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  1. TMann

    Berkut Wing construction

    As someone who has actually built the Berkut wings vs. I love working with carbon, especially carbon uni. I have a little bit of documentation here.
  2. We will be doing the Vacuum Infusion Demo again this year at Oshkosh.You can find us in the white tent next to the Replica Fighters clubhouse (which is west of the forums across Knapp St.)The picture below shows the location (oriented the same as the Airventure map.)We have a new aircraft design that will be our subject for our Infusion Demo.We plan on doing some wet layup vacuum bagging as well for those who are not ready to make the leap to infusion.Stop by and say hello.
  3. I'm puzzled as to why you are not asking JD @ Infinity this question? Piper uses the same pump. About the only difference between the various models is the size of the reservoir.
  4. Kerry, Sure. Have him look me up at the Vacuum Infusion demo. Across Knapp St. from the forums in the Fighter Replica area. We're the guys in the big white tent.
  5. That coupon code has been deactivated. It seems as though someone felt cheated for paying full price and called and complained. My guess is that this was not intended to be made public. It's the old "mouse in a lunchbox" at work. I hope somebody jumped on it. BTW ……. I paid full price.
  6. If you have been waiting to buy your ticket to AirVenture 2018, you're in luck. Enter "OSH2018" when buying your ticket online and get a 50% discount. This is no B.S.
  7. Here's the location of the Vacuum Infusion Demo. It just across Knapp St. from the Forums.
  8. We'll be at Oshkosh again this year doing a demo on Vacuum Infusion Techniques. I'll post more later but I do expect that this will be more of a hands on demo as apposed to the presentations in the past. See you there.
  9. Charles, where is this project located? It looks familiar.
  10. You should have given them the old "I'm on a fixed income and ………" LOL. You're starting to sound like the retired guys in my EAA Chapter.
  11. Bob usually stops by the Vacuum Infusion demo during AirVenture so we get a chance to catch up. That said, there are a lot of builders that are well beyond that 10 year mark as well as some that have brought it in under a year. They guy I typically fly to Oshkosh with built his RV in less than 9 months. Another guy in the chapter is still working on his Berkut. He's the original owner of kit #8. It's all about man-hours not how long you've owned the parts.
  12. Class A mold from what I can see. Of note: A boat builder started Velocity.
  13. As Marc said ..... yes you could but it's going to cost you. By the time you build a one off mold, you could have built the plane. If you want to see some different techniques that would render a lighter weight airframe (where money is no object) then stop by the Vacuum Infusion demo at Oshkosh during AirVenture. We will be building a fuselage of a new design using Vacuum Infusion and molds. These molds are made from plugs that start out as CNC milled foam ….. so as you can imagine, just building the molds involves quite a bit of technology and $$$. Now, if you were building a kit, then you could justify the expense. As for the Berkut, I'm sure that we could demonstrate how Vacuum Infusion could reduce the weight of that aircraft considerably, so your point about newer technology and techniques is well taken.
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