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  1. Gotcha. I always assume that vacuum lines will get gasoline vapor at some point, which will eventually return to a liquid state IMO. On cars anyway. Same thing should be true of aviation engines I *think*. That is pretty small at 0.079 ID. The 3/16 is 0.111 and the 1/4 is 0.15, which I'm sure you already know. I like the nylaflow hose for many things. Tough and durable, and holds its shape very well. I use a lot of the 3/8's in industrial applications.
  2. It's also the color of your lines. Standard nylaflow is not fuel rated. Nylaflow LM is fuel rated. Not sure if that is an issue... Are your lines nylaflow? Looks like it might be something else.
  3. The rule of thumb we have used in industrial electronics, ground the shield on the source end for DC signals, and both ends for AC. When you have DC that is pulsed at higher frequency (encoders for example) the "guidelines" get murky. For high frequency encoders we have done it both ways, with good results either way. The why is complex...
  4. Good point on the exit needing to be larger than the entrance due to the expansion of the heated air. On industrial ovens we bring the fresh room temperature air in an opening 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the exhaust. The water vapor in our application expands quite a bit as well.
  5. I really liked this comment "Get the right nut, or re-cut a perfectly good part? " The "right nut"? How does one choose a "right nut" for a defectively threaded part?
  6. That threading wouldn't be acceptable for non-aircraft related uses. Both parts are junk.
  7. Looking at the pics from the Cozy 3 above, man that is fitting heaven on the fuel line. The builder must be a wholesale supplier of fittings...
  8. The abbreviations are from the add, not from Kent.
  9. Now that's funny... I see the downloads Jon.
  10. Good luck with the search. If you haven't already, check out the "for sale or free" thread. Lots of posts with for sale planes there.
  11. Good reminder on water and debris contamination.
  12. "I'm buying this, pending the details. I'll do all the reading I can..." Wow! Congratulations, looks like a nice EZ. You are in the right place...
  13. Looks like the McMaster version has anti rotation flats...
  14. Barnstormers VariViggen pics are up now.

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