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  1. Curious. All you really need is a short length of plastic tubing running to the outside that is connected via a valve to the ashes container. The suction will soon vacuum them out! On the other hand, I have heard simply opening a window in a C-172 and dumping them out is not a good idea unless you want to spread the ashes throughout the interior of the airplane and occupants' lungs. 😷
  2. Sorry to hear of your trouble, Bert. You can likely get $300 for them, it's just a matter of the right person finding you at the right time. Maybe someone from here will contact you, who knows, otherwise yes, Ebay works too.
  3. Just enough to maintain it's shape, right? It's just a fairing? Use a bit or core in select areas for additional stiffness as required. I believe some folks have used straws (with a lay of cloth over them) to add stiffness.
  4. If I didn't have work and 4 kids I'd have finished the Cozy and be ready for a Defiant perhaps as well! 😄
  5. A great deal for anyone in a position to own and finish it. Sadly I am not...
  6. Voidhawk9

    Light Long EZ

    Looks like the poster removed their content, leaving us hanging. Annoying.
  7. As you say, the prices vary considerably. Spend some time looking through the 'Sales I've Seen' thread you posted on to see what the going prices are in various conditions. Until you know more about the current condition etc., the price is anyone's guess. $80k might do it, or it might be substantially more if it's been updated and well maintained. If it is in need of an overhaul, it might sell for a lot less than $80k.
  8. Correct. LE, Cozy etc. simply bolt the wings to the center section with 3 bolts per side. There is Al in the hardpoints, but they are buried and protected.
  9. Look very E-Racer-esque. Looks to be built to a high standard from what little we can see - a bit of a contrast to the previous candidate.
  10. I'll second that. As a subscriber myself, I can say that the price is more affordable than ever (digital edition, especially good for those of us outside the USA) and the content is very worthwhile.
  11. Would work great at an airshow if the aircraft was in grey primer, and maybe some Hellfire replicas instead of external fuel pods. Put a sign next to it with some nonsense about close support and optional pilot, and you have the next big thing!
  12. Having operated primarily in training environments, leaning usually gets totally ignored unless flying high enough to gain noticeable power. Poor engines. Prior to my last check-ride, I flew a practice flight, during which I leaned carefully (despite remaining relatively low). During the subsequent walk-around with the examiner, he noted the healthy colour of the exhaust pipes. 😁
  13. Never a happy day to have your aircraft damaged. I think if I ever found my aircraft would not rotate, I'd abort right back to the ramp and figure that out, not go back and try to force it into the air! Something is wrong, and the airplane is talking to you!
  14. Most people can learn this. Some take awhile to get it, a few never do. At least in my experience. Sort of an 'art' to it. How did you find landing an F-4 from the back seat? I guess you wouldn't do it very often in practice, but how were your landings compared to the front seat position? Just out of interest!
  15. Variezes are rather dated now - still and excellent and efficient aircraft, but building techniques, materials etc improved a lot with the Long-Ez, etc. Some aspects of the design (wing attach) haven't aged all that well, and were improved in later designs. The Aerocanard plans are here: https://aerocad.com/14-aerocanard-plans I own the complete set if you have any questions. FWIW I'm building from the plans, not kit parts.

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