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  1. I'm in! I'll be coming with the Wife at least and maybe I can find someone else to bring. Shreveport isn't too far either, even in my Cherokee. You guys stole my Idea to host a Flyin here in Shreveport with the casinos! Maybe I'll follow your suit and do one the next year! The Downtown Airport here is less than a mile from 3 of them! Jonathan
  2. No Canard but 27.7 in a B-52H, 4.2 Hours in a Cherokee 140. I'll do another 6.5 hours tomorrow, then maybe 2.5 in my 140 on my way to Springfield, Mo. After about 3 hours its time to stretch if able, then maybe you can squeeze another 2 hours, IF you can potty. -Jonathan
  3. Well guys do you think that this engine might be something that we could use? It is based off of an A Class engine producing 170 hp. http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/AustroDieselEngine_AtAirVenture_198354-1.html Jonathan Ard
  4. Thanks guys, I feel the same way but I wanted to get a sanity check. All of the epoxy is still in the original containers (plastic or metal can) and has been in a plastic Bin. They are not open so I don't think there is any crystalizaton at least not in the resin containers that I can see and no discolorization. -Jonathan
  5. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I got my cozy back out from storage from uncle sam......my "Boat" bottom (ch 6) was intact and ready to have the contouring foam added when I left Georgia last summer and now it is in 5 broken pieces. At least the fuselage isn't ruined...... Hopefully I can get back to work. I think I have to throw out about 4 gallons of un opened MGS 235 and hardener. It has never been opened but it is about 4 years old. Should I keep it or toss it? Well glad to be back in a position to get back to work... -Jonathan
  6. I posted this on a Piper Board this morning..I wanted to share with you guys. Hey Guys, the B-52H that went down was my Squadron's. I saw them all 3 hours before they went down. I knew every guy very well and there are a million questions we have but no one to ask them too. Please pray for the Familes, from the Single guy to the ones with a 4 month old to the Wife that's 8 months pregnant. Thier families and us are in a postion our community hasn't been in for 14 years (our last crash). If you are a praying canard person I ask you to send some up for the 20th Bomb Squadron and the familes of the 6 Officers who lost thier life Monday. It means a lot that you guys actualy care, there are so many people who choose not to let things like this effect them in any way. The Price was very high Monday but we paid with some of our best. Here is some more info http://www.ktbs.com/news/Members-of-B-52-crew-identified-14476/ -Jonathan
  7. Hey Guys, It has been a few months since I posted last on anything (but a daily reader). I am going to do my Solo tomorrow in my '76 Pa28-140. I just finished refurbishing the interior and insulation and flew her twice this weekend after a 45 day down time to fis her up. I am very excited about getting my solo out of the way. I did 8 TNG today with winds 18G22knts, at least they were down the pipe mostly. My Cozy project has not had any significant progress in over a year, sadly, I see my completion goal slipping away...with in the next 42 months. So I am considering switching to an Aerocanard SX, still FG but at least with the time I have lost to deplyments to Iraq (2) and to Afghanistan and now one coming up to the Pacific I am afraid that it will just drag on for years longer than I want. What are your thoughts on switching....right now it seems that I have more money (or will) than I do time, how much work is there still to do with a kit Aero? I have not made up my mind but I am seriously considering it. -Jonathan #1052, 816 Ch 6.......Still N6258J
  8. Chris, It all looks good brother. I am up here in Shreveport and maybe I should take a trip down in my Cherokee to have a looksee and a beverage! while I enjoyed the pics I didn't notice the video playing as I was distracted by the two hotties staring at me from your hangar wall....Sorry! Keep us posted as to your progress! -Jonathan 6258J Piper #1052 Ch 6
  9. Yet Another thread HIGH-JACKED!!!!!!!!!! he he he I couldn't help it. -J
  10. Hafi Dai, ( that will give you a hint of where I am going) I already have most of chapter 6 done, so those parts are not something I want to redo..... The strake bulk heads are a good Idea and the NG30 bulkheads are the other parts I thought of..... Look Out Guam, here I come.....in a few months -Jonathan
  11. Hey Guys, I am going to be going to the pacific area for a few months where I will have plenty of time to work on the Cozy. There are a few problems though.... I need to be able to ship it....in the airplane that I am flying over. Are there any parts that I can make that are small, relativly, I mean I can't put the canard in the jet but the winglets I could but other than cut the core and cover there is nothing else I can do. Any Ideas of what Could work on in my spare time that is not super long (less than 6 feet) and will fit in about a 42"x42" hatch. There is of course the problem with shipping all the materiels and epoxy, I can get most of it over there when I fly over. Let me know if you have any Ideas. -Jonathan ----Project in storage until Oct -08, #1052
  12. Well, after a chastisment by my better half about my spelling in my previous post I will be more careful typing. As for the Big Bullets, first, they are Blanks. Second they are for a Browning M-2 .50, Third, I wondered if anyone would notice. Now the Bell has a two fold job. The following comments might induce more conversation. The First thing it is for is the " Parts Complete" bell, when a part is completed the bell gets rung. For example, I finished the Heat Duct and brace once it is installed I get to ring the bell. We had a similar concept in Iraq, some one sent us a "Dancing Hampster" named Sgt. Scruffy. When you push the button Sgt. Scruffy would sing "Cassions go Rolling along" it gave us a good sense of acomplishment,.....Oh we would only let Sgt. Scruffy Sing when we caught the bad guy ( Terrorist, Al Quida, ....ect....) sooooooo in honor of all the GOOD things that we accomplished I have enacted the Bell Ringing Policy. The other purpose is that I can ring it if I need an emergency hand or helper. ie help....and help now. All of these term have been agreed upon with all principle participants. Hey Guys enjoy the build, I will have a new Hobby specific addition soon. Stay tuned for more info..........Also I thought about a nose that look a little like this and I also found this piece of equipment that I might be able to install.......he he he...... Item Item Description : A-1 Norden bomb sight, brand new in original shipping container, excellent condition & investment $ 1450
  13. Jon, Here is a pic of my "set up" Notice the 1/2 Fridge and 1/2 Freezer, good for Cokes or Beer mind you under the table with the shopvac in the middle, it makes it easy to vacume and clean up with it already pluged in and ready to go just have to hit the button. As for the Pegboard you can see I have most of my Hand Tools on it, as well as all my levels and yard Stick together. I even have the epoxy box on the table since I made it big enough. My BD Scissors are there on the top as well as gloves, and pens and pencils. I like everything to be semetrical so I put all metric on one side and Standard( English ) on the other so they would not get confused. I hope the Pic helps Also I have Trash cans on each end next to the Rag Bag. I felt a big relief after I got my peg board up. It makes a lot of difference when you think about it. Easy access to your tools makes for a happy builder. Hope the pics help.
  14. I assume that if you install Retracts ( Infinity ) that you loose the option of wing mounted Baggage pods. I haven't bought the info pack from infinity but it looks to me that the pods are mounted to the strake and not the actual Wing. Anyone know, the other option is a center line pod,.....Hmmmm....thats got me thinking..........Anyone else? -Jonathan #1052
  15. I know the best thing is to just start. I have put it off in a round about way...built a house this year, moved, then another house.... all I have done for the last 3 months is read EVERY site out there. I guess I won't experiment very much with other techniques. I'll just stick with MGS and be done with it. The big order will go in about a week or so when when I get back stateside it is there and waiting. There just seems to be so many ways. Waiting to get home..... Jonathan Deployed ISO "Operation Deny Christmas" At least I can spend my Christmas money on Tools now!
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