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  1. For a Cozy 3, not a MkIV. The MkIV is larger.
  2. Absolutely right, and it is something I try to be reasonable about. I had a well-known and respected canard builder visit my project once, and he told me I need to be more sloppy and get on with it! 😅 Point taken!
  3. This may just be ego or a twisted mind, but: I'm building it myself, I'm not just assembling a bunch of parts. No disrespect to those building kits, as they are still a major commitment and achievement. But I want to fabricate the major parts myself. Plus, I like the ability to 'make them my own' with a little customization. As you allude to above, I prefer to do things myself where possible to ensure the best quality - I'm more than a little perfectionist, and I am often disappointed in the quality of purchased parts or services when it comes to my vehicles.
  4. Yes, I saw that. Looked like a good flight!
  5. If I had a shop that nice I'd probably never go home.
  6. 1,000lbs overweight, a PSRU that's failed twice on the ground with only around 20hrs run time, and a repeatedly modified elevator of dubious effectiveness. Yeah, even his test pilot won't touch it. I really wish it didn't have serious problems, but I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for the Raptor.
  7. Under 500kg MTOW. Very light. The mid-span fence on the winglet is interesting.
  8. This section of the forum is for rants, and that is a good one. It is a topic I am watching carefully myself and trying to prepare (somewhat...) accordingly. One can readily learn from history that all empires fall. Typically they get over-extended and bankrupt themselves. Sounds familiar. Here in NZ things are not quite as dire financially, but the socialists are in power now and doing their best to tear the place down. Still, it is well known that a number of mega-rich persons have bug-out estates over here. Still planning where I am going to build mine!
  9. How about a folding tray table for your passenger's meals? 😉
  10. NACAs are great for things where sometimes you want the air to skip over the top, like for an air vent that may be closed sometimes. Not so great for pressure recovery - as stated in the original paper describing the inlet. North American tried to use huge NACA scoops to feed a jet engine (YF-93), which did not work very well, and after tweaking the NACAs a lot, just replaced them with ram scoops. Some guys have made them work, and obviously a lot of canards use them, but they do seem very sensitive to details to cool properly. Not sure how much the rounded cowl vs open cooling outlet have in common for airflow there. Though, I'd expect that the cooling air -having been twisted through at least 180deg and forced around the engine- doesn't have a lot of energy relative to the free-stream and so will stagnate and burble around readily. Having the outlet not too close to the prop seems to help too, perhaps the pressure wave or the blocking presence of the prop blocks the cooling flow somewhat. People have reported improved cooling once they cut the cowl back a bit. Apparently the prop does not suck the air out here - that section at the root of the prop is thick and relatively inefficient anyway. Still lots of potential for improvement in canard aft ends, IMHO. Exactly what that looks like is another question!
  11. "Speed with Economy" is a great read, very inspirational. Right up there with Mike Arnold's work.
  12. Lower winglets should help. Making the pod pylons longer chord-wise probably would too, as it adds even more vertical area aft. It would be interesting to see if wing fences helped noticeably. It all adds weight and wetted area though. Ultimately the best solution would be cut off the nose and re-do it. Plenty of nice examples out there with nicer than plans shapes without being needle-nosed like this. Looks like a nice example besides, as far as one can tell from small photos anyway. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into it, even if I don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions arrived at.
  13. Or add VGs or turb tape to the existing one. Much easier!
  14. 1-Agreed! 2-Seems to be, yes. Though Longs seem to have their share of NG failures too. 3-GA is much smaller and more expensive here, there's not really a GA hub. Most 'busy' GA only airports are grass.

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