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  1. the one i'm buying is has gear installed its impressive how you loaded that. how did you get the fuselage on the trailer ?did you just lift it with two guys it on or did you use a hoist I really appreciate the info
  2. Im a new member and I just bought this from Missouri (pictures attached) direct from AeroCad. It is my first attempt at an experimental aircraft . Izzy Briggs took me up this week and it was awesome, that pushed me to buy the aero canard fg . I am looking forward to flying it. Dennis Oelmann did the build. Does anybody know the best way to transport this from St Louis to Allentown PA. I was thinking of towing it with a car trailer I got an estimate of 4500.00 for someone to do it its a little out of my range. I should have it here by early next month whatever way I do it. Ill be bothering everybody for help and info get ready everybody
  3. I live in Allentown so a 3 hour Hop in my Arrow  430 NM. how long would it take in your plane?

    it would be my pleasure to fly out 

    Ill text you this morning 




  4. Kent any chance you could give me a ride in your id fly down no problem the plane im looking at is in mo. 

    1. Kent Ashton

      Kent Ashton

      Sure.   Where are you coming from?    Text me at 704-796-0919 to set something up

    2. Evan



      Im from Allentown PA roughly 3 hours in a Piper Arrow Ill text today thanks



  5. Hi everyone I’m new to the site and am looking at a partially built aero canard fg yo purchase I live in Allentown pa and own and fly a piper arrow I am looking for someone to give me a ride in a front canard of any type but a cozy mark iv would be best. Would fly to your home field it would really help me in my decision I always loved the look and I’m looking fir a faster airplane (aren’t we all) just want to see how it feels and flys You can email me at wintec@aol.com

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