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  1. Hi Kent Thank you very much. I can get the right thickness 4130. But why not use aluminum ? I think that would be lighter. Is there some real advantage to 4130 ? I also have a sheet of an alloy of Titanium but no idea of the, type of alloy, the strength (it is thin), and no tools to work Ti. I kinda need a plan but I guess that is obvious.
  2. Thank you VERY much for that mail, Kent. I also have wheel pants that are an inside and an outside. I just have never had the time to work with them. I already have the pair of nuts that go into the axles; got those from Van's 2 or 3 years ago. I have a friend with a good machine shop and have some very heavy 4130. It seems too heavy so I may have to order a lighter piece. I know where to get any thickness and will measure my piece today. Just need correct plans and time.
  3. We flew the Longeze for 45 hours, then started improving it; the biggest improvement would be wheel pants but I don't like the only plans that I have been able to find; I think the metal sheet for parts is much too heavy and I am not good at cutting heavy steel. But I do want the attachment to be strong enough. I already have the actual round covers for the wheels and the attachment part to hold it to the wheel axle; I just need parts to hold the pants to the gear legs. Does anyone sell parts ? Please help.
  4. Do you have ANY idea of the structural parts of the Varieze ? Better learn more about the function of the "front hump".
  5. Thank you Kent. That was an interesting run out to the island. I guess you know that the field was rebuilt as "an exercise" by our military after being in bad shape. I think putting the GoPro on the top or side of the nose will work for me, but that will create a problem when the Longeze is going somewhat toward the sun. Does ANYONE else have experience with a GoPro ?
  6. I would like to place my GoPro 4 or GoPro 3 in the nose or some other spot that other builders have found to be useful. I am NOT planning to use a suction cup or tape but will make the unit in a permanent location. I will NOT be readily accessible so I was thinking of controlling it with a remote unit. GoPro sells The Remote for $65 and some other (cheaper) ones are listed on the internet. I hope to link the GoPro to my iPad so the guy (me probably) who is a passenger can see what is out front. By "permanent" I mean I have to take 5 minutes to get it in or out so I cannot routinely turn it on, climb in and go fly. I happen to have two lids to the nose chamber; the front one is very small but plenty large enough to hold a GoPro 4 or 3; I would put a flat lucite window in front of it; yes that would create a little turbulance but the canopy plastic is very curved; not very good for optics.
  7. OK. My information is about 3 years old due to my winter vacations and the virus epidemic but this may help: When Terry Schubert was printing a news letter, there were 5 members on his membership list, most had considerable flight time in their Longezes. The only one that I know personally and have not seen for 5 years is Elwood Johnson, retired from flying. His phone was XXX-XXX-XXXX, and he lives or lived in Lawrence. Jerry Peck would know all of the canard people in KS. His phone is or was XXX-XXX-XXXX. I am sorry that this info is so old but it may still be good. Most of my records are on Maui and I am in WA. You will take twice as long to do the work than you think. I took 5 times as long.
  8. Chris, you did not say your age. That is am important consideration as it is going to take a lot of time. 2nd: You REALLY have to either contact Freeflight Composites or Marc Zeitlin or an another expert (and how do you know that they are expert?) to get an inspection. It will cost some money and you may be disappointed. But it is better to be sure before you put work and time into it.
  9. We need to see what Marc Z or some other expert says on that. I don't know; but I do use 4 bayonet types.
  10. It is very important to have temp. info on ALL FOUR cylinders. Also you did not say if you are using a "wafer" type sensor under the sparkplug or a "bayonet" type on the side of the cylinder; there is a BIG difference.
  11. I know almost nothing about Varieze building; I do have a Longeze which has flown 45 hours. The weight and balance problem may be more severe in the Varieze. I would suggest that you use one electronic ignition from Klaus and 1 magneto. You probably will have to put the battery as far forward as you can due to the weight and balance. Yes that requires more cable so you can try it with the battery in the back but I think you will have to put it up front. You might put a few tools up front and a can of oil (you need an empty plastic bottle to put water into if you use the oil). The alterntor from B & C should be their small one but will it fit in the engine compartment? In the Longeze, I had to cut a hole in the firewall (and repair the hole, of course) to get the alternator to fit.
  12. To "TheSteaks": My Longeze is white and will stay white. The company says: Paliogen Black and Sicopal Black pigments achieve total solar reflectance (TSR) values of 45% and 30%, respectively. 45% is unacceptable to me. You can melt your foam on your plane is you want. I hope nobody is underneath when you have structural failure.
  13. That canard looks pretty BUT it suggests that you can paint a canard any way somebody wants to paint it. That is OK with aluminum but fiberglass aircraft have to be painted WHITE or the energy of sunlight may create a structural problem. Put the colored paint on the underside.
  14. A Bruce Hughes

    Nose wheel

    James, I had that type of nose mechanism on my project until I broke it. The fix is fairly easy. In "fixing" it, I found that the original owner of the project had broken it, too. The fix is to turn the large gear over to get to teeth that are not broken. I thought I would just break it again and could not turn it over again. That is not an accurate statement because "breaking it" really just removes 7 or 8 teeth of many. So a broken gear can be "fixed" more than twice. If you wanted to buy mine, I am sorry, it is already flying on a buddies' Longeze because he broke his. IF you find one that someone is ready to sell, BEWARE, it may have been broken a few times and there is a limit to how many ways you can turn the gear. You might buy one that is useless. The gear that the "Cozygirrrls" sell is made of much tougher metal; it is very unlikely that you would break off teeth. BUT their gear is expensive. It is worth the price. I did not buy theirs; instead I went to an electric nose gear system. Wilhelmson sells an exellent gear system that will NOT strip. The problem is installing the DAMN THING. I had nobody to help so I made a few mistakes. NO A LOT of mistakes. He saved my butt once by correcting my mistake after I mailed the whole thing back to him. The main problems in using Wilhelmson's system are (1) you may have to remove the large bolt that holds the nose gear system (original RAF sysem). My project had NEVER flown but the bolt still would not come out.; it was rested enough, not bent. So I had to cut the bolt into two pieces. Well, NO, it would not come out until it was cut into THREE pieces. That is fun ONLY if you use the BEST blades in your saw; the average metal blade will not do the job. (2) You have to cut a small hole in the side of the nose to get the damn bolt pieces out. Then repair all of that (3) The 4 bolts that hold the entire system in place have to EXACTLY fit in the holes of the original RAF system. That installation took 3 months. Maybe just buy the Cozygirrrls gear; it is good. I am still happy with the Wilhelmson system. I bought the delux system so I CAN NEVER land with the nose gear up. I believe the system is absolutely foolproof and you may be lucky with getting the big bolt out in minutes.

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