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  1. I am selling some tools and pieces from my Cozy MkIV project. If you are interested please contact me offline at aviator 'at' mindspring 'dot' com Epoxy pump. This is the adjustable ratio pump from AS&S. It was used with MGS epoxy but has been completely cleaned and rebuilt using the rebuild kit from AS&S. Asking, 175.00 Eureka CNC Jig Package. This is the complete jig packge from Cozy MkIV wings, wingflets and canards. It is brand new and still in original box. Asking, 400.00 Eureka CNC Cozy MkIV Cores Complete cnc cut foam for wings, winglets and canard. New, still in original shipping boxes. Asking 2,100.00 Prices do not include shipping! I live north of Atlanta, GA if you're interested in buying and picking up in person.
  2. Go to the member profile page, there are tabs on the left side to see all topics they've started and one to see all posts from them.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone. The foam is definately PVC and not urethane. It looks like my original foam was the wrong foam and the new stuff if H100. Thanks for the pics Rick.
  4. OK, so I decided to redo the LG bulkheads that I screwed up. This necessitated ordering a new sheet of 1/4" H100 from Aircraft Sruce. I got the foam today and not I am in a quandry. The foam I received it the right size but it is VERY different from the foam I originally had. I old foam had a much more 'open' appearance, closer to what H45 looks like. The new stuff is much smoother appearing closer to the 18lb last a foam (but not as 'heavy') Both foams are tan but the new stuff is much denser than the original stuff and I am wondering if the original stuff was not the correct foam. How can I be sure if the original foam was wrong or if I received the wrong foam the second time instead?
  5. Yah, I'm doing it over. I had a piece of sandwhich that was trimmed off the layup in question and I tried to pull the glass up. Yah, time for a do-over. I ordered a new sheet of foam last night. Bummer. Serves me right for doinga layup in a crappy mood.
  6. I need to redo one side of one of the forward LG bulkhead. I maanged to layup the BID with a serious curve in teh orientation fo the fibers plus there are a couple of quarter sizes bubbles. I was planning to completely redo this part but I've been reading about people reheating a layup after its cured and peeling it up? Is this really possible or would it be easier to just redo the piece (which means buying more foam) or is pulling up the glass a viable option?
  7. Well, it was bound to happen. I've been doing pretty well with my work over the past few weeks but last sunday I screwed up. I was in kind of a crappy mood and decided to go work in the garage. Long story short, I rushed a layup and ended up with large bubbles and the BID fibers look like I was working with fisheye lenses on. Some of the bubbles are the size of a quarter. It's the upper part of the forward LG bulkhead. I could repair the bubbles but the fibers are so out of whack I decided I'd better redo this piece and do it right. Plus it's pennance for being a dummy. :mad: :mad:
  8. I'm about to start on the permanent firewall pieces and was wondering about the blind screw installs. I've read a lot of different solutions to the turning problem and was wondering how many folks went with Click-Bonds instead? They seem like a cleaner and easier solution than some of the Rube Goldberg ideas I've read about (no offense). If I decide to go with click bonds would I mount them on the outside or would I mount them through the firewall?
  9. Thanks guys. I took Marc's advice and sanded the harpoints flush. Theyh came out nicely. I completed the first of the layups today and will wrap then up tomorrow.
  10. Well, so far I've made really good progress this weekend. I only need to do the 2xBID on the viertical ribs of the IP and glass the front/back faces of the three LG bulkheads. I built up my LG hardpoints yesterday. 22 plies BID and using scrap 1/4" foam as spacers applied a caul plate and weight. The peice came out great except for one minor spot where the thickness is sligtly more than 1/4". Actually it's just less than 1/16" thicker. No much but what this has done though it created a slight ridge betwen the glass and bulkhead foam. I was planning on using flox to smooth the transition over the ridge. Anybody find any problem with that? If so, what would you recommend I do? Thanks Ed Andover, MA
  11. Hey fellas, I'm off for the next few days and despite the buttnumbingly cold weather in New England I'll be working in the shop. Next up is the landing gear bulkheads. I was wondering if anyone remembers about how long the 22 ply (+/- to get 0.25") layup took then. I'm trying to plan around some thing so I can wrap up chapter 4 over the weekend and the hardpoint layup seems like it's going to be the biggest single consumer of my time.
  12. I've been really picking up steam on chapter 4 and only have the front side of the IP, the landing gear bulkheads and firewall to do. I have a new question. On some of the layups, specifically f-22, 28 and the IP, I had a helluva time keeping excess expoxy from running off and then under the foam. For F-22 and 28 there was only a bit and I easily sanded it off but on the IP I've got a spot that's about 9 sq. in. Do I really need to get that off or can I just rough it properly with 30grit and glass over it? as usual, thanks for any input.
  13. yah, I'm still working on my timing for doing knife trimming..

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