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    It’s a time capsule! Good luck. :-)
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    [A repeat from the deceased CarnardAviation.com site] My oil consumption was never great and I sent a couple of cylinders off to be professionally overhauled. Later, at about 500 hrs the oil consumption was excessive so I figured I better look at the cylinders. What I found were lots of vertical score marks as if the overhauler did not get all the grit out of the cylinders AND rust AND cylinder wall polishing. Very depressing. Polishing results from scraping rust off the cylinder walls and removing the hone pattern, thus the high oil consumption. The cylinders were in spec dimensionally so I determined to re-hone and re-ring them myself and made this box to hold the cylinder. It was quite a messy job but I was happy with the result (pic 6). The metal disk (pic 4) was to protect the valve heads. I didn't remove the valves. I made a jig to grind the ring-ends to spec. Next time, I would cut off a bit of the hone to get deeper into the cylinder (pic 6)
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    They are to minimize "spillout" at the corners of the duct which can be seen here https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/18661-kents-long-ez-project/?do=findComment&comment=67608 Various folks have used them. They seem to help a bit but a bigger effect is mounting a few vortex generators ahead of the scoop. Surface flow that far aft has a thicker stagnant layer and does not like to turn to go into the NACA. The vortex generators stir up the stagnant layer and mix in some energised air. They can also create a swirl that swirls air into the scoop. Also make sure your landing brake is flush so it does not create any turbulence. If you're having cooling problems, I suggest a check of pressure differential above and below the cylinders with a manometer and piccolo tubes. Lycoming says you need 5 1/2" of water differential for adequate flow through the cylinders. If you don't see that, you start trying to figure out why not. You might post some pics of your baffles. Sometimes there is some obvious problem that can be diagnosed.
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    The price is . . . . free. https://www.canardzone.com/forums/forum/394-open-ez/
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    I always have projects in mind that need bent tubes or pipes. I made one of these pipe benders from plans http://www.gottrikes.com/AH_tubebender.htm It's a great bender but never used it because the dies are danged expensive but it you were making hot-rods or roll-cages they'd be worth it. Today I saw a video of this $149 bender on ebay that will do the sort of bending I usually need to do (pic) . https://www.ebay.com/itm/263130222574? Here is the video. Looks easy to use
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    I started reading this accident report, expecting it to be the recent Long-EZ crash this week that killed Marc Borum. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2021/07/rutan-long-ez-n966ez-fatal-accident.html It mentions the recent accident but mainly covers a 2017 midair of the same aircraft & pilot. Reports say he was getting a flight review in the recent accident; perhaps he just got the airplane repaired. Fate is the hunter, eh?

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