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  1. Good luck with the search. If you haven't already, check out the "for sale or free" thread. Lots of posts with for sale planes there.
  2. Good reminder on water and debris contamination.
  3. "I'm buying this, pending the details. I'll do all the reading I can..." Wow! Congratulations, looks like a nice EZ. You are in the right place...
  4. Looks like the McMaster version has anti rotation flats...
  5. Barnstormers VariViggen pics are up now.
  6. Thanks Marc. I haven't seen or haven't noticed the firesleeve before. Gives it a different look.
  7. Sorry, the oil cooler hose/tubing. It doesn't look like the typical stuff I'm used to seeing.
  8. Marc, What type of tubing do you have? It looks like a hard wall of some kind, almost like copper. Thanks
  9. Darn, I thought I might get into a canard magnet supply business.
  10. Kent, Could you add a magnet at each corner and a metal plate at each corner of the brake? Just enough to latch in place.
  11. "Yikes! $454 for a single CHT bayonet probe! " Wow. Talk about excessive. I suppose $150 would be fair since it is nicely made and replaces other parts, and is certified. I wonder how much of the $300 excess is the certification process?
  12. "I'm hoping to get back to layups on my Cozy in December..." Had to read that a 2nd time before remembering you're "down under"
  13. "could a 6' 4" person fit in the back? " For the Long EZE, yes. See my comment here: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/32064-long-ez-fit-for-taller-people/

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