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  1. The tick marks aren’t in all four corners. All you need is x, y. I about lost my mind over it. Everything so far has turned out beautifully, much better then expected. I printed the templates on a plotter, they were pretty close, however some small scale adjustments might be necessary. Make sure to read all the CP’s for the deviations, changes.
  2. I am currently building to these plans. I was pleasantly surprised at the fit of my bulkheads and sides. I spent months obsessing over the accuracy. I too compared the available bl and wl measurements. We also have the plans for the Cozy 4, and in comparing the templates for the winglets they Match well. Finishing chapter 7 on the tandem.
  3. Went for the first time in 2018, there was a bunch building talk along with checking out the goods. Hopefully another local Varieze will join this year.
  4. I figure I am only going build once so why not. Before I know better I will have two fuselages. Seriously I have very good local support from a Vari/Cozy3 builder who already has saved me much pain. The second time you do something it is much quicker. During my lunch breaks all my metal fab is done in a full fledged machine shop. There is a lot of building going on with our local EAA chapter, turns into more of a group project unless your a loner.
  5. Building a Long from the open eze info. On chapter 6. Also building A Cozy 4.
  6. Make sure you post some pictures of your progress on this rare find!
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