I had used and installed a new Dynon EIS + sensors and reported the engine and oil temp were running very hot. Suspicions were leveled at my homemade CHT bayonets and oil cooler setup. 🙂 It seems now to have been a problem with sensor selection, sensor setup, or just test flying in hot weather. All is forgiven from my end. It reminds me of the saying "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras" --------------------- Saw this pic on Vans Airforce complaining of flare leaks on a fuel line. Most of the comments centered on the small size of the flare (upper right), which also looks undersize to me. 'Course, not tighten the B-nut could also have been the cause. 🙂 I have not had any problem getting leak-free flares but my fuel systems are low pressure. Use the correct 37 deg aircraft flare tool, deburr the inside of the tube with a deburring bit or tool, use a drop of oil on the flaring tool, and check that the outside diameter of the finished flare is pretty close to the I.D. of the B-nut. Second pic is a bonus.
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    That Dragonfly in MN has a bad crank and is pretty heavy. I spoke to the owner and he is a great guy. It's a bummer that the sale fell through. I found this today in my quest for a Quickie 1. It's too far away for me but someone here might be interested: https://abbotsford.craigslist.org/avo/d/abbotsford-east-rutan-quickie-one/7381952686.html
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    I'm in the same boat with Voidhawk9--I just look for new posts, since it's not an overwhelming number. One feature I've seen on other fora that I don't see here is a link to the first unread post of each thread. I see links to the first and last post in each thread, but not to the "first unread" post. I find that I click the link to go to the last post, then scroll upward to find the first unread. I appreciate your efforts in keeping this forum running, Jon!
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    I just committed to buy this from a craigslist ad . Is this the dreaded black primer or just normal grey .
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    For me, I just keep an eye on the New Posts. There isn't too much new content in general, so I keep up with content that way exclusively.
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    Since there's an introduction pilot's lounge area, hello from the flat, eastern side of South Dakota! I stumbled into this place while researching possible plans build options (after my wife shocked me by saying "Sure, honey, you can cash flow an airplane"). The truth is, I've always loved the look of Rutan's canard designs and their progeny, so if I am going to go the plans-build route, I'm thrilled that my wife looked at the choices I presented to her as "We could build A, B, or C" and chose option C. Hopefully sometime next year I'll get started on a Cozy or AeroCanard of my very own (Technically I sold the Mrs. on the AeroCanard FG, but that was before exploring the forums here. It seems that sticking to the Cozy Mk IV might be a better choice, especially for a first time builder). Equally hopefully, it'll be done before my youngest child (currently 7 years old) graduates college...
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    https://q-list.groups.io/g/main http://www.quickheads.com https://imageevent.com/qdf_files/quickiefiles Also, search Q-Tour on youtube. The experts are there. The one in IN on barnstormers looks good. I would be all over it if I wasn't set on the original canard and gear. 635# empty is fine.
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    I'd expect an E-Racer to go for a bit more than a Long-EZ with the same equipment and same quality. Is this Lynn Erickson's plane? If so, I'm told that it was very high quality. But without knowing the state of the engine, it could be worth anything from $25K to $60K. The panel, while full, is old, but if everything works, there may be no need to do anything to it. If the engine's pristine, relatively low time, and the plane's show quality (doubtful from the two pics, but you never know) it could be worth more. All depends. See: https://www.burnsideaerospace.com/pre-buy-examination-information for info on the services I provide. Phoenix is about a 2 hour flight from KTSP, and I've done numerous PB's in AZ.
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    Saw this post by Burt rutan on the Canard Owners and Builders Assn site. I blanked his email address as a courtesy
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    Are you cutting foam for the bulkhead or metal for your final IP overlay? If an overlay, you should plot out a trial run on paper and then cut it out to check for proper fit before sending it off for cutting. Most of our IP’s can be off a little bit... plenty enough to make a difference.
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    Hello EZ People, I have been going through some CAD data I imported from somewhere else, checking, and correcting where needed. Now I am busy capturing what I can of the main gear, but I have been working in the fuselage tub too. There has been discussion about digitising the EZ PDF drawings. I think this adds no accuracy, and you can work just as well with the existing PDF data. Modelling in 3D creates parts that fit together correctly. 2D drawings can be generated from these 3D parts, and that is my aim to help with Open EZ. The original Rutan build instructions were quite clever, because the build became self jigging, and got round the inaccuracies in the drawings. I think it can be better today. Here are a few screenshots from recent work. Cheers, Justin MainGearAssy.zip
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    I'm so glad this page exists! Thank you to the OP and all contributors for doing the hard work of keeping this info fresh and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I'm saving every penny I can to buy a well-built Longez, I've seen a few here that would have been great if I was ready to buy, my goal is June 2020. All the best, Tom
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    I do but unless you're in OZ I doubt I'm the closest person with a set.
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    Gary Hunter just posted this on another forum/mail list.
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    A Harbor Freight/Craigslist engine hoist is good for removing an engine. You can set it on an old tire.
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    Very minimal damage there. You should collect the manuals and begin disassembling the engine for inspection or get it to someone who can. There are good internet sources for Lycoming. I have not looked for Conti manuals but i expect they're online. Here is a good lycoming page that will give you the idea. See his Engine --> lycoming info. --> building the Superior SL-360 (3rd item) here http://www.meyette.us/RV-7Ahome.htm
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    Jon, The Cozy IV is a pretty decent three-person airplane but the canard airplanes are runway hogs and expecting to haul four full-sized persons is asking a lot from the design. Of course, there's a guy in Texas with a Cozy/ 0-320 who didn't hesitate to haul four adults but gosh knows how long the takeoff roll was with that combination! What I'm saying is that it doesn't make much sense to me to widen the rear of the Cozys. I've only put one seat in the rear of mine. However, I'm 325 and my wife is about 180. With three people and half fuel my Cozy flys pretty well. If you are a lightweight, it might make sense to make it a wider four-plance but I don't think you'll find a lot of adults crazy about riding around in the back of a Cozy. I would guess that a wider fuselage, if it was faired into nearly the same sort of cowl, would probably not have much effect on the prop but the current shape is a nice losenge shape that works pretty well. -Kent Cozy IV N13AM

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