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  1. macleodm3

    Kitplanes Engines Buyers Guide

    I can't get that link to work... is it me?
  2. I have Aerocad wings, main spar, and turtleback on my Cozy MKIV and they were built while Jeff had the company. The parts are very nice but aren't perfect.... they are better (more straight) than I could build. I also have parts from Featherlite.... again... very nice parts, better than I could build but not perfect.
  3. Also, the Aerocanard plans don't include the use of Triax.... it was only used on a few prefabricated parts built by Aerocad for the Cozy or Aerocanard (wings). The Aerocanard plans use the same materials as the Cozy MKIV.
  4. macleodm3

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Do you get good service life out of these? I'll be needing 4 of them in the future. It looks like Dynon markets them for $38 each, how much does it cost you to build one? Do you also build your own EGT sensors?
  5. macleodm3

    Rocket City Cozy Mkiv

    You have made some fast progress!! Keep it up and you'll have an airplane!
  6. macleodm3

    Center stick on a Long-EZ

    Some people want a yoke in their EZ / Cozy....
  7. macleodm3

    Sales I've seen

    Looks like he stopped building in 2011... ah well, thats too bad. Gary Hunter inspected some of his work and his comments are on that web page... sounds like good quality work. I hope he is able to sell both projects.... agree they could be good deals.
  8. macleodm3

    Center stick on a Long-EZ

    Hmmm... not a bad idea! Just skip the control system. All you need is an aileron servo and an elevator servo. Add a throttle servo and now you've got yourself a large RC aircraft that you can ride in.
  9. macleodm3

    Been awhile

    I find it amazing that you built so many of the parts yourself... engine mount, cowlings.... many many more bits and pieces. Glad you are enjoying it!
  10. macleodm3

    Center stick on a Long-EZ

    This has not been done in a Long-EZ. If you wanted to do this, you would need to re-design a major portion of the fuselage OR the control system since the Long-EZ control system is torque tubes and push rods that are located along the side of the fuselage. You basically sit on the floor of the Long-EZ, so there is no room to run the controls under the seats. See attached image for details....
  11. macleodm3

    Which epoxy?

    Figure out a way to use approved epoxy. There is a Cozy for sale that nobody will buy because it was built with un-approved epoxy. West is only approved with very slow (209) for layups. The faster hardeners can exotherm on some layups... so I suppose if an epoxy system can't be used for the entire build then it wasn't approved. That being said, if you build with MGS and use all fast hardener you might get exotherm too.
  12. macleodm3

    Which epoxy?

    I will answer that with my best guess at the answer.... 1.) West System 105 Resin with 209 Hardener is an approved laminating system for the RAF Long-EZ / Cozy type builds. 2.) 105 Product Description - "105 Resin is a clear, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. Formulated for use with one of four WEST SYSTEM hardeners, it can be cured in a wide temperature range to form a high-strength solid with excellent moisture resistance" 209 Product Description - "209 Extra Slow Hardener is formulated for general coating and bonding applications in extremely warm and/or humid conditions or when extended working time is desired at room temperature. Provides approximately twice the working time of 206 Slow Hardener. 105/209 forms a high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and barrier coating properties." So, yeah, 105/209 is RAF approved, and according to the manufacturer it has excellent moisture resistance. I don't have a clue what "moisture resistance" means, because all of our cured epoxies have excellent moisture resistance... and none of them have moisture resistance while being mixed / cured. Interesting to me is that 209 is formulated for use in "warm and/or humid conditions"... that may be a good reason to use the product. Was that a good guess?
  13. macleodm3

    Sales I've seen

    That post mentioning EZ Poxy is not referring to your aircraft project for sale... it is referring to a different project in earlier posts that may have had some portion built using vinylester resin. Also... Dennis used different epoxies at different times. He built my canard... one of the last ones he built.... and he used EZ Poxy.
  14. macleodm3

    left / right fuel tank selector handle

    "173 cm in height" 5'8".... not typically a problem. "sit in a raised position" I am guessing you are using a thick seatback cushion? "my arms are too short" like a T-rex? Are they normal length arms or do you have an unusual circumstance? "I can only just reach the handle with the tips of my fingers and my head is hitting the canopy during the tank change" THIS sounds very unsafe. This does not sound typical for a Long-EZ. "Does anyone know where I can buy an extended L / R fuel tank selector handle that I can reach more easily ?" There are many good fuel valve solutions. This may involve moving your valve, installing a different valve, or some other solution. You DO have a fixable problem here, and it does need to be addressed. Please post some photos (from different viewing perspectives) of you fuel valve installation to help everyone understand the problem and therefore recommend a solution.
  15. macleodm3


    If she like to fly, she should love the Cozy! Wow!!! Lucky You!!! You are actually really close to a lot of canard activity (including Cozy activity). Do an internet search for Freeflight Composites and then contact Burrall Sanders (the owner). They are close to you in Peyton, CO. In addition to being on this forum, join the Cozy Builders email list (its a Google Group managed by Marc Zeitlin).. this will give you access to a list of more than 700 members... many in your area.