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Roncz canard question

James Bailey

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A little help..I tried searching but nothing popped up

i seem to recall years ago reading about why not to use a roncz canard on a varieze

i recently bought a varieze and it came with a roncz instead of the GU

anyone flying one on their varieze ..if so your thoughts

or on the opposite side of the coin..why would it be an issue

thanks team

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From Canard Pusher 43:

"The new Roncz 1145MS canard will not be recommended for the VariEze.  
The airfoil used on the VariEze main wing, is working very hard to 
maintain attached flow even with the GU canard.  This new canard may 
ruin the stall characteristics of a VariEze.  Feed back from VariEze 
flyers indicates that while most VariEzes do have a small rain trim 
change, it is just that, a small trim change that in most cases is not 
significant enough to warrant the flight test program that would be 
required to qualify a new canard for the VariEze."

A bit later he says the Roncz is "too powerful for a Varieze" but have heard of a few other Varis with a Roncz.  I suppose I would do some judicious slow-flight/approach-to-stall testing at an expected CG and see how it behaves.  If it is "too powerful" as Burt says, be very careful about letting it drive the main wing into stall.  Test in level flight using a very controlled, slow reduction in speed, watching for any indication that the wing is losing lift and be ready to unload and cob the power.  You would hope to see a canard-bob at some point which would warn you the canard is getting maxed out but the wing is still flying.  I wouldn't go much beyond that.

BTW, the Canard Pushers are searchable here in text form.    http://www.cozybuilders.org/Canard_Pusher/

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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Thank you Kent..it’s been awhile since I moved away from North Carolina and last saw you..hopefully the thing with the Concord airport is in your review mirror, and I really appreciate the time you gave me in discussions about canards and of course the flight you took me on


i think I will build a as designed canard for it..



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