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  1. i love it when" some" want to fix the cozy. and i hope good luck with that. i was in Steve rights plane with wider gear and set back gear, on landing he warned me about the" plop" i was in jacks 1o- 540 and he told me about the "plop" (bang). both planes are very close to stock (with in 4"). your mite be 15" back(guess) iir. you will need to buy lots of struts for the front (one per landing) that spar in 1/2 urethane where you want to bolt to. in. gear has a 25 bid plate ( 12" by 6" ) iir. but its horizontal, yours is flat, not the same. my point is, a hard landing with your concept will have fuel departing the plane and cost a 3000 to repair the stock way would be 500 and 3 days work. most big mods will take over a year and be untested
  2. i use the West pumps. for the most part they are fine, just very slow. when i need a big mix i pull out the pumps and wight it by the cup full. if the ratio is the same i see no problem's with the switch from MSG-to-west pumps. so many mixing jobs are under a pint (1000) the Little pumps way out do the scale, i used the scales for 2/3rd of the build. Don't listen to tom, we saw him tip the ups driver a fin the other day
  3. steve

    Wing Filler

    thats easy steve, look in the strake chapter,iir its step # 102 uni croxed
  4. steve

    Wing Filler

    i cant find were is saids to fill in the gap between the strake and wing. can some one point plz
  5. steve


    did you re calculate the lift ? fir is for props not longs. what were you thinking ? and did you paint them blue? heat is a big no no. next your going to use curtain liner for peel..........shamless
  6. in the high end paint they have a chrome, it looks just like a mirror.paint over the offending ?
  7. i cant think of a better way to involve the kids than to have them help me with a top secret knock off for a test for daddy's plane !it would of coarse include a balsa dime store wood plane.......ext,ext,ext. (insert story board here) mine mite go like this....daddys plane cant fly till it has a loopdy-loop test done with this little wood plane....ext,ext or how about the BRS testing (army man/parachute) the water gun leak check paint scheme by johny....(water colors,big paint easel set up in side of shop) FAA child testing board, a must. one, must be able to pass the marble rolling down the wing test....est est two, how many bubbles will fit in side the canopy (with a fan turned on) blue foam......and Kidd's, lots to do there ! 15 Min's a plane day would make a builder out of any kid (even us)
  8. welcome, sorry to here about your flu. take 2 M drawings and get lots of sleep over the next 3-10 years
  9. never discard old layups, there are so many things you will do with them its fun to cut up chunks for your friends to try to brake them:p sanding blocks.
  10. i think the builder of johns plane was changed for the that resin, and to this date i don't think the valve ever leaked in the cabin all thou it did kill him.there is lots of pros and cons for that move, read for a day and you'll go with the plans way
  11. steve


    on the bulk heads, imo you should peel ply the 2" sides and bottoms.plastic and peel ply need/holed in a lot of epoxy, and Burt knows that. so he has you peel ply only the parts he knows you will bond to other parts. all to often i look at the final part and think the peel looks better so i peel the hole part:( remember, you do not want the glass full of epoxy, just the fiber. i use the plastic to wet out the glass,then cut to shape, then place over the part,squeegee the air out, remove the plastic and input peel as needed(and in most cases you'll need to add epoxy just to get the peel to stick. the way you stated you did yours sounds like they were light and not over done:cool: next try tin foil for that crappy little layup behind the ip and the lower layup on the upper forward longeron(o wait, that one in in 2012).
  12. steve


    thaks steve, and yes it has been nice. (but i miss my dog ) and my build.
  13. i have not seen my plane for a single day this year !
  14. steve


    this is my month in sunny California, last week I'll be mailed home on the 4th.

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