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  1. Barry

    Sales I've seen

    Airplane, Long Easy parts - $3500 (Monroe, NC) (not my spelling) ​ https://charlotte.craigslist.org/avo/d/airplane-long-easy-parts/6605328993.html
  2. Barry

    Rocket City Cozy Mkiv

    "I can't figure out how to edit posts." As I recall, on this site your editor is active for a period of time on any comment, then closes. I'll just test that... yes, edit button active at the lower right, but it will disappear sometime later.
  3. Jon, I couldn't hear it, lots of noise from the racetrack drowning out everything else... I just looked up for some reason, it was not directly over CMS. Might have been taking off from Concord regional airport. Did seem to be gaining altitude as it went by. Sure was pretty though.
  4. I was out at CMS for a SCCA race today (Sunday), looked up in the sky about 1:15, thought maybe someone was flying a drone over. As it got a bit closer I realized it was a canard. Anyone wish to confess? Kent, was that you?
  5. Barry

    Sales I've seen

    Kent, Mr. Clark is listed at the bottom as "Other owner names", whatever that means.
  6. Barry

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    I wish. But when I do you would be the first person I would ask for advice.
  7. Barry

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    "I don't know if I have another project in me but it's fun drawing it." If you do start and would like a hand on occasion let me know.
  8. Barry

    Long EZ plans wanted.

    Aaron, I have not built an EZ, Kent has lots of experience so he should get your attention. However, I studied the plans pretty thoroughly a while back and thought I remembered something about the landing gear and CP updates. There are some... CP 27 has a modification moving the holes in the extrusions. CP 28 has a note about the BID plies being shown as 1 and should be 15 CP 30 has a note about the axle bolt location is not accurate, and a correction to the washers used Might be others as well...
  9. Barry

    Been awhile

    Congratulations! It must be very satisfying after spending years building to get it in the air.
  10. Barry

    Long EZ plans wanted.

    Aaron, just in case you're not aware, the Rutan newsletters correct mistakes including drawing errors. I don't know that this is one but it could be.
  11. Barry

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Hey, thanks. Interesting, did not know it was done that way. Gives me some new idea's.
  12. Barry

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    "True, Barry, but rutan pedals don't get as much use as pedals in a car." Understood.
  13. Barry

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Regarding the adjustable pedal - It results in your foot at an extreme angle, assuming your heel stays in the same place. Maybe OK for the rudder operation, but for braking, your foot, and feel, works best when it is not at such an extreme. IMO, anyway, from racing cars were the brakes are moderately important.
  14. Barry

    Newbie with questions

    Geez, I had to look that word up... Tootsies seem familiar.