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  1. Amazing work Kent! I hope it pushes well.
  2. Hi Jack, Welcome and interesting find. I had not noticed that particular design before.
  3. That is a painful read. I was surprised, probably shouldn't have been, that someone with that little time and only recently licensed would put their selves in that position.
  4. You're welcome. Hard to believe it's been almost 2 years. I hoped I would find some way to repay Kent for the experience, but so far no luck Call me if you need a hand with anything Kent!
  5. Thanks, that picture seems to clear it up. Clearly appears to be elevators on the canard. I don't claim any aeronautical engineering capability, but balancing the canard and tail through all attitudes seems daunting to me.
  6. Ouch, sad ending. Do we call this aircraft design a canard? Maybe I missed it, but is the elevator in front (canard) or at the tail?
  7. I appreciate your effort Kent. If everyone fought back against corruption when they encounter it, this country would be a better place.
  8. Airplane, Long Easy parts - $3500 (Monroe, NC) (not my spelling) ​ https://charlotte.craigslist.org/avo/d/airplane-long-easy-parts/6605328993.html
  9. "I can't figure out how to edit posts." As I recall, on this site your editor is active for a period of time on any comment, then closes. I'll just test that... yes, edit button active at the lower right, but it will disappear sometime later.
  10. Jon, I couldn't hear it, lots of noise from the racetrack drowning out everything else... I just looked up for some reason, it was not directly over CMS. Might have been taking off from Concord regional airport. Did seem to be gaining altitude as it went by. Sure was pretty though.
  11. I was out at CMS for a SCCA race today (Sunday), looked up in the sky about 1:15, thought maybe someone was flying a drone over. As it got a bit closer I realized it was a canard. Anyone wish to confess? Kent, was that you?
  12. Kent, Mr. Clark is listed at the bottom as "Other owner names", whatever that means.
  13. I wish. But when I do you would be the first person I would ask for advice.
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