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  1. Hi all I'm working on a g3x installation on my Cozy and was looking for some opinions on where to put the Magnetomer I was originally thinking of putting it in the nose where I put the ballast weights, but my understanding is the electric gear will cause some problems when it moves up and down it doesn't sound appealing during an IFR approach My next thought was in the cavity between the strakes and the wing but access is a pain where have you guys put yours pictures would be great if you have them Thanks in advance for your insight
  2. you can call me this morning 516 639-9004
  3. Rob Is it the same as a cozy 4, I just changed out the front with an electric nose gear if they are the same message me we can work something out
  4. I still setting up the garage I am putting heat in and better lighting I am pulling a cylinder first apparently the story is a cylinder was pulled and they borescope they had didn't work so the mechanic said he felt rust on the cam. I will inspect myself along with a friend of mine that works directly for Lycoming as a service tech aircraft mechanic, I'm in good hands thanks for worrying about me Marc
  5. I well aware of the possible engine issue i am going to tear down and inspect
  6. True it’s a little rough but it’s all there and it has been flown 55 hours Im gonna do a little bit of work and fly it as much as possible needs mostly finish work everything works on the plane once I fly it a bit I’m thinking at least 100 hours it’ll get finish panel and paint got it cleaned up a bit and it’s in my garage now
  7. got this thing in the air as quickly as possible
  8. I just trailered a Cozy from Minnesota to Allentown Not a trip for the faint of heart, Snowed most of the way. Basically rolled the Cozy onto the trailer on its wheels and tied it down built a few little jigs to hold the canard and the wings tied them down and rolled down the road took most of the day to set of the trailer and load . I did not get permits I tried most started were very cooperative they are not expensive top 25.00 but PA just said they cant help me so I decided to roll the dice this did not present a problem, Pennsylvania gave us a little bit of a hard time but eventually let us go. if you ae sweating it go for it but you wont need it passed plenty of cops on the way with no issue The worst part of the trip was Chicago there was tons of traffic (1PM Sunday) and drivers weren't very cooperative don't go through Chicago at any costs avoid that city FYI all toll booths have an extra wide toll lane at the far right, even if its closed go there and get somebody n to let you through after almost 1200 miles of driving got a little trailer rash on one of the wings but otherwise unscathed Hope I never have to to do that again but it was an epic journey and thanks to all that helped out
  9. Al Not to kick a dead horse, you did keep my deposit which I didn't argue about . I did ask for a few things that weren't ready when I got there. 1) there were no build logs 2)I was told it would be ready for transport IE wings and canard removed( canard was removed ) 3) the paint was an issue to Izzy said it needed to be completely sanded down it would have added lots of time to the build I brought Izzy because, well he was helping me transport it, I trust his judgment Basically Izzy said it wasn't worth the money for me and I should pass I asked for my deposit back and Al told me that it was more than 30 days and I wasn't entitled to it (ok ) Then I asked for a set of plans to offset the deposit cost and he accepted and we shook hands and I left by the way way the DVDs don't play in my DVD player or my computer I guess they were a bad set you should look into that I wish all the best in your Endeavors Al I hope you can make a go of Aero Cad good luck
  10. That's awesome my friend has a laser cuter and needs the file to cut my panel this is a huge help
  11. Will I was wondering you I cold get a copy sent it would be really helpful
  12. Does anyone have a cad file for the panel dimensions on a cozy IV
  13. great to know I'm goin going to be there the weekend of the 7th of November leaving here on the 5th With Izzy Briggs he is helping me we could always use a helping hand if you give me your contact info Ill keep you apprised if there are any changes did you tilt it or just tow it straight on the trailer, we are planning on just rolling it up on a car trailer and bringing it back as a wide load
  14. Kent Thanks again I called Jack and he said the you cant email through his website it doesn't work you need to email him @ eznoselift@gmail.com Jack said he keeps four or five in stock and drills them for what plane it is going in IE long EZ Cozy Mark III or IV pricing is current on the web site thanks again for the help
  15. So you guys are the best!! I put a deposit on Tom's Plane its in nice shape, Izzy and I are picking it up the weekend of November 7th Tom and I took the wings off and the canard, not too bad but I scuffed the wing edges getting them off, an easy fix The panel is a bit dated so that will have to go. how do I source an electric nose lift in it, I'm not quite tall enough to lift the nose all the way and need to make it easy for my wife to get in or she will never go in it I tried contacting the guys at EZ- nose lift a couple of times but got no response. I'm sure its really part time for them, but I'm not sending any money until I talk to them, if any one has one they want to sell they should contact me . otherwise its just a waiting game. Looking forward to some fly ins next year hopefully rough river

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