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  1. You did not give your age or where you live. What you would have to do will take years. You should go to Marc Z's list of available Cozy aircraft. See if you can afford one of those that is flying or near flying. Also join the CSA; you get a directory and can see who lives nearby and how to contact them. Check with David Orr; he keeps track of many aircraft and often has looked at them. I weigh 166 and would like a little more room. I also put a nose gear retraction system in. At your weight, it would be important. Are you 5'0" or 6'6" ? Can you almost play NFL football or are you a couch potato ? Can you work on it in warm weather much of the year or do you have 1 month of good weather? Mine is in a hangar at OLM Olympia washington state and I can get the hangar about 4 degrees warmer than the outside; you have to build a box around the aircraft to get epoxy to set properly.
  2. Andrew and others: "there is a 1 inch diameter hole" is NOT true on my Longeze. I had difficulty in passing wiring to the wings. The entire structure on my project was built by a guy in southern California so he may have deviated from the plans or ................ I think I am not mistaken,at least on MY aircraft. I very carefully searched for any opening through which I could pass wires. Yes, there is a hole BUT there ALSO is a baffle inside the main spar. Is my airplane unique? I don't think so. The only exits that I know of would be where the wires for the rudder control go through the firewall, tiny spaces for many 12 vdc wires, many sensor lines, the fuel line, the primer line, the "hell hole" access door underneath, and the gear spaces. Altogether that is a LOT.
  3. See if you can find someone with Debbie's booklet. I am away from home so cannot give you the way to order one. It may not be available now as it was written years ago. I think her name was Iwatate. The booklet has several neat things to do.
  4. Congratulations ! It looks great.
  5. Here we have an excellent example of all of the things someone can do to get a really crappy picture..... (1) lighting (2) background (3) clutter
  6. I bought packages of FIBERGLASS CLOTH at Walmart. I did not see mat there. Maybe I missed it but I don't have to start immediately; I can check. I probably will just return the packages of fiberglass cloth. Monday I will go to Fiberglass Hawaii and get fiberglass TAPE and the milled fiber. Bruce
  7. Hi Kent Thanks for the email. The mesh that I got from McMaster-Carr is polyester with individual threads that are 0.016" with a fairly fine mesh (11 x 11) which looked OK on their website. I just hope it is strong enough. I think I will have no choice except to use the matt. HOWEVER I see that the matt label suggests that I use Bondo resin. That means another trip downtown because I have epoxy on hand. I may not be able to bond to the polyester; I ran into that problem once already. Anyway I have three of them and the net is 6' wide and 10' long so that is a lot of edge to get the matt on. I thought that was a cheap way to get the avocados controlled. But the shipping to Maui was as much as the cost of the 3 rolls of net. Paradise has some problems. I don't have much choice; in 3 or 4 weeks the avocados will start to fall. About food for sloths; google up Megatherium (I hope that is spelled right). That giant was in "South America, possibly farther north". Yes there are bones of that thing along the Rio Grande. I once had a girlfriend who once lived on the river and used a jaw bone for a doorstop. The animal was very large. Bruce
