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    Bering Sea fisherman - work on large fishing trawlers and longliners in the Bering sea and Aleutian Islands.
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    I've wanted a plane since I was a kid. I have a bunch of cars and bikes and boats. Too many, in fact...but no plane. I can't leave anything alone...everything gets modified. I can turn a wrench. Why not turn one on a plane?

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    Got no plane...yet. Might buy a Long-ez airframe and work from there

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  1. goatherder


    Well, I'm done making progress for now. Going to sea in two days to scrape up a some more rent money. Chapter 4 and 5 are done, and I'm ready to start assembling the tub. I'll pick it up again when I get back. Thanks to all for the advice and assistance, especially Mfryer, Tmann, Limo-EZ.
  2. goatherder

    Wood Parts

    +1 on the Doug Fir Longerons and also the plywood. Like mentioned above, clear mahogany should work for the longerons as long as the grain is straight for the length of the wood. I wouldn't use anything with the grain running at an angle or swirly grained wood of any type, and I'd avoid the heavier varieties (like Jatoba). I used "Loyds-of-London grade" okoume 6mm plywood for the firewall and also the instrument panel, F22 and F28. This plywood is used extensively in boat building. Boats take a bashing. Yes its heavier than the plans material, but after all the holes are cut out of the bulkheads its not MUCH heavier, and it was available across town. (unlike that silly red foam stuff)
  3. goatherder


    I did recalculate. A little less lift but a little more windage. But thats ok because I'm using a heavier engine and a smaller prop. The trajectory should still be about the same. Curtain liner? No way man...old socks!
  4. goatherder


    Clear, straight, tight-grain Douglas Fir. Aircraft grade. (I graded it).
  5. Looks good man. Now its REALLY looking like you've got an airplane in your garage. Lots of people have lots of things in their garages...but I'm betting nobody else in your neighborhood has an airplane.
  6. In the FAQ section they claim it would be perfect for a pusher configuration like a LongEZ or Varieze. You're right about the lawnmower cable - its junk. I think this quadrant could be adapted pretty easily to use a red Morse type 33c marine push-pull cable, which works really well if you get all the slop out of the linkage and anchor the ends securely. They last damn near forever too. There are other cables and ends available that can be adapted as well. My KTM uses teflon lined cables for clutch and throttle and they work great as long as you keep the dirt out. You can order custom-made cables from these guys: http://www.motionpro.com/custom/index.php
  7. http://www.motionpro.com/custom/cable_definitions.php
  8. http://www.sonexaircraft.com/orders/throttlequadfaq.html
  9. Thats exactly what I have been thinking of: Both tanks drain into a sump from the strakes with no valves. No screens on the strake drain tubes, and large enough diameter tubing to allow any contaminants/water to pass directly into the sump. (How would you clean a screen inside the strake tank, anyway?) A drain on the sump to remove any contaminants and water that ends up in there. Maybe a bunghole for a cleanout too. In-tank fuel pumps submerged in the sump to eliminate vapor lock. Dual fuel filters incorporated in there somehow, with ability to run on either.
  10. goatherder


    I'll definitely install the sight glasses; partly because I've already carved out those damn holes, but mostly because I'm a big believer in passive indicators. I'll have mechanical engine guages too, at least for oil pressure/temp, water temp and fuel pressure. I gained a bunch of panel space with 4" wider and 4" deeper fuselage. I wish I had known about the Berkut sightglass relocation but I didn't, and I'm more concerned about making progress than assessing every little detail at this point...so onward. Maybe I'll add them later.
  11. goatherder


    Landing gear bracketry. Cost me $60 in materials but I still need real 8" bolts.
  12. goatherder


    How about 2 GIB's. One in case the other "has a headache". Oops. Just saw that. But seriously - if you put too much of that crap in there you'd spend all your time messing with the gadgets. What these planes really need is a shaft brake and a BRS parachute system.
  13. goatherder


    Thats right, he is. I looked his plane over one day, but I had forgotten about that. I don't know if Al has even fired his plane yet, and I'm sure he has not flown it since installing the Suburu 6 cyl, so the jury is probably still out on his dual ECM setup. At any rate, I've got a ways to go before I need to worry about it.
  14. goatherder


    How about 8 ignition coils? Theres some redundancy. All controlled by the same engine controller though. I don't know if there is some type of switch that will allow you to switch between two separate engine controllers, but there might be. I know Tracy Crook(?) at RWS has a dual ECM system for the rotaries. Hey thanks for the help last night Martin.
  15. goatherder


    Yeah...so I'm told, and I shoulda known that. It was a pain in the ass to get the glass to lay down in those holes. However, I guess I'll put them in now that I did carve the holes, cause if all the electronics crap out it might be nice to know if there's fuel in the plane. Of course; at that point I would be a glider. Perish the thought.

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