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  1. That diagram is from the RAF design but it was not a kit. I bought the plan from RAF about 1995, made all of the parts, installed it, then wondered why the hell I did all of that work as i don't plan to fly at night. It took a looooooooooooooooong time to do all of that work. When LEDs became available, I upgraded just in case I want to sell it to somebody more daring. It does work and the parts in your picture look like the plans. If you go ahead with the project, you need to do it while you can still turn the fuselage over. I built a framework that would hold the fuselage right side up or upside down and could be moved around anywhere in my 2 car garage. Good luck.
  2. Zach: Thank you VERY much for your reply. in early April I am sorry that this will be long. Currently I am on Maui because it is safer (long story) and I own this house anyway. My wife is tired of bein here. I get my 2nd vaccination for the virus in mid-march so I probably will be at my hangar in early April. I have a shaping problem that I must do between the top cowl and the rear of the fuselage/wing. I have a plugin for an electric seat but I have not tried it yet. My test pilot did. I have been planning to use the system that Hollister uses; you must know him. It should not take long to make the change. Anyway I have a large battery due to weight/balance (I am not a very big guy). The problem with Hollister's system is finding any way to get the pipes through the firewall which is already full of fuel system, wires (about 15 by rough guess), and control cables and tube. I still have to get legal again so the Ercoupe will be flying when I can. Two buddies fly with me sometime. So I will let you know when I get back if you send a phone number. I guess I can get that on this website. Bruce
  3. I learned of a lot of "good" changes to "improve" the Longeze. Did some of them. Took so long to do them that I never had the time to fly my Ercoupe. So when my test pilots finished testing the Longeze, I (1) had to do the medical thing that the FAA instituted; took 2 entire days (2) had to fly the Ercoupe with my buddy who is a CFI; got a few flights done (3) had one more good change to improve the Longeze; it is too cold for the epozy (4) Had to avoid the cold weather one more winter and got trapped on Maui for over a year (I own this house) by the virus epidemic. So now I am too old to fly, need to finish the BFR, and have the Longeze at OLM while I sit on Maui. You Know, it is better to fly the thing when you are young enough to fly and avoid some of those "Good" changes to the Longeze
  4. There are 2 or 3 lessons in this. Some years ago my Longeze was ready to fly after I fixed all of the things that Marc found to be wrong with it. Two friends of mine were VERY experienced and did all of the flying for me. I would say that I was in the back seat but that would have been illegal by FAA rules. One liked the Longeze so much that HE BOUGHT HIS OWN. He invited me to go "help" pick it up. I had no idea how I could help. It was in Tennesssee a couple of thousand miles away. It was a beautiful, well done airplane with absolutely no provision to comfortably seat a passenger of any size. He flew it once and paid. I told them I could not fly in the CRAPPY back seat so they cut a sheet of plywood for some back support for me. On a scale of 1 to 10 it became a 3 after being a 1 or less. He check at the local, large airport and they had NO sectionals from there to Washington. The Longeze had an autopilot so he set up the autopilot. Next morning we started, landed to get gas and find sectionals. SORRY, they had none. On the second landing, my buddy landed, parked, got out and cranked the nose gear MOST of the way down; then went to buy sectionals. I started to climb out but the nose suddenly dropped to the pavement. O! I knew we had a problem; I had done the same stupid thing before anyone had told me. BUT I HAD TOLD HIM; don't put the nose most of the way down; it HAS TO BE either up or down. So the RAF metal gear was stripped. We borrowed some tools and I went to work. After some time we had the nose gear down and bolted in place. We had 1300 miles to go with the nose gear down. If you are a new guy building your own Longeze, take the damn RAF gear out and either (1) get a sturdy one from Cozy Girrrls or (2) Contact Wilhelmson for an electric gear. Either way you will spend some money but you will not have to fly 1300 miles with the nose gear down. Next problem: he landed in Idaho at a good but short runway for gas. He was used to landing on OLM's 5200' runway. Running out of runway, he turned on the cross runway. Broke a runway light and the wheel pants. Got some gas and I carried the remains of the wheel pants back to OLM in my lap. The rating for the back seat had gone from a 3 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10 but we survived. IF you are a new guy: (1) get an electric nose gear or contact the Cozy girrrls (2) fix the crappy backseat so an average human can sit in it (3) take a few tools just in case.
