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  1. They 2 stroke? Props can only spin at 3000 rpm max..... what is the hp at 2800 to 3000 rpm?
  2. macleodm3


    What do you propose to give the skins their shape? The Rutan methods are very easy to build..... the only sanding needed is final contouring before paint (same type work needed when restoring a classic car).
  3. I have seen seals like that on Cozy aircraft and they look pretty good.... but you still need to do most of the work.
  4. I used some spray foam in my gear leg fairings and used pour foam on my strake fairings. The spary foam stayed softer and did not sand as well as the pour foam.
  5. Would you allow me to cross post your message to some other online EZ communities? If so, what is your contact info?
  6. No problem... you park EZ’s with the nose on the ground. They are all like that.
  7. His website works... what is this post about?
  8. Congratulations!!! Building an airplane is a long term hobby, so its ok if there are breaks. Glad you’re back at it! Andrew
  9. Can't forget this one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU-zw5k2I-I
  10. I like to use white vinegar since it works great for cleaning up MGS and West epoxies, and denatured alcohol for EZ-Poxy.
  11. The RV’s go together like a giant Lego kit, and most projects get completed. The Cozy gets crafted, one surface after another... most projects do not get completed. Do you want to build an excellent kit, craft from excellent plans... or perhaps buy a flying RV or Cozy?
  12. Good news that you already have knowledge of fiberglass construction precautions and have systems in place. I agree that you could use this as an opportunity to grow that program. I won't say that you won't be successful... all you need to finish is effort, time, and money. Most fiberglass projects never get finished but obviously many have. The plans that all of us build with are wonderful and allow projects to end up flying. That Eagles Nest program and the RV12 projects have a great chance of completion. If you get started with your new composite kit project, it should be a wonderful platform for reaching your stated teaching goals and possibly completion. Go for it! Learn as you go... it should be awesome and good for you all for providing such unusual opportunities for you students.
  13. Congratulation on your the project! Although the RV series of kitplanes make great school projects, I don't think that composite aircraft make good school projects. There is too much work involved, too much dust, too many fumes. You'll need an HVAC / exhaust system for this shop room that is not connected to the rest of the school. Think "paint shop". If you'd like to teach composite construction (mixing resin, cutting glass, layups) then this is a good canvas for your practice if the logistics of the shop are OK.

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