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  1. To "TheSteaks": My Longeze is white and will stay white. The company says: Paliogen Black and Sicopal Black pigments achieve total solar reflectance (TSR) values of 45% and 30%, respectively. 45% is unacceptable to me. You can melt your foam on your plane is you want. I hope nobody is underneath when you have structural failure.
  2. That canard looks pretty BUT it suggests that you can paint a canard any way somebody wants to paint it. That is OK with aluminum but fiberglass aircraft have to be painted WHITE or the energy of sunlight may create a structural problem. Put the colored paint on the underside.
  3. A Bruce Hughes

    Nose wheel

    James, I had that type of nose mechanism on my project until I broke it. The fix is fairly easy. In "fixing" it, I found that the original owner of the project had broken it, too. The fix is to turn the large gear over to get to teeth that are not broken. I thought I would just break it again and could not turn it over again. That is not an accurate statement because "breaking it" really just removes 7 or 8 teeth of many. So a broken gear can be "fixed" more than twice. If you wanted to buy mine, I am sorry, it is already flying on a buddies' Longeze because he broke his. IF you find one that someone is ready to sell, BEWARE, it may have been broken a few times and there is a limit to how many ways you can turn the gear. You might buy one that is useless. The gear that the "Cozygirrrls" sell is made of much tougher metal; it is very unlikely that you would break off teeth. BUT their gear is expensive. It is worth the price. I did not buy theirs; instead I went to an electric nose gear system. Wilhelmson sells an exellent gear system that will NOT strip. The problem is installing the DAMN THING. I had nobody to help so I made a few mistakes. NO A LOT of mistakes. He saved my butt once by correcting my mistake after I mailed the whole thing back to him. The main problems in using Wilhelmson's system are (1) you may have to remove the large bolt that holds the nose gear system (original RAF sysem). My project had NEVER flown but the bolt still would not come out.; it was rested enough, not bent. So I had to cut the bolt into two pieces. Well, NO, it would not come out until it was cut into THREE pieces. That is fun ONLY if you use the BEST blades in your saw; the average metal blade will not do the job. (2) You have to cut a small hole in the side of the nose to get the damn bolt pieces out. Then repair all of that (3) The 4 bolts that hold the entire system in place have to EXACTLY fit in the holes of the original RAF system. That installation took 3 months. Maybe just buy the Cozygirrrls gear; it is good. I am still happy with the Wilhelmson system. I bought the delux system so I CAN NEVER land with the nose gear up. I believe the system is absolutely foolproof and you may be lucky with getting the big bolt out in minutes.
  4. This illustrates the incredibly poor kind of picture that is frequently found when people try to sell projects. The person trying to sell should look at the background in the photo, then try again or hire a professional photographer.
  5. The record says that he has a O-320. But it also claims 180 hp. Really?
  6. That picture is typical of so many canard pictures that I have seen; notice that it would be a good picture except there is something in the background that must be totally related to that Varieze. It looks like the winglet part of an extra right wing from some other canard.
  7. The soil in that area can be VERY dry, depending.... If you don't have a VERY good tiedown system, get one. One type screws into the ground IF THE SOIL IS RIGHT. Throw that type away as they won't go into hard dirt. I saw a guy screw one like that in with the help of some water (I brought him the water) until it was almost OK. Then the top broke off, leaving two inches of steel sticking up. I went to mainenance and got a proper tool to dig up the remains.
  8. I have a copy of that report and learned quite a bit by talking with two of my neighbors at Western Air Park. One of them was one of the test pilots. The other was in charge of construction at Fort Lewis where two Longezes were made. Some quick comments on the two: (1) Both were built using a parts and materials fund; that was not exactly legal but the did it. (2) At that time, the Air Force had to protect all of our ground forces; that changed and the Army got some flying aircraft. (3) There was a fire during flight and the plane burned; the test pilot was not hurt. (4) They had the original rudders which ;most people have never seen; they were square (5) One or both were taken to Mojave for testing but one burned in Washington state. (6) One of the officers flew one in a demonstration for some U.S. senators. They had a large grandstand and the Loneze made a "simulated" attack in foreign forces, flying below the level of the granstand. Some senators were impressed. (6) Some time after that Bert Rutan designed a canard with a jet engine and a 30mm cannon. Only one otfthose was made. It flew in a movie (maybe the worst flying movie ever made). (7) The 1st attempt to build one resulted in a "rough" job but it flew better than the nice looking one
  9. Contact David Orr. He tries to keep a list of anything in the Canard world to sell or buy. David@CanardFinder.Net He also knows details of many of the aircraft for sale and has seen many of them. I think he will find a buyer for you. He DOES charge a "finders fee" but I think that is small.
  10. I asked a question like that 22 years ago. I got several answers; just the common trainers; Cessnas. Cirrus 20 or 22. One answer was take some glider training. The CAP uses gliders very commonly to train those who are 12 to 18 years old. If you join the CAP you could get "Observor trainng" in a Cessna 170 or similar. For me, my wife and I have an Ercoupe and a CFI friend. We fly when possible but this virus problem has used up over a year of my time so I am a rusty pilot again. I do like the Ercoupe but you probably cannot find one in student training. You just have to see what the FBO has.
  11. I bought a project which included a Lycoming O-235 when I knew very little about homebuilts. When I discovered the facts, bought a rebuilt O320, and finished the project. What nobody mentioned was SAFETY. If you take a buddy or wife on a summer trip, maybe you stop at a nice little field to refuel; they have CHEAPER avgas. OK, it is midday. HOT. You urgently need to get up to cooler air. You get to the runup area. Then you realize that (1) there is no wind (2) the runway in use when you landed has a slight slope UPHILL; well,you COULD taxi to the other end but it is HOT so maybe it is OK. But the asphalt is BLACK so it absorbs the sunlight and there are heat waves rising from the pavement. You and your buddy or wife weigh a total of almost 400 pounds. Will your 100 HP get you up to the air? In the winter or from a different airport where the fuel is more expensive or if you had picked a runway that is sloping downhill or if you are flying solo, the 100 HP could be OK. I remember when we lost two guys that went into a "nice little airport" in the summer and filled it with fuel. Killed them both. Don't even think about that O-233.
  12. I knew a guy that flew around the world TWICE, once going west, once going east in year 2000. He started in or near Zurich. PLEASE somebody tell me his name and I will say more about that flight from Oakland; I saw him on Maui on his way west in a Longeze.
  13. I got an Ellison for my O-320 from a builder that switched his engine to fuel injection. I got it rebuilt by Ellison. It was the last or one of the last that Ellison rebuilt. I have just 45 hours on it and it has worked very well. The incoming air flow is filtered and does make a 90 degree turn but it does that smoothly, I believe. With a Plasma II E.I. from Klaus, starting is quick and smooth. There has never been a fuel leakage problem. I am amazed that some owners still use carburetors when they could have bought an Ellison or fuel injection.
  14. I am not flying because (1) I used ALL of my time working on the Longeze and am not current (2) I come to Maui every year because Washington state is too cold (3) My airplane is at OLM; I have been "trapped on Maui" for 18 months now by the virus (4) When the hours were flown off, I still did not have wheel pants, the cowling was MUCH too heavy, etc. so it sits in the hangar in Olympia in 3 pieces. Have a good day, guys.

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