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    Have my ear to the ground on a well built Longeze. Been helping a good friend with some repairs and have been bitten by the canard bug. Just recently been given a fantastic opportunity of giving a local VariEze a new home.
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    Aviation, scuba, restoring vintage Porsche 912’s and spending time with the wifey. All of this on a shoestring budget............and no bloody garage.
    Just enjoying the ride cuz ya never know when yur forced to get off.

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    Not so racey C-150 I use to drive to work.......(slowly)
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    serial #1094
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    EAA 512

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  1. Looking into seat cushion options for the fast mover. Kinda wonder if the standard pads offered by Oregon aero are worth a look.
  2. Removed the D10A and shipped up to Dynon for a bench test and general once over.
  3. Thank you, those two articles are very helpful. Cheers
  4. Thank you! pics like this are exactly what I was looking for. I was planning on using 1.5 mm carbon fiber sheets for my initial set. Would you by chance have the detentions of yours? thank you again for replying to my question. cheers
  5. Not sure why my reply did not post, anyway..... here is attempt #2. yarp, fast mover does have wing cuffs as per the original builder. I haven't read any issues regarding unusual flight characteristics in the logs. From what I have read on TF fences, the biggest benefit is during slow flight. They help direct air flow over the ailerons providing a little more authority on landing. I've seen some absolutely huge ones on a variety of LongEz's, so I was looking at more designs for the ones on Vari's. cheers Trevor
  6. Looking for trailing edge fence design ideas. Specifically ones that work well for the VE. I've seen some very large to small. Just trying to design an effective TE fence without going huge. Thanks for your time.
  7. If shipping wasn't insanity pricy, to CA, USA. I would be interested in the varieze travel pods.
  8. Bugstrider

    ADS-B Out.

    I need to do the exact same thing on both levels…..
  9. Gettin the ol C-150 heavy ready for annual and up for sale. Gotta figure a way to pay for this canard addiction.......😉
  10. I forgot to mention that I am looking into adding TE fences to improve the slow speed handling characteristics of the VE. I still have the original leading edge cuffs as well. any size/design pointers would be appreciated. I will be utilizing 1mm carbon fiber for those. Looking into the best height and length design for those. Looked at a LE that flew into KPVF that had them and they were as tall as my iphone8. I was planning on a much lower profile sine the airflow over the wing and ailerons is much lower. Cheers
  11. Good afternoon everyone, kinda dropped off the face of the canard scene due to "life n work". Been attempting to wrap up other commitments so I can get to the fast mover (23RR- now that is finally became official with the FAA). Many, many things to do before first flight...... One thing I want to do is clean up the interior. Looking for suggestions on seat padding. I was planning on a thin layer of the foam used in sail planes, however I would be starting from scratch on the fabric, material and plans for the upholstery. Anyone have an old set of rough sketches they would be willing to share? I am also considering looking into mounting a landing light in the speed brake like L. Johnson has done in speedy. Just not sure if it's too difficult in a retro project. I need to reach out to him and ask. Hope everyone is well, Trevor
  12. Will be looking into changing out poly fuel lines with more fire resistant aluminum. Anyone have any pointers on doing this the right way?
  13. Was wondering for those that have installed a compact starter on a VariEze, does the oil separator interfere with the installation?
  14. Took the engine cowling to survey the warp core.
  15. Final piece of the puzzle head home.😃 got a few looks while on the road...

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