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  1. Christmas came early this year. My materials for chapters 4 through 7 arrived today after being on back order for over a month. Most everything seemed to be in good shape, but some of the foam has a few gouges or the edges are kinda pushed in. My biggest concern is that two or three of the pieces of foam have black smudges on them...possibly from greasy hands at the warehouse. Anyone think this will be a problem?
  2. I'm planning on going as well. This one will definately be closer for me than Rough River.
  3. For those of you using scales instead of the epoxy pump, what size scale and what resolution will it measure to? I've seen some smaller scales that will measure up to 150 grams in .1 gram increments. I've also seen some scales that measure up to 5 pounds in .1 oz increments (which is almost 3 grams). Which would be the better way to go. Is .1 oz a fine enough measurement? Thanks
  4. Just wanted to post a big thanks to Dave Adams for an awesome ride in his Long, and HiGeez for letting me have his bulkhead templates. On a side note I put in an order for chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 this morning from Aircraft Spruce. I hope to be building this time next week.
  5. Hey Tom, Welcome to the club. I am just down the road from you in Navarre. I'll be starting a Cozy in the near future. There are two active builders in the area that I've found. One is getting close to mounting his engine, and the other is still working on the fuse. Both have been very receptive to my questions. The local EAA chapter (chapter 485, http://www.eaa485.org/) meets Tuesday at 7PM at Ferguson Field, come on out. They seem to be heavily aluminum oriented, so you can get that perspective. If I make it to the meeting I'll bring my plans so you can take a look at them. Ryan.
  6. The garage only has the single "roll-up" type two car garage door. Even if the garage was not going to be an aircraft factory in the near future I'd think about putting in a person size door. On another note, I visited a builder in the area today. With the cross ventilation from a few open roll-up doors, a person size door and a fan it was cool enough that I was not sweating much at all. I'm not sure about how hot it was today, but that may be the right answer instead of me trying to cool the neighborhood. Maybe the air conditioning isn't that critical after all. And like Hans says it is really only hot during the summer.
  7. Aint that the truth. However, I figure if I'm building in a nice comfortable shop with epoxy that I am comfortible with I'll finish faster than in a blazing hot shop with epoxy I hate. I recently moved to north Florida, so the garage gets well over 100F during the day. I don't have a thermometer in there yet, but after 5 minutes in that kind of heat (and don't forget the humidity) sweat is poaring off me. Air conditioning is CRITICAL for me. On the other hand, when it gets too hot I'm only 10 minutes from the beach:cool2: Ryan
  8. Hey Rick. I've been ageing the plans for about 6 weeks now. Not having started building yet is killing me. The big holdup at the moment is deciding which epoxy to use and figuring out how I'm going to ventilate/air condition my garage. I think the ventilation and cooling issue will require a new window or two. Ryan
  9. Pulling a thread from the dark, distant past.... Do the Cozy newsletter CDs that Aircraft Spruce sells have scanned copies of the newsletters in PDF (or something similar) files, or are they just text? Thanks, Ryan Cozy Plans #1552

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