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    Have my ear to the ground on a well built Longeze. Been helping a good friend with some repairs and have been bitten by the canard bug.
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  1. Thank you for your response. I have flying experience in a friend's Long but not a Vari. I was wondering about the purpose since I hadn't read about an aerodynamic design on the lower winglet, (yet) and have seen some even removed. I know that they "do" have an impact on the LongEz wing, but then again I have seen some builders/owners remove those too. I do wonder the difficulty to have the Vari in just the right pitch and bank angle to scrape one without having a prop strike. Just thinking along the "perfect storm" scenario. cheers
  2. That is what I was thinking, I just have never seen that on the lower winglet before. I also did not know how hard it would be to strike a lower winglet on a wing like that. I would think it would require one heck of a bank angle on landing. Here is another angle better showing what I’m referring to. I have been in touch with Marc on a couple of other items as well. A pre purchase would be a must
  3. Thanks Guys!!!! This gives me hope!!! Although I do not own a Vari, I did find one in my search for a Long. Has me thinking it would be a good introduction to the Canard family but lights would need to be a must since I would commute in it and be in the dark on one end of the flight. On a side note, the one I found had some runaway rash on the lower winglet. How hard is it to do this type of scrape and what would I be concerned with. Cheers and please keep coming. IMG_9340.HEIC IMG_9339.HEIC IMG_9338.HEIC
  4. Good Morning, I was just wondering for those out there that own a Vari, how difficult would it be to retro fit a flying Vari with navigation lights for night time ops, including a possible landing light modification? I understand that if someone was in the "build" state, this was would be much easier, however for the planes that are already constructed, is this a realistic possibility or would yo be limited to day VFR flying only? I have attempted to run several different searches in the forum but have been unsuccessful in finding an answer. There is a high probability that it is user error, but I will ask anyway. Cheers
  5. Howdy, Was just curious, does your Vari have nav lights for night ops? That is one mod I would be interested in doing if I end up with a Vari. Enjoy seeing your progress and yes, it is giving me idea. Keep up the awesome progress. Cheers
  6. Thanks Sean, That info helps if I move forward. Cheers, Trevor
  7. That is awesome! I am looking at a completed Long(several years ago) but has not flown off the 40 hours. It too has many small extras that I do like but the engine is in question due to its sitting for so long, still doing some fact finding and soul searching. Enjoyed reading your Vari progress. Cheers Trevor Placerville, CA
  8. I realized that I forgot to ask you a question regarding this option. Hindsight being 20/20 and you knowing what you do now, would you have done this same modification today if faced with the same challenges? Thanks and Merry Christmas Trevor
  9. Thank you very much for the info. I called Lycon in Visalia today to ask about the cost of an overhaul of the O-290 and the rep talked in depth about its issues of availability. We talked about the O-320 overhaul costs compared to the O-290. This is the info I need to make an informed decision since I so not have the bottomless resources to throw at this and have to make smart choices. Thanks again,
  10. Morning everyone, Been looking at a Long that has a O-290-D2 that has been sitting for a long time. Back in the day, it was dissembled, inspected and reassembled with updates and then parked. I have called around to some well known overhaul shops and was lectured about the parts issues and that these shops do not even offer overhaul services. I understand that the O-320 is a main staple for the Long but I was wondering how many of you run the O-290 and what, if any issues you have experienced. Would this deter you from this to another one, solely on the fact of an O-290? Thanks in advance Bugs PS: Merry Christmas!!!
  11. OK, no worries on the Long-EZ. I am waiting for David to get back to me after he reviews the information he requested. Here is the link to the one I saw and spoke with the owner about. I figured you would have knowledge of the plane. https://www.aircraftdealer.com/dealers/d/donaldponciroli/69428/big_s.jpg I appreciate the links to the examination and the PDF. This information I will review and study to give me a better understanding of things. I understand that the sound pre-purchase inspection by someone who knows what they are doing and what to look for. Thank you again for your time, Trevor
  12. Thanks Marc, I am sorry for getting back to you so late. I just saw the notification that you replied. I have since turned on my notification settings in hopes to avoid this in the future. I reached out to Tim and then David yesterday, I answered David's questionnaire early this morning from work and emailed it back. I have know Tim for years as well as John Crocker, another Long-EZ guy at Placerville. I would be very interested in getting information on a solid Long-EZ. Will David have the information on the one you mentioned? I do have a COZY question for you. In my search for a good canard, I ran across a Cozy IV that has been for sale for about 5 years per the owner. I know my wife would prefer the Cozy for the extra room. What I am asking is, what are some key questions would someone need to ask to get an accurate idea on its condition. Due to my work schedule, I will need to plan a trip to see it in person. I honestly don't think I could have located one any further away in the US. Its located on the east coast. I am still very green regarding getting into the different groups and mailing lists. Is the mailing lists you mentioned on this forum or located at a different site? I will start looked for the ones you mentioned. Thank you again for your help, Trevor Anders
  13. Long time lurker, first time post, just wanted to to say hello and introduce myself to the forum. Don’t own a Longeze/Cozy......yet, but looking. Currently own a C-150 I use to drive to work. It’s slow, cheap and does the job but enough is enough. Been helping a good friend do some work on his long, logged some good flight hours and received some exceptional Long instruction. finally following my long dormant dream of owning a canard design. 19 years ago, was given a raw Dragonfly kit but the foam was is bad shape. I still have the plans and some other bits, but that’s about it. Renewing my EAA Membership and affiliation with EAA Chapter 512. Any pointers, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated. Also looking for a current master list of Canard Clubs or resources in the US so I can branch out my contacts and resources in my search and journey. posted a pic to show what it would look like if KPVF was actually in Australia

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