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  1. I thought about making chop strand molds that would be a one time use to vacuum form your own bodies and wings. Mostly because I can make those way cheaper than laying up fiberglass cloth.
  2. I have a buffer with an 8" mud hog wheel on it. Is the blue foam structural as well? I feel like there is lots of threads on the foam as well.
  3. The blue foam wont melt when glassing it? Also love the nose idea. I had a similar idea.
  4. I only wondered because the place that makes john deer parts and lots of other things made an engine cowling for an airplane he had sitting in his shop.
  5. Buy hanger. Live in hanger. work on plane and throw plane building parties.
  6. My wife would divorce me if I spent that much time building an airplane.
  7. I'd have to weigh some of our chopped fiberglass parts vs our new weave parts. But yeah the old corvettes were pretty hefty. Our chopped parts were surprisingly light not that I would want to use them on an airplane.
  8. Builder of many things. Planes, trains, car, and anything else i would like to try. Also learning CAD. CFD soon.
  9. Do the cowls need to be weave? or can they be chopped fiberglass?
  10. Royal

    H-250 Foam


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