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  1. They was a copyright issue of copying one for one what the building manual is (a conversation in this area) Lets use the wiki and format it as a wiki should be formated, it might help for structuring the document and attached drawings my 2cents
  2. 2D should be in PDF, and eventually DWG for edition 3D should be in something else like IGS, DWG is a good 2D format, but not all software out of autocad can deal with 3D DWGs... I did the instrument panel in PDF already, tel me if it's ok we might want to define a drawing standard also so that drawings are packaged similarly
  3. Again, if you look at the wiki it was planed like that a "baseline" that is only updated with CP mods and eventually updated materials, and a "modification" section so people are free to add them or not based on information such as if it is tested, cost, weight increase/decrease, how many aircraft flies with this mod etc.. we are just going thru this again and again and again, without moving forward thats the reason why i am now in standby in this project Mark
  4. the best example is that website made for the development of open-ez has never been updated/completed by anybody http://www.opencanard.com.php5-4.websitetestlink.com/index.php/Main_Page FYI : DWG 2D, Step 3D
  5. To add on, the cones on the Dassault Mirage 2000 (aircraft on the top photo) are called Mice (a mouse) and are retractable, in subsonic regime, its as aft as it can get to maximize the surface of the inlet. when it goes supersonic, the mouse comes out so that the Mach cone (shock-wave) generated by the nose of the mouse matches the lip of the inlet (a bit like the SR71 on Krwalsh's link). When the Mach number increases, the mach cone angle reduces, so the mouse goes out even more to match that angle, and also to reduce the surface of the inlet (you also lose 4400lbs of thrust in that process out of 21400lbs total) see this for the boundary layer suppressor: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Greece---Air/Dassault-Mirage-2000BG/1512069/L/&sid=63c0f0d8ca07a97ff6cc83d790e1e014 Some other aircraft similar (Dassault Super Étendard) had no mice. Basicaly, you will lose surface if you ad a mouse to your inlet, making the inlet bigger for the same surface, thus making more drag... but i agree it looks good
  6. you don't decrease you stall speed, you decrease your margin to stall speed, instead of rotating at 1.2x stall speed, you rotate at 1.1 (fake values, for example) once you rotated, it's the same deal as before, same stall speed, same everything, and by doing that you do increase your angle of attack on the ground compared to a standard landing gear arrangement i was confusing attack and incidence... in french, angle of attaque and angle of incidence is the same thing, the angle of incidence in english is the wedging of the wing (calage) in french... From the stagger EZ website : "The aircraft will “sit” at a +1.5 degree angle on the ground which should allow for a “shorter” takeoff roll as the EZ is being pushed down the runway by 190 HP" http://www.wrightaircraft.com/Stagger_EZ/body_stagger_ez.htm
  7. Just shorten the main gear, or make the nose gear longer to increase your angle of incidence, you'l have more lift at the same speed (increase of angle of attack) the stagger-EZ is like that no need to play with aero or CG the only thing that will happen is you'll reduce your magin to the stall speed that's it be carefull of any prop strike... (my $ 0.022 CAD...
  8. Just to let you know, innodyn is no more (see this : http://www.innodyn.com/)
  9. Vortal

    Berkut Plans

    Ok so no it isn't possible (i'm not that rich! i wouldn't build an EZ if i was!)
  10. Vortal

    Berkut Plans

    Before looking for someone to build the parts, we need to know the spec of those parts, the ones missing from the berkut's building manual, and that was my original question : can we get this information?
  11. Vortal

    Berkut Plans

    Would it be utopic to think that we can get the specs (layup schedule) of the molded parts? with this info and a mold, one could make those molded parts, and a companie could build those mold a sell the parts to the poeple interested in an open-berkut...
  12. Vortal

    Berkut Plans

    Nice catch wasn't it 500? a grand for drawings you cant even build enything of it is a bit overkill... i do want a copy, but i don't want them that badly!
  13. Vortal

    Berkut Plans

    the website was still up thow for support, but know its not there anymore... for the companie, it is old news for sure! still would be interrested in a set of plans and stuff to build the thing, at least having some of the improvements for long-ez mods (carbon wing and canard, io540 installation and more...) and understand the mods and the engineering behind also Found the video http://www.genaero.com/video/Berkut_Autoflight.wmv Geneva aerospace seams to be a subsidiary of L3 More vids here: http://www.genaero.com/news/vid.htm
  14. Vortal

    Berkut Plans

    Just to let you know (if you didn't) Berkut engineering.com is no more peace on them! yeah and also, i agree with proteus, incorporate the berkut mod to the open ez project, or at least make it available (i would be interested)!
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