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  1. It is a large undertaking. Fortunately, the way the plans are written, prior experience with composites is not a big deal. You learn as you go. I usually tell prospective builders they should like building as much as flying, otherwise, the odds of finishing are greatly decreased. With 4-5 forums/mail lists to review, "weeks" is pretty optimistic.
  2. Here's a nice PDF of an Excel spreadsheet for those who want to use MGS 335 and a digital scale (I know..... BLASPHEMY!!). mgs335mix.pdf
  3. I was an Electronic Technician in the Navy for 11 years, so I know a bit about of what I’m about to speak. When it came wiring the various avionics, I recognized, early on, that it wasn’t going to be an easy haul in regard to wiring the instrument panel. What with all of the various inputs going to various connections. Not impossible, but time consuming at the very least. Along came Approach Fast Stack Systems. They presented a system which allows for central coordination of all of your wiring for your avionics, and a cost effective way providing the interconnection cables necessary to “make things work”. Given my past experience, I immediately saw the value of the services they offer. I just want to say, Tim Haas, (the General Manager), while being one of the most soft spoken of the vendors we see at the various fly-ins we attend, has been one of the most reliable and competent businesses I’ve come across. Every new thing I wanted to put in my panel has been a “cake walk”, mainly because of the cables they have provided me after I made my purchase of the “Hub”. I would invite each and every one of you to visit their website, (http://www.approachfaststack.com/index.html ) , to evaluate their product. It has saved me NUMEROUS hours of “figure out” time, as well as “troubleshoot” time related to my mistakes. (Try watching an episode of “24” when wiring.... it doesn’t work.) As some of you know, I’m “Queer for Quality”, and this company deserves your attention. Best Regards, Scarey Jerry
  4. Hence my desire to re-work. Between 65-70% of the NACA. The rest goes to the oil cooler and engine intake.
  5. The ripple effect would be pretty bad. I'd have to rework the engine intake, the oil cooler, and who knows what else. The ripple effect is BAD JUJU! I also feel the present plan gives a much cleaner appearance. I would hate to waste the drag created by the Plans NACA,(That's easy, close it off. Did I mention ripple?). Plus, another Cozy driver with DDC (and great cooling #'s) gave me some advice on what was wrong with my work. Hopefully, this attempt will be better. Avg. EGT 425 degrees in cruise. Not out of spec, but I think I can do better with some cleaner work.
  6. Thanks Hat. Yesterday, Buly and Doris Alieve stopped by my hangar on their way to a cookout 100 miles north of me. (1 hour and 6 minutes from Ft. La-de-da to Tampa... Gotta love these planes!) After taking the plane up for a short exibition flight for them, (They said they didn't really belive it could fly. ), I cut the down-draft plenums out to re-make them in an effort to improve cooling. I should be back in the air in a week! I live 28 miles from the airport, so I don't get to fly or work on it as often as I like. 5 hours on the Hobbs and counting.......
  7. The pros: The 285 has higher Tg and strength properties. (Which are not significant in our application.) It also wets out glass cloth a bit easier due to it's lower viscosity. (The 335 is still better than most of the other competitors.) On the cons: 285 is MUCH more caustic to the skin and wallet. To me, the 335 is a more practical and possibly mildly safer product (health-wise), to use. The increased cost, IMHO, is not justified by the advantages.
  8. Here's some pics of mine with some verbiage: http://home.earthlink.net/~jerskip/FIRST/Chapter_19.html#SGROBJ7D55117111C34B1
  9. It sure does!The way I kept motivated, was to do my best to have fun building each piece, and then congratulate myself after each step. Tried not to think too much about flying the plane. As I've said: Eat the elephant one bite at at time. Eventually, it's time for dessert. I also never read too far ahead in the Plans. These 2 methods helped keep me from getting discouraged. Building a Cozy is a real challenge, but very do-able. It will be an accomplishment you'll be proud of the rest of your Life.
  10. Sorry. I'll stop.(Silly spacers anyway.)
  11. Re: Exit area. Good point! I've been reviewing some pictures of Ken's plane. He seems to have some gills on his lower cowl. I'll check with him. If that's true, it'll be the first mod I make.
  12. Not yet. I have a altimeter setup I will install to check though. Lycoming states 6" of water pressure differential is optimum.The changes I plan to make will be making my system look more like Ken Laundrie's, which has been running very cool indeed. Not really making changes based on theory, but based on copy-cat-ing.
  13. See the thread "Web-Slinger LIVES" on this forum, if you already haven't. The only thing to report at present, is I'm looking at doing some moderate re-working of the downdraft plenum on top fo the engine. Some silly theory about "expansion". That will happen over the next 2 weeks. Cooling continues to haunt me.
  14. Not anymore. I now live in a hangar. Just part time. The rest is in the sky. I flew her myself yesterday. :banana: :banana: You can trust me, just not my memory. (Got the 4130 part right, though. )
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