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  1. But don't expect to ever have one in your hangar! There is also a live presentation on the SpaceX Youtube channel at 0100UTC today (about 1hr from now). DnRWQtPU4AAE1jj.jpg_large DnRWgQmVYAAclo-.jpg_large
  2. Voidhawk9

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    That is a very sad looking head.
  3. Voidhawk9

    West 105 is really easy to sand

    I've made more dumb mistakes with filling than probably half a dozen of any of you! I found it really hard to sand when I first started out on some educational pieces. It took me quite a long time to discover that I was using a micro-BLEND, not just micro. Blended with colloidal silica, the stuff that makes it cure really HARD! Then later when I switched to my 'production' epoxy, the sanding was pretty hard too... because I am using a TOUGHENED resin! Once I switched to micro and a non-toughened resin for filling, it got a LOT easier!
  4. Voidhawk9

    Open-Ez wing spar-cap thickness (thicker than a Long?)

    I don't see any evidence that I'm wrong so far. Disregarding a significant portion of the data I presented and telling me I'm wrong is not very convincing. If someone could verify my measurements (or show me where I went wrong with them), then we might be getting somewhere. Even better, if someone could measure some original Long spar cap troughs from the templates (which I don't have) then we'd have full apples-to-apples comparison.
  5. Voidhawk9

    Open-Ez wing spar-cap thickness (thicker than a Long?)

    Well if we put aside the wings entirely, the project gets much easier to build too.
  6. Voidhawk9

    Open-Ez wing spar-cap thickness (thicker than a Long?)

    Now you're telling me that a Cozy spar caps are about the same as a Long.
  7. Voidhawk9

    Open-Ez wing spar-cap thickness (thicker than a Long?)

    1. Long-Ez plans from the TERF CD, referencing the layup schedule and tape thickness. 2. Open-EZ drawings (Rev5 I believe), measured DIGITALLY. 3. Cozy digital M-drawings from here: http://www.cozybuilders.org/cad_files/Cozy_MKIV_M-Sup_1.2_Draft.pdf Again, measured DIGITALLY, so no printer distortion. But don't take my word for it! Check for yourselves and I'll be happy if you can show me where I'm wrong.
  8. Voidhawk9

    Open-Ez wing spar-cap thickness (thicker than a Long?)

    Open-Ez and Long-Ez are supposed to be the exact same design. I'm not building one (I have an Aerocanard project).
  9. Voidhawk9

    Open-Ez wing spar-cap thickness (thicker than a Long?)

    I measured the spar-cap troughs in the templates. This doesn't take into account the shear webs, but that is the same case for the Cozy anyway. For the Long, the spar caps are defined in the plans as the number of plies, for the 'old' .038" thick tape. I will attach my data & some visualization graphs here. I'd be happy for anyone to review my numbers and see if I've gone wrong somewhere! spar_cap_comparison.pdf
  10. I've been studying spar caps in various canards (for my own education), and I expected to find that the Open-Ez wing spar caps would be the same as in the Long-Ez plans - but they are not, they are substantially thicker. Almost the same as a Cozy wing, in fact (Nat claimed in the Cozy newsletters that the spar caps and shear webs were made 25% thicker than <something not specified - Long? Cozy III? [isn't that the same as a Long?]> but that does not seem to be entirely accurate either.) I'm looking at the Long plans from the TERF CD - did the spar caps get 'upgraded' in the CPs, or is the Open-Ez designed for higher G-loads?
  11. That big space-heater in the sky has been warming the workshop regularly, so I've been able to sneak out there and get a little done each day. Did more yesterday (plane day!), got the outside of the shoulder support glassed at last (and the seat belt reinforcements on top), as well as some tapes elsewhere. Used a tarp over the tub (and heat) to help the cure, rather than setting up the whole tent. Worked fine. Part of my delivery yesterday was some double-bias cloth. It's stitched at +/-45, and weighs just a little more than double what BID does. I'm going to run some of the roll through the band-saw to create some 2" wide rolls. Easy '2-BID' tape! Much faster to prep, the plies can't shift, and I can get long lengths as it is not restricted by the width of the BID roll. I had obtained a sample of the stuff a while back and tested its suitability, and it conforms to corners for taping just fine. (In fact, my supplier offers the same cloth in 2" tape, but it costs 2x as much and it is exactly the same stuff, but cut at their facility rather than mine!)
  12. Voidhawk9

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    I'm using a little for some small parts, 2mm I think is the thickness I have. Makes for a nice stiff part, where just glass isn't quite enough without a bunch of plies, which would be heavier.
  13. Voidhawk9

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Nice idea, easy and light, too. Maybe with a coremat core it would be stiffer, that might be easier and lighter than a sheet of foam (once you take into account the slurry in the surface and so on), depending on the details. And more accepting of being screwed through without crushing perhaps.
  14. Losing a wing is tough - not much you can do with that. Also, very unusual for a canard type to lose a wing, I hope there is enough remaining to definitively determine why. Lance et al were keen to emphasize that the aircraft was very different from a Long, so perhaps there is something there... hopefully lessons will be learned that will make us all better off somehow.
  15. https://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Jet-Eze-Builder-Killed-In-Crash-231472-1.html