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  1. thanks Ron!!!!!! also am I correct in assuming that when you but join...like the bulkhead to the side you have not glassed the edge and affix it directly to the side
  2. Do I have the procedure right.... 1. sand and clean surface 2. wet surface with micro 3. lay glass and wet again 4. squeegee NOW BIG QUESTION do you immediately lay the next ply or wait a certain amount or wait till cured????? thanks
  3. Is there any owners of a Long-EZ in Tennessee, N. Alabama or S. Kentucky? Do't worry I'm not going to steal it. I just would like to see one up close. I am trying to decide between a Cozy or a Long-EZ and concerned about the 'fit'.
  4. Old commercial pilot wanting to build a Long-EZ or Cozy with my high school students. Anyone in Tennessee have a plane and time to chat about what I'm getting into?

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