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  1. Voidhawk9

    Sales I've seen

    Congrats on the sale.
  2. Voidhawk9

    Sales I've seen

    It is a neat project, and a shame he won't finish it. Being so heavily modified, it is a one-off design, and unfortunately therefore essentially worthless until completed and proven. Too much risk. There are some valuable parts on it, but I don't think it will sell for anything like what he wants.
  3. Voidhawk9

    Crew Chief to pilot to Builder

    If you got a project that was complete except for finishing, would you still have 51% of the work to do? 😅 I've never flown in a canard yet, but busy building my own. I really like the look of the design, the easy to follow plans and the performance. Plus, I wanted to build something from scratch, rather than a kit.
  4. Hi Duane! You've been caught by the canard bug too, huh? If you can, find some builders or fliers in your area. Besides being fun to meet, you'll learn a lot. Maybe one of the people you meet would be able to assist you in inspecting a potential project purchase, too. For a builder, it is reasonably easy to determine quality, but if you are new to all this, it might be more difficult.
  5. Voidhawk9

    Announcement: The Canard Pages

    A link from 17 years ago can't really be considered reliable.
  6. Voidhawk9

    A different 3" spar tape - usable?

    >One year later< I corresponded some months ago with a French supplier, and found where you can still buy the same tape, albeit not at 3" (75mm) wide: UD E glass cloth 600 g/m² Last week I laid up two test pieces to do a relative test between the plans spar tape from ACS, and this 'alternative spar tape'. Photos below. They are basically identical samples, 3 plies of the plans tape 12" long, and an equivalent weight of alternative tape, which ended up as about 5.5 plies (the half cut full-length, half width). They were laid up side-by-side (with dams, 3" apart) with the same batch of epoxy. You will see some waviness on the bottom, from the plastic ripples underneath. Both samples have similar ripples. I cured for 3 days, the last day or so in my hot box to ensure they were thoroughly cured. The samples are the same size and thickness, to within a small fraction of a millimetre. The alternative sample came out 16% heavier, probably largely a result of retaining the cross-threads (not removable) while the plans sample cross threads were removed per plans. Then I tried a stress test to see if there was any difference between the two. I clamped 50mm of one end to the bench, then clamped a bucket with various weights to the other end. I didn't measure the weights, only the deflection of each with the same weights applied for a relative comparison. The alternative sample deflected an average of 51% as much as the plans sample! This really surprised me. HALF the deflection?! I bent both samples about 120deg (using clamps, too much force required to do by hand and / or didn't want to be that close in case one failed!), neither had any problem with that as far as I can tell (no cracking noises either) except that they did twist a bit, thus the longitudinal cracks in the plans sample. Any ideas on other tests I could do with basic workshop equipment? Any ideas why the alternative sample was so much stiffer? I'm thinking maybe the fibre density was higher as the many smaller bundles are held together tightly by the cross-threads. Anyway, interesting results so far.
  7. Voidhawk9

    New Q200 Owner

    That's a really nice looking example, I like the cooling plenums as well. Should be a very fun airplane!
  8. Voidhawk9

    Sales I've seen

    Is this is the SQ2000 referenced in this post, I wonder?
  9. Voidhawk9

    New Long-ez build

    The Cozy spar is not as thick in the middle section, but 2ft longer. Curious, I'd have expected it to be thicker.
  10. That's a short list! Outside of NZ, everywhere is far away, and I am not aware of anyone in NZ right now that would need one. Most builders over here are building aircraft capable of rough-field operation, which is sensible given the rarity of runways over here. I'll just fly high enough to glide to one most of the time. Yes, it seems a shame to ditch these carefully built jigs, so I hold on to them intact as long as practical. Parts of the fuselage side jig came in useful once I finished the tub, it is presently stored on its side using a side jig with some foam tape on it to protect the glass, and covered with a tarp.
  11. The last couple of months I didn't get much done on the project due to higher priority projects that are now complete. I learned a new dance move this week. I call it the 'spar jig'. The supports under the end are a bit different to plans to ensure stiffness of the jig hanging off the end of my slightly short table. Actually probably easier to do it this way anyway, since the long support is the off-cut from the big back panel. Also slightly visible is my 'cheap little sucker' vacuum system under the bench. It works great. I also laid up the crush plate required for installing the Infinity Retracts. Came out nicely. It will be cut in half (lengthwise) and trimmed to fit basically in place of the foam in the front face of the end of the spar. Was lucky enough to have a couple of canard pilots visit last week (a rare occasion in this part of the world), one of whom had previously worked at Scaled. He declared the quality of my fuselage tub to be very good. That's a good dose of builder motivation right there! 🤓
  12. Voidhawk9

    New Long-ez build

    Sounds like a Long is a perfect candidate, then! 5 years is ambitious, but doable, especially if you get a head start by buying an existing project.
  13. Voidhawk9

    New Long-ez build

    For certain, the canard-building community is quieter than it once was, but there are still many builders out there! I also planned to build a Long, but after some research and feedback from my wife, switched to a Cozy.
  14. Voidhawk9

    Sales I've seen

    Huh, why is Nate selling his plane?
  15. Voidhawk9

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    While I have not yet built a cooling system on my project, it is a subject I have studied a fair amount, as it is one in which you can make good gains, or mess up entirely. Creating a restriction like that is a sure way to the latter end!