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    Wannabe - with tub on wheels

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    Mark Spedding
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    Darraweit Guim, Australia
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    Australian. Large, but getting smaller. WILL fit in a Cozy.

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    Cozy Mark IV
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    Bog stock, seatback back 1"
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  1. I hoisted one wing up to the rafters and it scared actual poo out of me on the way up, all night it was up there, and all the way down the next day. I keep each of them on cheap removalist dollies with leading edge forms on them, and trundle them around the shed as needed. If I had a spare wall I'd consider it
  2. Spodman


    Thanks for the info Kent. I wonder if this is that RV4???
  3. Spodman


    ...and hello to you too Kent. If you wish to hear the reason for my "medical issues" look at post #4, not just #6 before flaming at me. These posts were made on the same day in 2008, and #4 has a quote from the news section on www.aeromatic.com which I reproduce here, and no longer appears: This seemed to me incompatible with bolting one on a Bellanca, but now I read "engine/propeller/AIRFRAME" and see the two may not necessarily be at cross purposes. Assuming you are Kent Tarver, I am still as interested in your props now as I was in 2008, and I have built a fair bit of aeroplane since then. Please keep us informed of your progress, as if it is suitable for a pusher with a 160-200hp engine and the speed range we experience it is a marvellous product. As it is the only information I can actually find is my own posts from 2008, your website and images such as this. And they don't explain what happened.
  4. Have seen a few different approaches to this, but having tried them don't think I'll bother with the step. Load the pax (if any) and extend the gear half way and the plane won't tip. Climb in easily without the step and extend the gear the rest of the way. Punch "Cozy retractable step" into your search engine of choice and all sorts of things pop up! http://www.cozybuilders.org/chapters/Retract_Step.html http://www.canardzone.com/forum/topic/17669-retractable-step/ http://www.ez.org/canardpages/pages/bittner/index.html#step
  5. Spodman

    Wood Parts

    On the cozybuilders email list Nat is quoted as saying the longeron material is not terribly important, it is a core to put bolts through and screw stuff to. for the removable fus top the plans say you can use clear pine for the required doubler, (crivens!). Hoop pine for me.
  6. Haven't used your service yet, but it has been recommended by SAAA CH20 members who have. One mentioned he particularly enjoyed the Minties...
  7. Not a good investment for me, but the price does look nice.
  8. Being a Canardian doesn't count eh?
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Lycoming-O-360-J2A-Aircraft-engine_W0QQitemZ140370950965QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Aircraft?hash=item20aec2bb35 Mornington Peninsula Vic, sitting at $9600
  10. Hello. I take it you have sat in a Long and found it a bit tight? If you are thinking of building rather than buying and fixing up I'm sure you could build it to suit you. Is there that much difference between the Long and Berkut?
  11. Looks like what is listed in the Larry Fitzgerald Composites website as a Cozy. Doesn't look much like one really, does anybody know if any of these have actually flown? http://www.fitzair.net/ !Bd!,l,Q!Wk~$(KGrHqEH-DkEquCE,Pc1BK28eFLtb!~~_12.JPG http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cozy-III-Classic-Experimental-Canard-Aircraft-Kit_W0QQitemZ300360883379QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Aircraft?hash=item45eee75cb3#v4-35 The attachments for the MLG look completely alien. I don't know what the thing next to the fus is, looks too long for a canard. Maybe its a mast... US2500 - no bids.
  12. Hello. Look forward to seeing what you are up to:)
  13. I have read it is a machine developed 'in house' to replace the troubled Thielert. A small case of Pricetagius Incredibilius involved, if you can buy one. Of course, by the time I'm ready for a motor you may be able to buy them at the corner shop...
  14. I'm not familiar with the Wicks catalogue, but there is a fair amount of detail on the ASS one, with a description of all the foam, other than Urethane... http://www.aircraftspruce.com/builderkits.php?PN=01-01410 ok, I've had a look at Wicks now. There is a description there under the Cozy kit: F400-085 0.2X12X48,18LB,LAST-A-FOAM
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