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LONG EZ PROJECT • $4,000 • FOR SALE • MUST SELL • Purchased this project two years ago, and sadly don't have the space to work on it. Two previous builders completed project up to strake leading edges—needs finishing, engine, and electrical. Build log and pictures available. • Contact Jon Olson , Owner - located Seattle, WA 98122 United States Telephone: Text or email preferred 6128679409 • Posted November 1, 2023

thumbnail_image_1866127_1_1698880263.jpeg?2749 thumbnail_image_1866127_2_1698880268.jpeg?7674 thumbnail_image_1866127_3_1698880270.jpeg?3415 thumbnail_image_1866127_4_1698880267.jpeg?5955 thumbnail_image_1866127_5_1698880265.jpeg?7182

IFR RUTAN LONG EZ N974EZ • $49,900 • FOR SALE • Rutan Long EZ. 1400 hrs airframe time. Dynon HDX w/ EMS, ADAHRS, Rem Magnetometer, GPS, dual-axis A/P, stereo intercom & VHF Transceiver, dual-band ADS-B in & out, AOA pitot probe. Garmin GPS175 IFR navigator, VAL NAV2000 VOR/ILS. Electric pitch trim & nose gear retract. Lycoming O-320-E2D with carb heat, dual Electronic Magnetos, 450 hrs since top end Overhaul. Includes aircraft cover, tie downs, gust locks & exhaust port plugs. Aircraft located at Tehachapi CA (KTSP) after 10 November • Contact Charles Bretana - ARETE INDUSTRIES LLC , Owner - located Prescott, AZ 86305 United States Telephone: 8052080080 • Posted November 1, 2023 

thumbnail_image_1845954_1_1691419223.jpeg?4750 thumbnail_image_1845954_2_1691419225.jpeg?1474 thumbnail_image_1845954_3_1691419226.jpeg?6384 thumbnail_image_1845954_4_1691419228.jpeg?2649 thumbnail_image_1845954_5_1691419234.jpeg?2221


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6 hours ago, Voidhawk9 said:

It says 'FREE' now. If you collect this weekend.

Gee, even if you scrap all the fiberglass work, there's enough other hardware that it'd be worth grabbing if you're in the area.

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Hangered at KCFO east of Denver, Colorado.

1500 hours airframe
1060 lbs EW, 1600 lbs gross.  Approx 540 lbs Useful load.
52 gallons 100LL
Lycoming IO-320 500 SMOH
Compressions 77, 76, 78, 78/80
500 TTSN Catto Climb Prop
Annual (CI) June 2023
IFR Pitot/Static/Transponder cert August 2023

Dynon SkyView Touch glass display
Garmin SL30 Nav/Comm displays on Dynon
Remote transponder and single axis autopilot (roll, nav coupled) controlled via Dynon
ADS-B Out/In
Garmin Aera 560 GPS in panel
Electric trim and speed brake
Electric nose gear (new fork, wheel, tire 2022)
New main gear tires and brake pads on Grove brakes January 2023
Travel underwing baggage pods included

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RUTAN QUICKIE 2 • $950 • FOR SALE • Cleaning my hanger,I have lots of quickie (q2) parts,3 fuselage’s wings,2canopy,2setof cowls and more pictures if you have any questions call or text! • Contact Saeid Hamidi , Friend of Owner - located Yorba Linda, CA 92886 United States Telephone: 714-924-0802 • Posted November 4, 2023 

thumbnail_image_1866814_1_1699165586.jpeg?8761 thumbnail_image_1866814_2_1699165588.jpeg?7144 thumbnail_image_1866814_3_1699165590.jpeg?1785 thumbnail_image_1866814_4_1699165592.jpeg?2899 thumbnail_image_1866814_5_1699165594.jpeg?8073
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