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  1. SpaceShipOne


    Hi guys, Just about to start chapt 5 and I had a question about the AN6-80A bolts. They appear in the Wicks Aircraft chap 5s pdf but surprisingly enough the actual part is not available at WA nor at AS&S. Is there any actual equivalent bolt that we shall use instead? I phoned AS&S and they confirmed me that the reference -80A is not available. I am a little confused! If you can help, that would be greatly appreciated Tony, Chap 5 Long EZ #2152
  2. Hi, I'm using a OHAUS scale, batch up to 200g with a precision of .1g. It works pretty well and I guess the price would be around $100 (maybe less!). Initially I started with the basic (but efficient) scale described in the Chapt 3. It does the job for sure. But now with a very fair time of practice, I m now very happy to use this electronic scale, I get the ratio-ed batch in very little time. Finally, I ve got a ratio pump which is not currently set to the ratio of my epoxy system so I can't tell much about it... Comments on this one will come soon! In the mean time, enjoy getting the numbers right on that scale Tony
  3. As I am approaching the end of chapt 4, I m about to work on the firewall. When I placed my order of bit and pieces for this chapter through the european representative of AS&S, I didnt get the plywood required. Question is: can we source it locally and go for an average plywood with the same dimensions from a store or do we have to get specific birch plywood? (my concern is about weight!) Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks guys for your inputs. Yep Tmann, I just wrote an email to ME to see if they can help with that. I ll keep you posted! Tony
  5. Thanks guys for your inputs! Well it's all clarified now, let's get building!
  6. Hello! Coming along with the items I just purchased to get started with my LEZ is a ratio pump, originally set for the 100:45 ratio. I have not checked the M.Es website yet, maybe the community has already the answer to that question: it's the 100:45 ratio pump model. Is there a chance to modify it to get a different ratio? My epoxy system uses a 100:33 ratio. For the time, I am using a fine mail scale and it works okay. Just wanted to know if I could adapt / modify the sticky stuff to get the ratio used for my resin system. Thanks, Tony
  7. Hi guys, According to Wicks Aircraft website, item # F500-085 (foam) is used for the bulkheads. Got a question: I couldnt find the description of this item on the website. The reference is not valid. Therefore I m not sure this particular foam is still available. What would be the equivalent to that foam? Last a foam? Divinycell? I would say the foam used in the cozy chapt 4 would do the job, wouldnt it? Cheers Tony
  8. Hi all, As a prospective builder of an Open EZ in Europe I wanted to open that topic in order to get the latest infos about the OEZ drawings. As per the sticky post above, we have the zip files of the main drawings. Do we have as we speak, a pdf file with the Roncz Canard available? If so, where is the link? I am sure I've seen one but I can't find it again in those pages. Finally do we have available the high perf rudder also on pdf files? Cheers Tony NB: I am a new Cozy plans holder but I had a ride in a LEZ this weekend and now I am all confused. It was soooo cool and I entered a questioning process: do I really need 4 seats?
  9. Good news That sounds great... Now I am officially waiting for my plans to cross the pond In the time being, I am setting up the workshop... Story is that I moved into a new home on purpose! While I was having a tour of it, the lady asked why I wanted to have such a massive place since I would be on my own living there... I replied: "Ohhh you dont wanna know!" Keep in touch! And thanks for the fantastic forum! Anto
  10. Hi all, It's been a while since I checked the forum but it's good to back. My project has changed and i decided to leave my LEZ dreams aside to build a Cozy Mark IV instead. I just got a quick question: I am 5'10". Is the cockpit roomy enough to accomodate a 5'10" pilot? Funny questions I reckon but i had a painful experience while being seated in a Cozy Classic as I found out there was not much room between my head and the canopy... Cheers guys, Antoine
  11. Seen it for sale on eBay. Usual question: is the license coming along? Thanks, Tony PS: May a moderator move my topic in the correct sub section "Wanted" instead of "For Sale"
  12. Dear all, I'm presently looking for a full set of plans of a Cozy III or LE. Thanks for your help, Tony +447961318719
  13. Hi there, For those of us who want to give the VE a try, I was just wondering if anyone could help to give to the community any advices on what we could call a - new- bill of materials. When you have a look at the plans, basically many references have changed and that would be great to have something new matching what we can find in the Acft Spruce catalog etc. Cheers
  14. Hi, I drop here a quick question for you... Are used-Rotax 912 quite easy to find on the german market? Excellent idea anyway
  15. It's been quite hard for me to find out a set of plans but finally I got it! So I'm building a Long EZ as well! Cheers

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