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  1. There is a 1” diameter hole at each end of the spar... antenna wires and wingtip light wires exit out these holes. These holes are where cabin air freely exits. The holes are protected from weather, so a flapper typically isn’t required.
  2. Are you cutting foam for the bulkhead or metal for your final IP overlay? If an overlay, you should plot out a trial run on paper and then cut it out to check for proper fit before sending it off for cutting. Most of our IP’s can be off a little bit... plenty enough to make a difference.
  3. This CAD file has all the bulkheads... C4TMP.dwg
  4. To address some of your questions: I built most of my Cozy without ever sitting or flying in one. Almost done and it went great. There are no other homebuilt airplane projects or builders anywhere close to me, but the internet support is fantastic and its all you need. These canards are ez to fly... things just occur faster. A secondhand small tabletop fridge with a lightbulb makes a great (free) hot box. Don’t try to incorporate computers or CNC into the build. The plans teach you to handcraft the plane... follow the plans if you ever want to finish. Its very fun and rewarding to build one. CNC only makes sense if you plan to build many planes.
  5. Always heard to get one that has been kept inside and away from the salty coast (wing attach fittings).
  6. Hello David, I've almost finished building my Cozy MKIV.... its a wonderful, huge, awful, life changing project. Total time to build for me is around 3k hours, cutting foam is only around 20 hours total. Its such a miniscule portion of the project. A difficult part of the project is getting some hardware... thankfully the Cozy Girrrls have stepped up and are able to supply us with hardware. It sounds to me like you have some nice machining capabilities, and you'll have an opportunity to build metal parts with your tools and expertise if you want to save money and build hardware yourself (and there is ALOT of hardware in any EZ/Cozy). If you install a non-Lycoming engine, you'll have lots of additional parts to build for your installation... so its good you have machining experience. All Cozy's that fly much have Lycomings (there is 1 excellent Subaru Cozy that flies alot too). These airplanes aren't good for trying out new engines... they land fast and they land poor off field. Hope you decide to build an airplane... consider an RV if you want to be flying in a couple years. Andrew Anunson
  7. My Cozy MKIV.... sanding wings today. Sanding primer is SO MUCH EASIER than sanding
  8. Its typically sold out months ahead. If driving in, you can find hotels in the region.
  9. Like Kent mentioned... if its a non-impulse magneto then don’t start it on that mag. The plane should be wired so it can’t start with that mag operational.
  10. It doesn't get dusty until Chapter 25 when you sand off lots of micro. Like has been said... finishing is dusty, but it stays in one general area and you can use dust control then at the end of the build. Must you get a hangar this early in the build? You can get much of the plane built in any small insulated space (shed, basement, spare bedroom.... ).
  11. Joseph Heagerty has a project for sale too... “After messing around near 25 years, I’m willing to admit I will not complete. The project has always been in the Southern California area. There’s lots of parts, stock, & support materials. The project is just enough on its gear to make it easier to move around the hangar. It does have the Wilhelmson electric nosegrear retract with the pitot speed sensor extend feature and the Featherlight main gear bow. If interested in purchasing this project to get a little head start, please contact me off list at joeheag-at-gmail.com.” Join the Cozy builders email list... several projects a year sow up there.
  12. Charles has his project for sale at cozy.caf.org
  13. 1.) Rear seats are built similar to the front... perhaps 300 is what fits. I am 5’8”, 180 and am comfortable back there for an hour. 2.). 1000 lbs more than you build it. 3.). Weight and balance to offset heavy rear ends (540 Lycomings and CS props). 4.). You can save a few thousand $ by scrounging projects and secondhand parts. If you build with all new materials (esp new engine, CS prop, dual glass panel,...) you will have $100k in it to finish.

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