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  1. Royal

    Two Part foam pour

    Dark aero uses this method for their wings. Be nice if they could do something like this for the EZ.
  2. Royal

    Two Part foam pour

    Be nice if this worked. https://www.fibreglast.com/category/Mix-and-Pour-Foam That's to bad. Maybe someday they can get a good two part foam to do that in. Would be amazing and fast to do.
  3. has anyone use two part foam to pour into an empty fiberglass wing? Or is it to much pressure?
  4. I'm drawing up all the bulkheads for the open-ez and making them free to download. I'll also put the whole plane in 3D so people can look at it for reference if that helps. I think Illl have them on GITHUB.com so they stay up and another place so they don't get lost. Anyone wanting to help out in their spare time can.
  5. $12,000 will get you a Honda fit engine ready to drop in. Brand new engine is $5,000 from the dealer.
  6. I think more people don't built them because you do have to build everything and it seems daunting to a non-builder of things. I'm sure they are easy to build but for the people that started and then sold half finished kits would say otherwise.
  7. Well I have done so many restorations building parts from scratch and sanding 20ft straight is getting old. I wanna build an airplane but man. I started making fiberglass widebody kits that actually fit unlike some junk ebay is selling. Making an 8x4 sheet sandwich could probably be made in a day I think. It would be nice to get a build down to 1-2 years. Say you had the outside skins with the spar made in 5 sections, nose cone in 2, body in 2, canards in 2 and the alerions and small parts can be left for them to build. I did notice while putting them in CAD and mirroring the other side that it wasn't perfectly symmetrical. Is that something you have found on the open-ez?
  8. I started making templates for CNCing them out. I think if people wanted some bulkheads and foam/fiberglass sandwiches to hurry the kit along I might get my own cnc. I have been wanting one anyway.
  9. Looks like the bumps were used so when he goes to make the two haves he can lay up carbon inside of it and have a really smooth join requiring little to no body work. When we had our rear ducktail spoilers made the guy didn't make them right. had a huge lip that needed bodywork on each one. We found a new manufacturer.
  10. What do you think takes the longest to do on a full build?
  11. Royal

    Smooth Operator

    I started to digitally build the files. I think if most of the bulk heads are the same thickness you could make one sheet of 4x8 foam and fiberglass on one side. have the foam and all the other parts CNCed then vacuum form over top of the rest of the parts that need carved and cut. I think having a bulkhead kit for some people would save a ton of time.
  12. Royal

    Smooth Operator

    I have made some the same observations with CFD and watching cars and planes in wind tunnel tests. I think just by changing the canopy and putting on a few fillets around the wings and canards you can reduce lots of drag even without doing any testing. Obviously this will change a lot of things with the plane. power needed. trimming during cruise. Landing speed. I think the best thing to do is build an RC model and put all the certain weights where they should be. Doesn't even need to have a round shapely body as seen the the Cybertruck except for that huge red flat part. Then there is the lifting body that could be incorporated into a design but that starts making it hard to see over the edge.
  13. Royal

    Smooth Operator

    I think you could change the front just slightly to make it look better and more like a jet or even just an add on to the top. Idk. Be fun to just make a scale model. I need to find pictures of all the bulkheads for the berkut 360 and the Long-EZ.
  14. Royal

    Smooth Operator

    Ah sorry. The other screenshot didn't load. I lined up the propellers because I ASSUME that's where they are pretty much the same. And yes the wing didn't move much but I do wonder why they moved it down slightly. I need to upload the other drawing I did over them.
  15. Sure. I can make those. just need a wing profile to start if anyone has one.

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