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  1. Long-Ez plans promo image is a Cozy. Hmmm...
  2. Blender 2.8 is apparently easier to transfer to with the new interface, though I haven't explored it yet. The new X-plane exporter is still alpha for Blender 2.8, so I am being cautious. You are right about being 'on your own' to a large extent in learning how to do all this. But this is the X-plane way...
  3. Certainly it sounds like they have greatly improved their flight model, but in all my research, I have yet to be convinced it can come close to what X-plane does. I'll get a copy to compare when their Linux edition is released.
  4. Yes, he's done a few videos lately. Supposedly extra motivation is the opportunity to drive his new Tesla over to Michael Brown's place (the voice in the background). But in saying that, not EVERY change is documented - thus my conversations with him referenced above!
  5. There is a big update in the flight model with the current version (it IS optional though, you can still run with the old one). I had some extensive discussions with the developer over it, as canard aircraft were reaching min speeds 5-10kts too fast. It turns out that control effectiveness has been substantially reduced (in line with actual test data etc.) and does indeed seem much better for ailerons, but led to inadequate control power for the elevators and canards. What the developer correctly noted was that in real aircraft the pressure region generated, in this case by our canard, continues across the fuselage to the other side. It isn't 100% as much of course - X-plane makes it 70% effective inside a fuselage or other body in fact. But by continuing the canard and the elevator through the middle to simulate this continued pressure region, performance is restored to what is expected from the real world. This wasn't necessary before, as controls were over-effective. Just one data point in regards to recent X-plane changes.
  6. Mike Arnold's series is educational as well, though does much further than needed for building from our plans unless you intend to make your own wheel pants, etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVDILmX2ylWP1YLQmYi9nPw
  7. Here's some bulkheads with fresh tapes and peel-ply on them.
  8. Joins like bulkheads to fuselage side get floxed in place (make a nice little fillet) then 2" wide 2-BID tapes over the joins.
  9. A Velocity or Cozy would probably suit you very well, then.
  10. Sounds like you enjoy building and modding more than flying! Does sound like a good airplane, though, as a result.
  11. What calculations are you using? The people on this site are primarily building and flying full-scale!
  12. Changing the engine to something proven would solve a lot of engine issues, but would not solve many other serious problems with the aircraft. Put a -540 on a Cozy and go fly fast and high.
  13. JD's site is here: http://infinityaerospace.com/product-category/other/ Though rumour is he may be in poor health and unreachable at the moment. Hopefully that resolves soon. You can get them from the Cozy Girrrls too: http://www.cozygirrrl.com/aircraftparts.htm
  14. 😃 Right! I wish I had a heated workshop. Well, I do, it is heated by a nearby star, but that's all!

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