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  1. JD's site is here: http://infinityaerospace.com/product-category/other/ Though rumour is he may be in poor health and unreachable at the moment. Hopefully that resolves soon. You can get them from the Cozy Girrrls too: http://www.cozygirrrl.com/aircraftparts.htm
  2. 😃 Right! I wish I had a heated workshop. Well, I do, it is heated by a nearby star, but that's all!
  3. Hi Curt! Yeah e-mail lists have problems sometimes - I'm not a fan. This site is much nicer (just need to convince people to come here). Sound like you'll have a Vari-modern VariEze. I'm hoping to get back to layups on my Cozy in December - the half-done centre spar hasn't made any progress on finishing itself! Weather here is warming up again, and I just need to find some time between my 3 jobs, 4 kids and lovely wife. 🙄
  4. Not when the plans LG bulkheads are absent! There are other options...
  5. That's a concern for those building with plans to install the gear (but haven't ordered yet).
  6. Bring it all here, I say. Easily the best of the options. I don't care for the 'politics' of the past that some may be in to. This site has, IMHO, the best software and ease of use of the options I have looked at. And I've spent time on essentially all of them. All advice strictly worth what you paid for it, of course.
  7. Hi Justin, Building (when the warmer weather returns) across the ditch here in NZ! -Cameron
  8. Some images from my collection of prior examples of staggered seating in EZs, for your interest: Xtra-EZ Stagger-EZ: Stag-EzR:
  9. There might be an easier way. By my understanding, the max front seat weight is a largely arbitrary number designed to to ensure the rotate speed is not too high (and thus extending the take-off roll), not a structural limit. Moving the standard front seat back a couple of inches might solve the problem while minimising the fall of dominoes, as the moment of the front seat weight would be reduced. You lose some back seat space, but this may be solved with smaller girlfriends? Also any light pilots would need to be extra careful to carry enough ballast as a rear CG would be more likely with the layout changed this way.
  10. Staggered seating may be a good solution for you, yes. I'd recommending leaving as much as possible stock though, don't change any more then you have to, it eats a lot of time and adds complexity. Leave the IP where it should be, etc as much as possible.
  11. For a Cozy 3, not a MkIV. The MkIV is larger.
  12. Absolutely right, and it is something I try to be reasonable about. I had a well-known and respected canard builder visit my project once, and he told me I need to be more sloppy and get on with it! 😅 Point taken!
  13. This may just be ego or a twisted mind, but: I'm building it myself, I'm not just assembling a bunch of parts. No disrespect to those building kits, as they are still a major commitment and achievement. But I want to fabricate the major parts myself. Plus, I like the ability to 'make them my own' with a little customization. As you allude to above, I prefer to do things myself where possible to ensure the best quality - I'm more than a little perfectionist, and I am often disappointed in the quality of purchased parts or services when it comes to my vehicles.
  14. Yes, I saw that. Looked like a good flight!

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