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  1. On those gear extrusions add press in steel bushings. McMaster Carr # 8491A725. Also i have a cad file of the ones we made if you need it.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but micro slurry foam to glass interfaces only, and not glass to glass.
  3. You could add a swingarm mechanism to the existing pedal assembly, or if your ambitious fab some new delux ones.
  4. Heard it as it happened on the tower freq. Good idea to install the warning system. High excitement coming into Oshkosh, easy to forget something.
  5. So let me get this straight! They are going to wait till there is enough interest. That's not how it works. Both you and I will just look for alternatives, as the build must go on without delay. If it was me I would stay up nights to cast a half dozen or so struts. We are building both so I have a raw LEZ NG strut just in case you want some dimensions prior to deciding which route you you will take.
  6. The tick marks aren’t in all four corners. All you need is x, y. I about lost my mind over it. Everything so far has turned out beautifully, much better then expected. I printed the templates on a plotter, they were pretty close, however some small scale adjustments might be necessary. Make sure to read all the CP’s for the deviations, changes.
  7. I am currently building to these plans. I was pleasantly surprised at the fit of my bulkheads and sides. I spent months obsessing over the accuracy. I too compared the available bl and wl measurements. We also have the plans for the Cozy 4, and in comparing the templates for the winglets they Match well. Finishing chapter 7 on the tandem.
  8. Went for the first time in 2018, there was a bunch building talk along with checking out the goods. Hopefully another local Varieze will join this year.
  9. I figure I am only going build once so why not. Before I know better I will have two fuselages. Seriously I have very good local support from a Vari/Cozy3 builder who already has saved me much pain. The second time you do something it is much quicker. During my lunch breaks all my metal fab is done in a full fledged machine shop. There is a lot of building going on with our local EAA chapter, turns into more of a group project unless your a loner.
  10. Building a Long from the open eze info. On chapter 6. Also building A Cozy 4.
  11. Make sure you post some pictures of your progress on this rare find!

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