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  1. I have a gauge on the panel that gives me an accurate reading (probably down to a gallon or two) on the right tank. By mid summer I will have a reading for the tank left tank, too. Nick Ogolini designed it and has VERY good instructions on how to do it. It was a bit expensive but I am happy that I did it. Nick has a blog with other ideas in it; I assume they are good ideas. BTW years ago, one of my sight gauges had a VERY slow leak but enough that I smelled it. It was NOT a crack in the plastic but it was wicking through the space between the fiberglass and the hard clear plastic. So I took ALL of the fuel out of both tanks and fixed both of them; I am certain that they don't leak now. Bruce Hughes
  2. In case you do not know about Joe: He is the most experienced builder and most knowledgeable pilot that I know. He had a major engineering position at Boeing and I did not know that he retired. That project must be the best that a new builder can find or do themselves.
  3. If you plan to cut the tank open study the plans very carefully first. You will have three areas on each tank to consider. It is not an easy job and you may create more leaks. You also may leave small bits of foam or other material; you cannot vacuum those out due to the internal baffles and they may later plug a fuel line. Get help from an experienced builder.
  4. I know a guy, Tom Brown, who has almost all of the parts for TWO Longezes. He sent me a complete list and I saw the parts; one of them is ALL of the structural parts but I don't have pictures. I told him that he has to have pictures but it has been raining a lot north of Seattle. I'll bet he has plans, too. I will check.
  5. Almost anyone could take a better picture of the instrument panel. In the picture of the entire airplane, not the excess stuff: carts, etc. 😟
  6. The covid epidemic kept me away from work for 20 months. Now I have to update everything: (1) Annual - I should be able to do that but have to get a Repairman's certificate for the Longeze; I don't know how to apply so I may have my A & P for the Ercoupe do it for the Longeze one more time. (2) Transponder - Olympia Avionics will have that on their list Monday morning (3) ELT batteries (4) what am I missing ?
  7. I have a list of parts that a friend wants to sell. He has an almost complete Longeze and many parts for a 2nd Longeze which includes 2 engines. I don't know just how to post the list. I don't have pictures but have seen the parts; I think the nearly complete one could be finished quickly. One engine is a Lycoming O-235, the other is a modified Subaru. I told him to make pictures. Located about 80-100 miles north of Seattle.
  8. That company must be in the east or central time zone due to the posting time. There is NOBODY building a varieze on the big island of Hawaii as far as I know. They will be VERY lucky if they sell that one. I was on Maui for the last 20 months but not now) and I did not know of a single canard airplane in the entire state. There were six to my knowledge since 1995.
  9. Hi Kent Thank you very much. I can get the right thickness 4130. But why not use aluminum ? I think that would be lighter. Is there some real advantage to 4130 ? I also have a sheet of an alloy of Titanium but no idea of the, type of alloy, the strength (it is thin), and no tools to work Ti. I kinda need a plan but I guess that is obvious.
  10. Thank you VERY much for that mail, Kent. I also have wheel pants that are an inside and an outside. I just have never had the time to work with them. I already have the pair of nuts that go into the axles; got those from Van's 2 or 3 years ago. I have a friend with a good machine shop and have some very heavy 4130. It seems too heavy so I may have to order a lighter piece. I know where to get any thickness and will measure my piece today. Just need correct plans and time.
  11. We flew the Longeze for 45 hours, then started improving it; the biggest improvement would be wheel pants but I don't like the only plans that I have been able to find; I think the metal sheet for parts is much too heavy and I am not good at cutting heavy steel. But I do want the attachment to be strong enough. I already have the actual round covers for the wheels and the attachment part to hold it to the wheel axle; I just need parts to hold the pants to the gear legs. Does anyone sell parts ? Please help.
  12. Do you have ANY idea of the structural parts of the Varieze ? Better learn more about the function of the "front hump".
  13. Thank you Kent. That was an interesting run out to the island. I guess you know that the field was rebuilt as "an exercise" by our military after being in bad shape. I think putting the GoPro on the top or side of the nose will work for me, but that will create a problem when the Longeze is going somewhat toward the sun. Does ANYONE else have experience with a GoPro ?
  14. I would like to place my GoPro 4 or GoPro 3 in the nose or some other spot that other builders have found to be useful. I am NOT planning to use a suction cup or tape but will make the unit in a permanent location. I will NOT be readily accessible so I was thinking of controlling it with a remote unit. GoPro sells The Remote for $65 and some other (cheaper) ones are listed on the internet. I hope to link the GoPro to my iPad so the guy (me probably) who is a passenger can see what is out front. By "permanent" I mean I have to take 5 minutes to get it in or out so I cannot routinely turn it on, climb in and go fly. I happen to have two lids to the nose chamber; the front one is very small but plenty large enough to hold a GoPro 4 or 3; I would put a flat lucite window in front of it; yes that would create a little turbulance but the canopy plastic is very curved; not very good for optics.

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