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  1. James Bailey

    hangar electricity and other rants

    Kent, Probably a silly question on my part but here it goes what or why do you use/need a dehydrator for at the hangar?
  2. is this still a book that can be purchased? if so or not anyone have a copy that they would want to part with James
  3. James Bailey

    New Canard Design - Oshkosh 2016

    Where is this built at? I looked around today at airventure and didn't see it..I would love to check things out tomorrow
  4. James Bailey

    Cozy III plans please

    Lon, Thank you Check your email..you should see one from me yesterday and today
  5. James Bailey

    Cozy III plans please

    Mobicoop I would love to see pictures and get details of your project
  6. James Bailey

    Varieze Wing attach plates and nose gear bushings

    Marc, I really appreciate this...I sent the photos
  7. I need someone that has built a varieze that would be willing to chat with me on the phone and take a look at some pictures of my wing attach plates...the portion that is attached to the spar I would like to understand how these are joined together and discuss a few things that I am seeing on mine ''I also have some play left and right as well as up and down at the nose gear bushing...looking for a resolution to this while I am working on some fiberglass repairs under the nose thanks James
  8. James Bailey

    Looking for a Long-EZ to try on

    Perhaps it will be him handing her something
  9. James Bailey

    varieze long ez hybrid question

    He sent some pictures ..looks like a full blown long Ez to me...not sure where the vari came into it Previously flying...but no data plate, no logs, been stripped ..paint as well as the gauges etc...very long time since the o-200 has ran or it has flown...looks like a major project..an in person look would for sure be a better evaluation since pictures are never a good view..but at least a start
  10. James Bailey

    varieze long ez hybrid question

    I was chatting with a guy and he tells me he has a vari long ez...basically a varieze stretched a little with long ez strakes I did a Google search and didn't see anything pop up like that have any of you heard or seen anything like that?...I have not seen the airplane but when I am in his neck of the woods you better believe I am going to go see
  11. James Bailey

    Kent Ashton

    That English wheel looks awesome Much more substantial than the one I saw at harbor freight yesterday You gotta love craigslist....great find, I can't wait to see the amazing things you create with it
  12. James Bailey

    Kent Ashton

    A buddy of mine called me today and asked me about when I lived in Concord NC did I ever hear of a guy named Kent Ashton, that built his own long ez....I told him, in fact I do know Kent and that he is a great guy and about the flight he took me on and the amazing projects in his basement workshop...followed up by a why??? he then tells me our friend Kent is in the Popular Mechanics that he just received...I need to run out and buy a copy.... on top of being a very talented builder, an overall great guy and friend to other builders he is now world famous :-) I just wanted to say congratulations to Kent and look forward to reading the article
  13. James Bailey

    Sales I've seen

    hey guys this one that Kent shared earlier...I looked at and must say...very very rough and will more than likely never fly. I feel really bad for the lady, her husband has passed away from an accident non airplane related..but other than perhaps salvaging parts from it and the plans... Also this one LONG EZ PLANE • $7,500 • FOR SALE • project half way done...have blue prints, needs seats, engine, and gauges. • Contact Pat Nunley, Owner - located Palmer, TN USA • Telephone: 1-931-779-4288 • Posted January 7, 2015
  14. James Bailey

    Extra Nosegear Protection

    flyingriki Any details on your upgrade that you can share Also..what is the item in front of the metal plate..an antenna ?
  15. James Bailey

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Can I use the west epoxy system or do I need to utilize something else?