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  1. They are talking about the Cozy 4 that sold on ebay. It's just a few posts up.
  2. Yeah, I got sniped. I wasn't watching when it ended. I should've bid higher to start...
  3. It looked good in person a year ago. Owner wasn't concerned about the black paint. Is this the kind of thing that a good inspection and repaint would be OK, or is overheated epoxy something hard to verify?
  4. Saw this today, have we seen it on here before? QUICKIE Q200 • BACK ON THE MARKET • Quickie Q200, N131PS; beautiful; Jabiru 6-cyl 120HP, low time; 170 mph at 3100 RPM cruise, 5 gph, 20 gal. capacity. Airframe 870 accident-free hours; recent annual update. VFR day, basic panel; Kit No. 2520, built June 1997. Flown-delivered to me from AZ to CO 12/2021; hangared. Hull insurance refused because I'm 92. Reluctantly must sell. Pics and data on request. Please text or email. • Contact Terrence O'Neill , Owner - located Niwot, CO United States • Telephone: 6187999293 • Posted February 12, 2022 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser
  5. Late last night or early this morning, a varieze went up for ~$14,500. I think it might already be sold, I can't find the FB post anymore. If it'd been 2~3 months from now, I would've been all over it (gotta have money to buy, right?) and I'd like to know if someone on here got it. Just out of curiosity. I think it was a tremendous deal.
  6. If your speaking about the dragonfly, I would think the airworthiness wouldn't be a problem, it is in their records. I don't know, but I suspect registration may be impossible as the FAA seems to show it belonging to the builder and that is not the seller. The seller never responded to whether the lien is recorded, so I suspect the answer is no. I was very interested until interacting with the seller. I would like to hear some more opinions from the guys that know more than me, confirming or correcting.
  7. I contacted the seller with several questions. They don't know anything about the plane and said it's a lien sale. I've asked if the lien is recorded, waiting on a response. Sounds like a hot mess of liability.
  8. Barnstormers today. Makes me wish my finances were in order. MKII DRAGONFLY 120HP CORVAIR • $10,000 • ASKING PRICE SLASHED • 157hrs total time 50hrs engine. 165MPH cruise at 5gph Needs very little to get back in the air. • Contact Les Laidlaw , Owner - located Mankato, MN United States • Telephone: 507-304-0819 • Posted June 26, 2021 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad
  9. What it says on the tin. Who can I talk to about the Q2 of I'm thinking about buying one? I'm wondering about the Q2 that's currently on barnstormers.com, and thinking it might be rather heavy for its empty weight and don't know about the location of the main gear and change to the wingtips.

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