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  1. Tricky, but not impossible. For as new type of conversion, mounting it on something slow and rugged would be a safer start. If it is a 'proven' conversion, then by all means. Just know what you are getting into, but this is experimental aviation, after all.
  2. Always nice to spot a canard! Posts can be edited, but only within a limited timeframe after posting. This prevents malicious editing later, which happens in some places (not here that I am aware of).
  3. Build log is broken - on the to-do list! I haven't found the distance from other canard builders to be a big deal. Online support is really good and with a little research most things can be figured out.
  4. Nate Mullins has the UL powered EZ, and he did resolve the issues eventually. He can provide guidance regarding installing them in an EZ if you want it.
  5. Hi Larry. I'm in New Zealand, not Thailand, but we share some similar problems. I'm building a (modified) Cozy IV, but haven't ever flown a Cozy. I did get to see a couple and fly in a Berkut and Velocity while in the States a couple of months ago (pandemic spamdemic!). If the design / configuration is one that excites you and you have a passion to build, go for it! It is a lot more time and effort than one of those kits, but to me it's worth it - I look forward to flying it very much, but I really enjoy the building too! I'm 6'4", and am confident I can build the canopy to suit. I have sourced equivalent materials here for much of the raw stock. Foam, BID, epoxy, no problem. Hardware, Cozy-specific parts, and UNI glass I have imported from the USA so far, though I haven't had to get any 'big' parts yet. Colan in Australia has some some good glass options, and I believe is the new spar tape supplier for Spruce anyway. You're clearly the 'builder' type. Have you done much composite work yet? I hadn't, so I did a couple of small projects with the stuff first to make sure I enjoyed it. I did!
  6. $400 for baffles being worthwhile depends where you are in your trade-offs between time and money, right? Looks like a nice kit.
  7. Well, that's the point I guess. Still, sounds like Izzy saved you a lot of money and headaches, you won't regret getting good advice like that.
  8. The study uses are Reynolds number of 1000. The Reynolds number on our use cases is in the millions. Not really applicable. Varying the inlet has been shown to provide little or no gain for cooling, provided it is large enough to begin with. Varying the exit does help, but mainly to reduce drag when you are going fast and flow is enough with the exit reduced. The keys, as Kent has shown many times, are pressure differential (ie flow will actually move from inlet to outlet - you may be surprised how unwilling it is to do so in the somewhat chaotic flows at the aft end of these airplanes) and ensuring the air only goes where it needs to with proper working baffles.
  9. 1135 with a -360 in the back doesn't sound so bad. If you're willing to share some photos of the bird, plenty of people (such as myself) are always interested to see.
  10. Thanks! Is that wide-set gear SQ standard? I've only seen that once before on the Stagger-EZ, but I may have missed it. What is the fuel capacity with the smaller strakes?
  11. Here's another method that I copied. Works great! http://berkut13.com/sucker.htm
  12. Looks really nice, Kevin. If you feel inclined to share more photos and information, myself and I'm sure others would be interested to see! The SQ is a rare bird!
  13. 'They' told us it was impossible. Turns out it's perfectly possible if you set your mind to it. Much like building your own airplane. Yeah, it's hot. It's winter back home - not missing that!!
  14. We're spending most of our time in SW Michigan, but presently in Georgia as part of a road trip that took us as far south as Orlando, FL. Took the kids to LegoLand, you see. No queues there at present!
  15. Today I transferred funds to my dedicated project account. I've accumulated enough there to keep me going for some time building airframe. Being that I am travelling in the USA at the moment, I'm not getting much building done, but I am getting a lot of inspiration visiting other builders and flyers!

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