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  1. britguy59

    Jeff Rose Ignition

    I need help with a new installation of this Electroair system. So far I have been pretty unhappy with them as a company, and I'm now stuck trying to figure it out. I as told to remove the old impulse coupling (both my mags have them)and put it on the new mag pickup. Unfortunately, it does not work as there is no way to fix the gear in place to time it correctly. Does this mean I have to buy another gear from a non impulse mag for it to work? I cannot set the timing as it is and I'm stuck. The instructions are vague and erronious in some areas. No pictures to help. Can anyone help me with this installation onto an IO-320 with 2 impulse mags? Please. M Hulme Florida
  2. britguy59

    What are our day jobs?

    Airplane builder 4 days a week, Oncology Nurse doing Bone Marrow transplant on the other 3. Which is my real job? The one that pays for the other one!!
  3. britguy59

    Hangar at Tampa/Zephyrhills.

    I'm having an idea. There are no hangars available for rent here. Or anywhere within 50 miles of here. Waiting lists are hundreds long. BUT, there is a large hangar here at Zephyrhills that rents by the quarter floor. Could fit up to 4 builders/planes there. Would work out to be $250 or so each. I'm one. Anyone else think they might want to consider this? Zephyrhills is a bit north of Tampa, Florida. Just an abtract thought. Airport has 2 x 5000 ft runways, cheapest gas.
  4. britguy59

    0-320 baffles

    Anyone got cutouts for the 0-320 engine updraft cooling baffles for the Long EZ? My plans only come with the 0-235 standard ones, could use someones old cutouts if possible. Last construction hurdles under attack!!
  5. britguy59

    Hangar need , Tampa Florida

    No luck on affordable hangars in my area. I am asking around, emailed a couple of people I have heard of locally, but I am looking for Canard owners that can, might, share a hangar space/cost, in the Tampa area. Vandenburg, Zephyrhills, maybe Brooksville are good locations. Let me know soon, before I give up and try to finish under a shade hangar. (Only current option) Mostly just needs assembly and odds and end work. Happy to use outside tie downs later once finished. Martin in Zephyrhills, Long EZ
  6. britguy59

    Panel pictures wanted

    Here'smy latest and hopefully last attempt. #'s the charm, it goes in this week. I'm gonna finish this bird yet.
  7. britguy59

    Baggage pods for sale

    What do they look like? Can't seem to find them online.
  8. britguy59

    Getting ready for the day

    Thanks for the info. Right now I'd settle for a ride, so if there are any Florida (Tampa) EZ drivers around, I'd be interested in finding out what its really like up there. All I have now is the rental fleet of rattly Cessnas.
  9. britguy59

    Getting ready for the day

    I still have some work to do yet, but its reasonable to say my bird will be ready within 12 months or less. I read about having an experianced pilot test it first, getting some back seat rides off other owners to familiarize myself with the plane. The thing is, I don't know anyone in my area to ask such a thing, can't imagine someone wanting to fly an EZ they didn't build, never having known me or my skills. And I've NEVER flown in any canard, let alone an EZ, nor do I know anyone to ask. Is it unreasonable to do it all myself? I see no real options but to do so. I'v had good responces to online questions, but don't feel I know anyone well enough to ask for rides or first flights. Anyone else done this alone?
  10. britguy59

    Long EZ landing gear, air brake parts.

    All sold, thanks.
  11. britguy59

    Long EZ landing gear, air brake parts.

    Hi Same gear currently going on ebay for $90. (auction not yet over) Will ship for $100 inc shipping. (Both worm gear set up and shock spring/leg bracket) New prices 200 +. Unused. Paypal OK.
  12. Converting to electric. Parts never flown. Complete nose gear and air brakes parts, see pics. Offers, before they go on ebay.
  13. britguy59

    oil seperator

    As I finish the engine hookups on my Long EZ, (I0-320) I'm wondering, do you have to have an oil seperator or is it just a nice handy thing to keep the plane cleaner? Do you lose much oil without one? Thanks for input.
  14. Hi to all. Research here and elsewhere upon the wonderful web tells me Valspar VP50 is good primer. I can't seem to find a local supplier for such a beast and even the web brings little info. I need to order or go to a place that sells a decent primer for my Long EZ. Lots of names out there in the forums, but try to find some!! NAPA blew me off, they were clueless. Apprieciate any direction. Ebay got nuttin'
  15. britguy59

    Primer to use? NAPA? Prop spacer

    Getting close to finishing. need ideas on decent available primer, and where to find a prop spacer 3 inch or so seems right. Wood 2- blade coming in mail. Thanks for info, guys. Wanna fly this year!!