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  1. Seems to be still available - probably need to be a member of the group it's posted in. They don't seem to be particularly fast, so racer does seem a stretch They mention it has the metal wing design. Given the CASA rules, it would probably be difficult to get the authority to do your own maintenance if you picked this up and completed it down here in Aus.
  2. Spotted this project for sale in Australia on FB "For those who know about this aircraft, you’ll appreciate the rarity and associated history of this model. Reportedly only about 20 of these kits have been completed to flight, and perfect for pylon racing. This one is not far off flying - airframe has been certified, avionics are there - mainly needs paint.... and an engine 🙂 The ‘extras’ include boxes of photos of the build to date, the fabricated wings, and various tools and spares (about 30 years worth) It comes on it’s custom made trailer for transport (not currently registered, but has been). Price is negotiable, and more details can be provided as required." $12,000 AUD https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/358016058800173
  3. Nate also documented his UL power experiences here http://www.myulpower.com/
  4. I forwarded as well. Is the it one based in Melbourne?
  5. One more: 2008 Velocity 173 Elite Aircraft $60,000 (AUD)
  6. Continuing my Aussie finds: https://www.planesales.com.au/details/Listing/LSAExperimental/5946/1994-Long-EZ-Aircraft
  7. Seen on Facebook - in Australia DragonFly Mk2 - With the original plans "
  8. Hey Terry, thanks for the welcome. Melbourne is a great area 👍
  9. Hey Cameron, Have been reading a bit about your build, looking good. The weather has been warming up here, can't too much longer. Will be starting my first long EZ build soon, the second wont be for a while 😄
  10. Hey hey, New member from Melbourne, Australia here. Interested in the Long-EZ and family, and canards in general. Just reading and learning at the moment while I'm doing home renovations, including adding a nice workshop space. Cheers Justin

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