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  1. macleodm3

    CFI Needed

    I have followed along online with the construction and flight testing of this Long-EZ for several years and it is a very very nice looking plane with many nice touches. Where other EZ's have homebuilt looking components, this EZ looks like it was factory built... the details look engineered and like they came off an assembly line. Lots of flight testing has been done, and issues were discovered and corrected (all shown in the build log) so there shouldn't be any bad surprises. If I were to consider purchasing this airplane, I'd need to know how much warranty is on the new UL engine. Other than that.... its expensive, but it looks expensive.
  2. Thanks for the photos and ideas... what is wrapped around your CHT probe leads? I don't have that wrap... is it needed? On your silicone wrap on the cylinders... what kind of silicone... the plumbing stuff in the caulk tube? Is it used with BID / UNI? What keeps it in place? I've never seen an EGT probe that close to the exhaust port! Do you get descent service life there? (not saying its bad, just wondering) Looks like you have 2 LSE ignition systems..... that correct?
  3. Here is a recent page... http://ljosnes.no/cozy/useful-links/
  4. Welcome! There really is a alot of online support...but the support is spread out in different places. I recommend the following resources in no particular order... This forum Canard Aviators (yahoo email list with searchable database) COZY Builders Mailing List (google group list with searchable database) Rutan LongEz and VariEze Facebook group Cozy MKIV Pilots and Builders Facebook group Vans Airforce online forum (daily discussions involving engines, instruments, wiring... very active group good for all homebuilders). Central States Association Squadron III Newsletter Check out the ones you want.... the great thing is that the plans for your Long-EZ are excellent, and you don't need online support to finish. Andrew
  5. What engine is recommended by Velocity for your airplane? Have you considered buying one of those and having it installed? I think the yokes in the Velocity are nice.... get that engine in and fly it like you stole it.
  6. I have attached the Vance Atkinson electric pitch trim design and the Davenport pitch trim design. The plans for the Cozy include manual pitch trim which works well. If you want to make the Davenport electric, then just swap the 1/2" control rod out for a 12V electric actuator. Davenport_Pitch_Trim_Spring.pdf
  7. Our local airport rules state that nothing other than X, Y, and Z can take place on airport property.... the list of accepted activities does not include aircraft building, and limits maintenance to employees of the company owning the aircraft or a contracted mechanic. I presented the recent (2016?) FAA statement to our local airport authority, with the hope that they would change the rules to include aircraft building. They say they would, and assigned the re-writing task to 2 board members. I helped those two write the new rule, but [they] never would finish up and present the new rules. Finally, the board said "OK, Andrew, we're not gonna re-write the rules.... but just ask us in writing when you are ready to move your project to a hangar, and we'll respond in writing that you can finish your build at the airport... But NO PAINTING on airport property." I think the no painting rule is fine. I don't think homebuilders should be able to put other aircraft at risk of paint overspray (if that is actually a real possibility, which it may or may not be). I must keep peace with the board, and they actually said they'd let a fresh project get started at the airport depending on hangar availability. They like to sell fuel, and projects don't buy fuel. I think any local airports should encourage homebuilding on aircraft property if they want to grow aviation at that airport. My local EAA chapter [removed by moderator] just went defunct. I am the only builder here, and the other guys just liked to plan a Veterans event every other year. There was no real interest in composite construction presentations from me, and nobody ever came out to see the Cozy project. I don't miss it... now I'm not a member of EAA any more either. Every EAA magazine is focused on Oshkosh... Kitplanes and CSA is much better.
  8. macleodm3


