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  1. That's certainly a huge appeal. I'm involved in the local aero club (part-time instructor - when not under the present lockdown), and they have an aging fleet with many known issues that they cannot do anything about or that would cost far more than they can afford. If the aircraft were experimental, first - well they wouldn't be able to use them in their business. Second, you could readily solve and mod as needed. One of the reasons GA is dying here in NZ is the cost of new equipment is far outside the budget of most operations, and the aging fleet with all the associated issues is a turn-off to many prospective pilots.
  2. Being involved in flight simulators for various purposes for many years, I agree. There seems to be a general opinion from many pilots that simulators aren't useful for anything beyond procedures. But that hasn't been true for many years! We've come a very very long way from Link trainers. 😏
  3. Have you flown with the new oil cooler door? How much difference do you see between closed and open?
  4. I like that you have a dedicated whiz-wheel pocket! 😁
  5. I have thought this might be a good combination, but I am not aware of anyone planning to do so yet. It looks like a great way to have a lighter engine but with more power.
  6. Have seen a few BD-5s, so darn cool. Also seen similar warnings, so I'll be content to look on and wish the owner all the best!
  7. I've been doing a little CFD, and it appears that flow over the strakes transitions to turbulent once the curvature ends and the surface goes flat. So yes, this appears correct. An inlet clear of the resultant thicker boundary layer or with a boundary layer diverter should still work fine. Of course, as it so often pointed out, the inlet is only part of the equation, expanding and controlling where that air flows and exits are just as critical.
  8. It's been way too long. I know many builders and flyers understand where I'm coming from. I haven't done any real work on the project in 6 months until today. The delay was caused in no small part by moving to a new property, picking up additional work, and other things in life taking up my time. Finally, today I spent an hour or so working on the project and completed a step that had been waiting that long. It is so very satisfying! Happily the step went well and only a little blood was drawn by the glass. Pretty good I'd say! There will be plenty more where that came from. Work on the project that is - hopefully not too much more blood, I've spilled plenty of that already. Did I ever post about the time my recip saw blade got stuck and the body started reciprocating instead, crushing my fingertip repeatedly and rapidly against the work? Ow. And another big step was getting my flight instructor ticket renewed last week, 10 years and 2 days since the last time I flew as an instructor! The flight went pretty well, and I look forward to teaching at the local flying club a few times a week going forward. I enjoy instructing, and of course flying which I have done very little of over the last decade!
  9. Long-Ez plans promo image is a Cozy. Hmmm...
  10. Blender 2.8 is apparently easier to transfer to with the new interface, though I haven't explored it yet. The new X-plane exporter is still alpha for Blender 2.8, so I am being cautious. You are right about being 'on your own' to a large extent in learning how to do all this. But this is the X-plane way...
  11. Certainly it sounds like they have greatly improved their flight model, but in all my research, I have yet to be convinced it can come close to what X-plane does. I'll get a copy to compare when their Linux edition is released.
  12. Yes, he's done a few videos lately. Supposedly extra motivation is the opportunity to drive his new Tesla over to Michael Brown's place (the voice in the background). But in saying that, not EVERY change is documented - thus my conversations with him referenced above!
  13. There is a big update in the flight model with the current version (it IS optional though, you can still run with the old one). I had some extensive discussions with the developer over it, as canard aircraft were reaching min speeds 5-10kts too fast. It turns out that control effectiveness has been substantially reduced (in line with actual test data etc.) and does indeed seem much better for ailerons, but led to inadequate control power for the elevators and canards. What the developer correctly noted was that in real aircraft the pressure region generated, in this case by our canard, continues across the fuselage to the other side. It isn't 100% as much of course - X-plane makes it 70% effective inside a fuselage or other body in fact. But by continuing the canard and the elevator through the middle to simulate this continued pressure region, performance is restored to what is expected from the real world. This wasn't necessary before, as controls were over-effective. Just one data point in regards to recent X-plane changes.
  14. Mike Arnold's series is educational as well, though does much further than needed for building from our plans unless you intend to make your own wheel pants, etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVDILmX2ylWP1YLQmYi9nPw

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