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Found 9 results

  1. Hi yall. I bought Joe Dubner's Long EZ from Independence, Oregon. I'm looking for someone generous enough to give me a ride in their Cozy IV or velocity(?) I don't need to land it all the way to the ground, but i'd like to fly some approaches to make sure I'm not going to crazy my EZ on the first landing. I got to fly the Long-EZ I bought from the back seat, and felt good about the handling. I feel even better about the airframe and A little about me: I'm a young engineer in central coast California developing unmanned aerial vehicles. Truthfully, only 20% of my job is designing, because I spend 80% of my time running the company's internal machine shop where I have a passion in helping designers make their parts economical to machine. I'm also a glider pilot and have a glider that I keep in Avenal CA for most of the year. I'm at about 170tt, which is a bit low to fly a high performing EZ, but I've transitioned to single seat aircraft 3 times in the past without problems and have a history of passing check-rides and not damaging aircraft. If you're in California or near it, and have the willingness and time to give me a ride in the next week or two, please give me a ring or a message. I'll leave my phone number here for a couple of days: 805-503-0264 Thanks, Eric
  2. I’m looking for a compact inline airbox w/carb heat. I suspect my current setup is restricting airflow to my #4 cylinder. I have the O235 and my #4 CHT is >450 at idle. I think the smaller inline setup with a full NACA air diffuser will help. Vans Aircraft has a filtered air box but they have a long lead time. I’m hoping to find/build something within the next couple weeks. Does anyone have one for sale or know of another source? Thanks.
  3. I’m thinking about getting a composite prop, possibly ground adjustable to let me play with the performance, but know that wood is the recommended. Does anyone actually have experience with modern prop options? I’d rather not realize a mistake during runup or mid flight. 🤕
  4. Hey everyone, Dissembled and greased the starter at annual. Considered replacing the solenoid and/or entire starter while off, depending on cost, but unable to locate the make/model. Sticker fell off and no identifying stamp.. Remember maybe a Mitsubishi label on it. Def not SkyTec; bracket appears to be non-certified for the L2C. Any ideas from the attached photo? Thanks! Robert 329W Long EZ O-235-L2C
  5. Selling my Long EZ, N757T S/N 1854L. It's IFR equipped, and a really well-done build by Shannon Stewart from IL. I'm the third owner. Fresh inspection, newly overhauled IO-360, $70,000 Full details HERE.
  6. Hi All, I have been bitten by the Canard bug. Went to Oshkosh 2019. Have refitted large sailboats so I am good with glass and long time-span engineering projects. I am not a shoestring budget but I am as much interested in the scratch build as flying. I see that many endeavors never succeed so a 40K kit is out of the question for me. I have a 5'x10'x 9" CNC machine. I am good at SOLIDWORKS (Thanks in part to EAA). I also love Diesel engines. I want to design a project that checks these boxes. So my questions at the moment: It seems that most canard kits/ are molded over foam blocks (male). Would a 5'x10'x9" CNC envelope be sufficient to carve the male plugs of a Cozy IV or Long EZ? Is there a SOLIDWORKS or other 3D CAD plan set on the market that would save me from the potential errors of converting 2D plans into 3d plans? I am excited for the Wisconsin Built. Deltahawk 2 stroke Diesel! Does anyone have an idea if this will be a relative "bolt on" to a particular Long EZ variant or other Canard (Velosity kits and V-twin is out of my league but appear to be proven)? How would one verify the use of a Daltahawk engine in say a Long EZ if they were not an engineer in the field? Would it add huge expense to verify the configuration with professionals? Are there documented examples known to this community? I have been reading this forum for months, its got a much better vibe than almost forum on the internet. Great job pitching in and moderating! Thank you, David
  7. Hello all. I'm in the process of building a Long EZ here in S Florida. Wings have been completed and moving on to the Canard and Main Spar. It turns out, Aircraft Spruce stopped selling the 3" UNI tape I had used for the wing spar caps. After many, many calls and frustration, it seems that they have no plans to re-stock this tape and have replaced it with another version. AS won't put me in touch with the supplier to ask any technical questions and those directed at customer service have been met with a "this new tape seems to be very similar" kind of attitude. This is not good enough for me. Wick's seems to still sell the old stuff but it's $4.42/YD. I previously purchased my 3" tape from AS at $2.45/yd. After my continued calls, AS finally put out a YouTube video from the supplier but none of my questions were answered in it. The video focuses on the locking thread. All I can tell from the videos is that this new product appears to have 35 strands and the older stuff had/has 27 strands. 1. Does anyone have information on where this stuff is produced and how I can get a hold of some without the 2x price increase Wick's is charging? 2. Is there any literature /information about how this new material compares to the older version of tape? 3. Has anyone used the newer tape as a replacement as if so, what are your thoughts? New Product in Question: (see video at the bottom of the page) https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cmpages/unitape_01-01651.php
  8. I was quoted $1,700 for Hull insurance on my Long EZ. This is for $38,00 in Hull insurance only. Is this in the ball park of what other EZs are being insured for?
  9. Years ago I read a suggestion somewhere, that instead of building a modern Long EZ, it might be easier to build a tandem Cozy MkIV and get all the benefits of the upgraded designs. Has this ever been done? I see discussion all the time of builders and dreamers who want to make this longer, or that wider, etc. and of course the never ending discussions of a modern Long EZ with everything that was learned from the CP's, Newsletters, Cozy Mk IV, and Berkut advancements all built in. It does seem intuitive that narrowing a MkIV makes more sense that enlarging and modifying a Long EZ. Anything like that ever happened?

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