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    Have my ear to the ground on a well built Longeze. Been helping a good friend with some repairs and have been bitten by the canard bug. Just recently been given a fantastic opportunity of giving a local VariEze a new home.
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    Aviation, scuba, restoring vintage Porsche 912’s and spending time with the wifey. All of this on a shoestring budget............and no bloody garage.
    Just enjoying the ride cuz ya never know when yur forced to get off.

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    Not so racey C-150 I use to drive to work.......(slowly)
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    serial #1094
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    EAA 512

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  1. Will be looking into changing out poly fuel lines with more fire resistant aluminum. Anyone have any pointers on doing this the right way?
  2. Was wondering for those that have installed a compact starter on a VariEze, does the oil separator interfere with the installation?
  3. Took the engine cowling to survey the warp core.
  4. Final piece of the puzzle head home.😃 got a few looks while on the road...
  5. Thank you for that info. Did you get the foam at the local fabric shop, Hobby Lobby or an online source? I will do a search for online sources and thicknesses. Cheers Trevor
  6. Found this on Marc’s YouTube Channel. It is worth watching and very informative. Trevor
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions to obtaining some seat cushions for the Var-Eze? I see OregonAero sells just the cushion uncovered pads, but did not know if they were worth the cost of $380 per seat. Upholstery for the cushions would be an additional expense. Any used seat cushions for sale out there? Cheers Trevor
  8. Tucked away in a buddies hangar.
  9. Vintage Twin Beach came bombing in as an added bonus. Only had time to get a vid of the pass between hangars. IMG_7227.MOV
  10. Thanks guys!! Wife is at home resting after hip surgery so I decided to make another run for the other wing and PVC support structure. Allows the wings and canard to stack while supported.. one can never have enough pool noodles, carpet remnants, and old comforters. Lol
  11. VariEze decal arrived, this is the end product. Here is the LongEZ decal I ordered for a good friend last year. My fists of ham can be used as a scale.
  12. We closed the deal on a VariEze and now the adventure begins! Obtained it from the original builder’s family who want to see it get back into the air. I am limited on space in our county rental hangar and will be selling our 67 C-150 to make room for our new fast mover. I am very humbled and grateful by the opportunity that the builder’s family has provided me regarding this VariEze. N23RR has several updates such as LongEZ gear, new-er avionics (new when updated in 09), electronic ignition on one, mechanical mag on the other, overhauled prop with dynamic balance, B&C lightweight alternator, low time O-200 just to mention a few. on the to-do list: CI, ADSB and Navigation lights, seat cushions and a possible Lithium battery update as well. Oh yeah, insurance and some additional flight training. In the process of moving it from its old home to its new home. Not too bad since it is only about 45 miles away. Got to use our hitch extension that allows support from end to end on the wing and canard. Keeping it slow on back roads due to possible excessive lateral wind load on the vertical. Thanks to all of you that I have talked to via email, IM and phone. More are coming.....😉 Cheers Trevor
  13. Thank you very much for the info. you mentioned using material to replace what was removed. Are you removing just a small amount to allow the angle to sit flush since it would be a retro-fit instead of a building install?
  14. Kent, I see this is an older post, but I was wondering if you know of folks retro fitting a rollover structure in older flying models? your structure looks nice. cheers Trevor

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