  8. Jason, that is a wonderful idea. I think the project will go faster that way.
  9. Thank you VERY much Jason and Marc. OK, the weight will not matter so I can fix the nets. Fiberglass Hawaii can ship by surface; I will check with ASSC on shipping cost which can be considerable to Maui. Now the problem is getting it all done; it is hot here in anytime after the sun comes up. Bruce
  10. A Bruce Hughes


    Hi Guys Due to the virus, I am stuck on Maui until a vaccine is available. I am much too old to "chance it" . We have had 1 or 2 virus cases in the last week or two. YES, Maui because, I was a Hawaii state employee for years and own this home. Usually we live in my wife's house from April 1st to late November. I guess I will get back to KOLM in the Spring (I hope). The Longeze is sitting there. The problem: I must make some flox. I can buy most of what I need from Fiberglass Hawaii Maui but they just carry "milled fibers". I am pretty sure those are glass, as I have the same thing in my hangar at OLM. I also have cotton fibers at OLM but I cannot find the order number to get some from ASSC. My brain is much older than yours so I cannot remember how I ordered the cotton fiber I used to make flox. I always just turned to the right page in the catalog. My references are all in the hangar and I am over 2500 miles away. IF you are curious: I have a large lot with trees. One is an Avocado tree that is close to 50' high. Around mid November the avocados will start falling. At my age I am not going to climb a 50' tree to harvest several dozen avocados. So i have a plan: a net to catch them. They fall with enough force that twice an avocado has broken a windshield; I have told my renter to not park under the tree. I have 3 nets that I will arrange under the tree. I got those from MacMaster-Carr and got nets that are resistant to UV. HOWEVER I found that the fine material (Polypropylene?) has NO edging. So I must make a strong edge of fiberglass and/or a strip of lumber. I have epoxy and hardener but no cotton fiber. I guess I could use the "milled fiber" that Fiberglass Hawaii has in stock. Don't really know how that would work. I have a few tall vertical metal pipes already in cement to hold the edges. And limbs and ropes will hold some edges. These are LARGE avocados. In good years I get close to 100 of them and every one is smashed when they hit the ground, the concrete driveway, or my renter's car. They fall from 10' to 50'. Potentially I can sell them (if they are not damaged) to a Mexican restaurant in Makawao. I am just afraid that a dozen will fall in one day and destroy my net. And the fall from Thanksgiving to late January. BTW I am at 1200'. The poor guys at sea level are getting temperatures of 90 to 94 every day. Yes, even in late October. They had 4 or 5 record days in the last 30 days. Thanks for reading this far.
  11. Hi John I am about 5'7" and 166 lb. I finished a project a few years ago. I worried about that question all of the time I was working. Finally I got 2 guys that were good pilots to get the hours flown off and get some feel and numbers done. FINALLY I went, as a passenger, with one guy to an airport with a restaurant. No trouble getting in because I had a plastic ladder at OLM and he put it in the hangar. Good lunch. Now how to get in without the plastic ladder? It was near impossible and your wife is shorter!. Finally, when I was hanging on the headrest, he pushed my butt. I guess you can push her butt but she is shorter. OK, I ordered a Wilhelmson retraction/extention unit. I installed it. That almost killed the project; it ain't easy and I nearly gave up. The large bolt which the nose gear swings on, was frozen in. Using an electric saw, I cut it; then had two pieces still frozen in place. So I cut the bolt on the opposite side. The only way that I finished was to find a superior blade for the saw; ordinary blades just are not strong/sharp enough to do the job. So then I got it installed but had a lot of trouble with the wiring. Finally Mr. Wilhelmson saved my butt with the wiring problems. So , when it was finished, I set the Longeze with the nose about 8 or 10 inches off the ground, climb in the front, climb over to the back, and sit down. My buddy raised the nose a little more and climbed in, then raised the nose completely, straped in, checked ATIS, started, etc, It works very well. BTW my buddy liked the Longeze so well that he bought his own! It had flown some hours, already. I went with him by commercial. On the way back he knew how I had set the nose 8 inches off the ground so he did the same while I was in the back seat. He was outside; when I shifted my weight, the RAF nose gear stripped several teeth. UGGH. I had the necessary experience as I had done the same stripping years before on my Longeze. So we got the nose off the ground, borrowed tools, and bolted it in place; he had to fly 800 miles with the nose gear extended. So get a Wilhelmson unit and install it; get an experienced builder to help or you will have months of work. If you are lucky, the large bolt will slide right out. If you don't make stupid mistakes like I did, it is a simple job. OR get a STRONG nose gear part from the Cozy girrrls and fix the damn RAF nose mechanism the way it should have been done in the 1st place. Bruce
  12. I bought a project that was pretty far along; all of the structure was complete. The guy was selling because his wife was pregnant so he needed more time at home. I think the kid was born 6 mo. after I got it home and the kid is in graduate school now. Well the Longeze is about finished
  13. Sounds like a way to CHEAT the customer. I got similar treatment on a car (that shop is now longer in business so I think they were desperate for money when I drove in).
  14. I applied for a hangar space at OGG (Kahului Maui). Waited many years Finally got the space BUT I was told that the airplane MUST be airworthy. I was working on it so I had to pass. That airport is run by the state of Hawaii. All that they care about is (1) incoming airliners (2) Helicopters (5 or 6 companies) (3) private jets belonging to the Microsoft crowd

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