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  1. macleodm3

    Long EZ Build Time and Price from Plans?

    Cost to build one from scratch in 2019 - $50,000 to $90,000 (Airframe $30k; Engine $10k to $30k; Panel $10k to $30k) Time to Build... 2000 hours to 5000 hours (and anywhere from 2 years to 30 years) Good Resources....1 The Plans, 2 The Newsletters, 3 Central States Association (Flyins and Newsletters) 4 The Internet (EZ.org, Canard Aviators yahoo email list, Facebook Long-EZ Builders and Pilots group, Squadron III Newsletter (ask for it on the yahoo email list)), 5 EAA
  2. macleodm3

    Engine Selection

    I followed the plans and went with the least expensive option.... a flying mid time Lycoming O-360. I sold some attached components when I bought it (P-Mags, Carb, small oil cooler, automotive alternator, Skytech starter). I had to buy a few components while installing (B&C starter & alt, FI servo, Cozy exhaust, LSE Ign, bigger oil cooler). I'm in about $14k now(engine and accessories), with an estimated 1500 hours before recommended overhaul. Mid-time lycoming is a bolt on solution, and the plans make is SO EZ... having everything fit (cowls, baffles, components).... all that really is a big deal. Most Cozy's never get finished (flying), and many that do get finished don't often accumulate many hours. If I ever get up to 1500 hours, I'll be in a VERY small minority so I truly believe a mid-time 360 is a good choice. Yeah, I know its boring... but its in a Cozy MKIV (NOT Boring). (but ya gotta pay attention to cam rust and exhaust valves) IF I had to have an alternative engine.... I would consider the UL520. Its a modern airplane engine, and several in our community are flying or installing them.
  3. macleodm3

    Cross-Border construction

    Yes you could argue that 51% remains.... but the fuel strakes are partially built and some could argue against you. Before you pull the trigger you really do need a good firm answer on this.... do some research over on the Van's Airforce forum. With the 10,000 builders over there its likely this has come up before. Here is a result from VAF that may raise your eyebrows.... I wouldn't move forward unless I was certain it would all work. It sounds like Canada has inspections that they make during the build..... Hi to all !! Previously, I posted here about my plan to start building a RV-8 outside of Canada (in France or Switzerland) then, when my job here is done in 2016, move back home in Québec with my project. After discussions with French and Canadian authorities, here's the scoop if any one else has the same idea: Concerning amateur building, Transport Canada doesn't accept any foreign inspections not made by the MD-RA (Minister's Delegates-Recreational Aviation). 3 options are suggested: 1- Complete the airplane in the foreign country with all their necessary inspections and paperwork, then fly it for a minimum of 100 hours. Then it's possible to import it normally as a private plane. 2- Build until you reach an in$pection $tep, have a Canadian in$pector come over to do hi$/her $tuff, and you're re$ponsible for all hi$/her expen$e$ of cour$e... 3- Build until you reach an inspection step, leave that part open for future inspection and import it that way. (I guess if the skins are set, some un-riveting will have to take place...) I don't believe I'll have time to complete it so my option will be to do all possible steps without closing up the skins... Then import the disassembled plane for inspection in Canada, and complete it afterwards. One side note, for France to issue a F- registration to a foreigner, he/she needs to be considered as a permanent resident. So my empennage is ordered and on it's way, the tools are just about to be ordered, and I finally found a decent place to build... Expected start of building is April !!! Have a nice day !!!
  4. macleodm3

    Sales I've seen

    That Cozy III for $29k looks like a very fair deal. I don't know that airplane at all.... but the photos make it look very nice. I've been hearing that 172 prices are on the rise.... wonder if the value of 3 and 4 seat canards will ever start to climb again?
  5. macleodm3

    Cross-Border construction

    Also... the Canard Aviators yahoo email list and the Cozy Builders google group have lots of active members too. Join those groups too. To get the most answers to your question(s) on canard aircraft you have to sometimes post your question to 3 or 4 places.
  6. macleodm3

    Cross-Border construction

    Yeah... just hide the wings, canard, canopy, gear... anything that can be removed from the fuselage. Are the strakes (fuel tanks) built yet? They are beyond the 51% point in my opinion (although I'm not done yet...) Show us some photos of the project!!
  7. macleodm3


    Welcome! I hope you pick a great project. I would recommend you try and find a project that was built to plans specifications. Don't forget to have someone knowledgeable check the project with you if at all possible. These aren't that difficult to build correctly, but lots of us seem to think we can build it "Better" than the plans specify (and THAT often just makes things bad...). Have FUN!! Its a life changing challenge....
  8. macleodm3

    Canopy Trim

    Search for 3M Vinyl Tape 471+ It conforms amazingly well, around corners and such. Excellent product, but hard to find locally. Advance Auto, Auto Zone, O'Reilly's all did not have it. Found it at a local Federated Auto Parts store by calling around.
  9. macleodm3

    Canopy Trim

    Most Cozys have a curved spot like that but less noticeable amount.... a hat bill shaped curve. I've seen another Cozy with one similar and think it looks good too... maybe 5% more shade from directly overhead. The Aerocanard canopy is much much more coverage... I like the Cozy version more. The glass overhead helps fair the bubble in to the fiberglass. With the bubble only, there is a noticeable dip... it should look good once its faired in with micro.
  10. macleodm3

    Canopy Trim

    Yeah... the plans have us build up a bunch of tape... all mine has been removed so I don't have to deal with lots of old tape residue. I try to not have tape on the canopy for more than several weeks. I have added 1 layer of blue painter's tape (auto body painter's tape... not paper masking tape) and some protection film. Next, I am going to do a big micro fill and wipe off any micro that ends up between the fiberglass and blue tape. Let that cure. Sand it down to final profile. Do a small micro fillet... using my contoured micro as a guide on one side and the edge of the blue tape as a guide on the other. Let cure to gel (not complete) and then carefully remove blue tape and black tape and clear film.
  11. Totally agree.... Truly enjoy building this project... wonder whats next?
  12. macleodm3

    Canopy Trim

    Yeah its awesome!! It keeps everyone else out of the workshop too.... theft prevention! And I think it kills bugs which like to crap on the plane.
  13. People have no idea how many little beautiful parts go in to and get buried in one of these birds.... good job on the seatbelt parts!
  14. macleodm3

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    Yeah... I see pinhole swarms in my micro too. I am not worried about them... I'll fill them with raw epoxy like you mentioned. How big of a pinhole can you fill with the raw epoxy? Most of mine are small (1/16") but a few are larger perhaps 1/8" or 3/16" diameter.
  15. macleodm3

    Canopy Trim

    The transition from glass to clear canopy is to me, one place that can make any aircraft look cobbed.... unprofessional, home made. Everything else can be perfect... but some canopies look professional here and some don't. They're all awesome... if they're flying... but I'd like to go the extra mile for this one area. Mine doesn't look as good in person.... I'll need to take a couple new photos this evening to show canopy / glass areas that need some attention. I was wondering if anyone had a great trim product... some sort of a adhesive backed rubber trim strip that worked well. I did the painter's tape / micro around the inside of the rear windows and they turned out OK.. I suppose I could do that for the canopy too.... I have a thick film of sanding dust on my canopy... so that is my protective covering.