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  1. Im sorry, I have a completed build minus, sum instruments, radio and engine. It has hangar rash on wing/canard and the fuselage is with primer. So, it is a complete airplane with a data plate from 1979.
  2. Thak you for your reply. I whas told by the person who gave me the bill of sale, that the airplane owner has passed away and there is no next of kin. I looked up the N# and it is no longer registered. It is the last known airplane with this N#. I think it has been used with two more airplanes. I have contacted the person who sold it to me and asked him for help. I am hoping he can provide a bill of sale from the airport. He is going to try to get one form me. There's no guarantee that this is posible. The airport he got it from had been operated by a contract agency. This is no longer the cas, after 20 year of being operated by the agency, it went back to being managed by the county and non of the managers were or old employes were offerd a job with the county.
  3. I purchased a VariEze fuselage. It was left derelict and the airport auctioned it off. I did not get logbooks for any of it. In the cockpit, it has an oil change sticker due at the next 750 hrs. It also has a data plate whit the build year of 1979.The person who boght it, sold it to me as is. I have been rebuilding it and am getting close to where I will be starting her up for taxi. It didnt come with an engine. Im also looking at registering the craft. looking at the FAA requirements, I see that I need to have a paper trail to the last person it was registered. I only have a bill of sail and nothing eals. Has anyone ever been in this situation, if so, how did you go about registering the airplane.
  4. Has anyone used an electirc vacuum pump for there instroments. I dont want to add a vacuume pump on my engine ( I will have to mod my cowling and add weight to the back). Is there another option?
  5. I am rebuilding a varieze. I started with jsut a fuselage, engine frame and cowling. I now have the engine installed with a skytech starter and an alternator from B&C. I have a battery coming form EarthX that is very light. My airplane has a placard of 640 lbs. This is going to change when i finish. Im hoping the change is smal. It once had an alternator with the old Chrisler voltage regulator. Im beliving that it had the large alternators used in GA. Im hoping that after instaling the battery on the fire wall and the other two components, it wont be to fare off from where it was when it was first built. Im placing the battery on the firewall so I can keep the resistance to the starter low. I will be making an access panel on the nose and use it for a small tool bag. This will become part of what I believe, be part of the permanent weight for CG. I will scale the airplane when I finish and hopefully I'm in CG without having to add ballast to the nose. I dont know if this was helpfull but Good luck and hope you get her flying soon.
  6. Thank you. I'll look into this.
  7. Hi everyone. I purchased a VariEze fuselage and engine mount. I picked up an 0-200, prop and spinner already and have mounted the engine to the airframe. I still have baffling work and am moving forward slowly. I have made some changes already like, adding a starter and am waiting for a generator to arrive. I have wire type fuel selector and mixture selector cables. Also in my carb heat. I would like to up grade to an better setup. Dose anyone have a good substitution. Looking at the plans, it looks like it had a wire cable control for both fuel and mixture. I have looked at some cable type on line but I'm hoping to fined something that won't complicate things and get me flying safely. Thanks

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