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  1. You could check out Sky3D, a Velocity guy that makes GoPro mounts (and potentially 3D software). I have this mounts. Sky 3-d http://sky-3d.com/ My velo http://velocityxl.com/content.php?1716-Installing-GoPro-Hero2-cameras-and-the-Sky-3D-system
  2. It helps, and people do it, although many Velocitys now have the "toe-brake" upgrade, inteconnecting the rudder pedals, and so cannot use this technique any more. In fact Velocity will tell you the rudder is really only a drag device, slowing one wing down and causing the airplane to yaw that way, and in training point out that when slow, as in the pattern, it's easier to just use the rudder for turns and keep the stick basically level, and to even use the opposite rudder to raise a dropping wing on final as the ailerons are very sluggish (on the Velocity) at those speeds.
  3. Correct, Danny Maher designed it after flying his Long EZ (/s-he built 2) for many years. Odd that they could make such a basic mistake. B
  4. This isn't true anymore, there are several, in fact one of the non-factory airplanes recently had an accident at Sebastian. http://www.tcpalm.com/news/single-engine-aircraft-slid-runway-sebastian
  5. Marc, I think we're all aware of your expertise, and your winglet study, and surely none of us wants to have a winglet depart in flight. Having had an emergency already, I take safety fairly personally. In fact, I don't plan to have my aircraft on the ramp much, and I don't think temperature in flight is an issue as the airflow will cool the surfaces. I also think that the issue is mitigated somewhat by the surfaces being vertical, so portions will often be shaded, and the yellow checkerboarding. However, I think I'll have winglet "socks" made by Bruce or one of the custom cover folks so that my winglets are protected when she is on the ramp, and so the only exposed surfaces are white (I find that these types of covers are pretty effective in reflecting solar heating). So, net, I think that these are reasonable precautions for me. And, although I don't encourage anyone to use dark colors, I will offer that there are a number of flying examples (a few pictures attached, there are many more) with colored winglets, and I'm not aware of any issues due to this. In fact, if I recall correctly, the incident long-ez had colored winglets, and I don't recall your pointing out this being contributory to the failure. B
  6. Great point Marc, thanks for bringing that to my attention. B
  7. Getting close to reassembling Victor Fox...
  8. I've begun to update the Rough River website, and would like to get folks thoughts on what they would like to see there, and how they like some of the changes. One of the main new features is under the Pictures section, where I've included People and Planes categories. For each, I've attached picture of some prominent people from the canard community who've attended Rough River, and planes that have flown in. Hopefully this will help folk's put names to faces, and associate them with the aircraft they fly. http://www.roughriver.org/ Brett
  9. For those sending pictures, it's helpful to know what year they were taken, and who is in the pictures where people are included...
  10. Yea, but it depends on how many folks have, if there's not a ton, email is fine, if folks have a bunch I'll give them ftp access to upload them directly, but I know several folks have Flikr or Picasa or Photobucket accounts where I can just grab them if they give me permission to use them. Brett
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to be updating the Rough River website and would like to flesh out the pictures section a bit. I didn't make it in 2008, ahem, for reasons already discussed, but I'd like to flesh out the pictures section some additional pictures in general, and I don't have any for 2008. Please let me know if you'd be willing to let me use some of your pictures. Brett
  12. Totally agree, makes installing the panel child's play (or changing it, like we did this year).... B
  13. For those that don't follow my site, our paint is coming along nicely, we're just moving the fuselage out of the hangar so we can put the blue on the winglets. Here is the scheme an a couple of shots. Brett n44vf.com
  14. I try to keep up-to-date on my wiki, but I haven't checked up on the dates recently so I might be a little behind.... http://wiki.velocityxl.com/index.php?title=Current_events
  15. I took some video, which I'll post some of when I get back from a business trip, but unfortunately I didn't ever really get the exposure right once the sun came out, so it all looks a bit blown out and overexposed. ;-( B

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