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Berkut kit acquired


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I am fortunate to have acquired Berkut kit s/n 20. I have all 3 kits and no work has been done to anything and all the parts are there.

 I have enjoyed lurking here for a long time but now will be active.

Now a little background:

I am retired, an A&P AI  & commercial pilot.

 I wrenched for 20+ Years and flew on demand freight world wide for 12 years.

 I have built a Vari Eze an repaired a wrecked Vari Eze.

 I am now in the process of documenting all the upgrades that should be done and making a plan for the build.

 I don’t want to reinvent any wheels and am a remorseless thief when it comes to good ideas but I give full credit to the source.

 I am going to hire some professional HELP to speed the build along. I capitalized HELP because I’m not hiring things done but hiring help. If I’m not involved working then neither will be the hired help.

My ego has been satisfied a long time ago so CONSTRUCTIVE advice is sought and welcome.

I am looking for sources for parts not in the kit. 

I do have 3 small projects that must be done before the build starts but that will give me time to get organized.


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Sweet!  With your EZ building experience you know what you're in for...  glad you got the kit!  Its great to see that its going to get built... not just shuffled around for the next several years.


Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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