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  1. Maybe peel-ply and / or unfinished surfaces. But couldn't be certain from the photos.
  2. Assuming all else is equal, which is often not the case for birds with upgrades of this sort. They become much more significant if speeds are pushed up a bit by other means.
  3. Thanks for the additional info, Marc. I agree it is a good habit to make all approaches a glide (where practical) as practice - will certainly work strongly in your favour should the fan get quiet for real. I've been doing this for most approaches for many years, and like Marc, I probably have 1 in 10 that requires a blip of power due to wind being a bit stronger than expected, distance slightly misjudged, or simply a failure occurring between the panel and the seatback.
  4. Good write-up Kent, I completely agree. Pushing the glide just a bit further than it looks like you can make is a recipe for serious disappointment. I recently flew a type I hadn't flown in a year, and so practiced some glides for my own currency. Happily I nailed them, but admittedly this particular aircraft glides a bit like a Space Shuttle, which I think actually makes it easier in some ways. I have tried the return-to-runway 'impossible turn' in several different aircraft. It certainly varies a LOT with the characteristics of the aircraft in question, and can require some aggressive maneuvering - which is VERY risky if you are in a stall-able type and not practiced in such flying. And most people are not, and would likely fail to complete the turn safely. I try to practice some 'emergency' or 'off-nominal' procedure on every flight, if practical, to maintain some currency in them. And a good flight simulator is a suitable place to practice some of the more hazardous maneuvers in safety, it can be educational and enlightening.
  5. I haven't, yet. Re-airfoiling a canard comes with more considerations and risks than on a more conventional aircraft. Thus I want to be wary about sharing and having people who don't fully understand trying them without recognizing the significance of the mod and performing a thorough test campaign. But perhaps I can share some performance predictions vs stock sometime.
  6. More important is the increase in projected area ahead of the CG, which will make that number bigger. My analysis is X-plane based, which while imperfect, I have the experience (20+ years) to have high confidence in it. Besides which, Marc Zeitlin has reported real-world flight experience showing the same thing. Improving the aesthetics is certainly a worthwhile thing to do in my opinion, but not at the cost of noticeably worse handling and performance. Indeed, my goals are to improve handling and performance, which includes developing new airfoils more suited to the much higher performance anticipated compared with the original Long-Ez.
  7. I simulated a similar canopy for a Cozy. The additional side area that far forward noticeably reduces yaw stability. FYI. You could enlarge the winglets to compensate, I suppose, but it all extra weight and wetted area. I have elected to go for a smoothed but stepped nose.
  8. Hi Fred, Sound you've got a real hot-rod! Have any photos to share? Will be very interested tom hear about the performance once you are flying again!
  9. https://infinityaerospace.com/product/featured/landing-gear/ The info pack is basically the instruction set in a ring binder.
  10. It says 'FREE' now. If you collect this weekend.
  11. Yes indeed. Listed by a third party who doesn't know.
  12. If done well, it would be a great resource. I don't expect you'll see a great outpouring of interest before there is something to share. And then it will probably be more from the younger builders - no offense to the more experienced among us!
  13. The nose-gear on these machines always seemed to be a weak-link, particularly for the Cozys. Of course, heavily loading it, especially under braking, will tend to push the geometry where you don't want it to go.
  14. Ah, well there you go. I wasn't aware that subsection was a Supporting Member only area. I do indeed voluntarily put a little towards some sites that provide me with good value.
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