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  1. I saw that this time around. I never noticed it before. So now the SQ kit is $20,000. I think I can get it delivered for the buyer and include delivery in the price. Just depends on where buyer is located.
  2. Yeah I realized that but this forum doesn't allow edit or removal of your own post for some reason. So yeah its 20K asking now.
  3. vonjet

    New SQ

    These numbers are from Paul Lee's SQ RG. He has about 200 hours on it. The kit I have is set up for an IO-360 and not Franklin like Pauls. I was planning on using a 2 blade Hertzler. Empty weight: 1410 lbs (1394 lbs w/o 9qt oil) Engine: rebuilt 6A-350-C2 Franklin 6 block, approximately 200 HP. Prop: 66" 3 blade, IVO magnum in-flight adjustable Fuel Capacity: 35 gal. (incl 2.25 gal sump tank) Landing gear: 3 retractable The following are at 1850lbs & 117 CG (values change with weight and/or CG position) - Climb: 2000ft/min (105kts, 2000 dens alt). - Ceiling: 18K+ feet. (still doing 200+ft/min) - Best glide ratio: approx 19:1 (105kts, 3000 dens alt) - Fuel efficiency: best about 5 gal/hr near 120 kts. - Canard stall: 66kts. - Takeoff distance: approx 1500ft, rotate at 80kts (IVO electric adjustable prop.) - Landing rollout distance: approx 2000ft (about best I can do and prefer 4000ft + runways) - Speed:180kias, 3000 dens alt., 2800 rpm.
  4. vonjet

    New SQ

  5. http://sq2000project.shutterfly.com/
  6. vonjet

    New SQ

    Not really sure. I'm not that set on selling it. At the time when I made the deal to purchase I was set on building again. I didn't want to back out on the sale so I figured I'd just buy it and figure out what to do with it later..Just figured if I got a good offer I would let it go and get out of the Airplane building hobby.
  7. Your right Steve, It is. With Dave's custom designed cowlings it really looks even better.And Paul Lee has gotten most if not all of the bugs worked out on the Main Gear and has his SQ operating nicely for almost 200 hours. Like Edge has pointed out the Seating set up needs some work. I planned on putting something more permanant in the AC and using the same dual stick setup as the Lancair with Engine controls in the center. Also extending the center keel all the way back to the firewal and to the Canard bulkhead to strengthen the fuselage. I placed the price high on this one because I was 100% on keeping it and building it as I always wanted one, but My Lancair is getting ready for test flights next week and I might not be interested in doing another project. So my heart is not set on selling the SQ and will keep the price high until I am 100% on giving it up. The workmanship on this one is really nice.
  8. Edge, Your not in the market for an airplane so why are you even in this section. Yes the seats are included. If your the type of guy who can only build an airplane one way and without the almighty "factory support" then an SQ isn't for you. Would I use the seats and the current installation. No. It doesn't take a genius to figure out they need some redesign. There are all sorts of things that can be done differently or custom to the builder. But hey, Cozy's never killed anyone.
  9. HAHA Spodman Your hilarious. I cant stop laughing. Wow, you should do some stand up.....good stuff.
  10. 4 place canard. Factory built wings, canard, fuselage, spar. Includes strake skins, cowlings and KLS Retract main gear and nose. Lots of work done already. Gullwing Doors. Engine mount for Lyc. 360. 30K o.b.o.
  11. vonjet

    New SQ

    As long as the inspection goes well I'm picking up an SQ2000 kit this weekend. Full kit with the KLS retracts not the Infinity. I still plan to install a rear seat bench but really its going to be a 2 place with large baggage area. I will try and start a progress thread on this build. One of the best looking canards out there in my opinion.
  12. How do we reduce the rotation speed on these canards? Any mods you can do to improve this area?
  13. Are you willing to sell me the info pack or make me a nice copied set? I will pay for it. I'd like to have one.
  14. Any body have some good photos of the SQ Prototype they can email me? Bryan

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