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Looking To Visit A Canard Project In SoCal

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Hello to all,

I am new member to the forum.  I was interested in building a Rutan design ever since I was a teenager but decided to build a RV instead.  However, the interest in building a canard is still in me.  I would like to ask if anyone is actively building a canard in SoCal and don't mind if I can drop in to checkout your project and to ask questions.  I've seen a few Cozy and LongEZ flying but I am interested seeing a project in the construction phase so I can look to see how much is involved in building a canard.

I live in SoCal and I am based in Corona.  

Thanks for your time,

Phat Vu


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Have you joined any of the canard-related mailing lists?  There's one for Cozys, another for Quickies, one for Canard Aviators in general, one for Defiants.  The mailing lists are fairly active, and it seems like there are a LOT of SoCal canard builders.

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1 hour ago, PhatRV said:

No joy so far.

I don't know who is building in SoCal but there are dozens of canard owners out there.  There used to be a regular Saturday gathering at Chino.  If you join COBA you can access their list.  https://canardowners.com/

Otherwise, I would contact the EAA chapters nearby and ask around.  Chapter contacts can be found at EAA.org

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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