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  1. Thanks all, guess will hang it by the walls...
  2. Folks, I have a cozy MK IV in my garage, and will start work on it soon. Whats the best way to store the wings? I have built some jigs but its taking up way too much space. I was thinking of using a platform and use pulleys and hoist it up so I get my real estate back on the floor. I have seen ppl hang it along the walls, using straps along the leading edge, not very comfortable with that. Thoughts? Thanks MN
  3. Thanks Kent, yeah maybe one at a time There is a support pole right in the middle of the garage, which would maybe be RIGHT where the wing tanks are....
  4. All, wanted to provide an update on this, I was able to move the COZY from DEtroit to Kansas over the last weekend. Used a 20 ft trailer, 82 inches wide. got wide load permits for all states, well, cops never stopped me anyplace, the drive was ok, wansnt too bad, a few construction zones were a little tricky. reached Kansas last night, no issues with the move, no damages.... Had wrapped the plane in moving blanket and shrink wrapped it... the shrink wrap was maybe not rqequired, but was hard to keep the moving blankets on.. had to use a LOT of duct tape (no taping anywhere on the surface of the cozy), and a lot of shrink wrap (but took about 30 minutes to unpack). Wanted to share this for those who might want to move a cozy again. below are the pictures and some details of what I did, - COZY loaded with the nose in the front main gear legs on the trailer axle (the bulk of the weight is still in the front of the trailer axle) wiings laid next to each other with minor overlap of the trailing edhes (moving blanket and foam in between to prevent damage) wooden studs screwed to the trailer floor and padded to stop the wings or other parts from moving three 2 inch wooden blocks screwed one above the other used as "chocks" to prevent the cozy from moving back and forth foam pads under the nose ratchet tie downs in the spar holes to prevent aircraft rolling tie down along the top of the gear legs to prevent cozy from buckling foprward for any hard braking took us 13 hours to load the trailer and abot 3 hours to unpack... feel free to ask questions if you have any https://photos.app.goo.gl/osmCxk0c4Fa111ZI2
  5. Thanks Kent I have seen your modifications for the roll trim by the stick, something like that woudl meet my needs... will research more.
  6. Hello folks, I dont have too many hours under the belt, but with all of my flying till date, I dont recollect a good use case for the roll trim (unless the rigging is messed up). I hve never really used roll trim, and most of the tin cans I fly, they DONT even have roll trim. So my question is - on a Cozy 4, is there good value to have roll trim? I was thinking of getting rid of the stock roll trim on the panel, free up some space and make use of the real estate. Thoughts? could the big guns provide some input? Thanks in advance. MN
  7. Was in touch with the seller. he said that a person who previously inspected this project got in touch with him and told him about the epoxy. Thats when the seller switched the ad to "for parts"
  8. the facebook cozy is back on barnstormers. the wings, strakes and fuel tank was built using Vinyl epoxy. good engine though. 0 SMOH, all logs and last ran 12/2017
  9. Wow...!! It took me a while to go thru this thread, but i am AMAZED with the amount of information in here. Thank you all for maintaining this forum. Amazing job with the prop Kent.
  10. Kent, your estimates I think are pretty accurate. I dont see too many E2Ds for sale, but generally in reading other groups and forums, I believe the E2Ds are one of those "bullet proof" engines Seen that term used a lot. Havent really decided yet... maybe an AnP inspection on the engine, and if its good as is, I might just try to get the Cozy flying with this, use up the remaining 400-500 hours (which should be a good few years), and then invest in an IO-360 ] I just grin every time I think of the project and I wonder if I am getting ahead of myself...
  11. Detroit EAA chapter is assisting with the pre-buy. in touch with some real nice folks out there. Should be back up there mid Jan. Put in a request with Marc to get me added to the mailing list.. should be on there soon
  12. Kent, it has 1500 hours, pickled for the last 8 years or so. as of now, most likely it has no logs. seller isint sure if its there or not at this time.
  13. The project I am looking at has an O320 E2D "wide deck" with an "A" in the serial number. I have seen posts where you could upgrade to 160 hp using high compression pistons. I am assuming there is no way to get that to 180 HP. has anybody got such a conversion? is it worth it at all? or instead just swap the engine out to an O 360?
  14. Hello all, Thanks for all your inputs. Been talking to a few folks and been looking up the "oversized" load regulations. looks like I should be able to haul it on a flat bed as long as it under 12 feet tip to tip without too much paper work or without pilot vehicles. Will make sure that the strakes are at over 6 ft ground up for safety purposes. Will be passing thru Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, MO and KS. As for the engine, very inclined to swap it to an O-360. Is there a cozy builders/owners list? I am looking for somebody in the detroit area who could potentially assist with a pre-buy inspection. will put up a link with the pics soon...!! Appreciate all the input folks. Thanks
  15. Hello Folks, new to this community and am very excited to take on a Cozy IV project. The project has a complete airframe, engine installed, missing electrical and avionics and all the cosmetics. The project is located in Detroit and I am in Kansas. ANY IDEAS on how to move it? with the wings removed, I believe the width sits around 12 feet with the strakes tip to tip. Also, any estimates on a performance with an O-320? this is what the project currently has installed, might consider switching to an O-360. Any and all help is truly appreciated Regards Manju

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