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  1. Barnstormers VariViggen pics are up now.
  2. Thanks Marc. I haven't seen or haven't noticed the firesleeve before. Gives it a different look.
  3. Sorry, the oil cooler hose/tubing. It doesn't look like the typical stuff I'm used to seeing.
  4. Marc, What type of tubing do you have? It looks like a hard wall of some kind, almost like copper. Thanks
  5. Darn, I thought I might get into a canard magnet supply business.
  6. Kent, Could you add a magnet at each corner and a metal plate at each corner of the brake? Just enough to latch in place.
  7. "Yikes! $454 for a single CHT bayonet probe! " Wow. Talk about excessive. I suppose $150 would be fair since it is nicely made and replaces other parts, and is certified. I wonder how much of the $300 excess is the certification process?
  8. "I'm hoping to get back to layups on my Cozy in December..." Had to read that a 2nd time before remembering you're "down under"
  9. More details if you can. Sounds interesting.
  10. "could a 6' 4" person fit in the back? " For the Long EZE, yes. See my comment here: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/32064-long-ez-fit-for-taller-people/
  11. "Both were about 6°." That is pretty far off. Do you see the reason for such a small total?
  12. Looks like a nice project. I'm jealous.
  13. I'm thinking I have read that the Cozy and Long wings are the same. Somebody here knows...

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