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  1. I'm thinking I have read that the Cozy and Long wings are the same. Somebody here knows...
  2. OK, found a pic that's just fine, right on Kent's build thread, page 1. Scroll down and you'll see the access to the pedal assembly through the nose. That thread of Kent's is a treasure trove...
  3. RSD, most canards including the Long EZ and Cozy have access to the pedals through a removable cover on the nose. I think it should be relatively simple to adjust the pedals. However, I have not built or owned either so I could be remembering it wrong. I seem to recall a picture of my feet in Kent Ashton's Long showing the pedal assembly taken through the nose panel, but I cannot find it at the moment.
  4. RSD, let us know why you think you need in flight adjustment... I do know that when I sat in Kent's Long, the pedals were not quite adjusted for my size (6'4"), but I also learned it would be darned comfortable to fly since even if they were properly adjusted, when flying along I could easily stretch out past the pedals Vs say a Cessna 172 or the like.
  5. Hi Jon, I think you're right with respect to the Raptor. An aircraft engine should have been used initially. OTOH, I do like the diesel, but not a high RPM diesel requiring reduction. Developing it on a new airframe is crazy. I was just responding to the question, was one that I remembered. The whole deal is pretty neat, but I'm not expecting it to be a success. You guys all know the score better than I do. Barry
  6. I don't recall seeing any that are adjustable in flight, but there may be an existing design somewhere. Some of the infinitely adjustable (within a range) have the actuator cable anchored and sliding through the actuator pedal assembly, moving the pedal linearly for adjustment. I suppose those could be made in flight adjustable in some fashion. It would need to be rather robust and add weight.
  7. Kent had a simple version, click the link, it's the first item on page 8.
  8. Raptor http://www.raptor-aircraft.com/contact.html Update, airworthiness certificate was approved Tuesday.
  9. Kent, Hope your vacationing somewhere and that everything is OK. Haven't seen any posts from you for awhile. Maybe I just missed one. Barry Update - I heard from Kent and he is fine. Just vacationing from the site. Not sure why the whole thing got re-commented, but it works
  10. Barry

    Stretched Long-EZ

    Ronnenberg did work on the Voyager project with Dick and he had built multiple Long EZ's. But I understand Burt had nothing to do with the Berkut. I go back to this "Not being an aerodynamics guy". Quite a few non engineers have built a nice airplane following the plans. And some darn smart people have built and followed the plans precisely. There is a reason for this. I have not built an airplane, likely never will as I'm just going to run out of time But I have studied the plans and dream. Anyway, I hope you get to build a Long EZ to plans or modified.
  11. Barry

    Stretched Long-EZ

    "The Long Ez was designed 40 years ago by Burt..." Yes. I will just note that in that entire time, no one has successfully deviated much from the Rutan design. Those that have worked off of the Rutan design have been fair composite/aero engineers and often worked with Rutan to make the changes. I have used glass and carbon and I'm building new bodywork for my formula race car now, all carbon. A composite engineer I am not. All the properties of carbon are not always good when used as a direct replacement for something designed in glass. This is the point I would make. Burt designed in glass and moldless. Taking the same design and trying to replace the glass with carbon is not something to be done by the seat of your pants. One, you'll likely never finish, two - which is probably for the best since you'll more likely than not cause yourself harm. Put it another way, if you are not capable of designing a canard in carbon from a clean sheet of paper, your are not qualified to substantially modify a Long EZ. if you have that skill level then go for it.
  12. Barry

    Stretched Long-EZ

    "Not being an aerodynamics guy..." I'm just guessing, you're not a composites engineer either. There are many reasons to stick to the plans created by one of the finest aerodynamic and composites engineers ever to walk fly this earth. Primarily, so as not to kill yourself or a friend, and two - that you might finish your project.
  13. Says he lowered the gear and taxied off, so I guess it didn't collapse, just forgot to put it down.

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