    The foam specifics (H45 PVC, Urethane, Last-a-foam) are in the plans of the aircraft you are building so that you can get the foam from any source and not be tied to any specific vendor. Which foam product are you having trouble finding? I don't know for certain that the foam Spruce or Wicks ships to me is correct, but I trust them. I then verify that the foam they ship matches the description of that foam in the plans. It would be "nice" if they shared their sources, but a company makes money by finding a source for a product and then reselling that product in small quantities for a higher price. For example, Garmin charges $400 for their GTP 59 OAT probe (needed for the G3X), but if we had Garmin's source we could buy the probe for less than $50.
  9. Well... using the painters tape mentioned above (3M 471+) and micro.... I now have a seam that is good enough (meaning it looks good from 8 feet closer than before). I am currently working on the canopy in the basement where its warm (although the sanding dust has gotten me in trouble several times already). I did the following: 1- tape the windows using painters tape, electrical tape, and saran wrap, apply the BIg Fill 2- sand it down using the air file (IR 18" air sander) 3- remove all tape and wrap... clean it all up, move canopy to the basement 4-reapply painters tape and apply micro fillet using a bondo squegees cut to different shapes (micro sticks to plastic cards but not the bondo squeegees) 5- pull off tape before the micro sets... its a thin fillet, so 20 minutes using West 205 (fast) hardener worked for me. Painting will be its own challenge... hopefully in 2019!!!
  10. Sweet! With your EZ building experience you know what you're in for... glad you got the kit! Its great to see that its going to get built... not just shuffled around for the next several years.
  11. Cost to build one from scratch in 2019 - $50,000 to $90,000 (Airframe $30k; Engine $10k to $30k; Panel $10k to $30k) Time to Build... 2000 hours to 5000 hours (and anywhere from 2 years to 30 years) Good Resources....1 The Plans, 2 The Newsletters, 3 Central States Association (Flyins and Newsletters) 4 The Internet (EZ.org, Canard Aviators yahoo email list, Facebook Long-EZ Builders and Pilots group, Squadron III Newsletter (ask for it on the yahoo email list)), 5 EAA
  12. I followed the plans and went with the least expensive option.... a flying mid time Lycoming O-360. I sold some attached components when I bought it (P-Mags, Carb, small oil cooler, automotive alternator, Skytech starter). I had to buy a few components while installing (B&C starter & alt, FI servo, Cozy exhaust, LSE Ign, bigger oil cooler). I'm in about $14k now(engine and accessories), with an estimated 1500 hours before recommended overhaul. Mid-time lycoming is a bolt on solution, and the plans make is SO EZ... having everything fit (cowls, baffles, components).... all that really is a big deal. Most Cozy's never get finished (flying), and many that do get finished don't often accumulate many hours. If I ever get up to 1500 hours, I'll be in a VERY small minority so I truly believe a mid-time 360 is a good choice. Yeah, I know its boring... but its in a Cozy MKIV (NOT Boring). (but ya gotta pay attention to cam rust and exhaust valves) IF I had to have an alternative engine.... I would consider the UL520. Its a modern airplane engine, and several in our community are flying or installing them.
  13. Yes you could argue that 51% remains.... but the fuel strakes are partially built and some could argue against you. Before you pull the trigger you really do need a good firm answer on this.... do some research over on the Van's Airforce forum. With the 10,000 builders over there its likely this has come up before. Here is a result from VAF that may raise your eyebrows.... I wouldn't move forward unless I was certain it would all work. It sounds like Canada has inspections that they make during the build..... Hi to all !! Previously, I posted here about my plan to start building a RV-8 outside of Canada (in France or Switzerland) then, when my job here is done in 2016, move back home in Québec with my project. After discussions with French and Canadian authorities, here's the scoop if any one else has the same idea: Concerning amateur building, Transport Canada doesn't accept any foreign inspections not made by the MD-RA (Minister's Delegates-Recreational Aviation). 3 options are suggested: 1- Complete the airplane in the foreign country with all their necessary inspections and paperwork, then fly it for a minimum of 100 hours. Then it's possible to import it normally as a private plane. 2- Build until you reach an in$pection $tep, have a Canadian in$pector come over to do hi$/her $tuff, and you're re$ponsible for all hi$/her expen$e$ of cour$e... 3- Build until you reach an inspection step, leave that part open for future inspection and import it that way. (I guess if the skins are set, some un-riveting will have to take place...) I don't believe I'll have time to complete it so my option will be to do all possible steps without closing up the skins... Then import the disassembled plane for inspection in Canada, and complete it afterwards. One side note, for France to issue a F- registration to a foreigner, he/she needs to be considered as a permanent resident. So my empennage is ordered and on it's way, the tools are just about to be ordered, and I finally found a decent place to build... Expected start of building is April !!! Have a nice day !!!
  14. That Cozy III for $29k looks like a very fair deal. I don't know that airplane at all.... but the photos make it look very nice. I've been hearing that 172 prices are on the rise.... wonder if the value of 3 and 4 seat canards will ever start to climb again?
  15. Also... the Canard Aviators yahoo email list and the Cozy Builders google group have lots of active members too. Join those groups too. To get the most answers to your question(s) on canard aircraft you have to sometimes post your question to 3 or 4 places.
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