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  1. Variezes are rather dated now - still and excellent and efficient aircraft, but building techniques, materials etc improved a lot with the Long-Ez, etc. Some aspects of the design (wing attach) haven't aged all that well, and were improved in later designs. The Aerocanard plans are here: https://aerocad.com/14-aerocanard-plans I own the complete set if you have any questions. FWIW I'm building from the plans, not kit parts.
  2. I wouldn't hesitate to build an Open-EZ (but a Cozy better fits my mission). Cross-check your printed plans, easy to do, and will give peace of mind. Remember as well, these are hand-crafted machines, a couple of mm difference here and there isn't the end of the world.
  3. That is a pretty airfoil. 🤤 I was looking at a Sting LSA recently, and it had surprisingly thick TEs too. Didn't seem to be a problem, apparently it performed very nicely (for an LSA).
  4. That is very interesting. Obviously without a full test series we cannot glean too much from it, but it would be interesting to know what effect it has on top speed, min speed, etc. Perhaps there is a balance somewhere between increased 'base drag'(what would be the proper term here?) from the 'trimmed' airfoil and decreased wetted area and weight.
  5. Well, both 'safely' on the ground. No engine is ever perfectly reliable. So I agree, practice for their failure often - if you fly long enough, eventually it will happen to you. Might be tomorrow, might be 20 years from now.
  6. In a year and a half, the only responses have been people asking if it is still available. Probably safe to expect it is either not available or the seller is no longer motiovated to sell it as he has not responded in that time!
  7. Note that canting the winglet out will result in a nose-down moment when the rudders are deployed together.
  8. Hi Peter, and welcome. There are a number of builders that have added Berkut-like features to their Long-Ez, such as the split canopy.
  9. I'd certainly be very interested to hear what you can achieve with some updated components. I have suspected there might be potential there.
  10. Due to aerodynamic forces and not being properly latched, AFAIK. If cabin air is escaping around doors, etc, it may be creating some excess drag (tripping / thickening boundary layer). Is it and of so how much? Who knows, maybe not a measurable amount. But some folks hunt Drag for sport, so...
  11. I'm not very familiar with Velocity spars, though I believe they are similar. I imagine there are differences in mounting bolt locations that could cause a problem, and the actual structure may be different as well. AFAIK there are no other retractable gear vendors for our canards. But Infinity gear kits come up for sale from time to time from owners who never fitted them.
  12. This is an old thread now, but last time I spoke with JD, the gear was out of production and sold out. I believe he posted in recent months that he would only do a new run if he got something like 60 deposits(!). This seems unlikely, as people aren't likely to want to put down a deposit for an indefinite amount of time for something that might never be produced.
  13. Doesn't look so bad to me! 😎
  14. Congratulations! It's an exciting day, and always good to see another canard (back) in the air. Doubtless you have a lot of fun flying ahead of you.

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