  5. Welcome to the group. I suggest that you join the "Canard Owners and Builders". It is a group of about 1000, many of which are just wanting to build or just starting to build. We have a32 page newsletter (now in color) for $39 in the U.S. ! don't know about outside. The newsletter comes 4 times per year. I assume we get the directory in Jan. which was the usual practice in the past. There is more info on https://canardowners.com The directory will list several members who are ourside the U.S.: British, French, Australian. Also see https://facebook.con/Central States Association. The guys really running the editing and printing get a lot os news and suggestions but the change to color is very recent. My particular copy is quite damaged by the USPS but I can read most of it. The first 26 pages are VERY good compared to the black and white ones done for many years. Back issues of several quarters are still available from Terry Schubert.
  6. I put internal bellhorns in a Longeze. The aluminum tube worked but was not exactly straight. I wonder how long the hole would be in the Varieze? Maybe I can suggest a different aluminum source for the drill.
  7. The sparkplug wires are just lying on top of various things that will saw them into pieces. What does the rest of the engine look like? The son needs to find an experienced builder to look at it before he takes pictures.
  8. Please do not consider Imron; it is for PROFESSIONAL auto painters who have professional equipment with inflowing air. It is very toxic. Companies that sell any chemical, including paints are REQUIRED by federal law to furnish any customer a MSDS document. It will tell you all of the hazards such as inhalation, skin exposure, etc.
  9. You did not give your age or where you live. What you would have to do will take years. You should go to Marc Z's list of available Cozy aircraft. See if you can afford one of those that is flying or near flying. Also join the CSA; you get a directory and can see who lives nearby and how to contact them. Check with David Orr; he keeps track of many aircraft and often has looked at them. I weigh 166 and would like a little more room. I also put a nose gear retraction system in. At your weight, it would be important. Are you 5'0" or 6'6" ? Can you almost play NFL football or are you a couch potato ? Can you work on it in warm weather much of the year or do you have 1 month of good weather? Mine is in a hangar at OLM Olympia washington state and I can get the hangar about 4 degrees warmer than the outside; you have to build a box around the aircraft to get epoxy to set properly.
  10. Andrew and others: "there is a 1 inch diameter hole" is NOT true on my Longeze. I had difficulty in passing wiring to the wings. The entire structure on my project was built by a guy in southern California so he may have deviated from the plans or ................ I think I am not mistaken,at least on MY aircraft. I very carefully searched for any opening through which I could pass wires. Yes, there is a hole BUT there ALSO is a baffle inside the main spar. Is my airplane unique? I don't think so. The only exits that I know of would be where the wires for the rudder control go through the firewall, tiny spaces for many 12 vdc wires, many sensor lines, the fuel line, the primer line, the "hell hole" access door underneath, and the gear spaces. Altogether that is a LOT.
  11. See if you can find someone with Debbie's booklet. I am away from home so cannot give you the way to order one. It may not be available now as it was written years ago. I think her name was Iwatate. The booklet has several neat things to do.
  12. Congratulations ! It looks great.
  13. Here we have an excellent example of all of the things someone can do to get a really crappy picture..... (1) lighting (2) background (3) clutter
  14. I bought packages of FIBERGLASS CLOTH at Walmart. I did not see mat there. Maybe I missed it but I don't have to start immediately; I can check. I probably will just return the packages of fiberglass cloth. Monday I will go to Fiberglass Hawaii and get fiberglass TAPE and the milled fiber. Bruce

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