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  1. Thanks Kent. Well said. I've decided enlight of the above recommendations and concerns to stick with the gear already on the project. Thanks again X
  2. You said it Marc,, Wow.. I don't know if I should thank you for the candid reply or ask you to work on your tact. I really disagree that posting this on the forum for engineer feedback is inappropriate. I've been a member of the forum for a year now and the typical way you respond to entries is the reason why I have hesitated posting. I appreciate some of your responses and I will continue evaluating this topic with my Air Force engineers here in California. Xavier Lawson Flight Engineer, C-5 Galaxy
  3. Thanks for the responses and here are your answers; How much glass to strenghten spar? I would assume the same layup schedule as the amount needed for infinity retracts. Will moving the gear to the spar move the gear location aft? Yes and rotate speed is a non issue since the runways I will be departing are long. Have you consulted an engineer? That's why I'm posting this on the forum; to get engineer feedback. You mean the bent aluminum fixed gear legs? Follow this link and scroll down to the Corby Starlet. The gear legs will be made similar to these and will have an 1800 max landing weight capacity. http://www.groveaircraft.com/landing_gear.html Why would it attach to the spar? I would like to utilize the spar so that I can widen the width of the mains alittle. X
  4. Hello all, My name is Xavier and I'm currently building a Cozy III at KSUU. So far I'm in Chapter 10 but I'm evaluating the possibility of rebuilding my center spar to include steel plated hard points for a set of Grove gear struts. My website is cozyiii.com and the link below will take you to the mod diagram that I created. I believe the mod will be successful and I read a couple forum entries on the subject. I'd like to get your inputs on this mod and any suggestions you may have. Thanks X http://www.cozyiii.com/Landing_Gear_Mod

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